Moon in 8th House

Those born with Moon in the 8th house are deeply sensitive to hidden undercurrents in the environment, and there is also an unusual insight into the inner life of other people. There is deep sensitivity to all 8th house areas - taboos, loss, death, abuse, occult, shared resources and sex.

The 8th house moon needs to merge emotionally with others, and they become deeply and intensely attached to people, and it takes a very long time to recover from hurts, rejections and losses. They may have come from a family background where these same intense and passionate feelings was frustrated, and so blackened the emotional atmosphere of their childhood.

These people tend to love with all of their soul, and have profound insights into helping and healing others. Sometimes this placement represents an inheritance from the mother; the 8th house represents what we inherit from ancestors and signifies deep dark secrets, and all the kinds of abuses that have been poisoning the lives of many generations. Unfortunate situations often destroy love and security, and this is painful, but they need to be careful not to let these experiences of loss destroy that natural passion they have in relationships.

The Moon in 8th house can be a symbol for powerful and unconscious complexes existing below the surface of life, and they may have to dig up painful memories from the past. Ordinarily, they express extreme forms of hatred, passion and jealousy, as well as depression. A “heavy” emotional nature is often present and there may be confrontations of many sorts, such intensity means that they cannot just skim the surface of life. They often possess a more honest and profound understanding of life than most people do.

Difficult aspects to the Moon may indicate emotional conflict in separations and perhaps becoming entangled in power-games, but they will instinctively explore all that is forbidden, hidden and mysterious and there may be some psychic ability. The overwhelming need is to feel intensely and probe the dark depths of the soul, and those with this placement often possess strong healing techniques, powerful gut instincts and nurture growth in others. The Moon in the 8th house has an awareness of danger and over-protective instinct, and on an emotional level responding in a deep, sexual level within partnerships. The 8th house rules the resources of others and so wealth and possessions may be accrued from others and  planets here are often associated with business people, especially if organizational abilities are also shown in the natal chart.
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