Saturn in Sagittarius

Those born with Saturn in Sagittarius have a serious desire to study, philosophize and travel. However there is a certain pain, fearfulness and frustration connected with their trusting, optimistic and faithful nature.

Saturn feels it has to try hard to prove himself in the academic world. Saturn in this position  may want to test themselves through education, science or religion. The individual may also feel a terrible insecurity, doubt, and inability to believe in anything, and a sense of meaningless may ensue.

Many times these people want to expand and grow but are fearful. Saturn's insecurity can make them self-righteous. They often need established forms of credibility and can be the heavy-duty scholar. Saturn in Sagittarius compulsively surrounds themselves with teachings, books and different beliefs, but what they really need to do is to fully cultivate it from within.

Sagittarius is a sign that envisions all kinds of possibilities, they thrive on experience, and ultimately for meaning. Saturn is the planet associated with father time, and is seen as being disciplined, hard-working and persistent. Saturn in the natal chart by sign defines the lessons necessary for the individual to define himself in the world. Saturn in the sign of the believer needs to learn for themselves from scratch what they find meaningful.

Saturn in Sagittarius is in search of the truth, and a more constructive philosophy and has a compulsive desire for intellectual, spiritual or religious achievement. Saturn here may a cynic about religion, spiritual and matters about the universe and can believe others are not as smart, worldly, or well read as them. Negative experiences with travel, foreigners, and languages can leave them with a feeling of restriction.

The individual with Saturn in Sagittarius may have a had a strict, moral upbringing and this may have affected their entire belief system. Sometimes it's not always the parents and it can be the grandparents restrictive teachings that run down the family line in an authoritative way. There may have been prejudiced views growing up, lack of tolerance, and an inability to embrace different cultures.

Those with Saturn here need to develop a belief system alone, and something that will give them a purpose in life. Many astrologers believe that it is difficult for Saturn to be in Jupiter's sign, but is is also said to be a favourable placement for getting ahead in the business world. It often describes someone who has a strict moral code and is intently serious about what they do believe.

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