Sun Trine Moon

Those with Sun trine Moon have a harmonious balance between their self-expression and emotional responses. In older astrology textbooks it is stated that the relationship with the parents is generally a favourable one. However, sometimes the Sun trine Moon person often believes that all is well in the marriage, and this is not to say that the parents don’t have a good marriage.

Still, when the Sun and Moon are in trine it can bolster the sense of well-being between the masculine and feminine parts of the personality. The individual feels comfortable expressing his outer self and generally feels relaxed with themselves, and even when things don’t work out for the best, they are more likely to keep a pleasant atmosphere.

The individual will try to maintain good family relationships through-out life, and there are usually natural talents and gifts within the element of the trine. With the Sun reinforcing the Moon he or she usually feels at ease with both men and women, and will often possess a kind of emotional confidence. Sometimes natural empathy and sympathy comes from females, who are very supportive of their creative goals and life-path. In general, their moods, feelings and unconscious patterns help support the ego.

It is an influence which points to a comfortable home and much mutual understanding between native and marriage partner. Where this is otherwise, aspects to the lights from Venus must of course be considered, together with the 7th house. In some way it is likely to denote a happy life with the parents. There is not likely to be a violent breaking from home conditions, or, if there is something of this sort, re-adjustment ensues speedily and readily. Often the partner helps the native directly, or shares his interests.  By C.E.O Carter, The Astrological Aspects

Serial killer Myra Hindley was born with Sun trine Moon, and she had a grandmother who adored and spoiled her. Hindley directly helped her partner Brady in his killings of children, and played a supportive role.

Their first victim was 16-year-old Pauline Reade, a neighbour of Hindley's who disappeared on her way to a dance in Crumpsall on 12 July 1963. That evening, Brady told Hindley that he wanted to "commit his perfect murder". He told her to drive her van around the local area while he followed behind on his motorcycle; when he spotted a likely victim he would flash his headlight, and Hindley was to stop and offer that person a lift.

Trines always naturally find ways of bringing harmony, accord and agreement, and the individual feels at home with themselves. Sometimes this can be challenging when the marriage is in trouble and the native sees no problems and expects the partner to always maintain a helpful and supportive attitude, so difficulties have a tendency to escalate.

In the book Cosmic Marriage there was an example of a man who has Sun trine Moon which is also square Uranus. The man had two successive marriages and each wife left him because he spent too much time away from home. So, if he didn’t see the problem the first time around, he has certainly been blind to it a second time. Consequently he is so comfortable with his lifestyle and doesn't feels the need to change and he cannot see a problem. Ordinarily, those with Sun trine Moon can have a natural way of being in the world, and the energy tends to flow smoothly.

When the Sun is making a positive aspect to the Moon, this means that you're likely to succeed in your life, through promotion, prosperity, and help from powerful people. You're likely to gain employment easily, and earn the respect of other people. Your health and vitality is good, helping you achieve your goals. Your also likely to attract a partner who helps raise your position in society and assists you in achieving your goals. By Stephanie Johnson, Solar Fire Report