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Scorpio: The Iceberg

Scorpio: The Iceberg
Many times, Scorpio's emotions (fixed, water sign) have been described as an iceberg, and just like the glacier we only see parts of an iceberg on the surface, but there is a whole lot more going on underneath. We can compare ice to Scorpio’s feelings and iciness allows for a dual power of reflection and stillness. Pluto, the furthest planet away from the Sun is the coldest, and as the Scorpion is a fixed water sign it is in essence - ice. Frozen places are inhospitable and we are required to thrive and survive in entering such a realm. 

The beauty of the ‘ice queen’ is often attached to Scorpio and the ‘Femme Fatale’ representing incandescent power and the deepest complex personality. Medusa, encircled in snakes is also a common image that could turn an enemy into stone with one icy stare and underneath all her surface coldness, oozed overwhelming passion and intensity, along with a firestorm of vindictiveness and rage. Other interpretations of myth claim that Medusa’s wrath was the result of her being horribly raped, and the fury, indignation, and resentment was buried deep. The meaning of the Scorpionic myth and Perseus slaying of the head is that power remains strong when it remains in the dark, exposed to the sunlight it begins to evaporate. According to Jane Harrison the Gorgon is a mask to warn the profane against trespassing on her mistress. All of us are deeply drawn to a mystery and the urge to discover secrets; even the least curious mind is roused by the promise of knowledge withheld, but the glare alone is enough for most people to keep their distance.  The scare-tactic or self-protective nature forbidding access to the hidden world lies at the root of their beahvior. The more one digs into the Medusa myth, there is so much that can be learned about Scorpio’s nature from the daring of anyone to look her in the eye, and a well defended privacy; the sexual frenzy of men driven by the challenge. In this respect, Medusa might be the most compelling woman ever created in myth.

Grace Kelly was an actress deeply adored, and fits this icy-fiery image particularly well. Alfred Hitchcock once described Kelly, his favorite cinematic leading lady, as a snow-capped volcano - full of “fire under the ice.” Named the coolest of the cool blondes she had Scorpio Rising with Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in Scorpio in the first house trine Pluto.

Once more, the action of Scorpio, cosmically, in form of volcanic eruption, water-sculpturing, erosion, etc., brings to the surface virgin matter hitherto not utilised. If it were not for the contending forces of natures, the flat earth would be long since stale, but it varies climate, level, conformation permit worn-out matter to be carried off, new, crude substance to take its place. It is the same with man. The terrific strains, contests and passions of Scorpio act erosively, clear off worn-out, weakened and unfit character-increments, ring to the surface elements so far dormant, so far concealed, latent, undreamed of, so that, which he could never have aspired and weathering storms in strength gained from the Scorpio-stress. Zodiac: A Life Epitome

Ice and fire are always combined in any Scorpio reading. However, if we return to the icy veneer, we find Scorpio can present a certain body language that says I ‘m afraid to expose myself, to leave the possibility of being vulnerable. Make no mistake, they are incredibly sensitive underneath and possess a soul that has experienced many dramatic downfalls. Sometimes the icy strength of the individual masks the depth of emotions lurking below. This is why confronting a Scorpio needs to be done carefully as the enormity of their emotions often remaining invisible to others. The fragile ephemerality of ice is a fragile material, and the ice can be broken or someone can break through it.

When negative emotions that have been blocked from consciousness breakthrough and eventually will breakthrough one way or another - they overwhelm. Painful emotions are the inevitable part of being human, and rejecting them is ultimately rejecting part of humanity. Ice freezes mobility and fragments of the self can be painfully frozen. The icy threat and struggle and fighting the big freeze, trying to reach into the heart of Scorpio may seem all doom and gloom. In this world, we enter into a frozen immortality and an icy existence that is often preferable to living and everything is “frozen up.” The individual will be struggling with a host of emotions from jealousy, hatreds, anger, turbulent passions, shame, resentment, and humiliation. Still, beneath the icy-surface of Scorpio often lies a mountain of blistering pain.

Sagittarius: The Quest

Sagittarius: The Quest
Sagittarius is all about epic journeys and grand adventures reminding us of the Indiana Jones type of experience, and eternally circles around everything that is possible in life. Moreover, it is about what is out there waiting to be discovered. The Sagittarian wandering, journeying and roving takes the individual right towards everything that has something interesting to offer. Ideals abound and opportunities are boundless. Sagittarius is attracted towards the new and the big. The worldview is broadened as they encounter different ways of life and learn from people in different cultures. The individual is always in search of bringing greater purpose to life, something meaningful.

 "It is the age of great adventures into the vast unchartered realms of generalizations, of religion and philosophy, of abstraction and metaphysics. It is the time of Crusades and pilgrimages burning with the intensity of the quest for God, the quest for eternal values valid anywhere and at any time, the quest for absolutes." By Dane Rudyhar - Sagittarius

Sagittarius wants to achieve the greatest good, or understand a different way of life. A feeling of wanderlust and quest could be physical and involve climbing a mountain or travelling across the globe. It may be of a spiritual kind so that the journey is to better understand faith. It could be intellectual in order to understand life in its broadest context. C.E.O Carter wrote: the fire signs get happier as they progress and the feeling of intense elation is heightened in Sagittarius:

As to the fire of Sagittarius, Barbault describes it as a purifying fire, very different from either Aries or Leo, and suitable to later middle age when the desires of the flesh are waning but the spirit cans still have a burning desire for social, political, intellectual, or spiritual objects. Morrish writes: “Whereas Aries represents the red, smouldering fires of creation, and Leo the yellow-golden fire of organized mentality, Sagittarius represents the blue fire at the heart of the flame. This is the hottest part of the flame.” Sagittarius always wants to go further: He is a born explorer and adventurer and loves the wide open spaces. Everything he does is in a big way. Astrology

The Sagittarius journeying can open a path to another life, and there is a heightened sense of being alive. Sagittarius often pursues big goals, and these quests have often been described as alchemy-like in transformation. The exciting part of beginning a new journey is that the individual does not always know where they will end up. The Sagittarius does not know what will be discovered and this is all part of the anticipation in searching for answers to life’s larger significance. When one journey ends, they often aim that arrow towards a new pursuit, and re-create the intense feelings of chasing down their next goal.

Jupiter (ruler of Saggy) has often been named a second Sun in astrology and relates to a higher purpose and meaning. Jupiter at its core is the hottest place in our back garden, outside of the Sun itself. The outer edges of the planet are much cooler, but inside the temperature increases as we descend. Jupiter needs eighty times more mass than it has to ignite and become a star. If it had ignited then we would have a double star-system.

Sagittarius make an enlightening and popular teacher since they have a quest for understanding and can generate so much enthusiasm that others become convinced that the topics discussed are among the most important in the whole universe. Sagittarius also represents the trip to the exotic, either vicarious or actual. As a fire sign, they are joyful, uplifting and fulfilling in their activity - giving profound joy to the soul. Sagittarius often has something grand and important to express, and leaves their gigantic signatures in the world, while also widening our perspective and giving us an eagle’s- eye view of life.

Pisces: The Ten Commandments

The ten deadly sins of Pisces. I am sure there are more evils to commit, so the list is kept short. Also, don't forget that these descriptions are overly distorted and kind of like a caricature picture with over pronounced facial features. The interesting thing about astrology is that some of these character traits always come back around full circle and all can be in evidence at once in an individual. For example, Pisces, if they are alcoholics and addicted to drugs also lie and need to deceive others to get at their addiction. They often need to hide their habit and refuse to face reality and in such a situation they can be taken advantage of by others, and take others for a ride. Under the influence of generally being a Psces, they are not discriminating and are easily seduced. We can continually circle around the same problems once we are trapped in the maze of Piscean dilemmas.

1. Thou shall not live through compulsions such as alcoholism, drugs, and other means of escapism in an attempt to blur out reality. Pisces co-ruling planet is Jupiter and so there is a tendency to do things in excess. There is also dependence and co-dependency, with addictions that ravage both mental and physical health. The Disintegration of the personality often comes through experimenting with stimulants. Losing their sense of self in order to achieve a higher state of feeling. It is often also used as a way to forget about their daily problems.

2. Thou shall not be passive. Too much passiveness leads to self-destructiveness and ultimately self-undoing. Aimlessness with an addictive personality can be a lethal dose. Pisces at their worst tend to drift through life without concrete goals and end up achieving NOTHING. Here is a song that reminds me of Pisces when in this state.

3. Thou shall not escape into daydreams and therefore use the imagination (like those who use drugs) as a means of avoiding reality. Pisceans hate tedious and monotonous routines. Restrictions placed upon them make them feel trapped, limited and bound to the material world. The first reaction is to swim away and avoid the problem. Practical matters tend to bore them silly, and they find it difficult to face facts. Pisces is pulled between the spiritual world and the worldly one, and they often attempt to live in both worlds simultaneously. Although, dreaming is not a bad thing, sometimes they become overly self-indulgent in this fantasy world and not enough time is spent in the real world.

4. Thou shall not view life through rose coloured glasses. Sometimes Pisceans don’t have the clearest view of people, it’s not that their intuition is off, but there is a of lack discrimination when choosing friends and lovers that can create a difficult situation. Thus, in extreme cases, they will give too much time and money away to hopeless losers. Pisceans have to set limits to who they give their sympathy to regarding humans. Being so empathetic and such an emotional whirlpool perhaps describes why Piscean sympathies rarely run dry. They become an endless source for the type of people that don’t want to help themselves.

5. Thou shall not be taken advantage of. Out of all the signs Pisces has the worst reputation for being a doormat. It could be down to the fact that these types are easily manipulated, although some Piscean types have been found to play on the sympathies of others in the same way. The multiple sign’s gullibility and taking the bait too easily leads to them being easily led on.

6 Thou shall not be a shape shifter and display a multiple personality. Since Pisces is the chameleon of the zodiac, they constantly change colour by absorbing the last person that they touched. Pisceans have the ability to identify with EVERYBODY and take on the qualities of others. They are like a giant sponge soaking up everything. Plus, those moods change rapidly and like the ocean that possesses a tranquil, sparkling and translucent nature the sea can turn murky and the emotions stormy.

7. Thou shall not be easily seduced, we are back to the discrimination factor and these types can be caught hook line and sinker. The worst often occurs in their over active imagination, but the sign is considered to be weak willed with a tendency to be easily swayed by their emotions rather than judging how healthy a situation is.

8. Thou shall not be confused; it’s not hard to spot this trait. The fish pulling in opposite directions represent this dichotomy. It is difficult for them to walk along a straight path when there are so many possibilities and clear headedness is difficult, usually a pocket of confusion exists somewhere in their life.

9. Thou shall not wallow in self-pity. Dissatisfaction, disillusionment and the inability to accept the real world can lead Pisceans to feel sorry for themselves. Don’t forget their sympathy is boundless and maybe more so when it hits close to home. Get out of your “I need to suffer to serve” mentality. Sometimes Pisces will carry too much guilt. It is often not their personal responsibility, but they tend to bear other peoples problems. Even on a collective level they may feel guilty for not doing enough. Virgo would say that, “every little helps” and sometimes that is enough. Pisces is prone to suffering far too easily and enduring things that they don’t need to experience.

10. Thou shall not be deceptive. It is often said that truth is a grey area and pretty subjective. Pisces has been given multiple answers at their disposal. How are they meant to give a straight answer? However, I won’t defend the downright deceitful or the emotional manipulators and those that seduce others into believing those lies.

Aquarius: The Celestial Sea

Aquarius understands the world through a combination of revelation, and abstract reason. Like lightening, they make a zigzag path across the sky. It is said that Aquarius is often not understood, being a century ahead of their time. This is demonstrated through  many of these natives regularly writing on subjects before people can grasp the importance of those ideas. Being ruled by both matter (Saturn) and space (Uranus), there is always a need to ground their energy and a responsibility to society. However, there is no disputing the Uranian rulership that fuels them into this third millennium. Uranus in astrology always presents us with curve balls and paradigm shifts caused by the impact of new events or by the unusual.

Similar to Pisces, Aquarius is a massive collective energy. Whereas Pisces, rules the endless oceans and collective unconscious, Aquarius is the great big space above us, controlling the celestial sea and ruling the awakening of consciousness. The Babylonians described the Jug that Aquarius holds as the “overflowing water jar”. It is also in Aquarius as in Pisces, that we find worlds not yet perceived by most people. The Aquarian type, will always have universal interests and are drawn to the vibrancy of the cosmic canvas and no matter what their personal interests there is always a larger context involved.

Many Aquarian people love to learn about the stars, the geometric art of astrology, or the social world around us. The Aquarian’s aims are always directed towards a larger effort, making fundamental discoveries that could alter the face of larger social issues. They are interested in the subjects of physics, engineering, mathematics and computer science. They truly get excited in search of new concepts, mechanisms, explanations, and revelations about the world. All in all, they love a complex puzzle to solve and see in the world around us an amazing thing to behold.  Aquarius ‘ puzzles are often more on the elegant side, highly stimulating on the plane of knowledge and concerning our epic human efforts to understand our universe. Hence, it is impossible to leave unenlightened.

Aquarius is holding a source of light, of greater consciousness and truth. The galaxy contained within the jug, to be sprinkled down upon us human beings. Full of refreshing ideas, and representing the transformation and evolutionary element, we find in Aquarius transforming minds - using this electrifying substance. Since Aquarius is one of the signs ruled by an outer planet, namely Uranus, they must be strong to contain these revelations. When people are ruled by an outer planet the energy is not gentle or benign. It must be discharged, grounded into something real as we are not meant to contain all of this powerful energy in our bodies, but only pass it on. Outer planetary people function best as a kind of channel for this kind of energy. The release of this massive force needs direction, otherwise it can get completely out of control. For Aquarius, they must be able to pour it, transmit it, and deliver it to human beings.

Additionally, Aquarius can cast this great beam of life across the Earth in the form of truth, which awakens minds and also destabilizes as people rebel against old structures (Saturn).  Being a transformative sign, they long to transform the world and to reach human fulfillment. Urainian type people can be marching to the beat of a different drum all the way to the grave. Aquarius is ruled by the element of air, which is often thought of as insubstantial, but this invisible element moves frighteningly fast, and needs to circulate spreading ideas in its wake. Though, Aquarian revelations have been said to be too powerful delivered quickly and so we receive it in contained amounts poured gently down to us.

Scorpio: The Death Wish

Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house, all symbolic of the "Black Sheep" of the family. The energy absorbs shadows and can be both healing and destructive. The Plutonian type of individual, can destroy and annihilate others and also self-destruct. Powerful meanings are always attached to these elements within the horoscope, and so in an attempt to understand Scorpio's nature, a good place to turn is to the psychologist Freud. Many people give the impression of always being more Jungian than Freudian in their astrology, but Freud offers incredible insights if we choose to dig into his psychology as interpreted by the author of Three Psychologies: Perspectives from Freud, Skinner, and Rogers. Astrologically, Freud had Scorpio Rising and the Scorpion within the famous psychiatrist, speaks about the death wish and the urge for self-destruction, and this is always linked to Scorpio.
Stagnant or tidal, Scorpio is very peculiar. Barbault points out that the Scorpio is the only animal that can kill itself (whether deliberately or not) by stinging itself with its tail…Having Mars as its ruler, it shows two main martial qualities: aggressiveness and eroticism. Barbault writes that “the most murderous sign is also the most fecund. “And to explain the apparent contradictions in Scorpio he once again, as with the preceding sign Virgo, calls in the anal complex. The Scorpio infant gets its first taste of power on the pot - and it will never look back. By Loius MacNeil 

It reads in a hugely Freudian way, doesn’t it? The whole Death Wish idea was introduced in Beyond the Pleasure Principle (Norton Library) . The analyst suggested that when the life instincts are used up, then the destructive energy breaks through. Also, in his work on Civilization and Its Discontents (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud) he called our basic nature comparable to “savage beasts” and that when instinctual energies get “bottled up” in individuals and denied release it creates a very explosive situation. It means people are “boiling” below the surface of life. This bottling up of feelings describes the way in which a Scorpio will keep all moods locked up inside and does not tell anyone. They keep quiet, pushing those feelings deeper and deeper within. When people bottle up feelings, pretty soon they will explode. We blow up more and more when feelings are not dealt with. Scorpio can bottle up feelings and then bottle up feelings about bottling feelings up. For the Scorpion, they can open up and share some of this energy with others in intimacy and expose the self to those trusted or express it, by being creative and resourceful.

The possible outcomes, according to the psychologist of this kind of bottled up rage is anti-social behaviour and one extremely defensive nature. Scorpio is particularly known for its impenetrable wall, hiding a soul full of feeling and a deep vulnerability. When forces operate below the level of consciousness and are not socially accepted and cannot find release it leads to all kinds of trouble. All of this buried energy within the being of the Scorpion is pushing, demanding and insisting on gratification. It can become highly anxious and the fear of losing control of this powerful subterranean energy can result in a loss of love, respect and self-esteem. Thus, its rumblings disturb peace of mind and affect the behaviour. The individual must recognise the nature of the enemies warring within.

In Scorpio's life, everything can become this great battlefield of triumphs and tragedies. Everything that can sufficiently test one human being and transport the soul into the descent of darkness to confront his own nature. Usually this is a place where things get burned, destroyed and also purified. The resurrected life exists in the Scorpion and with this the ability to change on many levels. The channelling of the energy needs to flow through alternative paths (rather than into the sexual and destructive) and can be used creatively.

Remember, it has been stated that Scorpio is a powerfully creative being and they can choose to pour this energy into writing, art, painting, research, healing and solving puzzles. Scorpio will always remain something of a mystery to many people. All extremities fill the landscape of the Scorpio nature, and they can be subtle and complex in their behaviours. I believe Scorpio is very much related to evolution and often when their weaknesses are revealed they have a powerful instinct to evolve into a stronger self. It is a matter of becoming extinct or evolve. The individual is built to live, thrive and survive, and to change form when needed and to re-establish themselves.

Cancer & Moon: Sleeping Satellite

The Mooned sands of Cancer, symbolic of the first sign of emotion, and  signifies those first bonding feelings we feel as children to our mother. The sense of helplessness and vulnerability when young and feeling a powerful need for protection are all felt intensely. The Cancer's emotions being first in the zodiac, represents the earliest forms of emotions in the sense that much of it can express itself in infantile, regressive or dependent ways. This is not an insult to the Cancerian, and a lot of our Lunar aspects and 4th house planets can act similarly. Those born of the first four signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer) as C.E.O Carter wrote are experimenting with new energy:
“From the standpoint of individual psychology one might perhaps call the first four signs, comprising as they do one sign of each Element, as experimental. In them we see the subject experimenting with fresh powers."

The Moon rules over the mother in the natal chart and Rudyhar’s explanation for this symbolical connection is beautiful:

In astrology, the Moon traditionally stands for the mother…The reason for this symbolism is clear. The Moon is our only satellite; as such, it constantly turns around us; likewise, the mother unceasingly attends to and surrounds the little baby. 

In Cancer is where the primary emotions of joy, sadness, and fear first appear and colour all of our later emotional relationships with people. Cancer possesses the most powerful urge to protect and to “mother “and within there is a needfulness that underlies the personality, an intimate world of feeling a descent into emotional depths.

 “Cancer is Mother Nature. Not physical nature, which is shown in the earthy trigon.” By C.E.O Carter

Ancient imaginings of Mother Nature showed figurines as a timeless image, and one of the earliest was The Goddess of Laussel in France. The sculpture showed the crescent of the Moon and the thirteen lunar months with rounded, fleshy buttocks and belly and infused with red, symbolic of birth and menstruation. She is also portrayed as the life-giving female, and extremely fertile. Water is Cancer’s element where things tend to sink below the surface of life and is connected to the world of emotions, whether we speak of a 'flood of feeling' “ or 'emotional torrents inside' or 'drowning in our feelings’, and linked to the feminine realm. Our emotional development is thought to be one of the most fundamental facets to psychological growth and most obviously connected to our earliest bond of family relationships.

In many lives, a loss of security as related to Cancer, Moon and the 4th house. It can often result in tremendous hurt, or in later life there is a deep dependence on loved ones for a constant supply of a feeling of safety. A study done on baby monkeys, which was horribly cruel, went and separated these little ones from the nurturing of their mothers and families. According to their development, they found it difficult fitting into the environment and were obviously terribly insecure and uncertain and described as having big, lost eyes haunted with a need for reassurance. Many people can respond in a Lunar way to these kinds of happenings towards others, and it tends to bring out our maternal instinct. On another similar note, concerning our Maternal instincts, it was claimed that a serial rapist and murderer used the recording of a baby crying to get women to unlock their doors late at night. Often our instinctive protective and caring side, can override all other rational thoughts.

Cancer and the Moon can stir us to our emotional cores. Both are primarily a sign of feeling and of deep emotional needs - symbolic of the deepest dependency. The Moon represents a powerful need for emotional contact, and also a withdrawal from the outer world, to go within for that inner sense of security. Cancer people, being so powerfully swayed by this light, are easily moved by another’s distress and are empathetic and can offer sympathy in comfort. The Cancer cannot bear detachment and others acting cold or distant. Much of Cancer’s nature and responses to life are very unconscious and all of us when acting out of our lunar side can feel like a little boy or girl again emotionally, when something shakes our sense of inner security.

Air Signs Gif

I posted this gif on my Tumblr in the morning with some others. It might rank as one of my favourite gifs of all time. I absolutely love how fitting it is for us humans.

The Air signs in astrology are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and they deal with ideology composing of ideals and often lofty ideals of how one should pursue life. The realm of the rational, balanced, and logical…The use of impartial assessment, diplomacy and cleverness elevating humanity to the heights of the gods. Ethical principles and the art of civilized behavior all belong in the airy landscape. In some elemental cosmogonies AIR is believed to be a primary element and essentially related to communication, ideas, the breath of life, and speech.

The South and North Node - The Sweet and Sour

The North Node attributes are what we need to develop and strengthen, and the nodal axis containing both South and North Node are said to be sensitive points on the birth chart. Another, significant factor when interpreting the meaning of the nodes is to think of the North Node as the key to our future self and we can choose whether or not to open and unlock those abilities and strengths. In regards to the South Node we are very much standing in its doorway. For an individual to fulfil some of the goals they set out for this lifetime, they need to move towards the North Node. We will never know the value of the North Node until we start to develop those qualities and elements as described by our North Node sign and house. We are constantly evolving and moving into our future and walking towards a new destiny. Astrologers ascertain, confidently tell us, that if we move towards our North Node doors will spring open and that it holds the key to future happiness, success, meaning and a greater sense of purpose. It is almost as if they are saying that this is particularly one area where freewill is used to our greatest advantage and that the concepts surrounding the North Node speak about the mental, emotional and spiritual development.

The North Node is where we need to focus our energy on development this lifetime. But we should also consider the South Node which is the past and is over-developed and that there can be a serious imbalance as all opposing signs often represent. The North Node needs more conscious effort applied and the South Node is our comfort zone and we need to break-free from those habitual patterns of behaviour. We return to the South Node as a place that we know well, and we should really be searching out for more experience in our North Node in order to achieve more depth and experience within that zone. The South Node is usually a place where we feel at ease, it is our safety net, we know how to easily navigate this area of life, and it is the place where we retreat. The risk zone is the North Node the unexplored territory and is the new place for learning in this lifetime. It is common knowledge that taking risks leads to more growth. They present challenges, but the South Node can present an area where we are locked into certain patterns of behaviour and too much of that behaviour can actually lead to being way too comfortable in old ways of behaviour and fearing change.

To grow, we have to challenge those comfort zones and unlock the opposite sign and house and allow it for more expression. Otherwise the South Node can be a place of repeating patterns. In psychology it is thought that people repeat the same patterns in the same ways, and they proclaim that evolution is not inevitable that we can get stuck in the same old loop. Freud believed that, if people could become conscious of their unconscious patterns, they would no longer be controlled by those patterns. Otherwise, without consciousness, our South Node takes on a sort of scripted quality, and we continually have the same thoughts, creating patterns and actions and that as people we tend to push away unfamiliar experiences that could actually enhance our life. We all have psychotically defences against change.

As Dane Rudyhar points out the Nodes are formed through the cyclic motion of the Sun’s solar year and Moon’s lunar months and so there is this past-future connection. Also explaining that the North Node is the intake of new experiences, or as termed by him “spiritual cosmic energies” also stating that he has stressed for thirty-two years about the procreative and evacuative forces of the Nodes and many astrologers have not taken note. The astrologer feels there is a heightened energy in the South Node and that there is a kind of massive release of energy there (as I understood it) which we also seek to reduce in some sense, stating that the South Node is where we release energy automatically.

Dane Rudyhar’s analogy is certainly interesting, and underneath it all there is a good pointer to the function of how the Nodes operate. His interpretation of the Nodes is different from the general readings and he intuits that the past compels us in that direction, but it can have magnificence results and this is the automatism of the South Node. The astrologer is mostly saying (Node article), referring back the procreative and evacuative powers, that we poop out the South Node and now need to find something different, and more prolonged by chewing on the North Node. Perhaps, after we have fully swallowed the North Node as in the Dragon's head/mouth side of the NN we might then poop that out in the next lifetime. I think Rudyhar may be turning in his grave, especially at the way I have explained his insights on the Nodes. My paraphrasing needs a lot of work.

All in all, I actually do believe that we ingest energy, digest and assimilate and release. The Nodal axis is the balancing of energy the experiences and qualities of life that we have fully tasted and there are new ones that have yet to be savoured. However, one more point, before we turn the zodiac into a buffet wheel. We need to taste what those fruits have to offer and usually they are complementary dishes. The nodes when served in balance and when a life, combining the Nodes allows for the inflow and outflow of energy then we tend to become more balanced people.

Alice O. Howell: Stars, Cycles, and Psyche - Psychological Aspects of Astrology

I was browsing through astrological authors to read and Alice O. Howell from this video seems like my cup of tea. I like my psychology astrology and she's appears wise in her knowledge. Here is a video of this wonderful lady. A Scorpion astrologer that has traveled widely as a child possessing an 8th and 9th house emphasis in her natal chart.


The Contents of Aquarius' Jug

The Contents of Aquarius' Jug
The question that burns into every astrologer’s soul - What is in the jug? Not really, but the contents of Aquarius' vessel is something that has many meanings and interpretations tagged onto it. Being a romantic, rose tinted glassess and make-believe astrologer - I see stars and sparkles pouring out of the vase onto us mortals on Earth bringing forth all the wisdom of the universe to all its receivers. Mythic Astrology generally has the same idea:
"We are more inclined, in this technological era, to think of Aquarian waters as electricity or cosmic energy." Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers

Aquarius is specifically called the Water-Carrier and its name is derived from the Latin aqua (water), and it means the “water bearer.” It has been referred to as the most human sign, or as Gleadow calls it “the only completely human sign in the zodiac. “ According to Louis MacNeil, some years ago a French amateur astrologer Paul Choisnard investigated the horoscopes of 119 outstanding intellectuals and claimed to have found that under only three signs was the incidence more than average - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These are of course the three airy signs and symbolism of air here is obvious. Apart from being incredibly bright, Aquarius also seems to spread futuristic ideas and the idea of the brotherhood of man and is also known as “the awakener.”

C.E. O Carter calls Aquarius the Waterman, but it has also been pointed out elsewhere that it rules the second month of winter and the nature of this time is closely associated with the qualities of Aquarius when rain and snowfall levels all wash and clean the past. According to the Egyptians, Aquarius emptied his jug of water in the Nile River, which is why it is flooded every year. The meaning of Aquarius has also been called ‘the pourer forth of water,’ describing it as an inexhaustible stream, with some claiming that Aquarius’ water pours into the mouth of the Great Fish (Pisces) and it swallows all of the water.

Early religious accounts define this water as full of vision, symbolizing renewed power. Further religious imageries state that Aquarius the water-bearer - who “pours down the water on the heads of the people.”  The elucidations are as numerous as the explanations of the Two Fishes, ruling Pisces in the zodiac. Most agree that Aquarius is pouring forth knowledge and new revelations of a celestial kind. Aquarius is also imagined as a giant male figure, pouring down the water onto the Earth as styled by Clifford Bias and relating the water as being cool and clear. We could probably keep on digging for more astrological descriptions of the water-bearer and find ever-growing interpretations differing, but also running along the same wavy lines. In the Cosmic Apprentice, it described the spirit of Science, an Aquarius subject, in a rather water-bearing way:

The Spirit of Science is open democratic. It flows like water. It is even, you might say, evinced by life itself,…what we call life is really a form of water, activated and animated not by a divine principle but the energetic cosmos around it. Cosmic Apprentice: Dispatches from the Edges of Science

And finally, Liz Greene has this to say about the Aquarian water-bearing nature.

In Egyptian myth, the benign god Hapi carried on his shoulders a vast jug from which he poured out waters from the Nile, thus imitating the great annual inundation on which crops depended. The Greeks envisaged him as the beautiful Ganymede, beloved of Zeus and cup-bearer of the gods. But the mythic figure who best epitomizes Aquarius, last of the air signs, is a bearer of fire rather than water. The Greeks called him Prometheus, which means “he who has foresight”; he stole Zeus’ divine flame and gave it to human beings so that they could learn to live as civilized creatures. The magical substance which the water-bearer carriers, whether fire, water or the elixir of life, is not easy to define. But the myth of Prometheus suggests that it is the power of inspired knowledge which Aquarius pours forth - knowledge of harnessing the forces of nature to create an efficiently functioning world, in which everyone and everything has its role and contributes to the good of the whole. Mythic Astrology

Sun and Moon: Divine Destiny

The Sun is related to gold and was traditionally associated with divine powers because of its impermeability; it is resistant to both fire and water. To emulate the qualities of Gold was to partake of divinity and immortality. The colour of Gold is the colour of the Sun as silver the Moon, the two great celestial powers that rule over life by the masculine, daylight and consciousness (Sun) and by night through the feminine, dreams, the soul and the unconscious. The Sun and Moon have always had this special relationship and in spiritual terms represents the mystic union of the soul and the body when the Elixir was achieved. This became known as the conjunction, sometimes referred to as the chemical wedding, the marriage of the king and queen. The Sun and Moon fulfilling a divine destiny in the lives of all human beings is the real and true meaning of these guiding lights in the sky.

From ancient times, people learned to construct calendars based on the Moon’s cycles. Time was first reckoned by the lunation’s and then by the Solar year, which had to be divided into the 12 lunar months---that is the Moon’s cycles, each of twenty-eight days; which was a sacred number, in the sense that the Moon could also be worshipped as woman as her cycle is also normally twenty-eight days. A powerful relationship has always existed between the Sun and Moon and both planets have always in older times been portents of great events, usually disasters, generally due to the eclipses.

Altogether the solar value is an outgoing one, masculine and positive. With the Moon it forms the basic psychological polarity, of which the most obvious externalisation is in sex. Hence the two bodies ought to always be considered together, the one furnishing the complimentary value to the other. The one is always the getter and giver, the other the keeper and preserver. The Sun tends upwards and outwards, and forwards in time, the Moon draws downward and inwards, and looks backwards to the past. By C.E.O Carter - Essays on the Foundations of Astrology

The Sun is our nearest star it is bright, hot and hard to ignore. The Sun has dominance over the world and is a life-giving ball of fire. The Sun is dazzlingly illuminating and represents the developing concept of who we are and what our right place is in the universe. The self-revealing light illumines ours sense of purpose and direction and it is infused with a sense of authority and majesty that no other power can match. The Sun being such a creative force, ruling courage, strength, success, creativity, authority, general self-esteem, and leadership qualities. According to C.E.O Carter:

The Sun has always been something more than an ordinary planet. It is the astrological symbol of vital urge, the elan vital, life itself

The Moon has always functioned as a recorder of the story of a life-our own private documentary. Similar to the lunar phases, memories fade, change or grow more lucid and full. Our memory of events also has a way of changing in appearance. The Moon can take us all the way back to any time and easily retrieves the relevant video tapes from the subconscious. We are usually then presented with a bunch of images, feelings and thoughts. Some people get stuck in replaying old memories and the Moon can sometimes hold us back from moving into the essence of the solar purpose. In esoteric texts, the Moon also suffocates us, if we cease to individuate and move forward.

The Moon is a kind of time travel into the past into autobiographical memory. It gives us the history of our identity, and it is like a bookmark reminding us of where we left the story. The Moon rules the imaginative and reflective side of the individual with unconscious impulses, and emotional reactions. The Moon has its poetical leanings and is mankind’s greatest Muse. Louis MacNeil wrote about astrologers magical lyricism pouring forth when describing the silvery light, noting:

“She brings out the lyrical vein in astrologers no less than other people. The American astrologer Evangeline Adams writes: “She is Lustral water and mystic bearer of the Holy Grail” 

All eyes turn watery eyed and moist in our descriptions of the lunar body - as if possessed by a late poet. It Is something wonderful to behold and we can all feel her rhythms or rhymes draw every soul to her shore.

Astrology itself may be about perfecting ourselves and relating to our divine nature. The Sun is the blazing fire and warms everything it touches with a glowing luminosity and it gives us a central purpose. The Moon is the remembrance of all things in the past and symbolizes a strong connection to the unconscious realm. Both are essential in understanding who we are, where we are going, and also where we have been.

Virgo: The Deep Intellect

Virgo in astrology is the part of the personality that is trying to deal more effectively with our daily lives, and it is the zodiac sign of to-do lists ensuring that we do the things that are not forgotten. In Virgo’s landscape, lists are created and jobs are constantly assigned, prioritized, ranked and streamlined to within an inch of their lives. To live in a world without this Virgo function would be a chaotic existence, it rules over the sixth house, a sphere of life that can make us more productive and it can cut through the fog of a daunting workload.

Over time, we become more knowledge-able in Virgo, and time is utilized and information is filtered into something digestible. A part of their world may involve early morning and late night studies and the mastering of a subject and its techniques seeping into their daily lives. Virgo needs everything to fit somehow, a way to put it all together, an underlying system and to achieve a meticulous clarity. Virgo possess a mind that is both sensitive and intelligent a brain that looks at things in microscopic detail, and the more vine to prune off the more fruits can be enjoyed. Virgo is efficient to the core. Virgo loves to be of service with the use of the deep knowledge that has been attained in a specialist area and will apply all of this learning in exquisite detail. As Dane Rudyhar says, “Virgo is usually deeply occupied with their life-work, or what they consider their “mission”. They have to be active and to rely upon hard work in order to escape the inner question-marks and their everlasting state of impending crisis. Just because they expect deep interior changes - and in some cases work intently toward self-transformation they must find a definite discipline or routine of activity in order to find stability which fundamentally is not theirs…They are logicians, because logic is a mould which creates patterns of discrimination. …The Virgo type is the worker and technician…they live lives of transition, lives of apprenticeship. “

Virgo it is all about the detail and the mind paying proper attention and making improvements. In the chain of the earth signs, they seem to represent the productivity that keeps the machine running. Also, they can be all-work-no-play, selfless and imbued with a powerful instinct to serve. One may assume that there is no beauty to be found in this realm, but then we only need to take a look at what has been produced by these types, to see the handcrafted items that possess quality and are built to last. Above all, Virgo is industrious, fruitful and diligent. Along with Rudyhar’s take on Virgo, I also found the Hermetic Reiki to be quite apt in the difference between Gemini study and Virgo study.

 Virgo is in similar function but dissimilar in operation to Gemini. Gemini is broad but shallow, and Virgo is deep but narrow. Pretend that Gemini and Virgo are avid newspaper readers: Gemini will skim the headlines, glance at the obituaries, browse through the comics, and leaf through the classifieds, but Virgo will read the main story, go to the internet to read more about the people or issues who appeared in the article, check the blogosphere to see what other people have to share about the same story, and probably also call her friends and family to gather their input on the same issue. Gemini is broadly read but shallowly interested, Virgo is narrowly read but deeply interested. “ 
Thus, Virgo has always sought to attain high-quality and deep information on a particular area.
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