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I posted about Nebulous Neptune on Friday evening, and in that post I focused on the trickier aspects of this planet. On Saturday morning, my mother informed the family that she had broken up with her younger partner, and that he was gone for good. The reason she has ended the relationship is because of his less than honest behaviour. After this event, the subject of projection has rooted itself firmly in my mind. I will explain why. Astrologically I have Moon (mother) in Pisces (victim) conjunct Mercury (younger person, plus he is also a Mercury ruled - Gemini) square Neptune (nebulous). I have the Moon-Mercury conjunction sitting in my 7th house of relationships and Neptune is placed in the fourth house of the family home. I would have expected something like this to happen in my life. However, it is still something which is connected to my mother and home and is still a part of my world.

However, it is difficult to differentiate whether this is simply something connected to my chart or a projection. Jung wrote much on the subject of projection, and he was clear that projection occurred in all relationships. Jung said, ‘Everything that works from the unconscious appears projected on others. Not that these others are wholly without blame. For even the worst projection is at least hung on a hook, perhaps a very small one, but still a hook offered by the other person.’ According to Jung the contents of our unconscious get “thrown out”.

An archetypal projection can fall onto a mother, and our lunar aspects are often projected onto mum. We can also project our own experience of mum onto other women, although some astrologers don’t play so strictly on the sex relations of the planets, so it all becomes quite complicated. The Moon rules the mother in the natal chart and all other females, it also governs the female menstruation cycle which occurs monthly. The Moon corresponds to the transformation cycle from maiden to mother to crone.

I kind of touched upon unconscious projection in my post on Uranus, but there is plenty of information out there on this subject. One of my faves is Liz Greene’s The Horoscope in manifestation, and here you will find a chapter on Complexes and Projection, and it has 129 pages full of information in the first seminar. The second seminar in the book is attentive to the psychological approach to transits and progressions. It’s a fascinating book with interesting observations and the seminar on projection covers the more difficult aspects in our natal chart and how we handle them. Here is a quote from the book concerning the archetypal energy of a Moon-Pluto aspect as it relates to a man’s mother and a contact which follows him around no matter how far he travels away from her.

In order to develop any consciousness of this side of himself, he needs to connect with all the layers around the archetypal core. He may spend a very long time avoiding that, through shallow relationships which don’t touch him deeply, or through leaving his Moon-Pluto firmly on his mother’s shoulders while he travels to the other side of the world to escape her demands. so the complex may sleep fitfully for many years. Then, one day , transiting Saturn enters Aquarius. Like a Swiss train, it arrives on time. It crosses the Ascendant and squares the Moon, then it reaches the Moon-Pluto midpoint, and then it opposes Pluto. That process may take over two years, because of the orbs and because of Saturn’s unpleasant inclination to make situations in the worst possible places. During that period, this man will find the right stage set and the right group of actors who will recreate the original emotional situation. He may have married a Plutonian woman years earlier, without noticing what she was really like. And then, when the Saturn transit arrives he is more like his father than he has ever realised, and has married his raging, depressed, manipulative mother.

This is just a small snippet of the book and I highly recommend delving into The Horoscope in Manifestation for yourself. I would only avoid the book if you hate anything psychological, otherwise it’s a very thought provoking and life enhancing book. I will definitely be re-reading the seminar on Projection over the next couple of days. I will also be examining how much consciousness I have achieved with my hard aspects.

I will leave you with Alanis Morrisette’s “Not All Me”. This is a song about projection. Sometimes we suffer from the projections of others and other times we project all of our own “stuff” onto others. The lyrics are fantastic in this song and most people might relate to it.

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