Venus in 7th House

venus in 7th houseA person with Venus in the seventh house wants their relationships to be beautiful, harmonious, and balanced. The individual wants himself and the partner to be regarded as the perfect couple. Venus here is relationship orientated, co-operative and diplomatic. The 7th house in astrology traditionally signifies marriage and partnership, personal or professional relationships. Venus in its natural house necessitates the need for an ideal partner, and working together are important assets within such a union. Venus here knows how to wins others over using charm, sensuality and beauty, and a love relationship is of primary importance, and they will prioritize relationships in their life. The well-being and happiness of others is paramount, and the individual will go to considerable lengths in securing the lover.

In the professional sphere they make desirable colleagues, and are well suited to public relations. Support in partnerships is vital and these people need to share everything in one-to-one relationships. They may find it difficult not having a partner, and the tendency to be in love with love can make for some unrealistic expectations. Out of the concern for balance, they must learn to approach seventh house activities with full awareness. Libra’s house acts as a mirror, reflecting unconscious qualities which are projected onto others. Venus in the 7th house has a deep appreciation for others, but it helps to develop strong personal values, because dependency in relationships is linked to this placement.

The person with Venus in Libra’s house is overly concerned with working towards mutually pleasurable relating. There may be problems with being a perpetual people pleaser, and searching for their own worth and validation through others. Venus in 7th house strives to present a picture of marital bliss, even during times of personal turmoil. This person may find it hard to deal with conflict and will always seek peaceful resolutions. Benefits come through social connections, business partnerships and the public. Venus in this position can show popularity with people, especially if other aspects in the chart support this statement. The partner may benefit the native, and bring material and social success. There may be a gift of attracting love and harmony from others, and they have the talent for making others feel more desirable and worthwhile.