Mars in Scorpio

mars in scorpio
Those with Mars in Scorpio express their personal desires in intense, serious and dramatic ways. When their energy is totally invested into something there is a great intensity and passion in their actions. Extremely self-determined and focused on their goals, they may find themselves tearing things down so that they can rebuild them. Mars is strongly placed here in its own sign, and they will either achieve their aims or die trying.

Mars here possesses the ability to transform others or situations in some way, and there is considerable capacity for self-determined effort and silent unrelenting struggle. Their strengths include being purposeful, focused and extremely perceptive. Mars in Scorpio energy is probing, analytical and exploratory; dynamism is often channelled into understanding things and finding the hidden nature of subjects through the occult or psychology; their insights are deep and penetrating, and they have the ability to act like natural psychoanalysts.

Mars in Scorpio needs to be aware of their powerful reactions and recognize that their energy can be anything from recuperative to deathly. If the individual feels deep emotions about a cause or objective, he or she will show great strength and pursue their goals with a passionate conviction, but in conflict they can be a strong supporter or dangerous competitor. They often like to test the limits of themselves and others by probing beneath the surface to find out what is really going on underneath. The individual will often take revenge if crossed and they like to stay in control, but there is also the danger of losing it completely, to the point of becoming self-destructive - setting the stage for some explosive confrontations. The individual may also take actions that are secretive, reticent and deeply guarded. Survival is important, and they keep a lot to themselves, but their emotions are always intense and extreme, and there is a relentless quality to their movements. Mars here often likes to test themselves to the extreme, and sometimes this may express itself through a ruthless pursuit of their goals

In sexual matters, they may not be totally open, but when they do let go sexually they can be physically and emotionally insatiable and do nothing by halves. The sexual act often involves totally merging with a partner and possessing the uncanny ability to understand a lover’s deepest and darkest desires. As a sign of extremes, he or she can either live totally without sex or are very passionate in the bedroom. Mars in Scorpio is sexually magnetic, and when they feel passionately about someone or something they become obsessed. They want to explore the depths of a partner, but power struggles may be an issue in close relationships, and if betrayed, they may become violent and their emotions explode to the surface with great ferocity.

A woman with Mars in this position may be attracted to men who are powerful in some way, deep and mysterious. Someone who is dark, smouldering and intense, but in the extreme, they may be cruel and abusive. Men with this placement may feel they are a force to be reckoned with. Mars in Scorpio has a quietly powerful presence, and their drive is expressed in a dominant and controlled manner. These people are not afraid of commitment and may demand absolute loyalty in relationships. They will also be the most jealous and possessive of all the water signs and are vulnerable to feelings of sexual and emotional jealousy. With such investment, they may want to own their partner, and some may find their emotional and sexual intensity too much. They may be attracted to those with great depth, and those who are highly fascinating, but also dangerous.

“But if Mars in Scorpio wants something, it rarely lets go of its desire. It may go underground for a long time, it may be hidden away and come out in another guise, but its power remains. Mars in Scorpio seeks complete absorption, total directedness, nothing is held back…Mars in Scorpio asks what it is that you cannot live without. Once it has an answer, it will go the distance to get it. It travels close to the hot underbelly of life, and cannot bear impotence, or life without passion. But it’s even more troubling when Mars in Scorpio has no channel for that outpouring. When it’s backed up, stagnates in crevices and pools, it can become murky and brooding, dark and heavy. There is nothing more unhealthy, more poiseness, than repressed Scorpio. If this Mars is thwarted, it can seethe with resentment, and all the toxins of frustration can ooze out in relationship with others. Sometimes the demons of envy and jealousy are unleashed…At its worse it becomes cold, a killer of the spirit and soul…Scorpio bends the will of others the way a black hole bends light – it works its way into your psyche, your soul.” The Mars Quartet: Four Seminars on the Astrology of the Red Planet

Love and hate, life and death, birth and rebirth are always such strong polarities for any planets which fall in Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio can destroy you or simply pretend you don’t exist, and may act cruel, cold-blooded and merciless. However, there is never a lack of feeling behind their actions, and still waters run deep. It is often difficult for them to change their course, once they have set their sights on something. An all or nothing attitude and tremendous willpower for either reaction is present, and they are more than capable of focusing all of their energy on their objective. Mars here is prone to engage in a kind of psychological warfare, and will direct their anger with poisonous darts. Betrayals are not easily forgiven and his or her reaction will blacken and freeze the whole atmosphere.


Julie O'Mahoney

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