Moon in Pisces: Why Do I Feel so Sad?

Full Moon in Pisces
The Moon in Pisces represents the shedding of tears and feeling intensely sad, along with the feeling of being drained by the energy of others. In the deepest realm of Piscean sadness, it is usually elicited by a feeling that something is lost and a painful yearning for it to be returned. A Pisces depression  is usually accompanied by a feeling of dissatisfaction, tearfulness, and feeling incredibly blue.

A lunar Piscean feels the emotional weight of everybody in the world and often feels drowned by these sensitive and heavy emotions. The individual is extremely caring and compassionate, so its energies tend to be more empathetic and understanding, having much to do with sensitivity – to oneself, and to other people. The Bluest Moon is endless and deep, possessing a tendency to mirror and reflect the feelings of others, holding the key to understanding empathy – our capacity to share feelings.

The Moon when placed in the sign of the fishes can succumb to a passive feeling, one which completely overtakes. The major problem with Pisces is the inability to be active rather than reactive. Hence, when in this mood the individual does not want to do anything, and it can feel as if time is passing by effortlessly as the individual responds to the mysterious, puzzling and unseen forces that shape our world.

 Pisces waters reflect and understand our unlived dreams and longings, as expressed through non-verbal communication.

Swimming in the Ocean of the Unconscious

The Moon in Pisces enhances feeling and it can feel like one is swimming in the biggest and bluest ocean. The individual can become submerged in shape-shifting emotions, mood altering perceptions and universal love. Moreover, there are also turbulent storms rising from the depths of the soul, overwhelming rationality. The Pisces Moon flows this way and that, helplessly reacting to each and every emotional stimulus, until the emotions are engulfed and one finds it hard to be separate, detached and unconnected. An important need for Pisces during these moments is to find time to spend in the unconscious. The dream state, secluded reading, writing, and working on creative projects are ideal outlets. Other Moon in Piscean outlets can involve writing a haunting poem, listening to moving music and spending time alone.

Psychic Abilities

A Pisces Moon is sensitive, emotional, intuitive, and often needs to develop their psychic abilities. Lunar Pisceans are mysterious, strange, difficult to understand, and things can get distorted, blurred and misleading.On an instinctive level, they may have a natural bond with the abstract or intuitive. It can unlock perception of reality, they are likely to be able to sense the hidden levels of life, soaking up atmospheres as if they were a sponge.

If one can imagine descending deep into the seawaters, eventually we will reach a point where no light can penetrate any further as we enter the subterranean, dark ocean. The Piscean Moon processes many of our emotions that we do not wish to experience or think about in our awareness, and in the deep, inky reaches of our soul we may bring it back upwards and find the pieces of ourselves that have been lost, denied, and forgotten about.The experience of such a journey into unknown depths will have much to do with how prepared the individual is to recognize these sensitivities and give them the respect that they deserve.

We may be swimming in the ocean of the unconsciousness and realize that we have swum too far out. If we try to struggle to swim against the current we may wear ourselves out and increase our chance of drowning. The Ocean, like our emotions, can be gentle or rough; we may see tidal waves, indicating that we are feeling overwhelmed and need to protect ourselves from depressing emotions and energies floating in the sea.

The ocean is a symbol of enormity and knows no limits. Pisces is associated with the boundless, sometimes non-existent self-boundaries. Poor boundary making is not having the capacity to say "no" when it is not in our best desire, like taking a friend’s phone call when we are too tired to talk. The Piscean Moon, rather than set a clear boundary will just avoid hurting people. Some Pisces people need to stop apologizing and submitting to others feelings of hurt and anger. Boundaries are an essential foundation of our identity, they give us a clear sense of where “who I am” begins and ends.

The Moon in Pisces - Endless and Deep

The Moon in Pisces will bring up all sorts of themes along the lines of sacrifice, playing the victim or saviour, and healing.  Pisces is about the things that feed our souls: poetry, music, creativity, and using their vivid imagination. The energy of the fishes is prone to be uninterested in mundane things, material possessions, work and routine. A Piscean needs to feel inspired, and when they don't have any heart to put into their normal routines an emptiness inside overtakes.

Pisces needs to feel work has a sense of meaning, and a soulless routine brings with it sadness, a sense of the dreary and depressed. A routine that is empty, feels mechanical, or worn is often avoided and lunar Piscean longs to swim in something inspiring,  lifting the self out of the mundane and into the world of feeling, visions and dreams.


Julie O'Mahoney

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