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Miss World Winner: Linor Abargil

Miss World winner, Linor Abargil, won the competition in 1998, only 6 weeks after being raped at knifepoint by her travel agent.  The trailer of the documentary made is really well worth watching, for more insight into what happened, along with the emotional impact, trial and journey from hell to healing. Out of this whole ordeal much good has been accomplished and Linor is now a wonderful advocate for others, going through the same experience. The transits for this intense period of time in the beauty's' life, would have been intense, enormous and life transforming.

Even without an exact birth chart, we should be able to see something triggering all of these potent events. Indeed, the horoscope reveals transiting Pluto (Lord of the Underworld) was forming a square to Linor's natal Mars and this is an aspect notorious for sexual abuse, violence, and rape in astrology. Usually events around a Mars-Pluto transit can lead us into dangerous areas, especially involving men. We usually need to be hyper-alert and really careful about who to trust.

At the same time, this can be an emotionally exhausting, competitive, and powerful time, as much can be accomplished with such massive reserves of strength. Undoubtedly, Pluto transits make us up grow up quickly, and the world can be massively different afterwards, usually through a changed perspective.

Here is a snippet of the reading for Mars-Pluto natally, but it is still the exact same energy in transit:

There is a difficult side to these contacts that are frequently linked to the charts of sexual abuse, rape, suicide and murder victims. I have also witnessed sweet and lovely people with this contact that don't appear to have a competitive bone in their entire body, but then be taken over by such a twisted fate. Something that is completely out of their hands confronts the person, and forces them to find hidden strength, to fight tooth and nail for survival, until they really are a force to be reckoned with. It is hard to know why this happens. Many astrologers are saying that sexual abuse, life-threatening illness, or violence occurs because there is a 'repressed' rage, but this kind of explanation is not the most helpful one.
I don't think any astrologer, no matter how brilliant could offer a real reason or justification, but there does seem to be some kind of destiny at work that ensures the individual uses their Mars. The person does discover a powerful drive for expression that they didn't even know existed... External circumstances may change the individual's destiny completely, and life takes on a whole new meaning. The internal fight could come through the body with a plutonian aspect and they battle against cancer, abuse, or a horrific injury. A sense of being powerless to something larger and pitted against an enemy, they don't stand a chance with. A Mars-Pluto aspect is a conduit for the powerful energy of transformation. Pluto is connected with a life and death struggle.

At the same time, there was also a Pluto trine Venus aspect, which relates to beauty, being the vehicle for transformation. The power of the individual's attractiveness is usually heightened and this may have given an edge for winning the competition. Another interpretation can be hidden desires and a powerful focus on aesthetics, along with a deep, meaningful, and transforming change of values.

Natally, Linor is a Sun in Aquarius square Uranus individual and possesses progressiveness, idealism, and can be a law unto herself. This lady would hate to be pigeon holed and would like to think of herself as something of a rebel/reformer. The TRUTH is everything to Linor, and she will have a fierce love of independence, will be open to new ideas and this sign/aspect can drive people into politics, social affairs and activism. Linor genuinely cares about the greatest good for all, and can also run into authority figures and clash with the law. 

The Sun in Aquarius is also trine Pluto, and this means Linor is the kind of human being that needs to make social change in the world. She is proud and can be passionate and dispassionate, and will have a magnetic personality with a compelling blend of broad social issues with a passionate need to be involved, a student of human nature and an intensive personality facilitating transformation with intense principles. As it turns out, she has become a role model for other woman to step forward and break their silence. Linor was beautiful as the winner of Miss world 1998, but is even more stunning in her new role as a global champion for rape victims.

(Linor also possesses Mars conjunct Jupiter a contact famous for fighting for justice.)

NETANYA, Israel — When 18-year-old Israeli beauty queen Linor Abargil was crowned Miss World in 1998, the tears streaming down her cheeks appeared to be the overwhelming joy of a young woman fulfilling a childhood dream. Few knew the painful truth behind them — that just six weeks earlier she had been raped at knifepoint.
Unlike most victims of sexual assault, Abargil refused to keep quiet. She pressed charges, spoke out publicly and testified at a trial that sent her attacker to prison for 16 years. Her ordeal inspired other Israeli women to break their own silence and in the process, she became a national symbol who helped destigmatize rape in the country.
Today, the 34-year-old mother of three’s crusade against sexual violence is going global, thanks to an international speaking tour and new documentary, “Brave Miss World,” in which she details her ordeal and speaks to dozens of other victims, many of whom shared their tales of terror for the first time.

Astrology Zone: Libra

libra astrology zone
Libra in astrology, represents ideal relationships, and embodies the setting sun, when the solar fire is about to sink below the horizon. In psychology astrology, this is thought to epitomize the debilitation of the sun and is representational of the difficulty in self-expression and individuality for the native. The seventh sign defines the self in the reflection of others, and this can often lead to a poor sense of self, feeling incomplete or even alone.

Libra is the image of our being projected into the world of the not-self; it is the sign of the awareness of the other. The sign begins when the daylight and night are equal, symbolic of light falling and the contrast between light and dark, all eloquently revealing her most powerful trait of restoring balance, but she is also constantly wrestling with decisions.

The constellation of Libra depicts a woman holding scales, and uses these to weigh her verdict, and always without prejudice being exceptionally fair in analysis. Within her nature is an intense desire for things to be in the right proportion, and she can often be disturbed by lop-sidedness. The symbology of the Libra glyph with parallel roads and the obvious obstacle in the middle, which usually ties up Libra in constant unbalance. Libra is a sign corresponding to the autumnal equinox and her characteristics mirror the season of the fall; she complements the Zodiac sign of Aries with its buddings in spring, compared to the falling of leaves and there is a greater sense of calmness, mellowness, and sense beauty in the air.

Libra signifies social awareness, participation, union and marriage and she is deeply drawn to all things which bring pleasure to the mind. The pictograph for the Librian sign represents the Scales in perfect equilibrium and she is all about beauty, harmony and balance as the perfect vision. As an intellectual type, she is also the most civilized and good looking, possessing style, along with a love for all things harmonious; sometimes being overly concerned with outer images. Quite often, she can be caught hypnotically under the spell of one open projection after another, for she seems to embody the perfect partner. Being in love with love from a romantic and airy side, she has always possessed a fondness for relating, but almost everyone can feel like they could be her other-half.

Being such a lovely and pleasant soul, we often find that Libra hates rudeness, cruelty, and bad behaviour, and is usually found sugar-coating things, not wishing to offend. Often times she is caring, sharing but will have difficulty making up her mind. With Venus ruling over her zodiac sign, she is usually blessed with friends and will always try to avoid an argument – chronically. People who enjoy arguing or can’t seem to avoid them (Aries, opposite sign, ruled by Mars), can sometimes enjoy the excitement of winning. On the other hand, Libra, being more restrained and always needing to be nice, avoids the need to express a negative attitude in order to avoid trouble, but such motives are usually viewed as debilitating in the long-run.

Many sun sign descriptions of Libra, class them as being exceedingly charming, and she really does possess a lovely manner. A lot of interpretations refer to there being a strong male and female side, or at least a strong identification with the opposite sex, with the ability to see things from the other side. The sign seems to necessitate the need for a union of opposites, introducing the principle of relating, and addressing the balance factor more than any other sign. Mostly, Libra has been described as the “see-saw” and she can be stuck in a mental paralysis; on the whole, though, she is intelligent activity, waiting for the right decision.

The Astrology Houses: A Cyclic Journey

astrology houses
Each of the twelve houses represents a different area of life, and describes the unfolding of the human psyche and perhaps even some universal design or evolutionary purpose human beings will go through in the course of our development. When we look at the horoscope houses we begin to see that birth is not the beginning nor is death the end; it is one continual cycle.
The 1st house implies our physical body and beginning all the way through in a cyclic journey back to the source in the twelfth house.

Below is a brief description of these twelve houses representing the various phases of life, pertaining to the same key cycle.

The First house rules the outer being an individual presents and is also known as the persona. Jung is best known for his work with the persona and shadow archetypes. The word "persona" originally meant the mask that the actor put on to assume a part in a play. The persona is our conscious outer face, our social mask that we put on to conceal the private self which lieswithin. Jung believed that those who over-identified with this mask may seriously neglect the inner-self, leading to an assortment of psychological problems. The Ascendant/1st house is our relationship to the environment and mostly refers to a kind of bridge leading to outer reality. In this astrological area it is symbolic of first meetings, new beginnings, and the way in which we 'come across to others'.  Physical appearance and mannerisms and the way one relates to the public is also shown, especially the face one presents to strangers, acquaintances, and people whom we meet for the first time.

We all know what polite society looks like - no one needs to explain it to us; we get it. But beneath our very together psychic persona, most of us are raging messes...The raging mess inside, the one one we struggle to keep under wraps as we valiantly try to make sense of our world. By Lisa Cron

Symbolically the first house symbolizes the newborn and relates to dawn, sunrise, spring and Easter - the sign to arise after death in the previous sign of Pisces. It is believed by astrologers that whatever is born reflects the qualities of the moment in time at which it was born.

The Second House is an area containing personal objects, possessions, and everything we secure and obtain. It represents all of those things which we use to support oneself. In the physical world this means food, shelter, money and the acquisition of material items. Furthermore, it also represents one's personal values with planets here showing a deep need for security, or even something impacting how secure the individual feels in his or her world. On this level it can also reflect one's self -worth and how much the individual assesses his worth. One can feel  attached to material, luxury items, and feel a powerful urge to 'possess'. We also meet in this domain what we hope to gain by utilizing our talents, abilities and resources to the full. On a deeper level, this is not only a house of material worth, for it signifies values, and when change our sense of value - everything changes significantly, even our inner sense of worth and a solid sense of who we are.

The Third House is influenced by Mercury which has an influence on teachers, communicators, journalists, booksellers, secretaries and clerks. The need to collect information from the environment is an important part of life. Symbolic of the early process of learning it rules over schools, books, and libraries - the urge in this sphere is to acquire knowledge, and presents the conscious mind. It corresponds to the life stage where we begin to crawl, walk, and learn our independence. Moreover, it can represent day-to day comings and goings, and the way we think, talk and our conversational abilities. Public transport, our neighborhood, siblings, and news reports are governed by this sector of the horoscope. The third house is the sphere of the intellectual, and planets found in this domain show what kind of mind a man possesses and what provides stimulation.

The Fourth House is ruled by the Moon and reflects our past. AnDamsio says "our memories are prejudiced in the full sense of the term by our past history and beliefs." Memories are easily triggered, unconsciously, for example, Proust had written a thousand plus pages of Remembrance of Things Past on his transportation back into childhood through the taste of a lemon-flavored Madeleine. All the water houses are in possession of the complex threads of memory, where history is written, linking with the world of Jungian unconsciousness. In psychology astrology, the fourth house is usually representative of the father and early childhood, family and anything containing our deepest personal feelings. We derive a sense of personal safety and nurturing from the past, and planets found here will describe if we felt a sense of belonging and felt cared for and sheltered. Also thought to be the foundation which everything is built, it is a given that childhood issues play a powerful role over adult life. We must build a strong inner base, especially within our private life and domestic affairs.

The Fifth House is ruled by the Sun. Jung believed our vocatus is to bring consciousness. In Jung's view, humanity is a partner in the continuing incarnation of the mystery of life and the universe.

"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being." 

He also writes that our partnership with the divine brings with it a spiritual task, and this I believe is described by the Sun in the horoscope.  Man must confront his opposites, synthesis in the self, the wholeness of the personality. The goal of this fits the individual meaningfully inside the scheme of creation. According to standard astrology textbooks we find within this domain a powerful need to express our individuality and recreate our sense of specialness. The urge to express our uniqueness, reveals itself through creativity, art, music and entertainment. Also children and love-affairs, pastimes, fun, pleasure are all other elements of this house. We enjoy hobbies and engage with our whole heart, being and doing something simply for the love of it. Since this sphere of life is connected with the Sun it holds clues to our sense of self-development and reflects our urge to radiate out into life.

The Sixth House is related to Virgo our mental notepad and is where we gain facts about the environment. We learn to master daily living, and it rules over work, service, health, diet, and medicine. In a sense, we must do tests to find our true vocation and understand what skills need to be developed, enabling the self to come to full fruition. With planets in this house it can describe what kinds of experiences we can attract at work, along with our mode of working, attitude towards service, and daily drudgery. The state of one's health and possible afflictions can be assessed in this sphere of life. Most of all, it refers to an inner sense of ordering the wold, purification and and self-development at its highest level. At its greatest spiritual level there is a relation to the link between psyche and soma. Jung was a powerful believer in the relationship between psyche and matter and we must link the self with the environment; state of mind with the body; the inner and outer and ultimately seek a sense of wholeness, rather than a mind-body split.

The seventh House is the area of partnerships, public and others in general, In Jungian astrology it is the house of projection and where we relate, share, compromise; it shows the self in relation to others. It symbolizes the aspects of ourselves that we may look for in others or expect them to provide. It is also believed that the more we develop the aspects of our ascendant the more we meet the attributes of the descendant. A powerful domain for marriage as it can describe our relationships with others. In the first house the sun rises and is centered around self-discovery. On the descendant is where is sets, and we discover even more aspects of the self - through others. It is also here where we join forces in partnership, business associates, and alliances.

The Eighth House is constant shadowing, casting its own shadow and being overshadowed. The house where things are whispered in secret!  It can be a place where childhood is abandoned and the lock is forced, we can feel violated. It can be filled with some of the most hard pressing issues in our life, and feels like a long ancient curse leading to marital discord, psychological disorders, spousal abuse, and violent climaxes. We have an engagement with the mysterious stuff in this realm, and we must free the soul and be transformed. The 8th house is ruled over by Mars and Pluto and only the intimacy of death can bring forth springtime, with the thrust for life, the lifeblood. It is within this domain where we learn to respect death and love life. Both of these vibrant poles live within this sphere. Death can be our friend when we most passionately, vehemently assent to being here. Hades is then the most welcome god with his ability to cut the threads tying us down.

When things heat up in this sphere it's like watching a house burning to the ground, we have nothing left but ashes. We learn that we can be desirous of many things and it doesn't always guarantee satisfaction. We must open our eyes to what really matters; the ultimate reward - the true wealth.  Our material or mystic inheritance is ruled over by the eighth house. It also rules all things operating below the surface of consciousness, it is ego death, crisis and transformation. It can mean physical or psychological death, and it invokes great changes, often irreversible. Usually this is where some part of the individual dies and new life shoots through. It is a place of sexual intimacy, jealousy, love and betrayal. And it represents joint bank accounts, mergers, and the urge to merge deeply with others. We die as a separate "I" and are reborn as "we".

The Ninth House is a temple of learning. Many scholars can be found with planets placed in this sphere of life. Ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter any individual with an emphasis on this part of the horoscope, possesses a hunger for meaning and expansion of everyday consciousness, identification with the universal mind. God and places of worship, and the need to expand awareness, is the usual interpretation. We enter into higher learning, universities, philosophy, religion, spiritual matters, foreign travel, foreigners, and affairs abroad.

The Tenth House is built on bricks and mortar. Ruled by Saturn, such an archetypal energy will always maintain a serious, old, grand-daddy approach to life. In Saturn's realm the world can appear monochromatic. We are in the realm of authority, business, and personal achievement. Those with planets in this house often feel a strong need to accomplish something in society. There is powerful need for recognition and to 'make his mark on the the world'. It is where our goals are accomplished, and it rules great material goals and objectives. In most astrological works it also said to rules the mother, duty and obligations. It also signifies bosses, employers, official people, ones' public image, career, profession, status symbols and representation. The Midheaven reveals our energies at their highest point, and therefore signifies our aspirations. Planets here long for a social position in this area and strive for honor, recognition and acknowledgement.

The 11th House is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Uranus is electric, magnetic, and unpredictable; it rules inventors, aviators, astrologers, astronomers, scientists and the advances that have led us to interstellar space. Ruled by Aquarian energy, we can examine emerging patterns and developments in society, politics, technology, and make educational speculations as to where they might takes us. An egalitarian house cutting across geographic, class, gender and racial lines. The need for group identification is powerful and deeply linked to the collective. Broader matters pertaining to humanity at large center in this part of the nativity. It is in a sense the larger community, local clubs, societies, and group consciousness

The Twelve House enhances the introspective skills, it helps with remembering dream content and adds colour and meaning while revealing the unconscious. It can be something mystical pointing to the light of heaven and staggering the imagination. Usually it is the sphere of life where one withdraws from the world of the physical and into the spiritual. It is to return to the sanctuary of the soul, to find wisdom, that is, knowledge of the divine.  It can cause a great inarticulation and is mostly related to art, symbols and the human soul. Psychics believe this world is the state of unreality, and a puny lifespan of 100 years is a tiny drop in the great sea of eternity. This is the house that can take us beyond the five senses. The house which many psychological astrologers claim to be the home of ghosts, spirits and ancestors, making this an area prone to ancestral floods. The twelfth house also connects us to the mysterious currents, the deep motions of the collective. Since it is ruled by hazy Neptune, a lost soul can be led into cults or the seduction of shopping or booze or television. In interpretation this is also the house of breaking down barriers and of collective feeling, ruling places of confinement, hospitals and mental institutions. Indeed, it symbolizes a way of escaping everyday reality, seeking solitude and shutting the world out.

Saturn: Shadow and Rejection

saturn, shadow, rejection,
With of all of its other various expressions from self-control, dreariness, and individual karma, the planet Saturn is symbolic of the aspects of the self, that we try to hide and deny from the world. Carl Jung postulated that we all posses a shadow side and it exists as part of the human psyche. This psychic darkness contains all the repressed aspects of the conscious personality that we must gradually learn to perceive and find the meaning of our own lives.

In the horoscope, Saturn plays a significant part in the life of every human being. Some modern astrologers will place the same enormous importance on this karmic god, as they would the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. More commonly, Saturn's teachings will force us along a footpath towards duty and destiny. However, an ordinary interpretation, especially within traditional astrology, understands Saturn to have always stood for boundaries and limitations. However, with the later discovery of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), it has since been viewed as more of a gateway, leading us from the realm of the known towards the unknown.

Saturn symbolizes the unacceptable side of our nature, and it is believed that by accepting the hidden qualities within ourselves - acknowledging  this sense of inferior feeling - we unlock the prison door. Projection is also a major factor with this planet and we often see its face in others, or qualities we despise. Most of the shadowy element of any soul, lives in the unconscious and we do not wish it to be acknowledged, but this is also the source of our inner riches. In Saturn's realm, it is a complex world of frustration, delays, rejection and unfulfilled desires. It can take a lifetime to integrate our shadow and there is always a fated element at work. For at some point, we must confront all of our worst fears. The frustrating experiences will force us to face our responsibilities and  these are necessary. Everyone at some time has felt the "malefic" nature of the  planet, bringing us bad luck, hard times and a painful situation.

Most ancient astrology, view Saturn as only harmful and destructive, but modern astrologers have readdressed this imbalance. However, we are still fearful and its symbolic representation as the beast, devil or shadow, looms large in our minds. Saturn is the area of the chart where we become psychologically 'hung up'. And maybe as the planet of rejection, people also pick up on the way we unconsciously reject something from within. Actually, this is something discussed in Liz Greene's Relating: "unfortunately although this shadowy side of the personality is usually "utterly" unconscious in the individual, it is not so hidden from everybody else; and the more repressed and unconscious it is the more obvious it becomes to others."

Overcoming the fear of criticism is a major hurdle with Saturn, and one idea is to purposely and repeatedly seek out rejection to desensitize the psyche and to gain a resistance to pain. It is something that could work, whilst also making us feel completely awkward and vulnerable, but might just help in the long run. Reaching a point where we care less about what other people think about us, may, ultimately, be what liberates the spirit. The fear of rejection is a normal part of the human condition, but for some folks the feelings can be negative, and they avoid all possible ridicule. They would rather not ask for things, and would rather conform to the norm. And even spending much of their lives rejecting themselves before others get the chance. As a result, there are heartbreaking stories of failure, loneliness, and isolation.

What might we be capable of if we were suddenly unafraid to take chances? How far could we progress if we didn't fear any critique? Should we be basing our self worth on the judgements of other people?  In Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu wrote: "Care about other people's approval and you will be their prisoner. Do your work, then step back, the only path to serenity." Overtime we become covered up by layers and layers of fear. We must accept our shortcomings and realize it is only natural for us to compensate for sore spots, or to run and hide. The usual reaction is to ignore this obstructive area, and perhaps this is the fundamental reason most of us are always struggling with Saturn. But does it make it go away? We wear Saturn like a shadowy overcoat, but maybe we just need to start feeling more comfortable with the self, flaws and all.

The Labors of Hercules by Alice A. Bailey

the labors of hercules
The Labors of Hercules is written by Alice A. Bailey and is a reprint of articles that first appeared in the BEACON magazine between 1957 and 1958 and was eventually published as a whole work in 1974. I searched for this publishing house on the web and found Books-on-line  which offers access to the author's books with permission of the Lucus Trust.  Another site, I believe, hosts the Astrology book online with all Twelve challenges, so you can go over there and read the labor for your sign. Returning to the astrological interpretation of the Labors - the back of the book reads:

"The story of the dramatic experiences of the great and ancient Son of God. Hercules or Herakles, will give us a synthetic picture of the progress of the soul from ignorance to wisdom, from material desire to spiritual achievement...Its theme will be found to be so inclusive that all of us, struggling in our present modern life, can make application ourselves of the tests and trails, the failures and achievements of this heroic Figure, who strove, centuries ago, towards the same goal as we do. A secondary object of this study is to present an aspect of astrology which will differ from what is usually expressed. We shall trace the story of Hercules as he passed through the twelve signs of the zodiac. In each sign he expressed its characteristics, and in each sign, he achieved some fresh knowledge of himself, and through that knowledge demonstrated the power of the sign and acquired the gifts which the sign conferred. In each of the signs we shall find him surmounting his natural tendencies, controlling and governing his destiny, and demonstrating the fact that the stars incline, but do not control."

Overall - going by the introduction - we are treated to an analysis of each sign by their characteristics and a display of the expertise of each zodiacal sign, providing an overview of the challenges to overcome, thus uncovering our greatest abilities. Capricorn, for example, is psyched up to slaying a dog, but not just any hound, Ceberus the three headed beast from Hell. Hercules, in true Capricornian fashion, must climb a mountain as part of the task and there is a lot of loneliness, hardship and struggle. The symbol for this astrological sign, as noted, is truly the most difficult  to draw. Of course, these articles are not everybody's cup of tea, as it is heavily esoteric. It is usually read with the Sun sign in mind, being as this represents the Hero within us all (Mariah Carey song). It is different, as stated above, from all other kinds of astrology. However, there is still knowledge to be gained by reading the astrological zodiac from a somewhat different perspective.

Moon: Soul and Reflection

moon soul and reflection astrology
The Moon in astrology represents the innermost mystery of the soul, and it relates much to the emotional concerns of an individual. As we will see, it is also powerfully symbolic of the psychic, other-worldly and occult realm.

A large black landscape is the canvas for the Moon, along with all of her stars and trinkets. Ancient people believed she was made of special celestial material. Many of us are deeply drawn to the mystical feeling she invokes and as the primacy of the feminine, she is light and shadow and is like a giant mirror reflecting the spirits of our world.The night is home to our lunar body, where she holds a heavenly enigmatic presence, and is also insanely, beautifully bewildering. Observing the Moon's phases over a monthly cycle is strange, phenomenal, and feels kind of supernatural. In many people, the lunar rhythm can bring out some moving reactions, for she is emotive, soul-stirring, over-sentimental, weepy, and greatly subjective. She is, in fact, representative of our emotional stimulus, and can transport us towards something fabulously magical and hypnotic.

The idea of the Moon affecting human behavior has always elicited a storm of controversy. Since the dawn of time, every Moon phase was viewed as essential, since it carried within its essence the changing psychic constellation of man, and it has some spooky effects.There have been some fascinating studies on the Moon's influence, especially in regards to higher incidents of crime and violent outbursts, along with more psychiatric admissions. Such 'Moon madness' usually happens during the Full Moon when some people can turn 'barking mad' and the transformation aspect has featured prominently throughout literature. Some believe its the tidal habitat of human beings cyclically changing, and many debates have circled around the Moon's ability to control the ocean and how we humans are also pulled along in our own personal sea-world. Other lunar phenomena occurs such as clams opening and wolves howling, so we are all strikingly sensitive to the changing face of our satellite.

The Moon represents the personal unconsciousness, and it is where our sympathy lives; it is compassion, along with a keen instinct. It is also a representation of those experiences most familiar to us. The Moon's sheen illuminates our EMOTIONAL world, and signifies our inner-self which is touched by different things and moved by different expressions, which are all highly dependent upon the Moon's natal sign, house and aspects.The Moon connects us to the deep roots of inner life, and the imagination. In other words, she is the window to the soul. The Moon inspires us to live soulfully, to feed our inner-self, nourish and to realize that we sometimes need to be our own therapist attending to the spirit in a caring and nurturing manner.

Archetypally signifying the feminine, Joseph Campbell refers to our silver lady as a goddess and having an influence over the reproductive cycles of women. Still, one can envision her being more of a triple goddess governing all the cycles of growth from Virgin (New Moon), pregnant mother (Full Moon) and wild hag (Waning Moon). The Moon also fears loneliness, frets, worries, and despite all other powers, reflects the Sun's light. However, she is a face in her own right, and the more bearable luminary, for she doesn't hurt our eyes.The Moon is water and emotion, signifying our inner compass through dark times, but mostly she can be all rhyme and no reason. Another dimension of this planet is that it is the deepest source of inspiration and contains a strong imaginative vision; it is also highly fluid and perpetual in movement.

We may discern in the moon's sign at birth something of the way in which an individual expresses himself when not an individual, but a creature of instinct. In other words, the moon symbolizes the instinctual or non-rational nature. It also suggests by its placement on the birth chart that sphere of life wherein the individual seeks a symbolic sleep, an unconsciousness, an escape or refuge - which is most likely to be dominated by his needs...Relating

Pisces: The Collective Call

pisces collective
The symbol of Pisces - two fishes swimming in opposite directions - is a fitting description of a fundamental human predicament - one fish swims towards individuality and separateness and the other fish swims towards a more universal reality. Perhaps in some way, it can also represent the duality of the conscious and the unconscious, or even the personal and the collective. The call of the oceanic life is difficult to resist, and one of the greatest struggles for this person is to keep a definite hold on their singularity, whilst also drifting into the larger whole. In the main, a Piscean also yearns to transcend the world and relinquish their identity in an attempt to merge with something greater.

The individual's personal qualities can become flooded with what appears to be a giant vastness, out there (great sea). The ego part of the personality fears it will be drowned, and does not want to be washed away in order to find this lost connection with all of life. It can be an incredibly hard task for Pisces, as some sense of being an individual is needed to function in the world. The Piscean archetype encompasses all issues pertaining to the collective whole and there usually needs to be some kind of meeting in the middle between the ego and this immense tidal force. Many a Pisces individual can become incredibly involved in what they are doing, whether it is creatively, spiritually or religiously, and almost in complete seclusion. Pisces can also be like a magnet attracting various emotions, feelings, ideas and perceptions. We often think in Jungian terms when describing the collective unconscious, and this means there is usually centuries-old-wisdom of past generations. A Piscean is vulnerable to being haunted by historic ghosts, all longing for some kind of expression.

The individual is able to tap into a deep source of creativity and emotionally rich life. Quite often a Pisces "thirsts for" something meaningful and their individual aim is is to get in touch with the spiritual life, higher self, and to purposefully bring back Soul. The Earth that has become progressively more scientific, detached, and removed. The intellect has achieved tremendous feats, awe inspiring discoveries, and  mankind has made great advances. However, in Pisces we need to return to our emotional depths and must visit the symbolic world of art, emotion, and the imagination. We return to empathy and emotional affinity, remembering the knowledge of the ages, and we move towards a hidden, psychic realm.

The Sun in Pisces can be a difficult position in the horoscope. The consciousness of the Sun is metaphorically prone to flooding by the unconscious, unless the character can erect barricades to keep the waters at bay. The vague, inexplicable and amorphous can also be threatening to the ego. We often find there is an immense need for inwardness, but in a masculine world, the 'inner' is often thought to be dangerous and makes us feel weak. The individual is often struck with the emotion of oneness and moves with the rhythms of anything calling for a loss of consciousness which can be found in the crowd, in music and where everybody is crying in unison.

In Jungian psychology, emotions are the foundation of the psyche, and watery Pisces can represent a fount of psychic energy, containing many feeling states. The collective unconscious is really just a part of the subconscious shared by all. It can be where all the greatest transformations take place, along with prophetic dreams, visions, and religious experiences. As a water sign, they must encounter the human condition in a universal way, but usually there is a conflict between personal feelings and expereinces and the collective. The greatest task for Pisces involves being aware of their own identity and not to become overly immersed in the feelings of others.The greatest strength of the fishes resides in their adaptability and the individual usually possesses such lovely watercolors running into one another with no definitive line. The concept of transpersonal love is close to their heart, and it would seem that Pisces picks up all the pieces with great compassion. The individual can sometimes move into a symbiosis rather than live an independent existence, and this can be destructive. Yet, they do not have to feel tormented and will find vibrancy by getting in touch with their individuality, before taking the collective call.

Sun: The Art of Living

sun astrology
The Sun in astrology possesses an all-powerful vitalism, representing the vital force in all human beings, and the power of this fiery orb is the source of life - which holds back the terrifying dark. The Sun moves in a future direction and strikes for objectivity, it also symbolises the impulse, the desire, and the wanting. It is thought of as the "control centre", holding back or releasing instinctual energy. In its pure expression, it is strong and authentic and represents the primary self hood or "I am." In essence, it is the light of the soul, and represents authenticity, warmth, and brilliance. On another level, the Sun represents the 'outer eye' of individual awareness, the self referential aspect of our being responsible for our personal identity, and the part us which seeks the luminosity of consciousnesses.

We are all thought to be the divine fire reflecting some larger power in the universe. Psychics have expressed that we were created by a Godhead to be basically and intrinsically whole and that God exists within us all, and we are all a part of Him and we will live forever, no one will be lost or diminished. Moreover, we are all here to evolve our soul and have chosen life to perfect our being. Also, one of the popular thoughts on this subject is that God needs us to experience every facet of life. The common question asked is why God needs us for learning? If God is is ALL KNOWING. Jung confronted this in his controversial Answer to Job (later regretting using the word God). Carl Jung believed that Yahweh needed humans to carry the task of his consciousness, His conscience, in the broader spectrum by each person becoming more conscious, the cosmos gains consciousness. In the Apollon article by Liz Greene, she also relates this acquiring of consciousness in order for us to reconnect to "eternal realities." Additionally, referring to the Sun as our personal destiny arising from becoming more aware of our own inner-light. The Sun is also acting as a great reconciler of our other planetary conflicts. The author correlates the Sun to a sense of knowing our future and that we want to fulfil it, some kind of a prophecy we must live for:

In other words, the message of the oracle was not "psychic", but revealed in a flash the essential pattern underpinning the individual's life, or highlighted the bare bones of a chapter in that life. We are really looking at what we mean by destiny, rather than "fate" in the compulsive sense, and in this respect Apollo's prophecies are indeed related to the astrological Sun. When we glimpse an inner design or destiny, it gives our lives meaning and gives us something to live for; and we can get insight into that design if we look at the placement of the Sun in the birth chart by house, sign and aspect. Here is our future, the person we are potentially capable of becoming and deeply wish and need to become, if we are to feel our lives have some reason other than eating, reproducing, and dying. We may misinterpret the flash of meaning which the Sun gives, depending on our age, circumstances, and emotional needs and conflicts. But the core story of the individual's destiny is already known somewhere inside, and this is perhaps why the Sun is so closely connected with vocation, one's "calling", or, as Howard Sasportas put it, "a call from the inner Self". Sun-God Apollon - Liz Greene

The energy of the Sun represents the basic need to express our own true nature and it embodies our major life-themes and basic life experience. Essentially the Sun represents our radiance, luminescence and indicates our spiritual core level. Furthermore, it is unique and filled with its own will-power and its symbol represents the possibility of wholeness. On a deeper level, the Sun is also the archetype of the self-unfolding process, and Jung ascertained that this solar part of the personality is the totality of the psyche and an ongoing and unfathomable mystery dwelling in the Unconscious. Needless to say, the Sun has been regarded as the most important heavenly body for the astrologer

The Sun holds a strong relationship with the physical father describing his influential presence, and will normally paint an accurate picture of this image; he plays an important role in our further development. The solar force as Jung describes is the elemental throne of a god or hero, and a magnificent power is released within the psyche of every individual. All of life for us mortals needs to have a sense of purpose and we essentially need to feel a sense of importance.

One may know everything about astrology and make a mess of one's life. Yet the connection between the astrology and the art of living is there, and for me it provides the clue to the survival of a science which has long been termed a pseudo-science. What, I ask, can be more important than the knowledge of how to live one's life on earth? Henry Miller, Foreword: His World of Urania

Mars-Jupiter: Magic Bullet

mars-jupiter aspect
Mars-Jupiter in aspect usually expands the energy of Mars, and this can act in a number of ways. For starters, there is usually an ample amount of enthusiasm for asserting the essential being, and the individual can also highly motivate others bringing plenty of enthusiasm into any endeavor. Tarnas believed this aspect was something of a 'magic bullet' for it embodied a kind of spiritual zest which is to be deeply admired, and is the remedy of fear and inaction that inhibits and even blocks so many other people from truly succeeding. The great risk taking element of this contact within the personality greets the daring side of life, with masses of optimism and the personality is supercharged. Many times there is an especially sporting element to the character in a certain sphere. The eagerness for some pursuit whether intellectual, sporty, or divine, gives the soul plenty of spark and whatever they are advocating - quickly catches fire. However, there can also be overzealous behavior and maybe getting way too over-excited, and this can can be OTT for some folks and actually off putting when someone is OVER enthusiastic.

This aspect can have something of a playboy reputation (Hugh Hefner - Mars conjunct Jupiter), meaning that  sometimes a male figure in life is something of a Zeus character in regards to infidelity, constantly having different lovers, affairs, and rendezvous with a particularly strong sexual appetite. The individual may not always find satisfaction with one partner, but mostly longs for plenty of action and adventure in life. Sometimes a male is highly opinionated, righteous and perhaps he is overly active physically, intellectually, religiously, or philosophically, and loves to travel. It can give copious masculine qualities, exhibiting through a drive to always need to be on top. A Mars-Jupiter person may also find themselves in the boxing ring when it comes to battling over some Jupiterian pursuit. Perhaps this involves fighting for their beliefs, causes, and right to their opinion. In astrology, Mars represents our basic instinct to fight, it is a dynamic force, primitive and can be constructive or destructive. With Mars and Jupiter in combo we meet two fiery impulses, and it can mean there is great warmth, passion, and also a magnificent spirit.

Moreover, the individual is eager to get to the truth, and avid in their pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, displaying a history a intellectual competitiveness. It can reveal itself through strongly held convictions and a powerful need to win with exaggerated expressions. Mars-Jupiter combines the expansive idealism of the Jupiterian archetype with the the courage of the Martian energy, and it can enact itself through the beginning of new projects with confidence and a burst of enthusiasm - supplying surplus energy to fulfill all tasks and can really get things going. The contact can be one to definitely get the ball rolling and ensure things get off the ground in a positive way. Filled with adventure and exploration this person can be headstrong and feels highly motivated and justified in their actions with great emotional zeal.The main criticisms of this aspect is being overly aggressive in their pursuits, strong sexual drive and dealing with problems of being over-confident, self-glorification and self-aggrandisment

Uranus: The Human Spirit

uranus astrology
In 1781, the self-taught British astronomer Sir William Frederick Herschel discovered the planet Uranus, the first to be discovered for centuries. It's thought to usher in the New Age and a wave of progressive developments, propelling us to further heights of realization. In astrology, Uranus rules geometry and there seems to be a design throughout nature, it it also symbolic of futuristic colours, electricity, television transmission, cosmic rays, outer space, telepathy and astrophysics. Moreover, its nature is dazzlingly intuitive and its realm is often an abstract one. It is en masse revealing conceptual patterns and is often prominent in the charts of scientists for it works fantastically in the realm of the intellect. Marie Curie called science the most sublime manifestation of the human spirit and a perfect tool to aid humanity. Uranus is also often found in the charts of technology experts, computer analysts and on the occult side - astrologers. For the most part, it seems to electrify the mind and ideas suddenly spring forth out of nowhere and it also reveals a universal blueprint. Uranus is the 'Aha experience' which was coined by Gestalt psychologists to indicate the euphoria which follows the moment of clarity, the flash of illumination when the puzzle clicks into place. That insightful second when we understand and internalize; when the truth is realized, and it takes us one step further.

Uranus knocks us out of the complacent and helps us see all the different dimensions of our world. The electric planet embraces ultra-high technology, calculators, artificial intelligence and cyber culture. In this realm we can transcend archaic bodies and emerge into circuitry and feel a new sense of freedom. The Uranian aspect of our existence is an important part of human nature as life must contain some risks and it often represents the boldest exercise in imagination. But it can also be a paradox, intellectually cold. and an alien, risky place. At the same time, it is associated with rebelliousness and non conformity and it must stay true to the unique seeds of our being, demanding freedom from anything which attempts to uniform, label and box its need for unique expression. It seems to revolt against sameness and anything which creates boundaries. Uranus is light behind much of creation, and in Jungian astrology is related to the puer aeternus - the eternal youth opposite to the senex figure, or the old man Saturn. In fact, it overthrows the old in favour of the new and progressive and questions the status qua,

In the natal chart, the position of Uranus and aspects will point to anything from eccentricity and rebelliousness, genius to heightened awareness, a higher state of consciousness. Uranus is also known as the Great Awakener and it attempts to raise energies into a higher dimension of understanding and manifestation. However, this burst of energy can come through erratically and act willfully, generating great excitement and people are not always ready to receive its dose of illumination. When Uranus transits the natal chart it rules breakthroughs, life turns, unrealized potential to be explored. However, it can also create upheaval, stress, disruption, tension and an inability to relax.

When an individual is ready for Uranus, then exciting things begin to open up in the psyche and an extraordinary connection is made to reality, perceiving a greater order behind everything; it perceives things behind nature. The etheric body and aura are also thought to be under its rulership, governing the energy around all beings and it symbolizes a highly charged force which connects us to a level which is beyond all logical understanding. As a collective planet it seems to plug directly into the universal source of knowledge or inspiration.

Pluto: Rape and Abduction

pluto persephone
Known as Hades in Greek mythology, Pluto is the god of the underworld which, psychologically could be said to indicate our deepest depths in the world of the unconscious. Moreover, Pluto lies at the core of the ancient Persephone myth, whereby it describes  an essential transformation: a renewal a metamorphosis in a situation where initially there appears to be only trespass and violation. While gathering flowers this beautiful woman is magnetically drawn to an especially alluring petalled beauty, but by uprooting it she unintentionally opened a hole to the Plutonian abyss. From there she was pulled down into a  void where she was raped by an invisible god form, a shadowy figure, Hades. The Lord of the underworld compelled her to marry him and relocate to his realm. In Jungian terms the flower is not just a flower but an opening into her own psyche. The entire mythological story encapsulates loss, grieving,  and acceptance; ultimately it corresponds to rebirth.  Jung equates the archetypal maiden, who exposes herself to all types of danger because of her youth and naivete as a great passage through darkness and one many of us must ultimately face. In the end, she is no longer the same person and the maiden might even become the "queen of the underworld" and relish her new-found nature, thus being transformed by her own mysteries..

Pluto symbolizes the most subterranean level of collective energy; it is called the great timekeeper; the aspect of fate. "The Moving Finger writes; and having writ, moves on: not all piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash a word of it." The dark planet also represents human beings instinctive power, a river of desires, impulses and deepest urges. On a mass level Pluto is unspeakable horrors, and the cruel things that others do that make no sense to the hearts of good people. Personally, it represents our unfulfilled passions, compulsions, and poison.

When Pluto features in our lives it is a hidden force of initiation a passage of growth and where change comes out of nowhere but changes our lives forever. In evolutionary astrology, the "wound" of the personality (Pluto) is usually well-defended, but in this emptiness lies endless possibilities for growth and transformation. Furthermore, according to psychology astrology if we deny, repress and banish a part of the soul the only way it can reach us is through rape and abduction. It is a fact of life, all human beings are flawed creatures, married couples don't live happily ever after, tragic accidents, serious illnesses, and great misfortunes often befall people who don't seem to deserve them.

Out of pain, chronic darkness, desolation, grief, loneliness, despair, hopelessness, involuntary descent, rape, death and endless nights comes the wisdom of our world. Divine knowledge has its root in this icy planet, esoteric understanding and truth is found in life's mystery. Inevitably, Pluto is death and life is cradled in its arms; every atom, as soon as it is born begins to die as we age. Pluto is a planet where the shadows are twice as long, the temperature is freezing and it is something of a icy and snowy landscape, eeringly silent, with a quality of abandonment, dormant energy, loneliness, solitude, but also a quiet strength and unseen reality.

Neptune in the Water Houses: 4th, 8th and 12th

Out of all the readings of any of the planets in houses, it always seems like Neptune in the water domains (4th, 8th and 12th), are the most spooky, ghostly, and unearthly. It's spine-tingling stuff, but should we be really scared? In most cases, it would seem something on the emotional level is haunting us - often in need of some attention. Neptune in astrology is "Paradise Lost" while life itself is often full of conflicts, hardships, and predicaments. The water houses are symbolic of collective longings and the personal unconscious. The watery areas of the chart, represent our deepest feelings and planets placed in these realms can show family dynamics, intimate partners and our ancestry. If we can successfully navigate these houses, it symbolizes the completion and fulfillment of all emotional desires.

Neptune represents a universal nostalgia and also feelings of personal guilt believing one has caused this great loss. Neptune embodies the Paradise on Earth which is difficult to find. Many of us will attempt to reach an enlightened state, or alternate reality, expanding consciousness to reach a spiritual condition.  Many people feel that childhood itself is a Paradise lost forever, and the feeling of being plunged into earthly torment. Neptune can embody suffering and hopeless struggling and it can also be beautiful and mysterious. It is linked to the ideally blissful utero experience, while birth itself creates separation and anxiety. We are always in search of the primal heaven of the soul, we are on an endless quest for a lost paradise and through its absence we search for substitutes. Our deepest desires for belongingness, living in an eternity and the fulfilment of humanity's cherished and most ancient dreams, belong here. Neptune also rules the use of drugs and other addictions and this is an effective way to evade life tasks and also a tragic waste of human potential.

Neptune in the 4th house

With Neptune in the 4th house, the great universal planet sits at the inner-most part of the personality, and all glamorous ideals and imaginative fantasies are close to home.  Often there is a yearning for some kind of dream concerning matters of the location, dwelling and homeland, and it all concerns the sense of security and belonging. The fourth house is hidden, and below the horizon, and usually if personal planets aspect Neptune, the personal residence can be a projection of the individual's inner emotional state. Many astrologers link this position to strange occurrences happening within the abode, or involving flooding in some way. If it is a particularly strong aspect, then this is a reflection of the overwhelming feelings on the inside, manifesting in physical form. The significance of this will often mean emotional concerns need 'mopping up' and attended. Also, there might be gas leaks and toxic substances escaping, and so forth. At its most extreme, Neptune in this position can also also be interpreted as a haunting in the home, or mysterious spiritual energy. In some way, it reflects some disturbance within the individual or a family member. This is probably the most surreal interpretation, and some natives can feel a psychic connection to the family, and pick up everything.

For an individual (especially with the hard aspects to Neptune -conjunction, square and opposition), the home needs to be energetically cleaned from time to time. All of this means keeping it free from negative people stepping over boundaries, and invading the home. The personal space of the individual is a reflection of their Neptunian longings, aspirations and hopes, along with deep confusion, chaos and a whole misty feeling settling. It is supposed to indicate a "skeleton in the closet" and in some cases, it can refer nebulous parents - illness, alcoholism, or drug taking. It could also signify an absent mother or father or perhaps uncertainty regarding their true roots and feeling the entire childhood was unstable, with poor foundations. Alternatively, some remember the past as being completely idyllic, recalling the elysisan fields. The footprints leading from the home have a paradise feel, rosy haze, and tranquil feeling. Also, a soul can gloss over certain issues, and sometimes more realism is needed. Some are continually wishing for the perfect home, and feel it is only a mirage. Neptune in this house could relate to a general foggy feeling or a childhood full of mysteries, and it may also reveal someone who often feels the need to withdraw into their home.

Neptune in the 8th House

Neptune is often thought to be more dangerous when placed in the 8th house, mainly because this combination is prone to being highly toxic. All the water houses are known as the occult spheres, and where the ghosts of the past usually like to hang around for too long. Usually spiritual illusions, fogginess and confusion finds its way into the individual's intimate relationships, joint resources, sometimes leading to disappointing losses in business fields, treachery or misunderstandings regarding inheritance as it concerns the emotional and financial. Also the hidden side or the other-world comes calling, as there are virtually no boundaries and the person can easily fall into mystical states. Indeed, the glimmering waters of death, intimacy and sexuality takes them from the highest to the lowest exotic states of feeling. The sexual life may take a spiritual route, with deep fantasizing. Strong sexual fantasies, take the individual to the ecstatic state, making it addictive - with lovers putting them into a sexual trance or it can be the other way around. it can lead to intense feelings of deja vu, supernatural, and magical experiences, and there are potent occurrences and intensity of mysterious feelings.

As the 8th house also rules tragic circumstances this placement has been linked with drug overdoses, suicides, drownings and something sad, fatal or unfortunate linked with the family. However, as Liz Greene sates, "when Neptune is placed in the 8th house the redeemer may appear as death itself." Disturbing dreams of death and loss could occur, and the individual may feel inexplicably drawn to anything to do with the end of life. In dream-work, it supposed that when we are near death we have some grand dream of a great journey and these are powerful revelations in which the dying person begins the transition from this mortal life to whatever state of existence beyond. Death dreams are frequently portrayed as a sea crossing, sometimes meeting a guide, sometimes a spiritual religious figure and sometimes a trusted person. I have had dreams of my dead father, who passed away when I was 18 years old, and no deaths have followed. However, there is a lot of research into this area, and there is something definitely something more, creating richly meaningful and prophetic dreams.

Neptune in the 12th House

An individual with Neptune in the 12th house possesses an oversensitive nature and it can point to issues that are hard to pin down. Many have had transcendent occurrences, recognizing the ultimate connection of everything, some often describe these experiences as a collapse of reality. Although the ocean of life may not consider itself enlightened, it is simply the oceanic realm. The need to return to Paradise is felt much stronger, and there is a powerful yearning for art, music and all artistic forms. Being that this is both an evasive planet and house, spiritually there can either be great understanding or deep confusion. The symbolic life is exceptionally rich, with a profound longing for some dream. Neptune in this position of the horoscope is believed to bring on some troubling psychological states. The twelfth house has been called the "garbage dump" of the zodiac, it is the last sphere of experience on the horoscope wheel, and things begin to disintegrate in order to make way for something new to be born. According to Dane Rudyhar:

“The twelfth house closes the cycle of human experience. It is the last stage in a process which may be repeated during the lifetime of an individual, or terminated by what we call death. In the twelfth house the individual either consolidates his successes into the seed of a new cycle or growth, or he meets the accumulated results of his failures. Indeed, there is practically no man who has not achieved some kind of success and experienced personal or social defeats. In the last house of the cycle, man is unavoidably confronted by his successes and failures. His memories of the past, conscious or unconscious, crowd over the threshold in front of the new cycle. They are Angels of Light beckoning to the beyond, or they are dark Guardians of the Threshold, whose features are shaped by his frustrations, his denials of life, his fears, his sins of omission as well as commission. The individual must face this compound entity which he himself has created. He must go through it, whatever the cost—if there is to be for him a new cycle.”

The twelfth house also rules everything behind the scenes, along with prisons, hospitals and spiritual sanctuaries. The victim/martyr and also savior state is extremely strong within the character, and the individual longs for the world to heal. Moreover, there may be a tendency to withdraw from social life, and they must weed out all illusions. For those with psychic gifts, it can bring them in touch with more subtle realms of reality, and bring true enlightenment; true mystic experiences are possible.

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