Sagittarius Rising

Those born with Sagittarius rising approach life with a keen sense of intuition, optimism, and possess a profound awareness of all future possibilities. This person is friendly and enjoys philosophizing and conversing with others in an intelligent and humorous manner.

Physically and mentally restless, those with a Sagittarius Ascendant need to roam free and keep their options open. They are not happy confined to the same, safe, secure little world all the time. Idealistic and optimistic they  always expect something better ahead.

With a love of travelling and higher learning they always make interesting companions, but may become impatient if the limits of reality delay further growth. The breadth and scope of their vision is eternal, and they have an uplifting outlook on life. Sagittarius does everything in a big and expansive way and the sign dislikes stinginess, littleness, or pettiness. Sometimes they are seen as wise and expansive people because they don't get bogged down by petty details. The Sagittarian vision is always larger, and they are able to perceive the bigger picture.

The world is perceived as a place full of potential and meaning. The “Don’t Fence me in” philosophy of life applies to those born with Sagittarius' and they have a far-sighted vision. But sometimes their aims change before they are fulfilled as there is a fear of missing out on other opportunities, but such an outgoing and adventurous outlook, helps them to gain more from their involvements with others and with this approach Sagittarius attracts people who share the same wit and intelligence.

The unconscious side of Sagittarius has a need to fit all those details into the bigger picture, and communicate their vision in specific understandable terms to others. In relationships they can have several love affairs, and marriages. The feelings are optimistic and they understand most things on a mental, religious or philosophical level.

Sagittarius is outspoken, candid and they will always greet you with warmth and a big smile. The sign is frank, and values honesty above all else and would never approach others with narrow-mindedness and general meanness. Those with important points in Sagittarius have an eagerness to embrace life and strive towards the truth of any situation, feeling a sense of joy and fulfilment in everything they do.