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Moon Trine Pluto

Those with Moon trine Pluto somehow find emotional power even in difficult situations. When the Moon and Pluto combine we have a person with emotional depth, and keen intuitive insight into the hidden realms. They enjoy emotional intensity and are attracted to the unknown, and to dangerous or challenging situations.

The individual has the capacity to renew and transform their inner-lives, and  naturally understands the deeper motivations of others, and are interested in the deep roots of emotionnal problems and how to cure them. Moon trine Pluto people make natural psychologists, and effortlessly enter into the “psyches” of those around them.

The person is a natural when relating to anything hidden, layered, and they need to plumb the depths of all emotional experiences. Moon-Pluto has a taste for the dramatic, and they insist on bringing feelings between people out in the open, for they want real closeness with others, with no secrets. Wherever we have Pluto we are handed a shovel and told to “dig”. Moon-Pluto may dig into the personal lives of others, and Pluto also represents the mass unconscious, taboos, and forbidden aspects of life.

Moon-Pluto people know how to make changes which improve their domestic life, and easily confront emotions which other people tend to repress. The individual is emotionally resilient and resourceful and has stores of emotional power and are able to handle crisis well. The Moon rules the woman in an native's life, and so they may be quietly powerful, driven, and intense, and may show an interest in healing, metaphysics or the occult. Monetary gains may also come through female relatives.

The individual can experience powerful psychic experiences, and have easy access to the subconscious. Any emotional problems which surface are confronted and healed, and they are courageous in facing emotional pain. Moon-Pluto aspects are concerned with growth, transformation and empowerment. Psychological and emotional health, are important, and they easily demonstrate personal power.

Moon-Pluto has powerful gut instincts and can easily sense danger. In fact, they can sense things below the surface, and this includes how other people feel. Moon-Pluto is also incredibly protective of loved ones, and have the ability to bond with others at a deep level. They are effective in helping those they care about by tapping into their deeper needs and feelings. The person might also have the desire to redecorate and alter their living arrangements.

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Hi all. I have been studying astrology for over 12 years and it is a real passion of mine, one which I enjoy sharing with all others interested in delving deeper into the greatest tool for self-discovery out there. I am a full time mum of two lovely boys, and I write astro-related articles to help me to keep learning, studying and evolving my astrological techniques.


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