Sun Exalted in Aries

The term exaltation is part of traditional astrology in classifying planets. Exaltation is a sign placement said to be more favourable. The Sun in Leo has dignity in it's own sign, and Sun in Aries is a more potent force for self expression. Vocal gymnast Mariah Carey was born with the Sun in Aries, and her journey towards individuation and discovering her identity has been a rocky road. First she had to escape her tyrant and controlling husband (Capricorn...sorry) and she compromised (Libra) her musical style in the beginning of her career, and in order to create her own vision and innovative talents she needed to break from the past (Cancer).  I can't emphasise enough the importance of self expression concerning the Sun. Mariah Carey reached this stage in her journey with the incredibly successful Emancipation of Mi Mi. I devised this system explaining the challenges we face individuating. By using the cardinal grand square dilemma and placing some of her struggles in storyboard form representing the aim of Sun in Aries. I have wondered if we all face a similar dilemma individuating, and how this plays out concerning the other modes (mutable and fixed). It's just a theory.

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