Venus Trine Jupiter

Those born with Venus trine Jupiter are big hearted and open-handed in both their wealth and their affections. Generally they view people and circumstances optimistically, and pettiness and stinginess is foreign to their nature. Most of the time they are cheerful and possess a happy disposition helping others feel good.

Venus trine Jupiter may enjoy sponsoring social events and benefiting artistic endeavours, and generally feels pleasure out of giving. They may fall in love with someone who is successful, wealthy or idealistic. Venus-Jupiter can form relationships with people from different cultures, backgrounds or belief systems, and they are usually happiest with people who share the same beliefs and ideals as themselves.

Venus trine Jupiter has the ability to make good contacts, and are often spoiled by luck, benefits and fortune. They are favourable with money and other comforts, and are always favorably in demand. The person feels happy, and light hearted, particularly in social and love relationships. Venus-Jupiter may be considered lucky in love, finance, or socially.  The aspect is useful for receiving gifts, presents and favours, and love is often viewed as fun and full of adventure. The ‘good’ life, comfortable surroundings, good food and parties is desired, but traditional texts warn natives not to over-indulge in excessive food or drink.

Social activities, music, art and theatre are some of the things that give them pleasure, and they thrive on having a full social life. Venus trine Jupiter instinctively knows how to be popular, and the individual can generally have success in love and material things. Though there is a tendency towards laziness or complacency with Venus trine Jupiter and they can also be significantly favoured by women, and enjoy travel, beautiful clothing, jewellery, objects of art. Sometimes there is genuine a love of god or philosophy. There is a feeling to this contact that they have no limits, and so need to experience an ever expanding and growing love. Wherever we have Venus is where we have ease, and even if Venus-Jupiter makes a mistake, things tend to turn out well for them, but this is dependent on the rest of the chart as a whole.

In trine, harmonious Venus and expansive Jupiter work to create beauty and harmony. Often those with such a combination have an abundance of charm and wit and for this reason tend to attract 'good fortune': to be popular, sought after, etc. This can be an enriching contact, an expression of pleasure, joy and bounty which is underlined internally by a strong sense of the intrinsic value and meaning of life. Character and Fate: The Psychology of the Birthchart (Arkana's Contemporary Astrology Series)