Venus in 8th House

woman dressed in leather gloves with guns tattooThose with Venus in the 8th demand a high level of commitment from both their personal and business partners. The 8th house represents merging with others emotionally, sexually and financially. Planets in this house are concerned with the fundamental issues of life – birth, death and sex. Intimate relationships expose our hidden selves and close relationships require a high level of trust and honesty.

Venus in the 8th house can penetrate into a deeper level of relating than most people. No other placement of Venus can understand the unconscious side of relationships. Venus in this house is attracted to deeper and dangerous levels of engagement. They crave intense, deep, emotional relationships, and would even prefer a stormy, tumultuous relationship to one which is smooth but lacking in depth.

Those with Venus here may be drawn into power-struggles and destructive relationships, and they are prone to jealousy The individual loves with all consuming, total devotion and expect the same attention from a partner. Casual and light relationships hold no appeal for them. Crisis in a relationship serves to deepen the bond, but the more unconscious conflicts often threaten to tear them apart.

Venus in the 8th house attracts money through inheritances, legacies and business transactions. The individual may also be gifted at regenerating finances. The experience of Venus in the 8th house can sometimes mean the death of a parent at an early age, or the loss of a lover or spouse. The experiences are not necessarily tragic, but the event will plunge Venus into the necessary intensity and depth.

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