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Hell: Pluto

The underworld is ruled by Pluto, and it is often the place we are dragged to hell. Astrologically the planet rules the bowels of the earth, so it deals with our innards, guts, and takes a long, dark, intense look at our insides. Pluto experiences have been described as the devil and hell rolled into one.

The goal of a Pluto experience is to cross a threshold into a new resurrected life. We let go of our old selves and transform into something new. This often means a death of some kind, and many fear that there will be a void of non-existence.  Saturn is also another planet associated with Satan, both have to do with man’s desires, lusts, cravings, and rules over the things that we keep suppressed and denied. Both planets have a relationship with the human shadow. Saturn and Pluto rule over our deepest psychological fears, and we desperately try to keep a lid on these aspects of ourselves for fear of rejection. Pluto can represent all things we stuff into a black box, and  label it: secret, private, frightening, or painful.

Through Pluto experiences we face the darkness of the soul, and it challenges us to confront a part of our own nature. Hell is thought to be a place of purification, and this makes sense when we understand the meaning of Pluto in the astrological chart. It involves opening up old wounds, healing, and when the desire to no longer suffer becomes powerful enough. The fire continuously burns, issues are forced, people are confronted; secrets are revealed.

During a Pluto phase the planet demands a lot from us. This is why Pluto is psychologically, physically and mentally exhausting – or to use my favourite term since Pluto rules the 8th house of taxes, Pluto is taxing on us. It will plunge us into the darkest experiences and we will come out the other side a little different from when we went in…

Astrology books on Pluto

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