Saturn-Neptune Aspects

When Saturn is conjunct, square or opposite Neptune in the natal chart it helps to ground the inspirations, dreams and longings into some kind of practical form. The immense creativity, imagination and symbolic life of Neptune is anchored by Saturn into something tangible.

Saturn can repress, frustrate and block the inner chaotic world of Neptune and it can leave them with a feeling of isolation. The combination of these two planets is commonly linked with sacrifice and duty and they suffer from feelings of guilt, inadequacy and depression when they cannot live up to their ideals.

Neptune has a talent for putting it's finger on collective feelings and poets, artists and writers are all challenged to create something. Saturn is a planet that needs to be an authority on things and with Neptune involved the individual may be interested in medicine, charity work, or spiritualist matters. However, there has always been the danger with the hard aspects between these two planets of drug and alcohol addiction. A reliance on alcohol provides a loss of control or escape route from the hard task of responsibility and having to be in control.

Saturn conjunct, square or opposite Saturn can be a fearful, anxious, and full of phobias. Saturn-Neptune is known as the "sickness" aspect and so systematic ailments can occur. A lot tiredness, lack of energy and illness can thwart the individual from achieving what he or she wants. When the person wants to be practical, grounded and realistic they can be lost, undisciplined and unrealistic. The planet of structure meets the planet of disintegration and so this aspect can cause problems on both a physical and psychological level.

Astrologically Saturn represents what the ego can identify with and wherever Saturn is we feel insecure. Neptune will try and erode our natural protection, defences, and armour, making us feel vulnerable to the outer currents which threaten that we have worked so hard to build up. We watch helplessly as it all falls away into nothing at all. It's like buying a house only for it to flood or to find out we have been part of fraud and everything seems to fall from our grip.

Perhaps a part of the individual still holds onto guilt about achieving something substantial. Neptune tends to undermine what Saturn has worked for, and many times the individual has been left feeling dissatisfied and struggles with what goals are realistically achievable and what are just pipe dreams. The person may have had to face hard reality and has given up their cherished dreams.

Saturn-Neptune people may often find their dreams challenged, criticised and harshly received. However, art, music, drama or some other Neptunian pursuit can be made into something real.  Long-held dreams are accomplished after much hard work and the individual realizes that it wasn't all just a serious illusion.
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