Neptune in Relationships: Song Choice

A Neptune relationship is defined by planets in the 7th house aspecting Neptune. Neptune in the 5th or 7th house, and/or Neptune aspecting Sun/Moon/Venus. Neptune in relationships is emotionally rich and complex, and the experience of meeting a soul-mate to enhance, deepen our lives and fulfil our needs is given major importance. Although there can be hazy interpretations when trying to define a soul-mate. The consensus view is that it often describes two people instantly familiar with one another, as if they were created as one. Neptune seeks to merge with others at a deep level, and separation is unbearable.

A Neptune connection can be powerfully moving, even if it is sometimes filled with suffering. Such relationships are often based on a shared artistic or spiritual commitment, especially with a dominant Neptune in the composite chart. Neptune in composite relationships often comes together through sacrifice, shared guilt, and some sense of emotional need. Astrologer Liz Greene says that composite Neptune in relationships may even reflect a ‘fantasy’ love between a film or pop star or adoring fan who one can never hope to meet in reality.

Neptune in relationship can create, inspire, enchant, but it can also blind, hypnotise, and cause addiction. While under the spell of Neptune it becomes nearly impossible to gain perspective and realize what is happening. Neptune in synastry also creates this kind of tie between two natal charts, and it creates high idealisation, inspired love, but this can sometimes leads to bitter disappointment. Neptune in relationships may need to play the redeemer and “save” the partner from his or her emotional problems. This is a relationship filled with illusory expectations of rescuing a partner. Neptune is also a highly compassionate planet and feels another’s pain as if if were their own. And they sometimes believe that with enough love, sympathy and understanding they can save an individual from his/her terrible childhood, addiction, and misfortune in life. The Neptune partnership can be intoxicating, and filled with seductive manipulation.

When such a relationship breaks down the loss of the dream union and powerful emotional connection is disillusioning, and enormously devastating. Neptunian love can be dark and destructive and can result in illness, depression and dependency when the relationship dries up. Issues which need to be looked at in such damaging relationships is unconscious martyrdom, manipulation and self-destructive passivity. Greater self-sufficiency in partnerships needs to be developed to overcome dependency on a partner.

 Neptune relationships may leave both partner’s deceived and disillusioned. Neptune’s propensity is to fall in love with qualities in the partner that may not actually be there. Neptune is an over ‘imaginative’ planet and another one of Neptune’s foibles is the inability to face reality. Although this article has slid into darker territory, many Neptune relationships are emotionally fulfilling, healing, compassionate and understanding. No two relationships are the same and a lot depends on the level of awareness of both people. All partnerships have some level of idealisation and longing in a relationship, and we all have a composite Neptune. The usual confusion, chaos and unmanageability of Neptune in a relationship are other things to observe with the couple.

Dream Lover (Mariah Carey)
Sweet Dreams (Beyonce)
Pretty World (September)
Girl Overboard (Girls Aloud)
We Belong Together (Mariah Carey)
Addicted (Kelly Clarkson)
Secret Garden (Rachel Stevens)
Love Mist (Alexis Jordan)
Lost Without You (Delta Goodrem)

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