Psychic Indicators

psychic indicators
Psychism is what lives beyond physical science, or knowledge, and represents the immaterial and the irrational side of life. A psychic person usually signifies someone who is highly sensitive to supernatural forces and the paranormal. Para is derived from the Latin word "Beyond". So paranormal means beyond normal.

Psychic indicators in the natal chart are frequently shown by planets in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), and their corresponding ruling planets (Moon, Neptune and Pluto) and houses (4th, 8th, and 12th). The watery element in astrology, rules the deep inward mysteries that will stir us to our depths.

The water signs represent feeling and sensitivity, and many astrologers tend to give the water signs psychic attributes, and this is usually because water has a feeling for things, and they see below the surface of life. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces can also readily enter into the feelings of others, and these signs are easily stirred emotionally by what they like and dislike.

Cancers have powerful gut instincts, and a key phrase for Cancer is “I Feel”. They tend to respond to what they feel is right and true, and react to the world with their feelings and not their intellect.

Cancer is ruled by the all powerful Moon in the night time sky. The Moon is shrouded in mystery,  and due to the changing lunar phases a Cancer's emotions are also changeable and moody; they also have a tendency to absorb all the emotions in their environment, and this makes them susceptible to the moods of others. Cancer can detect when others are upset, and often retains those feelings connected with the personal emotions.

Cancer’s feelers pick up information from their environment, readily sensing the psychic atmosphere, and everything that is invisible and unsaid. The Moon can tune into the natural cycles of life, and so they have an excellent sense of timing and know when things are about to change.

A Scorpio possesses deep instincts on a psychic level. Plutonian people can see behind reality to the invisible world. Scorpio’s association with death and the underworld implies that the individual feels the reality of dying, death and reincarnation. In the month of Scorpio the Earth is dying, and it also Halloween time, when all the ghosts, demons and other supernatural forces come out to play; it is said that the veil between this world and the next is at its weakest. A Scorpion is drawn into the mysteries of life and death, and the never-ending cycle of life.

The thought of our own mortality is fused with intense emotion, and it represents one of the great mysteries about death and individual destiny. Death itself has holds the idea of there being a final curtain. Scorpio loves unraveling a mystery, and as Heraclitus said: Those who love wisdom must investigate many things. Scorpio expresses mostly a singular passion, possessing a deep curiosity,  and the desire to know. The Scorpion nature is inexhaustible as there is no satiable feeling; the individual seeks to know a single thing profoundly.

Scorpio possesses deep psychological insights into human behaviour, and to explore the psychic debris, hidden secrets, and deeper levels of reality. The ability to see in the dark and the fact that part of their personality exists in the shadows, gives them a heightened awareness of what lies behind reality. Scorpio is often a sign that has penetrating depth, understanding and the profound ability to gain exceedingly subtle meaning.  The moods are complex, but the sign opens the doors to the many mysteries of our existence. Scorpio may also be found in the esoteric world, and the term 'esoteric' implies knowledge of the secret few. The world of parapsychology and the paranormal, unseen realms, and secret cover-ups, are all part of the person's landscape. They want to plumb the depths of all of nature's jealously guarded secrets and uncover its wealth of knowledge.

Scorpio’s tail represents its super laser like ability to get to the heart of the matter. Pluto also rules possession and there is a great emotional force, which is intuitively connected to life’s mysteries. Scorpio’s ability to burrow deep means that they excel in research, detection, and the occult. Pluto rules over fate and understanding that all is needed is a single trigger and something dramatically changes. A tiny thing at one time, might seem like nothing to the average person, but words, actions and feelings, even if trivial, have the power to change everything. Sometimes we attempt to change fate, but often this attempt only leads to the very fate we are trying to alter.

Pisces is the mystic and possesses high intuition, and mediumistic abilities. The psychic ream involves the pairing between the conscious and the unconscious, and those born under this constellation, soak up everything in the environment. A Piscean usually absorbs everything which is around them, and can feel the pain of others as if were their own, along with a naturally attuned mind to realms which others don’t have conscious access to.

Some Pisceans are described as “spaced out” or weird and they tend to have powerful imaginations and vivid dreams. They usually need some place where they can withdraw from reality and be at one with themselves. The Pisces personality is probably one of the most paradoxical of personalities, and the two fishes swimming in opposite directions represent this strange duality.

Pisces has weak boundaries and moves in and out of doorways as if they don't really exist, seeking to merge with everything around them. Part of Pisces' magic is their ability to dive into the sea of the collective unconscious and bring up something inspiring for the rest of mankind. It is said that the Piscean's psychic connectedness is really a secret sense of fusion with another world beyond this one. According to astrologer Liz Greene, the glamorous side of psychic manifestations become glamorous, rather than the basis for intellectual questioning when there are astrological significations such as Moon-Neptune, Mercury-Neptune and Jupiter-Neptune, along with a birth chart in the element of water, or Neptune strongly aspected in the 4th house, 8th house or 12th house.

Astrologer C.EO Carter points to Neptune for clairvoyant abilities:

When spontaneous at any rate, come chiefly under Neptune, although they may undoubtedly be coloured by influences from other planets and Neptune conjunct Sun or Mercury, seems a very common indication. Uranus probably has more to do with consciously acquired clairvoyance. "Astral vision” is certainly connected with the watery element, and, most of all, with Cancer, which is extremely sensitive to conditions of all kinds.
Some astrologers associate the planet Uranus with psychic ability, but Uranus is very much an intellectual planet, although it possesses a profound foresight. The planet relates to human consciousness and represents a kind of intuitive knowledge, but not of the “psychic kind” or on the feeling level. Uranus’ revelations are much faster than the human intellect. Uranus has the ability to plug into the larger system, and signifies all things that arrive full-blown into consciousness.

A prominent Uranus is said to bring flashes of insight and understanding. It signifies inventiveness especially when combined with planets in Gemini and Mercury. A scientific psychic investigator may have these combinations with water signs, and planets in the corresponding houses, along with Neptune and Pluto aspects.

An interesting piece of information from the book Cult Watch is about Astrologers, claiming that we have some kind of psychic power. The authors raised interesting points about some of the misconceptions the public have about astrologers possessing divine power.

The question that must be answered is, “Are all astrologers psychic?” Truthfully, even though all astrologers practice an occult art, this does not mean every astrologer is psychic. It is common knowledge that there are standard “cook book” methods for astrological interpretation of charts that anyone can buy. But some astrologers do openly classify themselves as “psychic astrologers.” And one astrologer even went so far as to tell us all genuine were psychic by definition. Yet some astrologers never develop psychically, and others may require years to become psychic. However, we believe the vast majority eventually do. One former astrologer believes that because of their abilities, all true astrologers are sooner or later subject to spiritualistic inspiration, whether or not they are conscious of being psychic. Cult Watch: What You Need to Know about Spiritual Deception

Astrology is ruled by Uranus which represents these kinds of intellectual revelations. Liz Greene describes Uranus' visionary and truth revealing abilities here - The Art of Stealing Fire :

Sometimes Uranian revelations seem wild and cranky to “sane” folk. People use pendulums or dowsing rods, or the perform mental exercises which seem to have a direct effect on apparently solid and immovable matter. Or they peer at funny astrological symbols and seem to know everything about you. It makes no sense to the earthbound mind – how they are coming up with these answers? – but it is a faculty of the mind which can move backward into the past or forward into the future with equal ease, and achieves its conclusions through insight into the whole system. It isn’t really foresight, in that sense; but the rational ego experiences it as such.” By Liz Greene


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