The Full Moon in Scorpio - Murder, Rape, and Exposure

Medusa's Head
The Full Moon in Scorpio symbolises the slain head of Medusa. The imagery imagery shows the full force of emotions that could be experienced under Scorpio. A few days before the occurrance of the Full Moon in Scorpio a British woman was decapitated in Tenerife.

A crazed lunatic entered a supermarket, grabbed a knife inside the store, and stabbed the woman 14 times before proceeding to cut off her head. The assailant left the store shouting that he was god’s avenger and that he had come to mete out justice. The man ran out of the supermarket carrying the woman’s head, and some people thought it was a fake head.

The Full Moon in Scorpio brings out the enraged and humiliated woman. Another feature of this time is the maid accusing international Monetary Fund head, Dominique Strass-Kahn of rape. Ex-Big Brother star Imogen has also been exposed as a married footballer’s mistress. However, he has a full injunction against Imogen naming and shaming him. Naturally she is enraged over this abuse, and she has not been given the same anonymity. The Full Moon in Scorpio reveals powerful emotions, exposed sex offenders and lunatics.

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