A trine aspect is a 120 degree angle between two planets on the astrological chart, and it is the strongest of the fortunate aspects. The Sextile aspect holds the "potential" talent and gift, but some time is needed to work this aspect to its fullest. In general, trines have the reputation for being positive, enjoyable and “easy” aspects. Occasionally, Trines in the natal chart are given less importance than other factors.

Astrologer and author of the renowned book: The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook (Astrology Now), Sue Tompkins, once remarked that she completely ignores the trines in her astrological readings, and regards them as having no “oomph”. Easy aspects are effortlessly integrated into the personality and symbolise our natural talents and areas of ease. Trines don’t require a lot of effort to allow them to work well and they are almost second nature.

Our trines are usually things we do quite happily without conscious thought, and they usually fall in the same element, but not always. I see two planets in trine as being of assistance to one another, they often reflect our "natural talents" and hard aspects are about continued effort.

There are some entertaining names given to the trine aspects, and these often help with memory. For example, Moon trine Venus is often referred to as an “emotional blessing”in one's life, whereas Sun trine Jupiter has the “Midas touch”. With trines, opportunities land in our lap, and with trines we accept and don't question our behaviour. Many times trines represent areas in our life that seem to "go well".

Furthermore, some people waste their natural talents and become lazy, placid and form settled habits of idleness. The trine aspects are also great aiders in giving us psychological assets, talents and abilities. For example, people with Moon trine Pluto are thought to be "natural Psychologists". We might go to these people for emotional strength and power. Venus trine Saturn is loving and loyal and we might go to these people for a down-to-earth view of relationships.

However, the downfall of our trines is that we sometimes lean on them to avoid dealing with the harsher aspects of life. Even if our squares usually suggest more work is needed to perfect its energy, overcoming such challenges in our lives is incredibly rewarding. Trines are also susceptible to complacency and modern psychological interpretations take this into consideration.