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H is for Hades Moon

hades moon
Sue Grafton is the author of mystery novels and she titles them by using the alphabet letters “A” is for Alibi and “B” is for burglar - selling over 7.5 million copies. It is no real surprise to find the author has entered into this world full of perplexity, death and intrigue, unmasking true motives. Sue possesses a dark Moon in her horoscope, and is deeply colored by intricacy. The Hades Moon is devastating, unflinchingly honest, and it is often found battling against enormous odds. The inner strength and passion of the soul is absorbed in intuition, femininity, and hypnotic power; the potential of this lunar energy in the natal chart is always transformative. It can be difficult uncovering all sides of such a mystic creature, as there is always a deep secretive side, with strong emotions. All of their creativeness and destructiveness is turned within the self, and there is always something partly hidden.

Many a Scorpion Moon passes through a phase of jealousy, love and revenge, tasting the darkness. We find that any encounter with such an intense and hooded, femme fatale invites us to unravel a mystery, solve a crime - dig into the past, and often bury it for good. The immersion into the darkest of reality can often mean the individual is considered morbid and not many folks can understand their questioning into life and death. However, an individual with a Hade's Moon (Scorpio, 8th house, or in aspect to Pluto) is the Queen of enigmas, puzzles, thrillers, whodunnitts, taking us on a magical ride through charades, mystification, and labyrinths. It can be intensely emotionally satisfying to uncover the truth and discover what lies beneath, unlocking life's closed doors. The darkest Moon loves to probe others' psyches and is something of a born spy, detective - excellent researcher.

The background of Sue's childhood reveals she was brought up by alcoholic parents. The mother died of an O.D on Barbiturates on the writer’s 20th birthday, and this must be an incredibly difficult day. Married life hasn't always run smoothly and the break-up of her second marriage led to a bitter six year custody battle, igniting those 8th house - power struggles. Also, after her first marriage she divorced, remarried and relocated indicating the massive changes in her personal life.

Sue is the "poster child" for my Moon in 8th house interpretation and almost matches nearly everything in the reading, probably due to the repeated themes of her lunar placement:

"The Moon in the 8th house symbolizes an emotional make-up that is deep, intense and extremely loyal. Also, the instinctive power of their feelings and the depth of perception are unmatched.....The person’s ability to probe beneath the surface of life gives them an honest view of the world...The 8th house rules abandonments, trauma, crisis, family secrets, legacies and skeletons hidden in the closet. There may have been something in the family background that created a situation where the person felt unsafe, threatened and exposed to the darker elements of human nature. A dark family history may involve alcoholism, abuse, violence, insanity, murder, criminal activity and often something dramatic. Issues in life may involve emotional battles for power, emotional betrayals, volatile states and a repressed inner nature. The Hades Moon never reveals itself entirely, and there will always be a hidden aspect of their nature....The Moon in the 8th house has been linked with the death of the mother....The person has an understanding of what makes others tick, and unconscious factors at work under the surface along with this compulsive desire to understand the inner-working of an individual, analyze emotions, figuring out the real source of pain gives them a natural ability to understand the natures of others behind the social masks. This kind of work is extremely emotionally gratifying and they possess psychic abilities and a profound knowledge of things, deepening their awareness of life. What also makes them great psychic detectives is because the 8th house has this incredible ability to identify our weaknesses and strengths and so the person has this emotional radar and understands that all emotional problems are buried underneath and nobody can cover, paint, and plaster over an issue. Quite often investigating into the deepest roots of any problem is where their most natural abilities lie." Read the rest of the interpretation for Moon in the 8th House

The Moon is also trine Pluto showing profound emotions and a natural psychologist.

"The person is a natural when relating to anything hidden, layered, and they need to plumb the depths of all emotional experiences. Moon-Pluto has a taste for the dramatic, and they insist on bringing feelings between people out in the open, for they want real closeness with others, with no secrets. Wherever we have Pluto we are handed a shovel and told to “dig”. Moon-Pluto may dig into the personal lives of others, and Pluto also represents the mass unconscious, taboos, and forbidden aspects of life." Read the rest of the interpretation for Moon trine Pluto

Pluto in the 4th house (Moon's house):

"Crisis, deep transformations, fated occurrences and experiences that are intensified find their way into the home and family....The 4th house can also signify the death of one of the parents, or actual abandonment. The death of a family member often impacts the child deeply. Perhaps the parents may have been struggling to come to terms with a significant loss at home....Those with this placement are interested in psychotherapy, counselling and all forms of healing that occur at the deepest level of the human psyche. They are very intuitive, behaving instinctively and like to get to the core of things.  The person feels emotional or moody about the home, and buries themselves within its walls, and it could be a place they feel totally transformed and may view home as a place of destiny....When Pluto is placed in the house of the home, they may want to relocate, emigrate, and utterly reinvent where they are living, or build a new place to live. This will usually happen when they feel they have outgrown a phase of their life." Read the rest of the interpretation for Pluto in 4th House

This article is mostly written to highlight the Hades Moon and how powerfully it was shown throughout Sue's life. However, Venus (partnerships) in Gemini (writing) and in the third house of communicating is totally adorable with her Hermes-like partner (writer and younger) working closely together.

“In 1974 she met 11-year-younger author Steven Humphrey and they married 10/01/1978. They work from side-by-side computers in their Santa Barbara, California home and sometimes collaborate on TV screenplays.”

Otherwise, overall, Sue has had quite the underworld journey with the Hades Moon and has surfaced as an amazing mystery writer.

Virgo: The Virgin Mary

virgo - virgin mary
According to the Origin of the Zodiac in the last twenty centuries the sign of the Virgin has aged thirty years. "She used to be a pretty girl of fifteen, and now she is represented as a hard selfish 'old maid'. How has this come about? One might expect that so long as the signs of the zodiac are unaltered their characters would remain the same century after century. Astrologers would certainly think so. But on what, in fact, is their character based? The sociological value of the writings of astrologers is the picture they give us of the mental attitudes of their epoch, the social structure, the professions and so forth. All this is observed. But other elements in the character of each sign are provided by the symbol and its attributions, to which astrologers feel that observations should somehow be made to fit. Since Claudius Ptolemy decided to regularize the distribution of signs between the four 'elements' (fire, earth, air and water) and the three 'qualities', it has been necessary to think of Virgo as the mutable sign of the Earth; and since Earth is considered a cold, practical element, Virgo had to be represented as cold and practical...Further the ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, the messenger of the gods, whose realm of activity covers writing, thinking, commerce and communication; so the Virgin had no choice but to be intellectual and the prefect secretary, whose gift is for dealing with the subtleties of things. ...They comprise in large part of the following typical description of Virgo, to be found in Vivian Robson's Student's Textbook of Astrology, printed in 1922:

Cool, Practical, Discriminating, very critical, often destructively so, Impassive, Faddy Over Little Things, Very Inquisitive, MODEST, RETIRING, faithful, Intellectual, strong opinions, fond of Art, Literature, Science, and Mathematics, fond of collecting, Good Memory and Reasoning Power, not very original, slow to anger and forgiveness, QUIET, Persuasive, Very Good At Detail Work, fond of Gardening, Reading, COOKING AND NEEDLEWORK, etc.; often servile to rich and distinguished people, fond of telling people their faults, worry over Little Things but brave in emergency, insist on respect, often rather OLD- MAIDISH

"This description differs quite remarkably from the descriptions of fifteen or twenty centuries earlier....This may be the description of the typical old maid of fifty...but it is far from the pretty maid of fifteen who was the original symbol. The pretty maid was an angel - she had wings....No wonder that her natives were described as helpful and charming in the zodiac! But Ptolemy, when he made a Virgo a sign of Earth, could not help but cut of her wings; so now we are presented with this cold, selfish, viperish old maid!"

The above text on Virgo is fascinating to read, and although it's not a totally new observation we can certainly observe the different variations of the Virgoan type. The constellation has long been seen as a goddess, and the arrangement of stars suggesting a woman holding a corn-sheaf. Still, some women born under this zodiacal region are forever 'hung up' on the old maid image, perceiving it negatively. In fact, some of the oldest associations of the the sign are associated with fruitfulness and fertility. The astrological material written about Virgo always mixes in both the sexuality and virginity symbolic of a woman who is "self-possessed" with no need to fill any kind of wifely duty. In The Knot of Time it describes Virgo as the sanctified Virgin, Queen of Heaven and the woman who lives in obscurity; she was in every woman.

Virgo is attuned to the quiet beauty of the soul, and the immaculate pruning of her inner and outer world. A Virgoan is the summation of feminine matter, psychological wholeness and retains a mysterious power. It is Virgo's careful study of the physical world and ability to distinguish, discriminate and differentiate which develops the right skills to be of helpful service. It is true, Virgo suffers from shyness and a lack of social ease and confidence. As the bride of Pluto, Virgo is often associated with Persephone, daughter of the earth-goddess, Demeter. One of the most powerful lessons found within this beautiful maiden's life is to focus their energy on self-development.

Virgo also reminds us of the woman M. Esther Harding describes as "one-in-herself".

"The woman who is virgin, one-in-herself, does what she does, not because of any desire to please, not to be liked, or to be approved, even by herself; not because of any desire to gain power over another, to catch his interest in love, but because what she does is true. Woman's Mysteries: Ancient and Modern. The Theme is further developed in The Pregnant Virgin: A process of Psychological Transformation.

Taurus: The Ten Commandments

1. Thou shall not be over sensual During the passage through this sign, the northern world becomes decorated with the beauty of flowers and we enjoy taking long walks in the woods and sense this powerful force of nature, and it represents man's powerful attunement to his natural environment. In Taurus, we meet the earthiest sign in its fixed phase and often the chasing of unfulfilled desires. A Taurean experiences their environment through colour, art, design, sound and touch. The individual simply adores the sensuous experience and uses the body as an instrument of delight. Many astrologers and alike are quick to call Scorpio a sex addict, when really - it is the sign of Taurus which finds the deepest pleasure in the physicality of love. The Taurean is frequently struck with strong physical desires and a powerful magnetism and the male species can be a stud bull when aroused. Being self-indulgent this is also a sign that is associated with the pleasure-pain conscious.

2. Thou shall not be over-possessive – The sign's phrase is “I own” and the “I possess” and can be quite a huge bulk of a force using their immense psychic weight to impose their will upon anyone. Sometimes the individual won't allow a partner freedom and so this possession can refer to loved ones as much as physical things. Taurus is a sign that can appear solid and unbreakable, and this Venusian sign ain’t no pushover. What hurts the most, for this loyal and loving individual is to find out a partner has been cheating is unreliable, and unstable. The individual won't be taken for a fool, and Taurus can see through bullshit. A calm exterior and unruffled appearance fools others, but the basic rule is: Don't disturb Taurus, and the Taurean won't disturb you. The ancient proverb says “Beware the anger of the patient man.” Simple enough, and many years can pass without any kind of drama, a volcano does not erupt often; it builds up over time and then explodes.

3. Thou shall not be overly materialistic - The amassing of possessions and living in constant worry that something may happen to their things is often an overriding fear. They are often immersed in the world of business, finance, and property. While owning is valuable and necessary; it needs to be valued in its proper domain and possessions do not take the place of spirit, love and companionship. Taurus has amazing powers for manifesting things on the physical plane and can crate items of earthly beauty. The individual is a “good provider” and wants to provide a quality life, and there is a deep resourcefulness that is highly admired. But the greatest rut such a person can fall into is being bound to the material world. One cannot always blame the soul, we are faced with the physical foundation of life in this zodiacal region, which is energy upon matter and the steady, cumulative effort, and the richness of existence. Taurus is not into anything cheap, but one of the most valuable lessons is seeing beyond the physical to what really lies beneath.

4. Thou shall not get stuck in a rut - There is a definite inertia in the individual, quietly grazing on the same patch of land for years. We find Taurus in a long cherished marriage, and in an established business and loving the comfortable life. Generally a peaceful sign, the three keys words applied to their nature describe them aptly: passive, patient, and placid, but disturb this security and a Taurean is likely to get violent, more often, they have a gentle approach plodding through life, but there is also the stubborn, unflinching, immovable bull that refuses to change. Admittedly, there is the silent strength, and a powerful determination, but plans get delayed until they can save enough money, waiting until the time feels right and the individual resists change or crisis. They possess natural powers of preservation, but life is not a stationary thing and will always seek growth.

5. Thou shall not be so insecure - A sign that needs so much security must be heavily insecure on some level, and their greatest fear is for all that has been slowly built to be taken away. It could be their beautiful collection, home, family life and valuables to be disturbed by some sudden destruction. It's rare for the sign to look for trouble for as Walter H Samuel claims, these individuals adore the quiet sanity, and seek the quiet life. The do not disturb sign, fits right at home.

6. Though shall not overindulge - A Taurean adores the good life, its pleasure and luxury. Money can obviously afford all of these luxuries. However, a Taurus must be on guard of the influence and temptation of to every form of excess, including, food, drink, financial greed, and sex, as they can get deeply aroused. The love of a luxurious diet can lead to weigh problems, self indulgence, laziness and stagnation.

7. Thou shall not hold on so tightly - Of course, this is all similar to being stuck in a rut, along with materialism, and possessiveness. However, it can stand alone as a powerful virtue to follow, and Taureans will only move when necessary. Taurus is really the gardener of their life, and can also planet a new garden elsewhere. The individual will not leg go easily of a partner, reliable job, or habitual routine, unless something else is absolutely guaranteed.

8. Thou shall not be overly passive - Apparently, according to Kathleen Burt, when Taureans are of the overly peaceful, loving and of the flowery variety, they tend to have violent dreams and not surprising due to all of their frustrated desires. The author notes, the individual may tend to attract volcanic blow ups in the outer world. The individual is so relaxed, comfortable, enjoying basic pleasures that they hardly move again. Usually, Taurus needs the crisis to fall out of this comfort zone, but the individual really can find the heavenly on Earth. The individual does not to want to shake its peacefulness and they are usually even-tempered and stable souls, unlikely to cause upset. However, being overly passive sometimes invites the scorpion side of life (opposite sign) and the individual is then faced with uncertainty and dangerous passions hiding underneath which burst forth, but it helps the soul to to develop their powerful creative gifts to their fullest by taking a few risks.

9. Thou shall not be greedy – Again, this sums up all the other affirmations of over sensuality, over-materialistic and over-possessive and is rooted in the Minotaur myth, involving King Minos making a deal with the watery god Poseidon, promising him a beautiful white bull in exchange for control over the seas. Being greedy he cheated the god and offered an inferior gift in its place. In revenge, the god asked Aphrodite to afflict the King's wife with an uncontrollable lust for the white bull. The afflicted love-up and passionate spouse, asked for a carpenter's help to build a wooden bull in which she disguised herself so she could mate with the creature. The offspring of the union was Minotaur, a frightening beast with the body of a man and the head of a bull, which required human flesh to survive. It serves to reminds us of the earthy and materialistic nature and the monsters created when selfish greed takes precedence and the ego is fueled by desire which can grow monstrous in its domineering power over the soul. To be controlled by the passions is thought to sink the human being onto the level of beast and the myth has symbolic meaning of the flesh rebelling against the spiritual. Lust, power, greed are desires to overcome and it is believed that Taurus may need to control the instincts which overpower a man's will.

10. Though shall not be so inflexible - We meet the most most stubborn person of the zodiacal tribe. It probably harks back to other traits, but everything regarding the zodiacal characteristics always turns to meet its archetypal core meaning. Another sign of the later bloomer group, it takes time to fully show their talents (we tend to fit all the earthy signs in this grouping for taking longer to fully flower). The individual does not like to take risks and longs for the ground to feel settled and firm, unable to leap into the unknown as easily as others. We have this great inflexibility which is wrapped up in insecurity, and fear of an unknown future.

(P.S totally cheated on the list, but it still contains the basic trappings of the sign)

Shane Gould: Champion Swimmer

olypic gold astrology
Shane Gould is an Australian former champion swimmer, winning a record 5 medals in the 1972 Olympics. The Olympic games take us right into the FIRE sign area of competition, winning and godlike forms. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all associated with dynamic activity, courage, and victory, with most traditional astrology textbooks relating this blazing element to “energy” or “spirit.” We have images of the ancient games presiding which were held at the sanctuary of Zeus (Jupiter) in Olympia with horse and chariot racing, along with combat sports. The whole mythology behind it is all fascinating and the Olympic flame embodying the fiery trigon in a ceremony reflecting the Greek ritual of placing the torch in front of a parabolic mirror reflecting the sun's rays.

"The origin of the Olympics is shrouded in mystery and legend;one of the most popular myths identifies Heracles and his father Zeus as the progenitors of the Games. According to legend, it was Heracles who first called the Games "Olympic" and established the custom of holding them every four years. The myth continues that after Heracles completed his twelve labors, he built the Olympic Stadium as an honor to Zeus." By Wikipedia

Shane Gould - Natal Chart

In Shane's astrological chart there is an abundance of fire signs, with the Asc, Moon, and Uranus in Leo and the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and the NN in the constellation of Sagittarius. A Mars-Jupiter opposition stands out in the nativity and is something often connected with sports as the energy is usually abundant, and can be an indication of sporting teachers, and will often result in over-confidence. It can also play out in the philosophical area and the intellectual realm when a person is equally competitive and loves to challenge others over issues pertaining to religion, politics and so forth. The attraction to equestrian sports (Shane trains horses) is often found under Mars-Jupiter or Mars in Sagittarius, other examples of horse enthusiasts include Christopher Reeves and Prince Charles.

Shane's Mars in Pisces enjoys the sport of swimming and some people with Mars in the sign of the fishes or aspecting Neptune or Mars in 12th house, can be attracted to water sporting activities. Examples include: Rolf Harris, Mike Heath, Ian Thorpe, Eamon Sullivan, Mark Fritz, Shirley Babshoff, and Dawn Frazer (it continues to be a freakishly long list). Mars rules over the competitive energy and Neptune governs water, swimming and diving into deep oceans.

Personal Life

The personal life of Shane is interesting as early childhood involved frequent moves reflected by the Moon-Uranus conjunction on the Ascendant of the horoscope. The powerful emphasis of planets in Sagittarius in the 4th house describes her freestyle living on a farm around lots of animals and training horses with an active part to play in the local community. The superstar swimmer shunned the public life and created this expansive environment at home. It was said that she took refuge (4th) and found meaning in her religion (Sagittarius) and created an alternative lifestyle.

Also, the Sun-Saturn-Pluto configuration symbolically represents the three powerful men in her life, and this his her father, sports coach and husband. A highly publicized bust up between her father and coach and later her husband is shown by the Sun square Pluto aspect which can indicate dominant men, competing to be in control of life. Many life-themes have involved finding self-empowerment and achieving ambitions and creating a personal life of self-sufficiency. "Shane’s life has been dominated by three very strong-willed men. Her father, her coach, Forbes Carlile, and her husband, Neil Innes, all loved her deeply and all fervently believed they were doing what was right for her. But this is one Goldfisch (as the German press christened her at Munich) who cannot be confined to a small bowl and who cannot be told in which direction to swim."
The Sun-Pluto type is prone to jealousy, obsession and being overly absorbed in a partner to the point of suffocation. It can sometimes create problems in a relationship. It is not uncommon to see women with this contact become involved with a controlling, dominating and forceful man. It can be a frustrating pattern for friends and family to witness, but she often finds it hard to resist such a person. Moreover, she has a deep attraction, and it often brings up a complex set of emotions from the unconscious. It is also as if he has a spellbinding hold over her soul, and she finds it difficult letting go. With both men and women this aspect in the chart may bring power and control issues that are often played out at home, but also in work and outside situations they find their strength is tested to its limit. Sun-Pluto Aspects

The Nodal Axis

The nodal axis profoundly highlights the background theme of a life and there is a need to balance public life and career and 'making her mark upon the world' to feeling stuck(SN/Taurus10th) and to return to family roots and to dig deep to find a sense of meaning within (NN/Scorpio/4th), which helps to strengthen the axis. Shane has been developing her North Node qualities for a large part of her life, retiring at a young age, and now she feels firmly based at home and has been returning to the career arena creating a balance with the outer and the inner world..

The Winning Transits

At the time of winning all of of those medals, transiting Pluto was conjunct Jupiter and opposite Mars making for an extra competitive boost and increase in the desire to succeed. Pluto on this Mars-Jupiter is much better than steroids as the swimmer's power is deeply enhanced along with determination, will and the drive to succeed. However,  it can also be totally physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally exhausting as a Pluto transit demands a lot of energy during its duration. A transiting Neptune forming a conjunction to the natal Sun making dreams materialize, fame, and ruling the watery depths.

Venus-Neptune: Swim Ahead, Darling, I'll Survive

venus-neptune aspect
Some astrological events will be tear inducing, and this man's death, broke my soul. "Francis Servel died selflessly to save his wife's life. He and his wife Nicole were on a cruise on the Costa Concordia when the ship struck a reef and capsized off the coast of Tuscany, Italy. A strong swimmer, he refused to take a life vest which were in short supply. He made sure his wife who could not swim had a vest, and told her "Go on my darling, swim straight ahead, I will get myself out." Servel was counted among the 11 dead."

Francis had Venus rising (on the oceanic 12th house side) square Neptune in the watery depths of the 4th house and such a configuration in the natal chart, recounts themes of love, loss, tragedy, sacrifice and drowning. The Neptunian themes in relation to a partner (Venus) is amplified especially around the rescuing of a loved one, and probably men reading this article and women might state that their partner, too, would also make the same decision, but this man lived the choice and saved his wife. In a haunting way, we speak of Venus-Neptune as a love at sea, warning the individual that it is through love where suffering, loss and dissolution through a partner may occur in the individual's life. An older post on here about Venus-Neptune: Artist, Lover, Muse possessed some equally eerie words

Venus-Neptune can reveal itself through love with sacrifice. Maybe one saves the other from drowning, and is forever changed by the experience....The dream of love and its emotional infatuation often bring with it a tsunami of feelings that hit with full force. Neptune is darkly seductive and it can drag even the earthiest of types under, casting a magical spell over its victim. We are always inspired to raise the frequency of love when Neptune is involved...A Venus-Neptune lover is this lovely mermaid from the deep with her romantic-fantasy and themes of love circling around enchantment and the oceanic waters are where love dwells. Love is a plunge into feelings into the realm of seaweed, fishes and bubbles. Venus-Neptune love can seem magically fated and there is always the search for the ideal mate. 

Maybe I should have thought along the lines of 'tragically fated' and on the day of the drowning there was a progression of Venus opposite Neptune transit straddling the native's angles (I.C and M.C), and if this isn't enough, transiting Neptune was forming a trine to has natal Venus/Asc along with other astrological themes for the death. We can probably all over romanticize the event as this aspect (Venus-Neptune) always has us feeling immense love, poetics and sadness all wrapped up, when it was in reality - a deeply tragic event. However, it feels as if this aspect has literally been placed upon the most Neptunian dramatic stage as possible (sea drama) and the blue planet is both life and death with personal suffering involved and this whole watery tragedy played out like a sad, and incredibly emotionally moving movie. Only this really happened, and love met with the ultimate extremes of Neptune with the offering of the self for the sake of the other, with compassion and a heavy sense of obligation, presenting the most exalted aspect of love to inspire towards.

The reports of what happened actually detailed the most selfish behaviour by the male passengers and was described as disgusting and called an 'every man for himself' situation. In contrast, the husband and wife was a redeeming part of this whole fateful sinking of the Costa Concordia. Venus-Neptune in aspect can create a mystical and compassionate bond, and a spiritual kinship with a loving and devoted nature. It is believed that such 'perfect love' and higher expression along with an otherworldly sacrificial unconditional nature is not easily attained in reality. However, the aspect would not exist if this kind of love could not be found on Earth, and it is the kind of unselfish love that is rarely glimpsed. In the case of Francis, the sacrifice was for the one he loved, and he had been married to her for 40 years.

At other times, people have sacrificed their life for a complete stranger and any act of selflessness falls into Neptune's realm. A Venus-Neptune aspect is called the single most 'romantic' planetary aspect, and it has been associated with soul-mate connections, and often resonating with a love only found in our dreams. In Neptune's world, there are no barriers to loving, and there is a deep longing for the purest expression and the highest forms of spiritual love. Still, not many of us will be faced with making such a large sacrifice, and it spelled the end of their earthly life together, and it fills me with tears imagining the reconnection of these two love-birds in the afterlife.

Pisces: Empathy

pisces empathy
In the zodiac, it is in the constellation of Pisces where we find empathy, understanding and the ability to emotionally feel another's pain. Absorbing the sadness all around, interpreting life through a vale of tears it can feel heavy on a heart that is usually big and wide enough for all. A Piscean is often caught in a world of sorrow that crashes like waves on a sensitive soul. A lot of Jungian psychology applies, particularly in the area of the oceanic collective unconscious as Pisces has a direct line to the ocean. The individual is always thirsting for a dream, filled with discontent and feeling strung out and hazy. However, the psyche is also pulled towards the sadness as there is a need to feel a deep connection with others. Past life astrology isn't always terribly useful with readings suggesting the Sun in Pisces lived a previous existence of emotional pain that was so great it led them to take their own life. Pisces is often viewed as the sign of tragic melancholy, sorrow and weakness. It is a sign that easily gives up, sacrifices and relinquishes all control. The person with planets in the sign of the fishes is born with increased sensitivity,  feelings swell and the tears helplessly fall. It is also believed the only way to transform the innate sadness is to devote the self to some kind of service, and the only way to find peace is to follow spiritual pursuits, otherwise the world-weariness that is often felt,  places a particularly heavy toll on this loving and self-sacrificing figure.

The wishy-washy sign of Pisces is incapable of saying "I" and with feelings and fantasies dominating and deep longing for some kind of mystical fusion. The individual that actively seeks dissolution is a frightening prospect for others, especially when a soul falls into madness or addictive substances, but this usually happens for those with the more extreme expression - including strong aspects to the ruling planet, Neptune. It is not only an out-of-body state that is sought, but more of a feeling of wholeness and to feel a sense of oneness. The personality will often not confront reality and is helpless and refuses to build a bridge to the mundane world.

The boundless hunger of the Piscean in many natives has drawn them towards addictive activities and the highly suggestible nature and great openness allows the individual to feel a psychic unity with life, but the lowering of the threshold of consciousness has taken them down some slippery paths, but has also given them great psychic gifts. A Pisces needs a watery eternal nourishment and the individual may have extraordinarily creative gifts, intensely active imagination with a heightened sensitivity to human suffering. The problems arise with the fluidity of the being  and a sense of being unformed and a powerful need to placate others as confrontations and the word "no" are usually avoided.

Spiritual studies are helpful as long as it is not just another passageway to escape the real world, but we meet with the inner-eye of deeper understanding beyond the material world. Also, it's not about feeling guilty or helpless if not every body in the world can be rescued. In the channeled Seth readings, the spirit offered some sound advice about looking after the Self and understanding what needs to be dealt with in life and what really needs to take top priority.

Attend to what is directly before you. You have no responsibility to save the world or find solutions to all problems - but to attend to your particular corner of the universe. As each person does that, the world saves itself.

Pluto in Capricorn: The Shame Game

pluto in capricorn
Pluto in Capricorn began transiting Capricorn in 2008 and early changes witnessed, were long-standing businesses closing and the government being exposed for various shady dealings. However, as this transit has continued to progress we have witnessed (U.K) many celebrities including Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile, Dave Lee Travis,  and Max Clifford all well known public figures being named and shamed as sexual predators and it is all because of Operation Yewtree a police investigation into sexual abuse allegation and has been criticized and labelled by a few as some kind of witch-hunt. The shame, shame, we know your our name game takes us right into Pluto territory as this is the planet which relates to naming and shaming and Capricorn governs a  public image, career, reputation and, indeed, all of these aspects of the celebrity's life have been destroyed

Exposure is the essence of shaming and the inner-turmoil felt and the need to withdraw from society. Early days of shaming involved hot-iron branding and the Pluto kind of shame has a similar power as it can leave a life ruined and spoil an individual's reputation, bodily safety, and all resources. It takes something away and the person is punished, imprisoned, fined and faced with social ostracism. Pluto is usually considered to rule Scorpio, which has obvious similarities and is associated the underworld, dark-side of life, with death and violence and the struggle for survival, with the destructive capacity that lurks in all of us. Pluto is unflinching in confronting the more unpleasant aspects of life.

In a sense, Pluto is revealing material that has been swept under the carpet and its transit through a particular sign indicates the type of people that are likely to be persecuted and exposed. It calls to mind the darker element of human nature and all that is poisoness, discordant and harmful to society. Throughout this whole period, awards have been stripped, reputable names tarnished and a life completely ruined (justice served in some cases). At the same time, we must also remember that Pluto is a planet of justice, and it might be the only good feeling we can retain after discovering some of our childhood personalities possessed such evil and monstrous desires. We really can trust no one. However, Pluto deals with sins and sinners have been publicly shamed and the planet drags out the blackest elements within society and ensures the issues are brought to light offering us a greater sense of justness. We are faced with living in a society of the rich getting richer and criminals, walking away lightly from horrendous crimes, with celebrities believing their status allows them to abuse individuals.

Pluto brings things to the surface, revealing man's true character. Many of these celebs would have wished 'the ground opened and swallowed them up'. Pluto is a force to be reckoned with and governs the HIDDEN DEPTHS, INVESTIGATIONS, UNEARTHING, PROBING and deals mostly with the corruption and ABUSE OF POWER. There will be an element of shame, humiliation and brutal self-honesty and it will place the individual in front of collective eyes of the world stage in Capricorn. Pluto rules the unnamed transgression, and some people take their secrets to their grave, and others will experience the untold, unknown and uncommunicated be told, known and communicated.

Lunar Madness

Lunar Madness
The Queen if the night; the female power of mystery and luminous light. The Moon is also known as the mother of precognition conjuring up images of magic, witchcraft, madness, superstition and flirting with folklore, along with lunacy, and werewolves. The feminine menstrual cycle lasts about as long as the lunar cycle linking women to that remote silvery body. Menstruation itself terrified men for centuries and it was the Jews that apparently believed one of drop of blood from that time of the month will kill a plant. The word "menses" comes from the Latin word "month," which comes from the Anglo Saxon word "Mona," from which our familiar word "Moon" derives. There is also a belief that a woman tends to menstruate at the phase of the Moon under which she was born, if her cycle is regular, 28 or so days.

The further mystery of birth connected woman to the idea of darkness. Motherhood also being linked to earth where blackness dominates. All lunatics mistake the light of the Moon for reason, but everything we experience is automatically coated in emotion, and if we are not feeling we are not breathing. It is within this realm where we are drawn towards the unconscious and this night luminary is a transporter and keeper of the soul. This inner archetype rules all the emotions under its mystical operation and we see it working through dreams and intuition seducing us in mysterious ways.

The poets, farmers and midnight lovers are all attracted to the spell of this heavenly body, It feeds the soul, in body and spirit and we long to be intimate with others. It also influences murderers with homicides peaking at the time of the Full Moon. In many parts of the world, the Moon was linked symbolically with the regenerative power of life and she is not only known as the Mother but also maiden and crone. The lunar body changes shape and moves through phases and on the basis of this luminary's cycle the first concepts of reincarnation and karma began to develop representing birth, growth, evolution, maturity, aging and death. The ancients observed the Moon and markings on bones and cave walls show that lunar cycles were being noted as early as twenty-five thousand years ago.

The Moon part of us is self-protective, almost living life curved up in a ball. It is our feelings which affect our psychology and it is our unique personal  response to joy, happiness and also sadness. The Moon is most visible within the private spaces we create for ourselves and only those close to us get to see our secrets, and deeper workings and reach into the mystery of the heart.

The Moon rules the night by the reflection of the Sun and is an important counterpart to the outer personality. The gorgeous night time stars play backdrop on a black canvas to the lunar body. The goddess of the nighttime world leaves engraved experiences embedded deep within the unconscious. Sometimes when we are hurt we can respond hysterically and be overtaken by lunacy, revealing the dark and primitive side of our nature.

Moon Quotes

“Woman is the most superstitious animal beneath the moon. When a woman has a premonition that Tuesday will be a disaster, to which a man pays no heed, he will very likely lose his fortune then. This is not meant to be an occult or mystic remark. The female body is a vessel, and the universe drops its secrets into her far more quickly than it communicates them to the male.”
Edward Dahlberg ― 
 “Her antiquity in preceding and surviving succeeding tellurian generations: her nocturnal predominance: her satellitic dependence: her luminary reflection: her constancy under all her phases, rising and setting by her appointed times, waxing and waning: the forced invariability of her aspect: her indeterminate response to inaffirmative interrogation: her potency over effluent and refluent waters: her power to enamour, to mortify, to invest with beauty, to render insane, to incite to and aid delinquency: the tranquil inscrutability of her visage: the terribility of her isolated dominant resplendent propinquity: her omens of tempest and of calm: the stimulation of her light, her motion and her presence: the admonition of her craters, her arid seas, her silence: her splendour, when visible: her attraction, when invisible.”
― James Joyce, Ulysses 
 “Who says you cannot hold the moon in your hand?

Tonight when the stars come out and the moon rises in the velvet sky, look outside your window, then raise your hand and position your fingers around the disk of light.

There you go . . . That was easy!”
― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Scorpio: The Meaning of Change

scorpio meaning of change
The Changes in a Scorpio's life are often witnessed as dramatic and there is always a basic conflict or tension between two opposing sides of their nature. One is to surrender to the animalistic instincts which is to fall into the marsh of human weakness and brutality; there are powerful lessons in dealing with desire. The other struggle is to rise above tragedy and display courage, sensitivity and their spiritual nature. It is the tragic circumstances that C.E.O Carter refers to as the result of evil acts, and which smack of retribution...it is fate and tragedy borne down by that which is yet stronger, the swimmer sinks in the waves. The magical waters of the Scorpion can be healing and rejuvenating and rules over the emotional and psychic part of life. Often the feelings are kept hidden  under and calm and unruffled exterior, but the river that flows through this soul can be a driving force of change or the waters are filled with stagnant and lowly forms of life.

The individual is born at a time of year, when vegetation fades and decays and all creatures prepare for the winter months when the forces of life have given place to death and destruction. Scorpio is symbolic of the abundance of contradictions from feeling weak and powerful to passionate and cold; there is nothing done by half-measures and the complexity of the personality finds it incredibly difficult to skim the surface of life and must uncover what lies beneath. Sooner or later, Scorpio learns what their energy is really capable of is interior strength and as their story unfolds the themes always take a fascinating turn.

Scorpio Changes

Usually a conflict is presented in the life of the individual and it could involve any one of the social ills or circumstances such as spousal and child abuse, prejudice, domestic upheaval, divorce, mental illness and it usually places them into a position of powerlessness, having been dealt a bad hand in some way. The individual is learning to control turbulent emotions and is usually at the mercy of their over-intense desire. When anybody attempts to injure or thwart their deepest needs the soul defends itself with the virulent sting of the scorpion and in an outlet of violence it can manifest jealousy, hate and resentment. The battle within can be internal or external as the soul struggles against some dehumanizing force. The deepest wounds of Scorpio struggles through grief, hurt, anger and savagery to maintain a sense of human dignity; there is an involvement in the complexity of human relationships and we all root for a triumphant victory which is sometimes, but certainly not always achieved.

After suffering repeatedly the loss or destruction of what is valued, the person longs to discover the reason why. It is this need to know where we the reason behind Scorpio's love of mysteries and to solve the purpose of existence and also to understand their acute sensitivity to even the smallest threat, digging deep into psychology and to penetrate the hidden powers of the universe. The individual will go through all of these conflicts and experiences to understand their own nature and mature. The soul gains new awareness and ultimately there is always change, and Scorpio is in someway different at the end. Some astrologers think Scorpio possesses an actual magic or a powerful and magnetic personality, but their most important gifts live within the indestructibility of the soul and a powerful need to survive great heartache and misfortune.

Leo the Lion

leo the Lion
Leo’s task is to enhance creativity and to strive towards the greatest possible degree of self-expression and the need to partake in the process of life. Under this sign, we see the truly great leaders and rulers with the power to vitalize and inspire others. It has always been emphasized through many astrological works that it is Leo's essence that matters rather than anything accomplished. 

The fire of this sign expresses itself in its fixed quality and the emotions are intensified powerfully revealing a strong need for affection. The individual must obey the dictates of the heart and to also follow its guidance in creating authenticity. The soul gravitates towards a life which is meaningful and they see everything in the fullest way and completely. The individual is passionate and invests the entire self into purpose and no one burns as intensely and nobody feels love as wholeheartedly and their is always deep sincerity in whatever activity is undertaken.

In the history of the constellation of Leo it was represented by the Great Dog, and it eventually became a Lion, but it is still  all something of a mystery. The origin of the zodiac is an unsolved matter, as stated in the Philosophy of Astrology the twelve zodiac signs were something humans projected onto the night sky.

The story goes that the earl Greek Shepherds would lie on their backs at night and gaze up into the sky while tending their flocks. The brightest stars seemed to make patterns in a band of space that the planets travel in their orbit around the Sun called the ecliptic. This band of space was divided into twelve sections and named after the figures of their favorite legends. These myths were projected out onto the heavens as a product of the human mind. Planets are objective; the signs of the zodiac subjective, and they are not considered to have any a cause-effect relationship. By James Hammelton

Leo the Lion - For Mine is the Kingdom

In Latin, Leo means lion and is a 'royal sign -"For mine is the kingdom the power and the glory." The sign is ruled by the Sun the visible life-force which also corresponds to images of wholeness and completeness such as mandalas, and the circle which is the embodiment of geometrical perfection: smooth everywhere, harmonious and asymmetric, and it has been described as the ”window opening up to eternity.” Light is life and leads us towards divinity. The solar aspects of our being is often thought as an expression of God. The Sun is the “star in man” and these natives pour out their radiant energy.The beastly nature of the sign has undergone some criticism and attributes Leo's senseless pride representing the totally egocentric beginning of the unique individuality.

The fixed element of their nature represents the unchanging quality and permanence of a sense of 'me' and when the person is powerfully whole, and possesses the strength of being individual the spirit gains an invincible gift of being less hurt by the criticism and slights of others. The dot at the center is the indestructible force of a strong heart. In a sense, reclaiming one's birthright and aligning their energy with the magnetic solar power and journeying towards the nobler self and towards the light of true gold.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn
An individual with Mars in Capricorn possesses an energy that is practical, goal orientated, and ambitious with the aim of gaining mastery over the will. The strength of the red planet is shown through their ability to plan, organize and sustain. The soul is highly motivated to be successful and to see tangible results. The God of war when in this position is about sustaining and maintaining and this energy is expressed with more reserve. The self-restrained part of their nature behaves with integrity and there is a powerful push in the personality to accomplish something significant. Any planet placed in Capricorn has been known to cut off feelings in order to achieve social prestige, and will do whatever is necessary, so there’s a workaholic streak and a powerful work-ethic. However, the person will also often be driven to provide security for the people most dearest and to fulfill ambitions and they will often have this air of authority when feeling competitive.

Usually there is managerial and executive ability and tremendous endurance to work long hours and to fight adversity. Mars in Capricorn is often an indication of the self-made person with strong self-discipline. The goals in life, focus on overcoming obstacles in the path to getting what is wanted. As is often the case, they will have to wait, beyond most people’s patience and to move those boulders and stare up at the mountain top finding renewed strength within this endless grind. The individual can get deeply depressed and fall to their knees when a goal fails, but ff the goal is worthy - rise again, and re-focus. The aim is all about growing towards a self-mastery, to harness the caution, self-control and carefulness. Usually any activity undertaken has to be productive and fruitful; this is perhaps why Mars is found in its exaltation in the sign of the goat

Mars in Capricorn  - Ambition

This is the kind of Mars which works exceptionally well with a structured timetable and is business-like in their no-nonsense and hard-working approach. The individual also has a storing sense of responsibility, honour and duty. Mars in Capricorn is turned on by ambition and determination and anything that enhances status and will some will always feel a drive to start-up a business and usually this energy needs to be channeled into some kind of career and this is an extremely self-sufficient energy that can make their own way in the world. The individual hates to be a time waster when a project needs to be completed and their dynamism is expressed productively, with well-planned steps, and a steady disposition that gives complete commitment.

The type wants achievements to last and is not really drawn to flash in the pan success, they are unrelenting and willing to wait for what they want. This person is usually nobody’s fool and they are industrious, active and laborious. The desire nature is strong and the individual will fight their way to the top, but sometimes they can be found fighting against authority, and a lust for power and control, but they will always go around getting what they want in a deliberate, realistic and sure-footed fashion. The person isn’t fond of taking short cuts and would rather build their objectives slowly and take the long way around if it guarantees a strong foundation on which they are building their endeavours.

In evolutionary astrology it states the individual must make meaningful accomplishments as there were perceived failings in a past life that have left a stained mark on the soul of being making them feel at fault. The aims of such an individual include financial success and security, some may perceive the soul as materialistic but there is seriousness and  they will do things by following a system and keep to the status qua. 
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