Venus in Cancer

Venus in CancerAny person with Venus in CANCER seeks relationships which provide a sense of emotional belonging. Kindness,  and sympathy. The expression of love are all responsive to feeling, with a powerful protective instinct that will sometimes cling fearfully to loved ones. They have a tendency to nostalgically look back at the past. Cancers have strong emotional attachments and are gentle, romantic, affectionate and devoted. However, they can also be possessive and clingy which can result in a reluctance to allow others emotional freedom. Venus here may seem touchy and sensitive in matters of the heart, so extreme sensitivity to rejection, and a long memory for personal slights create a defensive shell in romantic pursuits. Often the individual needs to feel intensely and places deep importance on close and lasting bonds.

Those with Venus in Cancer attract with a tenderness and familiarity which makes others feel comfortable. Often this combination has an extremely caring and compassionate nature that protects nurtures and knows how to sympathetically respond to partners. In love, Venus in Cancer is full of longings, imagination, impressions and loving devotion. Sometimes the love nature is prone to unhealthy dependency and neediness, but it only reflects their deep vulnerability and need to be close to people. If they feel unloved and insecure these types are prone to sulking and moodiness to attract emotional nurturance and reassurance from a relationship.

Classically, if they are attracted to someone, they always take the sideways approach and need to feel secure that feelings will be reciprocated. Some of these people have childhood sweethearts and tend to reflect on past relationships. The nature may be quite shy, timid and passive, and they are forever looking for emotional security and have a desire to be taken care of, to be nurtured. Sometimes they have the emotional expectation that lovers should instinctively know what they need without having to verbalize it.

There is something traditional about the love nature with Venus in Cancer, and they enjoy cosy, private and intimate dates. Similarly, they may be a bit-old-fashioned romantically and prefer to play the traditional role in a relationship. Deeply sensitive to the needs and hurts of loved ones they create a protective love nest and seek stable and domestic situations filled with comfort and beauty.