Saturn in 11th House

Those with Saturn in the 11th house can feel limitations, fears and inhibitions when involved in group activities. It can be the marker of the lone wolf and symbolize a person who feels uneasy in crowds.

They may not join groups as readily as others, and it can show difficulty in taking friendships lightly. Making friends could be difficult through shyness or coming across as being standoffish.

One of the greatest pains of Saturn placed in the 11th house of the chart is the sense of loneliness and separateness the person feels. They have difficulty acting spontaneous in front of a community and give off a cool or stiff manner, but may not always feel welcomed in the group.

Saturn here often predicts some difficulty in forming close associations, but there are usually a few good and loyal friends that can be counted on. The individual with Saturn in this position would rather have a couple of true friends than be surrounded by a large group of people. They are looking for a solid, reliable kind of friendship and needs others that can be depended on.

The person with Saturn in the 11th house of the horoscope may take a role of responsibility in a large organization. With above average organizational skills, and hard-working nature a career involving a group and taking on a parental role with peers is sometimes on the cards. They may also make friends with older, authoritarian, and highly influential people in the world.

Out of insecurity and fear of being alone the individual could take the opposite view and fill life with as many social activities as possible, so they never feel the cold chill of Saturn, but all the while longing to feel something more real. It can mean disappointments, let downs, and frustrations in friendships. The individual searches for a more steady friendship and for serious kinds of groups, ones where they can develop, and eventually let down their guard.

Many roll their eyes at the idea of gangs, memberships and cliques and resent the general idea of team spirit. It may stem from not feeling included and they don’t always naturally want to join. They don’t enjoy others telling them to participate either. They have to be careful of not being too stuffy and narrow-minded and learn to be open, so that they don't give the the impression of being uninterested.

The person often feels heavy burdens when involved with acquaintances and social circles. Saturn here may also need to overcome coldness when encountering others and learn to trust more. They fear not being accepted and are frightened of rejection, and this is frequently seen as a deep pride and a retreat back into pain, loneliness and isolation.

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