Neptune in Pisces: The Split Between Heaven and Earth

Neptune will re-enter Pisces on February 3rd, 2012 and we will see this beautiful oceanic planet influence mundane events, through fashion, movies and music. During its transit through its own sign of the fishes we are interested in the world that existed before birth and the one we will see after death.

We want to be able to grasp the larger picture, and there is a hopeless split between body and spirit. The astrological fishes represent this split and are symbolic of the longing for spirit and the insatiable hungers of the body. The split between heaven and earth represents the duality of Pisces. We long to transcend the boundaries of this world and explore the mysteries of life and death.

Neptune is associated with psychic, supernatural and spiritual experiences. When we are born we have a complete loss of any recollection of a life before this one. Many Neptune people often sense there is more than one reality, its felt like a perfume that’s lost some of its scent, but we can still vaguely perceive its trace. Pisces, the twelfth sign, marks the end of the entire cycle of life.

It was around Neptune’s discovery that people started trying to contact the other world, through séances, and attempting to slip onto a trance. Neptune in transit is a vulnerable time for people and they tend to attract great psychic and supernatural experiences. Through Neptune many memories lie dormant in the unconscious, and like a photograph album they are aroused by ideas, events, and people.

It is thought that reincarnation may reflect various issues which one is dealing with in the present, continuing effort, failures, successes, conflicts, carried over from successive lifetimes and we may have substance accrued from past lives. It is believed that when we die we see our whole life flash before us in a chain of events. We observe our life like a spectator from the outside, and our consecutive lives our thought to be pearls held together by a golden thread.

There are further beliefs that a child does not generate karma until he is seven years old and develops a moral conscious and astrologically, this coincides with the first Saturn square to natal Saturn. It is Neptune which can show us where we are suffering blindly and on a broader level wherever Neptune is, that is where a generation tries to experience its piece of heaven.

Neptune moving through the sign of Pisces is favourable to artists, writers, poets, healers, musicians who have the ability to tap into the deep well of inspiration and make earth a more beautiful place. Neptune favours all creative activity and makes us powerfully receptive to the unconscious. Those with dominant Neptune aspects in transit are, for a time, Neptune-haunted and the ghosts won’t go away until they have resolved their confusion, inner chaos and overwhelming feelings. Neptune transits bring up emotions that have been buried for a long time, and it is usually around this time that we also begin to feel awfully “homesick”.

To cope with Neptune we need to find a place in our lives for myths and music, poetry and imagination. During Neptune’s journey through Pisces we are also more open to Psychology. Jung is an example of Sun square Neptune; he spent a lifetime studying psychology, symbols and dreams. Dreams reveal relevant information about ourselves and Pisces represents the ability to colour outside the lines and change our perceptions of life quite dramatically. Pisces is a negative, mutable and night force sign, and she is considered the ultimate feminine symbol, and she lives in two worlds simultaneously.
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