Uranus in 3rd House: Universal Knowledge

uranus in 3rd house

Those with Uranus in the 3rd house can take the cosmos and knowledge about life in the universe far beyond its present state, to a new level of insight. In astrology Uranus is the planet of rapid change, sudden realizations, and seeks freedom of thought beyond boundaries. It connects to speed up thought patterns, and a mind that moves faster than the average person. The flashes of Uranus insigne are often delivered as a kind of mental download, and they often have no idea how they have arrived at their conclusion. Future technology is leading towards a Uranian progressive state of mind with the attempt to attach the brain to a computer, “jacked into a virtual world”, uploading consciousness. Obviously this is in its early development and so far a tweet has been sent via the mind.

The mind holds something of a futuristic vision and predicts trends of forthcoming events. There appears to be a link with Aliens who are said to be able to communicate telepathically, but we also view this as automatic, or intuitive thinking and thoughts being transmitted and it is thought that those with Uranus contacting to the mind can also have this ability. The famous Seth Speaks is a case of channelled information ad it was said to have had an awakening effect on others especially the New Age thinkers. Einstein also possessed Uranus in the 3rd house and was probably another great channel of information, and that is not saying he was not a brilliant man, but some minds are more open than others and act as a gateway. The Scientist also had a Jupiter-Uranus opposition and he didn’t believe in a personal God, but found meaning (Jupiter) in what science revealed about the universe and he believed in a cosmic religious feeling (Jupiter-Uranus).

Uranus thinking can have a way of illuminating, shocking and waking people up to a different kind of reality. Astrology (Uranus subject) works similar in the way frequency does and the tuning in of a radio signal and we can tune into one frequency, chosen from an infinite number of channels. And perhaps it is also a means of transmitted communication fed to us without any physical contact. Usually with Uranus in the 3rd house there is spontaneous, brilliant, and unique way of processing ideas. Other times the ideas are too abstract, out there, and they can often be an unconventional, original and different. However, with originality nothing exists in a vacuum and a new discovery is realizing the potential that already exists.

In many ways, Uranus people search for answers on a universal level to find our cosmic significance, to resolve a sense of mediocrity a sense of limitation to our lives. Uranus in the 3rd house is often interested in planetary systems, futuristic ideas, as in astronomy, astrology and inquiry into our cosmic origins. In contrast, and considering that these are taken to be futuristic topics, being oldest systems in history. The universe is 13.8 billion years old and all those planets, stars and galaxies, and it is also the beginning of time and our future possessing the key that can glimpse the workings of a greater whole that we are a part. It has been estimated to be as many neurons in the human brain (another popular Uranus Study) as there are stars in the Milky Way - 100 million.

 We call this the Age of Aquarius and that means we are entering more into the Age of the Universe, and we will discover how its fate is inextricably bound up with the lives of human beings. Uranus as a planet is geared towards scientific investigation or mathematical puzzles, solving the mystery of the universe and our place in the cosmos. Uranus when connected to the mind can get super excited about numbers, and the universal picture and cosmological design. For example, if you take the multiple of 9 like (18, 27, 36, 45,)and add up the digits (1+8, 2+7, 3+6, etc.), you always get a nine back, now normal people may not think much of it, but Uranian minds begin to see a pattern and orderly rhythm. This type of thinking is explained in The Loom of God and how through mathematical knowledge we grow closer to God, or, if one prefers to the source of creation. We catch a glimpse of a hidden harmony and this can even be viewed through plant life.

As we see evidence of a design in precise geometrical laws it brings us closer to the truth. Astrology witnesses this evidence of a purposeful pattern to life and the key to enlightenment can be found in such subjects as mathematics, science and horoscope reading. Uranus’ subjects reveal a higher mind, plan, and divine order of the universe. Uranus in the 3rd house has a speedy brilliance of the mind, with a talent and liking for unusual subjects, sometimes they think they have special gifts and a particular message for mankind, and of course it can relate to the crackpot as much as to the genius. One individual with Uranus on the M.C IN Gemini (related to the Mercury and the 3rd house conjunct the North Node which is the path of destiny and he said he could communicate with aliens and began writing down the messages he received from the outer space.

Uranus in the 3rd house can indicate a person with one big, bright idea in their lifetime or a series of them. The madness of Uranus only seems that way to those bound up in facts and the world of form and it often requires a leap into the unknown.
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Mercury-Pluto: Only the Paranoid Survive

mercury pluto aspect

Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Pluto are people that love to probe the depths intellectually of any situation. Some Mercury Pluto individuals live for conspiracy whether it is 9/11 Fahrenheit, the death of Diana , the Da Vinci code, Moon Landing, or Area 51. Mercury-Pluto is always circling around questions of how and why, and the ulterior motives behind it. They are drawn to clandestine, undercover and covert operations. As people possess secrets they also exist on a broader level, and a big event will always have some intrigue involved that is complicated, complex and impenetrable. Those with Mercury-Pluto contacts know there is more to the story and something doesn't completely add up.

Often talented at uncovering information Mercury-Pluto is highly skilled as undercover detectives, occult specialists, and psychology experts. Correspondingly, it can reflect a tendency so deeply rooted in the psyche in relation to evolutionary history reflecting the ability to tap into knowledge that has been amassed over thousands of years, and they are closely attuned to our instinct for survival with an endless desire to know. Knowledge is power for these individuals and they can go below the surface, digging beneath, and always searching for more information. These people are never satisfied with simple answers and need to find the hidden meaning of anything.

Pluto bestows the mind with intense power, and often these people believe that the intensity of the mind can alter the material plane. What’s more is that these individuals have thoughts that are often charged with heavy emotions and what is said or revealed can be quite devastating. Sometimes it can create a fear in the mind and they may need to counter some of the more negative thoughts. However, on the positive side, these people can bring about transformation just by the power of words, and by reaching people at a deep level.

Pluto symbolizes the underworld, and corruption, and the power of perception. Mercury-Pluto just often knows things without being told, but if it is not challenged constructively it can lead to paranoia, suspicion, and descent into darkness. Still, as the popular proverb goes in the 1990s - Just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not plotting against you. Pluto in astrology is related to intimacy and that means a select few to trust. They seem to absorb the information about the behaviour of others and they usually hone in quickly to when a friend is behaving unusually, a colleague is unwilling to share something and a stranger is not to be trusted.

Mercury-Pluto can pick up on what is inferred, alluded to and unintended. In this way, the type might also be attracted to powerful literature, or something quite dark in material and transforming pieces of work. With a natural affinity for psychoanalysis as a kind of therapy Mercury-Pluto takes us to the other side of understanding in an attempt to gain a far-reaching and penetrating view of life. As Pluto relates to the deeper ranges of the conscious mind they are intermediary communicators between the conscious and the unconscious.
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The Zodiac of Wild Women

Quotes taken from the book on the Wild Words from Wild Women.


I don't have the time every day to put on makeup. I need time to clean my rifle.


I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house.


Show me someone here who does not gossip, and I'll show you someone who isn't interested in people.


A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to mother - and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment.


I would live in a communist country providing I was Queen.


One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done.


Sometimes I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It is beyond me.


Lead me not into temptation; I can find the way myself.


Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.


What I wanted to be when I grew up was - in charge.


We cannot take anything for granted, beyond the first mathematic formulae. Question everything else.


I have too many fantasies to be a housewife...I guess I am a fantasy.
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Sun Conjunct Venus: Goddess of Love

Sun conjunct Venus is self-expression and love, especially in the Aphrodite sense bringing beauty, pleasure, and value. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite was the goddess of amour and she has been both loved and feared. On the one hand, she is devastatingly beautiful floating to the shore in a half shell in a Botticelli’s painting being such a sight to behold that any man would fall under love spell and with her feminine charms.

In art she is always nude, reflecting her unashamed appreciation of erotic love and the sensual pleasures. Venus is powerful in her ability to strike both mortals and immortals with desire as she dealt with matters of the heart. Although the thing with our desires is that it is all a matter of taste and the ‘pulling power’ is often equally different for everybody, and so she represents those mysterious qualities that we are drawn towards in others, often they make no rational sense to family and friends and we can tell a lot about what stirs a person erotically just by analysing Venus on the horoscope.

Venus has started wars over love, and is she really worth dying for and why is love such a troubling factor in so many lives? Many women dread losing their husbands to terribly seductive women who are like Aphrodite and she creates jealousy and rivals. At times we can become completely infatuated with someone against our better judgment and Venus has power and she can make us fall in love with art or objects that stir our senses. Venus has the ability to stir sweet longings of the soul and also conveys the energy of creation, love, balance and harmony.

The Greek Aphrodite is a beautiful figure adorned with precious jewels, and she was the essence of feminine loveliness and everything about her was charming. However, Venus also has a spiteful, jealous, vain, treacherous, lazy and vindictive side. The passions of the heart that were inflicted on man could cause them to betray their family, leave home, and commit terrible acts in the name of a one true love. Aphrodite also protects union and allegiances and also marriage.

Venus represents the urge to be a relationship. When the Sun is conjunct Venus the conscious self is strongly attuned to the love of beauty and refinement and often has an appreciation of music and art. It can show a powerful attraction to money and possessions, and denote a personality that is loving and affectionate, giving positive and charming qualities and there is a longing for beauty. The need exists within Sun-Venus to feel valued as an individual; it is important and to also to have significant relationships in life. In many ways, relationships are part of the growth, a journey and destiny of those with the Sun conjunct Venus int he horoscope. By the same token, lovers, others, and partnerships with reveal the essence of the self and often they reflect back the feelings of worth and innate beauty the individual feels in relationship to their unique sense of identity in the world.

Sun-Venus people want harmonious relationships, long for a balanced universe, and a greater unity in life. For a Sun-Venus type, the choice of hairstyle, clothing and jewellery need to be chosen carefully for they are a reflection of the way one identifies as an individual. Even the choice of style throughout the home and their passions and endeavours colour the deepest sense of their values. For Sun-Venus, relationships throughout life we will mirror back their own unlived lives. Correspondingly, the person will recognise to need to incorporate passion, real values, and those qualities they admire in other people.
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Capricorn Karma

Capricorn is too serious. Of course, there is always a reason for the existence of some trait in the personality, maybe they have to take life seriously this time around. Overly serious people also get the by-products of that kind of nature which often leads to anxiety, melancholy feelings and meanness with the self. We also have side-effects that are more positive and there is usually a great deal of ambition, goal setting and practicality.

Being ruled over by Saturn they are closest to what it feels like to be human in the world. Undoubtedly, it is no small feat to survive life in a place of uncertainty and change without any guarantees of security. There is also, however, a further point to be considered, and hard-working and deeply prideful Capricorns also swim in the sea of karma - they are ruled by Saturn a planet that relates to ‘the reap what you sow school of thought’.

In many ways, Capricorn often takes on this very serious tone and there is something about taking responsibility and accounting for one’s actions that is always inherent within the character that has had to get to grips with reality like nobody else. If one is born with the lead weight of Saturn as the ruling planet, it tends to make one more aware of one's activities and the negative consequences that could result.

The Capricorn may stick to something longer than the rest of us and like the popular saying goes: It’s a thankless job, but I have a lot of karma to burn off’. There is also, another mountain to climb, and that is one regarding those self-imposed limitations and limits that appear in the outside world, barring entry, keeping the individual in a prison like reality. Within Capricorn there is a certain and always sober nature about the life, and they have been dealt hard lessons of responsibility that are often put upon them early on in life without much of a choice.

If a person decides to shun all responsibilities they are putting actions into motion that will have consequences. Some call Cappy's need for security pathological, but we all know by now, that we do often pay a price for our actions, even small ones add up over time. In the Capricorn mentality towards life, then we really have no one to blame but ourselves in those situations. Capricorn is low on sympathy in these areas, and whatever a man soweth, so shall he also reap is the Capricorn’s response. Some karmic specialists believe that Karma is actually another opportunity to get things right and it has ancient roots. Most modern people, although we popularly use karmic phrases are not overly concerned with karma in its relation to past lives.

Saturn is usually the place of our wound and Roger Woolger called Karma the place of our “scar” others may call it their “burden” or “debt”, but he relates to it as major complexes that have formed over lifetimes. Nowadays, most references to karma usually mean taking personal responsibility for our lives.

Even when it's happening at a deep, unconscious level, Capricorn is planning his ultimate destiny. He may be a nobody, someone who has to take orders from others, or work at things he detests which offer no challenge to his real capabilities. But watch him when that term has passed and he's released from his self-imposed prison. All the while a powerful determination and ambition have been breeding in him, and an immense strength of will. It might be a worldly goal of envisions - to run his own business, to make enough money to buy a piece of land, or whatever. It might be ambition in a creative sense - to develop a formidable skill as a painter, a writer, a musician. It might be an inner ambition - self-understanding, or something more occult. You can see this side of Capricorn in such people as Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti. But whatever the goal is, those first years of life have developed a steely determination in our goat, and although he may be a little late in getting on the road, once he gets moving nothing is going to get in his way, no matter how many setbacks and obstacles confront him. Capricorn is very tenacious. After all that work, he's not going to just dump the project because the road's a little rocky. If you want to bet money on someone succeeding in life, bet it on a Capricorn. It's not that there aren't any Capricorns who fail. Lots do. But the Capricorn who is really expressing his basic nature is a sure winner. It may take him seventy years, so don't expect it in a hurry. But he'll get there. Astrology for Lovers
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Gemini - Houdini and Other Tricks

Gemini Houdini tricks

Gemini people will probably never get away from the duplicitousness associated with their nature, and it’s not that that it means it is a deceptive sign, there are crooks of every zodiac symbol, but it is through the possession of markedly double traits running through the personality and many people may regard them as “two faced.” Mercury, Hermes, and the Geminians planetary ruler was often articulated to be scheming, something of a criminal mastermind at times, running rings around everybody. What Hermes gives to Gemini is a strong communicative ability and intelligent curiosity, along with a delightful sense of adaptability. Gemini’s also hold Hermetic ties with the patron of exchange and as messenger for guide of the souls. Moreover, they always like to be up-to the minute, are quick on their feet or this swiftness reveals itself through mental speed.

Gemini’s are often described as being a whizz with words, humour, and also getting themselves out of tricky situations. Throughout life they may find this has happened a few times, and while others remain stuck, they are quick and nimble enough and intellectually sufficient enough to think on their feet. Indeed, lightness pervades their essential character, along with an enteral youth that permeates their being and numerous essays on the psychology of the boy that never wanted to grow up. Youth is also tied in with immortality and this is a powerful theme that runs through the story of Castor and Pollux, the twins, when mortal Castor is killed, Pollux splits his mortal self in order to save him, spending alternate days in Hades and Olympus. Hence, an important theme has developed for Gemini and this has been felt as an inner division and that there is often more than one personality living in dear Gemini. One side of the personality being effervescently sparkling in light and often compared to butterflies, flitting gaily across with their iridescent wings and then plunging deep down into a depressed state. Everybody is warned about Gemini’s twin side, along with a tricky personality:

Gemini is also recognizable because he's often not where you last left him; and it's common astrological knowledge that you can't tie the Twins down with a heavy cord and expect this sylph of the air to remain with docility and patience until you give the cord a tug. More likely he'll perform a Houdini-like trick and vanish before your very eyes, leaving you with the cord.Astrology for Lovers

The symbol for Gemini is the numeral roman number for two has also inferred an emblematical friendship. There will always be a childlike energy in sprit and something of a flirtatious nature, the mimic and the juggler. Many Gemini’s can be quite fidgety, nervous and fast talking; they also find important roles as critics, journalists, and any job that involves variety is an absolute perfect fit for their restless souls. Where would we be without Gemini or the element of Air as is pointed out in The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix: A Study of the Zodiac and of Planetary Activity (The Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar) :

We are all united through air which all living organisms breathe - be they plants, animals, or human beings…the very same air breathed by a dirty peddler, a prostitute or a criminal. We wouldn’t think of being in the same room with these people, but the air they have breathed is now in our lungs…The narrow circle of our conscious relationships to other human beings is thus extended, against our will by the air we breathe. This may seem an exaggeration, but fundamentally it is not. Another illustration will affirm it. Sound travels by means of airwaves. The words we speak are being actually spread all over the globe. Air unites our basic mode of expression – speech. 

The invisible element of air apart from its vital importance of allowing us to breather is also essential for relationships and Gemini always seeks out the maximum of contacts, flits across as much information as they can lay there hands upon, and intellectual and interesting conversations are the very life-blood of the Gemini personality.
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Sun Opposite, Square, Conjunct Moon

sun opposite moon
Those with the Sun conjunct, square or opposite Moon need to bring together the self-expression with the vulnerable, needy and the inner side of the personality. A Sun-Moon aspect is functioning at a level which brings the internally conscious self and deeper instincts in line with the core identity. All of this must be achieved without pulling away from the emotional self or losing control and being overpowered by the lunar side of the nature. The self and the child/instinctive element of the make-up are both powerful in the personality. Thus, the two most dominating drives of the character are equally and intensely felt and so when the individual wants to set off on a course of their own self-development there can be some emotional frustration.

The Moon represents the mysterious inner world to which depth psychology calls ‘the unconscious’ and it is has always been known as a trip wire in life. For this reason, the deeper workings of fate follows and expresses itself when the person expresses a unique sense of being an individual. An equally significant aspect of the Moon is that it is a hidden world filled with rich potential, emotional intuitiveness, and profoundly empathetic. While it can make the personality more sensitive, it can also continually pull them back into the realm of emotions.. Similarly, there is a longing not to separate from others as it portrays a deep fear of loneliness. Whether those with the Sun and Moon in contact will be dominated by the internal being is dependent upon which part is stronger - the “I” as a separate being and the urge to remain loyal to one’s heart (Sun) or the need for safety, security and the needs of everyday life (Moon).

Those with the Sun conjunct Moon aspect can usually act as a unifying energy and it is often viewed by astrologers as an incredibly powerful and potent combination in the horoscope. The sign and house they fall into can dominate the life with the constant feeling of the seeds of new potentials and beginnings. When the Sun and Moon are opposed to one another, often the darker, more primitive aspects of the personality come to the fore, and the individual needs to bring the secretive inner world and instinctive expression in line with the conscious goals and motivations.

The Moon will always be a shadowy realm, taking us into strange lit places, and familiar haunts. In this way, walking back down the same path every time they try to grow, detach, and individuate as a person. The wonderful nature of a Sun-Moon aspect is that the self can be in touch with the intuitive, psychic, and the mysterious rhythm of life that occupies the lunar side. Another facet of the journey of the Sun-Moon type is that they will at some time meet on their path with the hidden inner world. In material terms, this can be a clash with family, the women in their life, and anything maternal. It can be a meeting with their own unconscious selves the needs, and depths of the soul which also do not appreciate being ignored when one is following their destiny in the outer world. The Moon implies the unfolding of our lives, through an invisible force.

The Sun and Moon are essentially opposites, the yang and yin, male-female, husband-wife and conscious and unconscious and it will tell them whether the emotional side is in agreement with what we want to do in life. Often many people prefer emotional support in what they are doing, and many insights will be gained throughout the course of life concerning the emotional programming, deeper self at work and they will assess what those fundamental needs are that dominate the life at times. 

When striking out on the journey of self-individuation they will soon experience if the safety, nourishment and family and community are there supportive in the background. Those with Sun-Moon contacts may be incredibly connected to the past, sometimes in positive ways, and other times relying too heavily on a sense of physical security. The fiery Sun is a separate planet, it can go along its own path it has a purpose to fulfill, but the watery feelings of the Moon will always be illuminated and the task is to get both sides to genuinely harmonize with each other.
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Saturn: Fearing the Devil: 666

saturn devil astrology
Saturn in astrology was traditionally the outermost planet in ancient times and was said to rule Capricorn by night and Aquarius by day. In those times they classified the planets into assigning them to certain qualities. With Saturn it was given to being masculine, cold and dry, melancholic and malefic. Regardless of what traditional astrologers think, modern astrologers do take the weight of Saturn extrmely seriously on the astrological chart.

Saturn relates to Chronus, in Roman mythology, the father of the gods, who overthrew his own father Uranus and later, fearing their uprising, swallowed his own children. Saturn most powerfully relates to fear, repression and control. The more negative manifestations include rigidity, restriction, narrow mindedness, depression and excessive limitations. With the depressive element of Saturn is not difficult to work out exactly where it stems from and that it is mostly from frustration, high expectations, and failure. Some people protect themselves from feeling bad using a rigid defense mechanism of Saturn. Quite often, many opportunities pass by Saturn people because they are too scared to take the risk, and there is always that sense of dread inside. Saturn is too frightened to step out of the box of what is known and predictable (the devils chains), and anxiety holds the person back from fully living life.

Nobody goes through life without experiencing anxiety. The English word for ‘anxiety’ has its roots in European Angst (German). Anxiety originates from the ancient Greek words meaning ‘to press tight’ ‘to strangle ‘to be weighted down with grief, and load, burden and trouble. All of the feelings which relate to the planet Saturn in the birth chart. Anxiety is almost an old friend to Saturn. Also anxiety is one of the most common disorders in the world, and so we are alone with our fear.

One of the fearful images of Saturn is that is viewed as the dispenser of karmic retribution and even this can make us feel anxious. The Saturn cycle around the birth chart has involved learning through pain and it has often entailed isolation, separation and going it alone. If we are coping with a Saturnian crippling anxiety involving shyness and socializing, we are not doomed to go through life this way. One woman was afraid to go out in the world and she eventually started a career and forced herself to overcome and gradually lose the fear of situations. One of the major lessons that we have to take with you is that we can choose to pursue experiences that reshape the astrological aspects in our chart forming our personality, even if our basic character remains the same. It is not about being someone else. In truth, overly positive Saturn people could be placed in the box that looks a lot like old-fashioned denial.

 We don’t have to unnecessarily suffer, but I also understand that there is immense pain involved with Saturn that closes us off from growing in that area of life. Wherever Saturn is placed in the birth chart, is where we become dwarfed in that area. In reality, a midst all the fears, anxiety and loathing of the planet Saturn it is actually quite stunning physically and has rings that sparkle with the reflecting surface of ice and snow and its components consist of dust grains to massive boulders that are thought to be ice covered, if not wholly made up of frozen water. It casts a beautiful sight when viewed closer with ice crystals, snowflakes and snowballs spinning and surrounding the planet.

“Saturn deals with time and the rings that surround this planet suggest that time is circular or cyclic, that patterns are always repeating themselves. They remind us that we can’t just consider one point in time when making a major decision, but must consider everything relevant that went before it and everything that will come after. This connection between Saturn’s rings and time is confirmed by the difficulty any astrologer has in talking about Saturn without referring to its cycles and what they mean in our lives. By Donna Cunningham An Astrological Guide to Self Awareness (15th Anniversary) .

Saturn is said to be the symbol of the cross of matter placed over the crescent of the soul. This could be inferred to mean that we are imprisoned here on Earth by our physical bodies that enclose the spirit. Saturn is related to the devil and 666. The number 6 plays an important role in Islamic tradition. Islamic mystics regard the world as a cubic cage, a six sided prison. Humans struggle in vain to escape. Many people have often said that it can be hell living on this planet. We are also familiar with the wordplay play of Satan and Saturn. However, it should never be taken in the evil sense:

“To the ancient astrologers (and philosophers) Saturn was the last planet…the farthest planet from the sun. The sun was associated with light, heat and good. Saturn was the planet least exposed to light. It was associated with cold and black. It was the planet of adversity, limitations, of trials. He was not evil. . So Saturn was associated with the limitations that come with the incarnation of the soul in the material world (the aging, the pain, the basic needs, food, warmth, etc) 
To the ancient Greeks Pan represented the inferior nature of man, with his animal part. As a representation of the inferior nature of man, he was associated with Saturn. And then later, long after the people tortured and killed one of the nicest guys ever (Jesus), they started inventing ways of making people feel guilty and scared. That is when Saturn became Satan, and the idea of "adversity" was probably out of grasp for their very primitive minds, so they replaced "adversity" with "evil" which was probably a better argument to burn witches, alchemists and astrologers. And the inferior, animal part of man (Pan) became the Devil. The repression of the sexual instincts was one of the surest ways to make people feel weak. 
 That is why satan looks a lot like a Capricorn-man : goat feet, a tail, goat horns, a goatee, and a triangle shaped-face. Satan was originally not the "temptator" but the "tester", because that is what Saturn does: Saturn TESTS YOU: when you have a Saturn transit you are tested in that area. That's just one of the many mistakes of the old Christian church. Or maybe it was their strategy: mixing everything up until it doesn't mean anything so that they can enslave a disoriented humanity.

Fortunately, the Age of Aquarius is bringing a new light. And of course, but you already know that, the word Saturday comes from there too. NEXT : Lucifer, he who brings light to humanity. Excellent Research by Asmodee"

 Saturn relates to the devil card in the Tarot.

 Why does this grim figure of oppression appear so late in the Tarot?...The devil bears the number 15, which reduces to 6…The Devil introduces the last line…Does this road to enlightenment take us through the dark world of the Devil? Remember that Dante goes through hell before he can reach Purgatory and Paradise; and that William Blake, the occultist and poet, described the Devil as the true hero of Milton’s poem Paradise Lost….The main illusion is materialism, a term which we usually think of as an over concern with money, but which more properly means the view that nothing exists beyond the world of the senses….Denying any spiritual component to life the materialist pursues only personal desires… Since such narrowness often leads to unhappiness the Devil has come to symbolize misery. When e look at the two figures , however, we do not observe any discomfort in their faces or posture. Notice also that the chains do not really hold them; the large loops can easily come off. The Devils ‘power rests on the illusion that nothing else exists. In a great many situations from political oppression to the personal misery of a bad family life, people only become consciously unhappy when they realize that life holds no other alternatives… Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot
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The Astrology of Cats and One Dog

astrology cats
The Aries cat loves to pounce on anything new and untried. Though, Aries may have to spring on Isabel Hickeys’ interpretation when she says that Aries is in the process of building a personality. Of course you have a wonderfully vibrant personality, you don’t come without one, and you are the go-getting kind as well as being a divine spark of creation. Perhaps she meant that you are learning to stand out from the crowd. Aries is the sign of conquest and winning. How great is it to be born under a sign that likes to always achieve its best and to win - possessing a real fighting spirit. Aries can use the acronym “IWWIWWWIWI” which stands for “I want what I want When and Where I want it.”Aries thinks fast, moves fast, and is often so fresh out of the box that they just want things immediately.
Taurus you are such an earth goddess of a cat and one of great fertility. In many senses you are the earth of the Earth the most grounded, the most dependable and the most security orientated of all the other cats. True, earth can make us feel enslaved to the instrument of living. It can leave little expression for our soul. Even though it is taught that labour can be most creative. Take for the fact that some of the great painters are born under Taurus and blessed with patience, devoting many long hours to painting, and labouring until true beauty is formed. The same could be said for gardeners and real quality is shown through time and effort to make something of real value. Taurus is the creative force of nature and truly organic life, simple, and self-sustaining. What Taurus also has is innate strength, and to be that powerful must be amazing, and also possesses this great arousal of feeling for colour, beauty and form.

The Gemini cat loves information in all forms so don’t be rising early and stealing her book before she has had a chance to read it. Gemini must be first to communicate, first to know, and the first to talk about something. This is a cat that needs to circulate the news, sailing through thoughts at breakneck speed and gliding on interesting intellectual stimuli. The importance of being able to talk even if just a few meows, tells the world who we are, and so it is as important as breathing. Gemini feels this strong urge to express the self through language, and more importantly has had the great task of revealing the mind to man. All the mythical stories about Gemini, talk about its delightful wit, craftiness, and amazing skill. It kind of brings home to the other cats that the mind is a sharp and powerful tool. The Gemini being mutable can range through all character types and has been called the scholar or the gossip sometimes called a thief and at other times called a cat of the greatest ingenuity

The Cancer cat loves the comfort of home and will snuggle up close. The Cancerian is ruled by the Moon along with the unconscious and often has ideas, images, and inspiration that can enter the mind like a letter slipped under the door by an unknown sender. Being ruled over by the Moon you relate to the Lunar Cycle and along with changing moods feel the cycle of life deeply embedded in the personality. The number 28 that coincides with the lunar cycle was considered in ancient times to be one of the perfect numbers. It was thought to prove the close relationship with the cosmos and the world of God carrying a significant mystical meaning. With Cancer there is a close relationship with home, family and past, but there is always this strong spiritual feeling within that relates directly to the soul, and you understand there is a greater mystery behind your physical roots. Cancer is lucky, they have the gorgeous silvery Moon as a ruler and their planet is mostly always in sight, glowing luminously at night and then blending in with the clouds in the daytime. “Night-time my time” is her phrase.

Leo the lion takes us back to childhood fun, and as the brightest burning light in the solar system is kind of the director of the whole thing, and Leo always reminds everybody to be the star of their own life. Majestic, proud, and possessing an air of dignity, but also at times seeming self-important the Leo gets bundled with interpretations ranging from being spoilt to being truly loved at heart. It is probably harder for Leo to shake off the royal image and the stereotypes that come along with it. How could you take a step down from being classified as the King or President and with so much glory? The psychology of Leo usually does involve a need to be recognized, to play an essential role in life and to be appreciated. All cats love to be stroked, and the smaller cats seem to find their domain in Virgo. The largeness of the big cats is more the Leo style, and the bigger heart. The heart is the centre of the being; they are the giver of light. Leo does also have a taste for drama and we do like being entertained.

The Virgo cat is always in study, and we often imagine the sign bent over a textbook, under a desk lamp, studying and trying to master a particular area of expertise. Virgo understands that not everyone wakes up flawless, like Beyoncé (another Virgo feline). Usually there is some deep work to be done. You are a problem solver, preferring to work on a solution (often in isolation) and one that is workable. The humble worker of the zodiac tribe, but often Virgo underestimates themselves when they describe the cat-like nature as just plain, ordinary beings in the world. The humbleness of their being gives them intuitiveness about nature, and the ability to bring things down to Earth. In astrology, Virgo is called the negative side of Mercury, but this is only because of its introverted thinking, deep analysis, and all its energy is focused in a concentrated manner separating the true metal from the trash and maybe they are flawless in this respect.

Libra has style, grace, often good fashion sense due to possessing taste and finding items that complement one another. Also, the Librian represents the aesthetically inclined and deeply idealistic, with a strong sense of fairness and justice, but scratch all that as I know you have probably heard all this before. So let’s move on to some of your ruling planet's Venus facts, and we find that the mythical Aphrodite (Venusian) the goddess of love is the most painted of all time and many poets love to muse about our Venus at night in poetical longing. Your planet is the brightest star in the sky, and many childhood wishes are also made on Venus which outshines every other light. The Moon appears brighter due to the fact she is closer, and many astronomers call Venus the larger and fairest of them all. Also, through her dazzling glow in the starry sky, she has a likeness to oncoming planes and has set-off calls to the police of a UFO in the sky. However, behind all those facts she has been the most celebrated for her beauty and has been called the love goddess ascending to the heavens.

Wow, with Scorpio you look, and you just can’t look away. Scorpio longs for powerful experiences and there is an emotional resonance we all feel with the Scorpion and their ability to turn tragedy into triumph, something within explodes and detonates into action - the soul penetrating kind. Also the fondness for transformation stories never ceases to entice us like a rags to riches tale, Cinderella or The Ugly Duckling. All such stories begin at an incredibly low point, sometimes to the point of suicidal depression, and we learn how the person - against all odds, wins. Being born under Scorpio, you have the ability to breathe new life into death-like situations and give new, renewed energy and of course a fantastic plot twist. Pluto, your ruling planet, has been called planet X the smallest and farthest away of the planets the one astronomers stripped of its planetary status, and we are all awaiting a big comeback of the underdog planet that is far more powerful than suspected. People are still rooting for Pluto across the world. On its surface, frost coexist with dark areas and we may well never know the real nature of the X planet or the Scorpion, but we all love a good mystery nonetheless.
I didn't stumble across a good Sagittarius cat, but found this Saggy hound instead. Many people feel dogs belong to Sagittarius, due to their excitable, outdoor and loving nature. Sagittarius is always on some kind of journey exploring the world at large, staring off into distant horizons and travelling solely by backpack. Also, Sagittarius is mostly related to religion, so I feel compelled right now to add something astrologically religious. Apparently the star Jesus was under wasn’t a star at all, but an astronomical/astrological wonder that occurred in 5 B.C. The combined light of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn which all nearly lined up. Jupiter is the king of the gods, and its size more than doubles the mass of the others and compared to Earth is almost three times its size. It also represents all those wonderful weather things on Earth that the ancients would attribute to acts of God like a strike of lightning from the sky. The planet Jupiter can be seen to have cyclones, and storms that continue for centuries with thunderbolts along with a sheet of aurora that lights a picture of atmospheric phenomena.

The Capricorn cat is serious, and doesn’t always receive the most likability because it rules all “boundary situations”, but those things in life that limit us also define us. Often you over identify with an external identity, sometimes minding too much about others opinions. The Capricornian represents the deepest reality and life can feel like a hard, lonely climb up the rock face. Usually driven by fear of failing than any kind of wonder to climb up there. Sometimes it is usually done by sheer ambition and often by necessity. Capricorn reminds us of the father figure or the serious older sibling, usually you have a rock solid foundation of experience and give advice based on that or lecture. The hardest part I have felt on the journey - being a kind of cappy anointed sister of similar substance by having Saturn rising opposite the Sun and Venus in Capricorn trine the M.C - is that there is a point which is reached where everything feels as if it has failed, you labour, do everything right, usually paying your dues and then there is still this gnawing sense inside that it wasn’t enough. Throughout life you will often question whether your efforts will ever be good enough, wondering why others are receiving all the benefits. It’s a hard knock life being a Capricorn who is the cleric-academic, correct type and the morbidly respectable. In truth Capricorn is always late to the party.

Aquarius is the cat man, although, yes, he looks like Batman which is more associated with Scorpio the dark avenging hero righting wrongs violently with his own sense of justice and operating only at night-time. For Aquarius it is strictly related to mankind - its favourite concern. The Aquarian rules perfect order, and is also related to brilliant endeavors usually found in the spheres of science, psychology and sociology and anywhere we find the progressive element of life. I believe Aquarians also like prediction, especially the ability to predict trends which give them the skill to forecast the future by using the past as a benchmark. On that note, apparently, it has been predicted that there will be a population boom in 2026 so there will be more of us Homosapians to be concerned about. If I remember rightly, it was a mathematical prediction and it added up to infinity in that year, but don’t chase me for details on it. The real prediction scales were set out in tables showing how the population has been increasing overall and that there may be some truth in the population boom idea. However, other criteria such as birth control, human intervention and social choices may overrule the predicted outcome. I bet graphs are also a favourite too; they kind of resemble the Aquarius symbol (literal thinking). Aquarius also has this unbridled need to investigate the unknown more in the way it lifts up the curtain that hangs over the universe revealing the cosmic truth. Aquarius is often found asking all the big cosmological questions and wanting to know the possibility of time travel (my fave picture here of the possibility of time travel with modern sunglasses and a stamped t-shirt whether it’s true or false I don’t care it makes me smile by its pure possibility) and the workings of the mind.

The Pisces cat rules the feet and also reality shifting. The mind is like walking through a carnival of optical illusion, maybe like those big feet. The Otherworld tends to saturate the mind of the Piscean, lifting them into a higher reality and out of this one. The most reclusive and remote sign at times, probably due to your ability to leave the body without notice. You possess an ongoing connection to the transcendent and have the ability to make us feel a cocktail of emotions and sometimes feeling knocked around by a storm of feelings yourself. The planet Neptune is noted for its swirling storms. Pisces is also likened to being in a fog and it feels like that last moment of consciousness before you fall asleep and on the verge of seeing something, but then it slips away, disappears and you forget it. Pisces is mystifying in those ways and hard to get hold of at times, but it’s not hard to get lost in Neptune (ruling planet) just reading the colours of the planet leaves us awash in a beautiful haze of navy blue, azure, turquoise and aquamarine and is also hailed as a complex beauty in the planetary sky. Pisces kind of lives in a spiritual bubble believing we are all souls in human bodies, and rules intense moments of joy, happiness, beauty and awe along with the deepest kind of sadness that is all interwoven into her emotional landscape.
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Moon in 3rd House

moon in 3rd house
Those with the Moon in the 3rd house find that communications, immediate interactions, and thoughts are influenced by their emotions. The person has what is often called the ‘common touch’ and this just means that they relate to the general public, neighbors, and have the ability to keep in contact with people. There is an emotional reception to picking up others thoughts and the talent of providing intellectual nourishment for others and they can be reassuring along with a need to communicate that is often paramount.

In astrology the Moon relates family as well as to things passed, but also everything that is still profoundly felt. Those with this position of the Moon accumulate a lot of knowledge over a variety of subjects.  Some of these subjects may be about the past, and the person can be found studying history, archaeology and genealogy.

The Moon in the 3rd house needs lots of intellectual stimulation, and knowledge can be food for the soul and they often have a hunger for education, a curiosity for more data. Within this lunar position lives the perpetual student eternally aroused by the discovery of new information and it is what lights up the inner being and makes them feel a deep connection and a secret sense of who they are naturally, something they have always felt within from an early age.

When the Moon lands in the 3rd house of Hermes at birth, then they will need to learn about the environment, and there may be constantly changing interests, gathering thoughts and possessing opinions that are always waxing and waning. Those with a 3rd house Moon are often bright and articulate, bequeathed with gifts in the dominion of the mind. They often have a wide range of interests, and the Moon and the Mind can be both quite changeable. The Moon moves through phases reflecting changes of moods in whatever house it is placed,  the individual can always be changing their thoughts, and it can so often reflect a simply restless mind, constantly thinking, and linking things together - filled to the brim with plenty of mental activity.

The 3rd house of the chart is the house of movement, and there is a lot of processing happening and the perceptual clogs are always turning in the mind. It can also mean that they travel a lot about the local area moving about continually within their own city. The person may be up and down and on the go all the time. This movement sometimes reveals itself in frequent changes of residence. Other times it can represent security and safety as the Moon clings to what it needs in order to feel a sense of connectedness and familiarity and the more one knows about stuff in the environment the more rooted one feels.

The Moon in the 3rd house may feel more comfortable with the TV always switched on, or the radio playing, newspapers, books and magazines around the home. Since the 3rd house also rules siblings and childhood friends it can show some incredibly close bonds or definite strong feelings either way depending on how the Moon is aspected. From time to time early friendships a brother or sister can be a source of emotional sustainment or it can even symbolize frustrating and emotional problems.

The Moon is like an emotional sponge and whatever it soaks up in the environment it tends to retain, and often it can be linked a retentive memory and the mind overall tends to be more impressionable. The third house is called the seat of consciousness, but since the Moon rules the 4th house -familiarly known as the seat of the unconscious - this person has both worlds. The Moon’s influence over the mental domain brings together the conscious and the unconscious, and usually with the lunar power there can be a lot of talking about the past and aslo grasping ideas from a deeper source within.

The Moon in the 3rd house has a sympathetic understanding and when placed in the sphere of the mind, there always needs to be a wide array of environmental stimuli. Talking is often a kind a therapy for them with the ability to verbalize the feelings and bridging together the heart of the individual with the thinking head. A strong desire is present to interact with others, and most learning can at times be achieved on the gut level of understanding rather than relying on pure facts.

The Moon here can also make the mind an imaginative place and there are usually well developed, artistic, and intuitive leanings that combine into a wonderful talent for writing, communication,  along with literacy abilities. The capability that is genuinely inherent appears in their authenticity to actually feel with words which is a lovely talent resulting in the empathetic communicator, storyteller, and poet. Another aptitude also shows itself in their ability to imitate others or generally find a way to communicate personally taking a wholly personal approach to each conversation catering to the other’s needs.

Often as the Moon relates to feelings and the 3rd house to writing, they make great journalists, media reporters, and teachers. They have a sensitive way of teaching and feel at home in the classroom. The placement may also be shown in the public speaker, and the kind of person that can sway the opinions of the audience leaving behind an emotional resonance purely by the words they have spoken.

Since the 3rd house rule's over transport, the natives can also be found in this realm of life or as shopkeepers or counsellors. They generally love attaining information and connecting it all together and then communicating all that has been learned. It is very natural for this person to do this as it’s something that is innate within the personality. The person often feels an intense need to always talk about their emotions, or write them down. A 3rd house Moon can be the marker of the journal writer illustrating the propensity to write their feelings down in a diary to make that connection between thoughts and feelings, rather similar to a public commentator, but it is done in a more private way, and they record the personal life.

Sometimes there can be confusion over what one feels and thinks and whether the thinking is more subjective because feelings will always cloud intellectual judgement, and often the individual is left feeling strongly over things that have been said, and viewing words as having powerful emotional overtones with the truest ability to move people. When they speak it can also add an emotionally vivid coloration depending on the element, sign and aspects.

The Moon rules the deepest needs of a person and what makes us feel most comfortable, and at home. The Moon is also often called the private face, the one that isn’t shown in public. It also reveals what is innate within and what some of our natural talents are as well as habits and lifestyle we are most drawn towards. The area of communicating is a very familiar one, and the perception of life is often highly influenced by what they were feeling at that time.

If the Moon is particularly heavy emotionally, then decision making may be difficult due to always worrying about the feelings. Often when we partner with someone it is a good idea to see the Moon of the individual as it’s the part we will see when we live with them. Those with moon in the 3rd house of communication are basically most comfortable with writing and learning, possessing an intense draw to all aspects of relating to the world through ideas, thinking and talking.
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Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: Watercolours

cancer astrology
Cancer takes us into the hidden self, running below the personality, operating through the emotional instincts with enormous sensitivity and an extremely intuitive nature. 

Cancer is represented by the crab, and these are creatures that live in all the world's oceans, in fresh water, and on land, they are generally covered with a thick shell, protecting a soft center and possess a single pair of claws.

As a creature of the sea, gravitating towards where the tides are always shifting, they also pass through the ever changing emotional cycles of moods.

The inner life of the Cancerian is very important, and it is where they nurture ideas, stories and images that can truly captivate the public once released. One of the greatest tasks in life may involve revealing all of those hidden psychic, creative and poetic gifts in the soul. These gifts need not only to be used in writing, photography, or the visual arts and can be used in business.

Sometimes Cancer has a hard time leaving the past behind and moving forward, with so many fears and insecurities that often need to be overcome, along with a deep fear of being hurt or disappointed. The claws of Cancer reveal that there is incredible strength and tenacity, along with all of their depth and richness. Another thing about Cancer is they can grab hold of a mystery, just like the other waters signs, and find immense love for delving into the deep mysteriousness of the world. The cancer is a mystical female that operates on the unconscious level and can also can get highly attached to family, but before we attach too much mothering elements to the interpretation tying them to the kitchen sink, we must also realize that Cancer is filled to the brim with soul.

Lately, there are so many conflicting myths as to which sign began the zodiac that it tends to make one's head spin, but Cancer is another thought to be the true beginning of the zodiacal cycle. Much in the sense that the spirit enters through the fourth house associated with the end of life, and so it is also where the spirit takes its final bow. Cancer is the seed of life, the beginnings of water, thus making the type profoundly emotional with roots that go deep. At some point they may need to come to an understanding that the past tends to hold them in its grip, and they are the beginning of the chain in the family lineage and emotions will always ebb and flow in Cancer picking up the undercurrents , and this makes them incredibly perceptive, with excellent memory, and with great sympathy.

Scorpio is the sign that will bottle things up and buries them deep down into the part of the self they are trying to ignore or forget. It brings to mind pictures of unspeakable tragedy and the feeling that there is something horribly wrong with the world, with life and people too. Scorpio has learned from an early age not to trust what they see and not to take anything at face value.

However, what Scorpio also needs to learn is that there is a lighter side to the universe, something more uplifting, but it is easy to get bitter when they have so often been denied this reality. When they have learned to deal with their perceptions and face the darker aspects of life the sign often wonders why other people do not perceive the reality of the world in the way they do, and since it is so often in plain sight. Scorpio is born with powerful insights and has always clearly understood that fearing something and denying its existence does not make it go away and that one must acknowledge the uncomfortable aspects of life and to also understand the unseen forces within themselves.

Scorpio possesses amazing psychoanalytic ability, with razor sharp senses and does well in all healing capacities. When their power is constructively directed they can be a tremendous force in the world and they certainly don’t do things by halves and when they affect a person it can lead to massive changes in that individual’s life. With the Scorpion there has always been a stronger focus of restorative powers and regenerative powers, and they have a grasp of human nature that is unrivalled.  We could say, Scorpio is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but also with a blend of plot and conspiracy. Continually, they chase every mystery that interests them with the heart of a detective and using a mind that possesses the precision of a surgical knife with such a focused intensity that is unparalleled.

All love must pass through the fires of Scorpio, the 8th house and Pluto and through the extremes, grasping the other person’s reality, no matter how uncomfortable. However, the depths of Scorpio also have hidden wealth and resources that can generate transformation. Physical money has the power to transform and spiritual strength has the profound ability to make lasting changes from within, breathing life back into the soul. Once they learn to control the flame of the Scorpion energy they can transform and use that power for passion, healing, and take anything into a brand new phase of being. The Scorpion has something of the sexual and mystical aura about them and they bring love to a truly transformative level.

Pisces is closely in touch with the spiritual world, and will always feel a sense of homelessness, understanding they can never feel at home in reality. A powerful lesson for Pisces is in learning that the highest aspiration is to not to get away from life, otherwise why have all the bother of being born at all. Pisces needs to fully include both worlds into its reality. The mystic life is at the soul of Pisces some call it a mystery, something from the unseen, and invisible.

The sign of Pisces is thought to live in a mental mist, a sea of vagueness, a life of unpracticality. Pisces has the ability to unfasten the seams on the back of reality, unpinning the thread that holds heaven and earth and walking through the mists sensing that there are multitudes within one life. We touch this other realm when we fall asleep, and fall deep into the unconscious realm of the mind.

The hidden side, the secret self, the mysteriousness of Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house are really speaking about the inner life of the soul. We are so dissatisfied because nothing can compete with heaven or the divine. People make fun of Pisces dreams, confusion in the world, and general difficulty with the practical elements of life. In astrology, we know that people have different realities and we take our own reality for granted, does a fish notice the water? They don’t tend to sit and analyse these things and the imagination and the otherworld are as real to them as the forest is to the Earth. Pisces is in touch with the mysterious and numinous, and often the concentration can pay the price, but only when studying something that is not inspiring, and their mind wanders. The Piscean mind is wonderfully fertile and receptive, it’s just that everything is processed more internally and they often know more than they let on. Pisces is incredibly romantic, a little shy, with an otherworldly quality of magic and fantasy.
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Einstein’s 'Miracle Year' 1905

Einstein's miracle year 1905
A few individuals are born with remarkable intellect and possess human knowledge as profoundly as Einstein. Heralded as a great genius of our time he revealed the secrets of the Universe and brought a breadth of understanding that changed our whole perception of the world.

Though, even for all of his lifetime achievements, there was one particular year that stood out as being the miracle year of Einstein when most of his greatest works were published. 

1905 was called Einstein’s ‘Miracle Year ‘with dazzling discoveries he was said to have revolutionized science producing 4 papers that changed what we know about the world. The scientist was at the age of 26 and the results of his efforts achieved during this time called nothing less than spectacular.

“One explained how to measure the size of molecules in a liquid, a second posited how to determine their movement, and a third described how light comes in packets called photons—the foundation of quantum physics and the idea that eventually won him the Nobel Prize. A fourth paper introduced special relativity, leading physicists to reconsider notions of space and time that had sufficed since the dawn of civilization. Then, a few months later, almost as an afterthought, Einstein pointed out in a fifth paper that matter and energy can be interchangeable at the atomic level specifically, that E=MC^2, the scientific basis of nuclear energy and the most famous mathematical equation in history.”


As astrologers we are keen to observe what kind of planetary activity was occurring in this particular year for such a remarkable time of accomplishment in the life of the Physicist.  What has been observed is that in 1905 Einstein completed a thesis gaining a PHD and writing, completing and submitting his papers when transiting Saturn formed a conjunction to Jupiter in Aquarius in the 9th house.

The transit of Saturn aspected his natal Jupiter opposite Uranus aspect along the axis of knowledge (3rd/9th). To add, transiting Jupiter was also in the 11th house trine natal Uranus in the 3rd house, massively reemphasizing the Jupiter/Uranus aspect in his horoscope.

The Jupiter-Uranus aspect is such a significant planetary combination for scientific knowledge and the movement of Saturn across this aspect indicated the time was ripe for it to be harvested. I shall explain why, in Einstein’s astrology chart Jupiter-Uranus plays such an essential, significant and important part in his intellectual life.

Jupiter being placed in its own house can expand the boundaries of philosophy, knowledge, and it also broadens awareness and can signify the consciousness expanding. Furthermore, it offers a perception of life that is macroscopic and involving plenty of activities with teachers, mentors and gurus and obviously becoming oneself a teacher of knowledge.

Jupiter is placed in the sign of Aquarius and is opposite Uranus, a double whammy, highlighting the great teacher and philosopher (Jupiter) of the cosmos, scientist, and physicist (Uranus). A Jupiter-Uranus aspect asks the big cosmological questions, and is on a journey of illumination, searching for answers that go beyond the rational, analytical and reasonable explanations.

Jupiter being the biggest planet in the solar system massively expands knowledge about science, space, and even astrology. A powerful intuition is usually an inherent factor in the personality,  and the Jupiter-Uranus mind is restless on its journey across space and time. Jupiter-Uranus can have flashes of insight and truth and is always in search of knowledge; they can be a spiritual person who is light years ahead of their time.

The Jupiter-Uranus contact also increases the scientific ability, broadening the perspective and the mind perceives possibilities everywhere. Jupiter in astrology can also mean being famous and with Uranus ruling higher mathematics it equates with Einstein coming up with the most famous equation of all time - E =MC2 .

Uranus in the 3rd house, was probably why he was a great mental channel and attracted him towards progressive, revolutionary ideas that can lead the mind to new insights; he was an inventive, original and intuitive thinker. The Uranian mind grasps concepts whole, and sometimes their ideas are light years ahead. Uranus in the 3rd house is the light bulb over the head moment.

Some Uranians view old subjects from a unique perspective, and are often interested in intellectual systems - science, astrology, mathematics or astronomy. This placement of Uranus will usually attracts them into associations of like-minded people, and the mind is also gifted at synthesis and good at making intuitive leaps.

Transits and Progressions:1905

Transiting Saturn moving over Jupiter and Uranus represents the practical aspect of life and turning those forward thinking ideas and intuitive understanding into reality. Saturn is also the planet of commitment and it can be a materializing aspect, something concrete always forms.

The Saturn-Uranus transit according to one astrologer states that science should not be pursued at this time as it will be severely hindered, opposed and ridiculed. On the one hand, the astrologer is right for Saturn blocks, delays and will often stall progress. With all new ideas come their opponents and it can be difficult bringing something to the table that has not been seen before.

On the other hand, Saturn does not only rule barriers to life, but it can also fully test and prove and reveal a depth of worldly wisdom. Of course, hindsight is a great gift for astrologers, but Saturn can really make a solid contribution to life and the desire to see theories proven. Of course with Saturn comes a great deal of fear in presenting these ideas to society and the great need for approval.

The progressed Asc in Leo trined Mercury in Aries 10th indicating mental achievement and the progressed Mc (career) in Aries had been hovering over natal Saturn in the 10th house which is also another profession indicator. Those with Saturn in the 10th house often feel that they must achieve something in the world.

Progressed Mercury also meets up in conjunction with transiting Jupiter and both trine Uranus in the 3rd house forming a Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus configuration. Again, indicating a focus on mental knowledge and often schooling, writing, and an expansive period regarding understanding and awareness .

Also. to further compound this emphasis on learning there was also a transit of Uranus square Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aries in the 10th house and is a time of of enlightenment, shocking statements being made, and with the ability to revolutionize people’s minds signifying the radical insights into nature.
“Einstein anticipated the impact of his paper, In May 1905, before the paper appeared in print, he informed his friend Conrad Habicht that a forthcoming paper on the properties of light was "very revolutionary."

The chart is incredibly active in 1905 with more transits not listed here for wanting to keep focus.

Life Achievement/Death Chart

At the time of his death, there was a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer (his Ascendant) in 1955. Especially lucky contacts like this have been observed by astrologers to occur at the time great people pass.

Occultists believe the death chart shows what we have achieved in life showing our accomplishments (astrology considerations magazine).

If this is true or merely speculative, nobody can be certain, but Jupiter-Uranus is such a significant aspect for 'scientific knowledge' and the 'great scientist' and Einstein dying under this contact does make one think there could be something to the theory.

In Einstein’s chart, at the time of his passing, he had the progressed Asc and Moon (the luminary ruling the Asc) conjunct the I.C, often the house termed as the end of life by ancient astrologers.

Transiting Pluto was also conjuncting Uranus and touching his Jupiter-Uranus opposition and squaring Pluto forming a t-square - Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto. Also, transiting Saturn in Scorpio as trine his Sun in Pisces.

Further Research Notes:

Transiting Uranus conjunct I.C a year after his birth and the father founded an electrical company and moved the family. Uranus crossing the 4th house cusp is often a signification for sudden house moves.

In 1900 the transiting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius was conjunct Einstein’s Moon in the 6th house and trine his Mercury in the 10th house when he was published by a prestigious academic and the first of his scientific works to be printed.

Einstein took a holiday to New York in 1921, for the first time when transiting Jupiter was conjunct the I.C and square his natal Moon (both I.C and Moon relate to home) and it certainly puts an emphasis on the need to expand one’s roots as Jupiter rules by expansion and travel and teaching. Saturn was also transiting through the 4th house opposite Sun in Pisces and a lot of it involved business and there was three weeks of lectures and receptions. Uranus was also opposite Uranus, and he was around 42 and experiencing the midlife crisis and the urge to uproot in life

 He also published an essay, "My First Impression of the U.S.A.," in July 1921, in which he tried briefly to describe some characteristics of Americans, much as Alexis de Tocqueville did, who published his own impressions in Democracy in America (1835). For some of his observations, Einstein was clearly surprised: "What strikes a visitor is the joyous, positive attitude to life . . . The American is friendly, self-confident, optimistic, and without envy." Obviously describing Sagittarius rising in America's chart.

In 1930 he took another trip back to America when transiting Jupiter had swung all the way around to oppose the Moon in Sagittarius and this time squaring the I.C the same above mostly applies. Naturally, he seemed to have a fine time with many requests to speak and being cheered on arrival, perhaps superstar Jupiter in play here and being something of a celebrity, and Einstein was given keys to the city by the Mayor. Uranus in Aries 10th squared Moon in Sagittarius applying and ended up a resident there due to Nazi conflict at home Uranus to the Moon can upset roots.
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