Sun in 10th House

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Those with the Sun in the 10th house want success and recognition in their chosen vocation, and fulfillment in life can only come from taking up the challenge of making their mark on the world. The Sun in the 10th house of the chart desires to become socially influential, and advance towards public recognition. The career, reputation, and public image are very important, and there is considerable ambition, and this works as a powerful push to drive them into making the maximum use of their talents to achieve success. These people have a strong desire to be influential and to make their mark on the world, as well as needing to feel they have risen above the background into which they were born, leaving behind some permanent contribution which has earned them respect and recognition from their colleagues if not from a larger public.

The Sun in the 10th house person may find it difficult being in the role of employee and would rather become a leader, rising to positions of authority, supervisory and management levels. As a rule, the 10th house governs vocation and calling, fame and honour. The M.C also rules all authority figures and the things that shape us in into self-sufficient and functioning adults. The highest point in the natal chart represents the end aim of the material houses (2nd, 6th and 10th house), and they have the desire for validation from a circle wider than their personal influence, and will not hide behind the light of close friends, a partner or others.

The challenge for this person is to find their place in the world and make a significant contribution, and need to feel they are serving the collective through expressing their own individual gifts. The individual has a strong determination to succeed and strongly identifies with the career. Those with the Sun in the 10th House have the feeling that there is something important and meaningful that they can contribute to improve at least a little corner of the world.

These individuals will eventually want to establish something in the outer-world that bears the mark of their identity, and the more energy they can put into building a career that can earn them towards a place in the public spotlight, the more it will satisfy their inner sense of a unique purpose in life. The 10th house also rules our reputation and how we perceive authority, parents, or bosses. This house returns the individual to the authority figures of their childhood, and the things shaping this house usually rules the parent who shaped us the most, but it also represents their own ability to establish themselves in a chosen vocation.

The 10th house represents our ultimate aims, ambitions, goals and objectives, and also includes all those people who are further up the ladder. The Sun in 10th house individual has their own task to achieve, and that is finding their place in the world, and until they discover it, will not find any real meaning or purpose in life. The only way to find their unique destiny is by following their hearts and finding a suitable outlet for their ambition, drive and motivation for public success.

Either way, with your Sun committed to the goldfish bowl of the 10th House, you'll find that you just can't avoid the spotlight of success whenever your'e out there really trying to earn it. Nor, for that mater, can you escape the white-hot notoriety of public scrutiny whenever your're not trying. After all, you did come into a world that was universally prepared to expect great things of you, a world that, as far as your'e concerned, seems to be constantly waiting for you to accomplish something, while never letting you get away with anything. Cosmic Karma: Understanding Your Contract with the Universe