Saturn: The Big C

Wherever Saturn is in our chart is where we have to work hard on ourselves, and we have to develop things like self-discipline, responsibility, duty, all of those “boring” words that initiate us into the world of being an adult. As a young child we often thought being an adult meant having lots of freedom and time for ourselves to do what we wanted. In reality, we struggle living in what our parents commonly called the “real world” as if we lived in some large protective bubble at home - cushioned safely away from reality.

My mother used to say that I must have thought a magic fairy filled up the kitchen cupboards with food, cleaned the house, and washed clothes. A few of my friends when they first moved away from home after spending all of their money on a Saturday night didn’t have much left for food and had to live on beans and toast for the rest of the week, or borrow 20 pounds from the bank of Mum and Dad. For some time our parents probably do help us a lot when we first start out, as we learn to stand on our own two feet, but after too many hand-outs the lectures start rolling about being a grown-up and what that means, how to handle money wisely, getting a real job and being responsible.

So begins the hard lessons of being schooled on life by Saturn by forging a sense of self and learning to be autonomous. We move away from the parental household, begin our entrance into the workforce, form a partnership and onto childbearing and parenting. The big C word (commitment) is mentioned a lot as we get older and we are told that we should honour them. The more we respect our duties the more credit we earn from Saturn and more importantly, we gain his respect. Saturn deals with both success and failure and there is always an element of trial and testing, being called upon to prove our mettle and test our competence.

With Saturn we need to rise to the challenge, we need our mettle to be tested, and it rules those places we feel less developed, inferior and not good enough. Saturn is the place we compensate for our weaknesses, but some of our greatest talents and capabilities arise from our feelings of inadequacy. It is thought that humans will do anything to avoid pain to preserve a sense of self, but this avoidance results in the creation of psychological defences that are so common with Saturn in the natal chart.

Saturn is like the wooden leg syndrome and it is the place we tend to make the most excuses it will have a defensive attitude and blame a bad childhood, neurosis, or another person as an excuse for not achieving what they want and this usually results in a lack of competence, or motivation so that that they don’t have to take full responsibility for their lives, and don’t even have to try.

We all get down, defensive and depressive about Saturn. In fact, the planet is related to depression and the mean average for depression forty years ago was 29.5 corresponding to our first Saturn return. It has now halved to 14.5 corresponding with our first Saturn opposition. The feeling of inadequacy, insecurity, and inferiority plagues the sign, and house position along with its aspect/s. We might feel practically disabled in the Saturn arena. I do believe that we age backwards with Saturn and become lighter in that area as we get older and more mobile as we gain confidence in our abilities, and honour ourselves, and then go on to  feel a real sense of accomplishment.

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