Sun Conjunct Venus - The Ugly Truth

My sister has Sun conjunct Venus and is the only one in our family who we call “spoilt”. While yours truly, (Sun-Saturn) accepted hand-me-downs and was sooooo-like mature that she understood her parents couldn’t afford to buy her the latest fashion (Saturn is considered malefic and hard done by in traditional astrology and Venus is considered a benefic). My younger sister got brand new stuff, received more pocket money, and to top it all, was extremely popular at school. It is unreal paralleling our two different realties. Generally speaking, Sun-Venus is a nice contact to have in a chart, and you have the ability to use charm to get what you want, and usually when you want something you “deserve” it.

Venus represents love, beauty, and sociability, and tends to be easy-going and affectionate. Though, many astrologers accuse Sun-Venus of possessing an element of narcissism or self-centredness. I am sure you are all as sweet as can be, and have a decidingly pleasant disposition. However, it’s your ability to attract people, admiration and material benefits that create rivalry, Depending on other chart configurations you want a relatively easy life, and there may be a tendency towards laziness and self-indulgence, vanity, and to expect the universe to grant your every wish.

Pop star, Kylie Minogue, has a Sun-Venus conjunction in Gemini, and released an album called: Aphrodite (after the goddess of love – Venus). Throughout her career there were many sisterly comparisons between her and Dannii Minogue. Kylie has been referred to as the more beautiful, adorned, and talented goddess. It’s really not fair…However; they both played it off humorously and this really is the best approach to take. The picture above of Kylie and Dannii reminds me of my childhood growing up with an attractive, popular, and charming sister (coughs—sploilt brat ;-p).

The stage performance of Aphrodite is stunning and very artistic and she plays the modern day Venus beautifully…

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