Venus in 5th House

woman by podium with circle earrings and backlessThe 5th house is concerned with self-expression and creativity, and it is here where we express what is special and unique about us. Romantic love is one avenue where we express these qualities, but the fifth house also rules children and our ability to express joy, happiness and uninhibited pleasure. Those with Venus here like to be appreciated and loved for their talents. The 5th house is symbolic of the search for security in our identity as an individual. In the 5th house there is the need to re-create part of one’s individuality, and often this house precipitates the need to be loved by others.

People with this palcement need an activity or hobby that fulfils their desire for creative expression. The 5th house symbolises the result of procreative effort – whether it is writing, art, a child, or blossoming romance. These creative accomplishments boost self-worth and feelings of happiness and contentment. It can be beneficial for the individual to be involved with children and creating something of value. Financial gain is possible through all creative endeavours such as music, art, literature and drama.

Unless they create something worthwhile, their creative expression is projected onto children and/or lovers. The 5th house also relates to the love we give others and so children and romantic interests can be viewed as beautiful and loving, and sometimes they have creative, talented and charming children. Those with Venus in this position usually possess a strong appreciation of aesthetics, and this person will not feel completely fulfilled without an outlet of some kind.

Venus is more dramatic in relationships when placed in a fire sign, and may appreciate fiery passions and emotional scenes in their love life. Earthy Venus’ are exceptionally supportive, water signs are loving and compassionate and air signs are articulate and fair. I have read this placement can attract quite a few admirers. However, this can simply mean that the individual has many admirers of their creative work.

Ordinarily, the individual enjoys sharing their creativity with others, and they are likely to do so with an eye for what they think is pleasing to others, and receive attention and validation through this arena. The problem with this placement can be a tendency to judge self-worth based on the amount of love and valuation that is received for their creative outpourings. The need to feel proud of their personal talents is often marked in the personality.