Saturn in 8th House

The individual with Saturn in the 8th house is primarily dealing with the stability of financial, emotional and sexual security, and will often feel challenged and tested in the area of their intimate relationships.

Matters pertaining to sex, death and emotional crisis are vulnerable areas, and they sometimes find themselves struggling with financial hardship, difficult divorces, and the frustrating demands of unresponsive partners. Saturn in the 8th house easily finds themselves under financial obligation of some sort.

According to Stephen Arroyo: Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart it is pointed out that the 8th house experiences lessons with sexuality, values attached to human relationships, and the responsibilities involved in using any kind of power over others. Saturn tends to show areas of serious concern and in the 8th house we are in the difficult terrain of sex, death and other people’s money. Quite often all of the above issues become complicatedly webbed together, creating separation, joint finances and long-standing obligations in a partnership, sexual debt and also difficulty in receiving inheritance money and taxation problems. However, there are some with this placement who can make a career out of banking; investing, stockbroking or dealing with other people’s money, the occult, psychology, and studies in death. The individual often seeks to gain self-mastery in the house in which Saturn is found.

The 8th house is the house of sex and all unconscious and simmering issues which hide below the surface of life, eventually reach a ‘crisis’ point and seek release. The emotions released are the ones that Saturn has tried to keep under tight control – rage, jealousy, resentment and hate. The person may be held responsible for every disappointment, sexually and financially in close relationships, and feel trapped and imprisoned by their responsibilities. Indeed the person may have to learn how to manage their finances responsibly, and over time, eventually they can become an authority in these areas.

In any ways the individual is frightened of the vulnerability inherent within an intimate relationship. The fear of emotional rejection and the dread of being let down on an inner when support is needed and it is enough to dampen the spirit and want to resist the challenge altogether. The idea of letting go on this very vulnerable level can be terribly frightening, and sometimes they have a fear of letting go and merging with others. Sexual hang-ups are another problem that may need addressing in close relationships.

According to astrologer Liz Green Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil this placement may signify the death of the father, or he is emotionally cold and rejecting. Furthermore, the environment in which the individual lives, may show sexual problems between the parents. In the worst case, beatings and assault can occur which leave deeper emotional scars than any other Saturn placement. The father may also be possessive and domineering and his early death may teach the child the painful lesson of letting go.

The father may have also been emotionally suppressed or suffered from deep depression. The themes are endless, and whatever the lessons, they need to seek their own security, and develop emotional stability. This person will learn lessons around sex, intimacy, opening up, and death and rebirth. All of these areas need to carefully examined, and they need to learn how to let go in intimate partnerships.