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Scorpio's Silence

Paul Valéry was a writer who had Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio in the 6th house, along with two watery planets the Moon and Pluto swimming in the twelfth house. When his mentor died, he never returned to writing for 20 years, and it was called his ‘ great silence.

On the night of 4 October 1892, during a heavy storm, Paul Valéry underwent an existential crisis, an event that made a huge impact on his writing career. Eventually, around 1898, he quit writing altogether, and, for nearly twenty years, Valery did not publish a single word. This hiatus was due, in part, to the death of his mentor, Stéphane Mallarmé.

In astrology the Sun is self-expression, life-force and creativity and Mercury rules over writing, mentoring, learning and communication. Scorpio rules over those hush-hush areas of life that are taboo to discuss or too painful to speak about.

Those born with Mercury in Scorpio understand life through the hidden layers of reality, and they seem to know things on the instinctive, nonverbal level… These people have a very honest view of life and understand the true nature of human beings and the dark side of life. Mercury in Scorpio

In the Scorpio sense the ‘great silence’ is a strong part of Scorpio’s nature, and the emotions have a tendency to bubble underneath. The nature is secretive and teeming with intensity, and there is a veiled mystery about the type which contains many deep mysteries kept hidden. Scorpio also keeps many secrets in the stillness within; there is much that we never learn about the individual. On the surface, they have been called an ‘iceberg’, because one can never really fathom the depths of their reactions. Carter captures the essence of Scorpio and says that no sign has more profound and enduring feelings, giving them an unwavering devotion.

Scorpio is the sign that can become preoccupied with death, and many often say in response to Scorpio’s heavy nature and fixated emotional states to “lighten up “ as they do have a tendency of becoming locked up in a state of darkness for days, months or even years. The soul freezes over for a time, but eventually life will burst back through since they are a sign of life-death and rebirth.

In nature, scorpions are in fact remarkably tough; they can survive fire, nuclear tests, and the heat and aridity of a desert climate where little else will live. So, too, does the tenacity of the sign give those in whom it is prominent, endurance, and an indestructibility of the spirit which can survive great sorrow and hardship. Mythic Astrology

Those born under the Scorpio do not give much away, and many people are taken by surprise when the individual does erupt. Often they can show an intensity of feeling, but also hide their emotions in ice cold and silent manner, and they can create the chilliest of atmospheres. The emotions become crystallized, fixed and in a permanent state. Many Scorpios are prone to deep depression, and they also attempt to silence much of what goes on. The Scorpion keeps many of their true feelings to themselves. In fact, they become impossible to read. Everything runs deeper, and is powerfully felt.

Traditionally, the triplicity of the water element have been called the “mute” signs and when hurt, they sink deeply, and often we see their moodiness, sulking, brooding and deep introspective natures. The deep pain of something intensely felt is difficult for them to articulate. Feeling signs are the most sensitive, and concerned with their interior worlds. Cancer runs back into their shell when the world intrudes. Scorpio presents a steely and resolute front and Pisces will escape into their imaginative world, silently slipping away, and they’re all creatures of non-verbal communication. The watery expressions describing them, usually go something like this: Scorpio’s water forms frozen ice caps and the glacial mountains whose peaks are above water and often dangerous bodies underneath, and Cancer’s waters are more like the rushing rivers and lakes, while Pisces represents the vastness of the oceans and sea.

Much of Scorpio’s experience goes underground. There is a power in silence that often speech lacks. The Scorpion’s world is often cryptic and the wintry soul is exceedingly difficult to penetrate, if downright impossible, and they conceal themselves in retreat. If the enigma of Scorpio is to be understood, we can think of profound changes happening underneath that are transforming. Scorpio the 8th house and Pluto also rule the unspeakable, the dark and silent social underbelly. Long-drawn-out silences are common with those that have suffered trauma and in many ways we can find silence threatening or comforting, but those on the receiving end, whether it is purposefully directed at an individual or not, can be severely tested in their frustration tolerance.

Silence can be used as weapon, especially in the 8th house area of intimate relationships. For water types especially, experiences that threaten to overwhelm there can be difficultly articulating or rationalizing the experience. The watery element takes its refuge in silence and in the Scorpionic realm, it can also show mourning and deep respect for something profoundly deep and important and the impact of a loss that the individual feels at the core of their being, and one that has been emotionally devastating. People who exhibit silent behaviour we refer to them as reserved, private, forbidding, brooding, injured, suspicious, and secretive. Silence is also a sign of intensity, and rivers run deep, and Scorpio shuts off.

If we manage to tear off those Scorpio layers and look inside we always find something profound, a cauldron of emotions stirring within. Also, through the Scorpion realm of emotional crisis, and through relationships it can also make the individual more aware of his own feeling nature. Everything in Scorpio is emotional in origin, and much rubble must be dug to reveal their true feelings. The process of analysing and purifying emotions has no time-limit and the need to be reborn and achieve more awareness of their spiritual nature is a powerful draw. The powers of the unconscious of the Scorpio mind are the life giving powers of healing of the self and others.

The Blank Slate

The whole theory of the personality being a blank slate emphasized by the philosopher John Locke when he proposed the mind obtains knowledge and is itself a passive recipient or “Tabula rasa “ (blank slate). Apart from being a somewhat soulless interpretation of the human being entering into life, he said the mind is like a white piece of paper void of all characters, without any ideas. How it comes to be furnished? The whole environment paints upon the individual and it gains a personality through experience.

 All astrologers would mostly agree that we are not born a blank slate ready to be written on by our environment, and we are not static we are in fact already tuned to certain wavelengths and we are not uncreated. We already have definite characteristics before any influence succeeds from the outer world. Our horoscope influences our personality and it affects how we view life, but we do have the ability to adapt and to evolve.

Jungian astrology holds the view that we have apriori (prior experience disposition). Most of us into psychology and astrology feel that both the inherent birth chart and early experiences form our innate characters. We are not a blank slate waiting to written upon, a cup ready to be filled. Astrology also clangs against the law of attraction when it comes to changing our thoughts and attaining everything we desire. We are kind of pre-programmed to already expect certain things to happen. We are already subject towards experiencing life in a certain way, and we are already born with a self-image and a certain way we approach the world, as well as an innate disposition. We are already coloured in and the environment does not wholly dictate or paint us into the person that we are now.

We are at birth embedded with signs, planets and aspects in astrological houses. Still, we are also like sponges, especially when young, and we soak up the environment.  Whether those who agree with John Locke and believe certain we are bank slates, or canvases ready to be painted upon by our environment, there is still much to be learned about our inner world the psyche and the soul.

We all like to think we have some measure of free-will and indeed we have, should we choose to exercise it, but much of the time we are motivate d by a whole spectrum of different influences of which we are bit dimly aware. Without doubt many of these ‘influences ‘can be linked to early childhood and relationships….The future always has to be built on the past and our adult life is based on the foundation of our very earliest years….This is not to say childhood cause the experiences of later years. As astrologers we know that the earlier and the later experience is, as astrologer Eve Jackson put it ‘embraced in a symbolism mapped before either occurrence’. In other words we come into the world predisposed to react in a certain way and this disposed to hook certain life experiences. Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope

Another argument to be put forth is reincarnation, albeit, a poor one since we cannot prove we have lived lives before this one. However, it is still something many people strongly believe in and hold the view that we have lived lives before and already have a firm set of characteristics:
The Laws of reincarnation tell us the soul is a collector of experiences. It synthesises the growth achieved, lessons learned, and lessons to be learned from past lives. These lives take form in both sexes, in all races, and many national groups. Alan Oken's Complete Astrology: The Classic Guide to Modern Astrology
What is it that actually determines the choice of the outer personality to be worn by the individual in any one incarnation is another question, and can hardly be discussed at length here. As has already been indicated, the author leans to the opinion of many thinkers that it is probably man’s own free-will. It seems only reasonable and just that the secret ambitions we nurse, the aspirations and ideals we cherish in one earthly life, should forge the chains which will draw us steadily along some specific line of development in the next. Signs of the Zodiac Analysed
Furthermore, as pointed out by Eve Jackson the psyche of an individual is much more difficult to chart:
Psychology is literally the study of the psych, but what do we mean by psyche? When we talk about the human body we feel we know what we are dealing with; it can be apprehended by the senses and measured, we can point to different parts of it and name them, confident that others will understand what we mean by “head” or “heart” as anatomical items…when we try to describe the non-physical aspects of the human being…we are getting into territory much more difficult to chart…the invisible psychic operations. But what do we mean by mind, spirit, soul, self, to say nothing of instincts, feelings and intuitions. ASTROLOGY (COMPASS OF MIND)

James Dean: The Little Bastard

James Dean the boyishly handsome, non-conformist rebel made a massive impact in the film world, and few possessed his natural charisma and magnetism and devastatingly handsome appearance. The reportedly bi-sexual star lit up our screens and was obsessive about acting, an avid gun collector, motorcyclist and photographer. He especially liked taking photographs of himself. The young star prematurely died in a fatal car crash, and an examination of his horoscope and transits for this tragedy might offer us some answers to why such a bright flame, burned out so quickly on that fateful day.

James’s Dean was born with Uranus exactly conjunct his Ascendant.

 Those born with Uranus in the 1st house can be described as having unusual and unconventional qualities, especially if Uranus is tightly conjunct the Ascendant. Since the first house represents our physical appearance as well as our personality, there may be something non-conformist about the way they dress or behave. The individual is viewed as a rebel, reformer, or highly unusual in their manners, appearance and attitude. In addition, they often enjoy being different and unpredictable. Uranus here likes to do what they please regardless of customs and norms.” Uranus in 1st House

Many times, planets rising are particularly significant in trauma to the body. Linda Darnell (Mars rising, burned in a house fire), James Dean (Uranus rising, killed in a car crash), Christopher Reeves (Pluto rising, had a significant accident and trauma that left him paralyzed). Similar to James Dean, Reeves shared a placement of Mars in the 5th house but in the centaur sign of Sagittarius and was entering a horse race competition when it happened. Quite often planets are also transiting the 1st house when an accident by death has occurred. Also, the rising planet may be active in transit at the time of a trauma to the body.

Always a daredevil, James Dean’s pride and joy was his silver Porsche Spider which he nicknamed “Little Bastard”. On September 30, 1955, he was out for a spin - driving at 86 miles per hour - when at 5.59PM. His car collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Routes 41 and 466 near Paso Robles, California. His passenger, Porsche factory mechanic Rolf Weutherich, suffered a broken leg and head injuries; the driver of the other car, David Turnupseed, was only injured slightly. In the crash, Dean’s head was nearly severed from his body. A few hours earlier a police officer has cautioned him to slow down and issued a speeding ticket. Dean had been heading to a sports car rally. Reportedly, James Dean’s final words to Rolf Weutherich before the fatal car smash up were regarding the oncoming car: “He’s got to see us.” James Dean died when the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction was in the sky symbolizing large forces at work, things done in a big way, and an ego that can expand with desire for power and control. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction which opposes his Sun (self) can also indicate an energy that massively increases, but it can also create a lack of balance.

Under the Sun-Pluto transits some part of our life changes and nothing stays the same. Sometimes it happens suddenly, and the proverbial rug is pulled out from beneath our feet and all sense of security is lost. It may be a long drawn out process and our life changes completely by the end of the transit, or it is our identity that alters significantly.”… Sun-Pluto transits are active when there is a life threatening situation or a major crisis looming… It could be a death in his life touching him to the core, changing him dramatically, and he may not the man we knew before. It is not uncommon for others to remark to a Sun-Pluto transit person that they have undergone a personality change and this could be a positive or negatively perceived one… Birth and death itself is viewed as the snake shedding its skin, and to die is like changing one’s body or sloughing off one’s skin. Death is a transition development process, and throwing off of the outer physical body. Sun-Pluto Transits 

Transiting Saturn was in Scorpio and on the cusp of his 8th house of death. Saturn in transit represents those obstacles in our way, and can signify a time we will meet with opposition or resistance. When a personality is reckless, racy, and rebellious they don't take kindly to being thwarted, and they aren’t adaptable. Liz Greene comments that the Sun in Aquarius (fixed) and the reforming energy as is seen in James Dean’s chart, doesn’t work when you try to change him. A Saturn transit can hit hard in this sense and authority and law enforcement (Saturn) warning him to slow down and also disciplining his actions fell on deaf ears. Under Saturn we are always held responsible for our actions, and it’s the inner pressure to “do the right thing” often Saturnian types and even those predominately ruled by earth can sail by such transits, but a personality that hates such limits enforced on life will often try and break down those barriers. The whole configuration and T-square energy of his natal Sun in Aquarius and Jupiter-Pluto in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio always gives us a feeling of the unalterable and lacks flexibility.

Also, transiting Uranus, which rises in his horoscope, formed a conjunction to Mars. Uranus-Mars is an indication of accidents and the energy can be erratic, and there is a spontaneous, impulsive and potentially rash desire. Mishaps, highly competitive nature, and a fresh vibrancy surround the individual under this kind of energy. It is called the hasty and reckless transit and it can lead to sudden calamity and is actually one of the aspects that astrologers constantly warn clients about carelessness when driving. The uncompromising nature, volatility, and willful extremes can prove disruptive and also explosive. The Mars in Leo in the 5th house placement (pride and joy) indicating his hobbies were fast cars and entering into competitions - Mars) took the brunt of the Uranus transit. James Dean was only 24 years old when he died, but his legacy has significantly outlived his actual life-span.

The Aniti-Flirt Club: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio Part 2


The Leo flirts by mere self-expression, they are affectionate and playful lovers and impress others with their ability to shine like the Sun. Also, there is a glorious magnetism and charisma that shines through and they’re unashamed of their sunny nature. At times, they may need to be the centre of attention and they are often always clearly visible, standing out in a crowd. In love they are the storyteller, the dancer and the actor and love is a creative act with a leading actress rejoicing in the performance. However, this doesn’t mean love is only an act, for Leo their heart burns intensely; they are fixed in their affections and incredibly loyal.

With a generous heart, and an energy that shines out behind their eyes clearly and distinctly they are individual, dramatic, and their life must be similarly coloured with passion, flair and lashings of romance. A lifetime of love may feel like one big theatre production, but they always keep life entertaining, and always give excessively and offer something that is completely unique. Leo is the sign where the heart is at the centre, and they are devastated when let down by a partner in any way. Leo wants what is best and only the grandest, to be truly loved and adored and need to be flattered and deeply appreciated.

The Leo lover has a tremendous pride and will not tolerate cheating, lying and mistreatment. Like all fire signs they can enjoy a good party, dressing up, but they can be called a bit of a snob at times, and it may be due to their regal air. They possess the rare capacity of making love into something exceptional and extraordinary and do not want to appear common. Leo has a vision of love and will fight for love; they are not the laid back types and are incredibly loyal and supportive of loved ones. Be careful in love as criticism cuts deep, and it can be difficult to reassure them at these times.


The Virgo flirts by doing all the little things in life that we easily overlook, but that offer tremendous value in the larger scheme of our existence, making life more ordered. Virgo hates to make mistakes and everything is chosen carefully, done with thoroughness, and practiced until just right. They are private souls and have their rituals and regular habits and everything is run through a filter. Being an earth sign they prefer what is useful and practical and all of this can also apply to love. Virgo will show they care by being helpful, applying their intelligence and craftsmanship to their partner’s life.

Venus the planet of love is in its fall position when placed in Virgo and it is said to be a difficult pairing when it comes to romance. Venus in Aries also takes slack for being too selfish for a harmonious relationship. Virgo is often stereotyped with the prim and proper image, the Virgin who is cold, unaffectionate and lacking in desire. However, there can be shyness, so desire is not necessarily lacking. A case study I worked on a few years ago revealed the anxiety of a woman with multiple planets in Virgo worried about being a Virgin in her late twenties and having a terrible time in love. Fellow Virgo - Liz Greene - says Virgo’s do nothing to dispel all of these stereotypical myths.

I once came across a kind of joke horoscope which gave a particularly insulting paragraph to each sign. For Virgo, it said, ‘Virgos are apt to fall asleep while making love. They make good bus drivers.’ Well, amusing enough. But it reflects the general attitude most popular astrology holds about the Virgo lover. And sadly, many Virgos do nothing to dispel this image. I once knew a Virgo man who kept by his bedside one of those ubiquitous sex primers which told you which erogenous zone the land hand should be placed on after the first five minutes of foreplay. He actually attempted to follow the instructions, as though he were following a recipe. Astrology for Lovers

Underneath, Virgos adore romance just as much as their opposite sign of Pisces and long to be swept up into a lover’s arms, and imaginably still holding their to-do-list. All earthy signs have sensuality, but it has been said many times that Virgo may feel ashamed of some of their wilder desires, but time often loosens the inhibitions. It has also been noted that there is something about the Virgo feminine image that drives the opposite sex crazy, and they are pure and lovely in this sense.

Similar to Gemini they need a meeting of minds, and their mind is sharp and penetrating but also practical. The only fall back is being critical, nagging, and picky all the time. They have a way of telling people how things can be improved and how to do it better. Virgo makes for a patient and enduring lover, and they are prone to analyzing partners trying to understand what makes them the way they are. All earth signs will stick around in relationships when the going gets tough and they deal with the real world. Virgo does this by taking things apart and putting them back together in a better order.


Libra flirts by pure charm and they love giving compliments. Libras life can be dominated by love, and they enjoy beautiful art, sweetness and attractiveness and are willing to fit nicely into another’s life. Above all, Libra wants agreement and balance in relationships, and is willing to make adjustments and may often be enthusiastic about everything the other does, and how wonderful it is. They are all about symmetry, and perfectly matching into a partner’s life, as a kind of perfect complement.

They prefer relations on a one-to-one basis, but the main problem that has been highlighted with Librian love is that because of this way of relating to everything, and due to all of this perfectly matching and colossal flattering it tends to result in a series of intimate friends all of who are convinced they are Libra’s perfect partner. Libra is immensely popular with the opposite sex, because they have such likable qualities and also because of their uncritical attitude. The Librian always has this lovely impulse to complete itself. Also, another common problem is their inability to function alone, without a partner. 

Libras fall easily in love, but hate arguments, disagreements, and underhandedness as they are the ultimate peacemakers, ruled by the peaceful dove. In relationships, while other signs thrive on a good love-fight as it may add the needed tension and excitement to any bond and challenge it to grow; it is Libra that really dislikes to be pushed into such behaviour. All the airy signs tend to rise above any kind of crudeness in expression, especially in the area where the violence of the emotions commonly appear and this is usually in intimate relating. They avoid direct confrontation, and do not understand why others stay in discordant, or nasty relationships. Libra prefers to be intellectually supportive, cool, and pretty darn perfect.

She can make deft and minute changes within a room so that harmony of its proportions is enhanced. Essentially, she understands beauty has an outward manifestation of natural order. The concept of beauty is central in the culture of the Navajo people, who speak of ‘walking a trail of beauty’ to explain the way to co-operate with nature rather than try to control her.The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience

The Librian likes good conversation, a pleasant social atmosphere, to be flattered and gravitates towards the good the true and the beautiful. They make the most cultured of lovers are refined and poised and they are all about sweetness and fair-play in love and love to be in love.


A Scorpio is the piece of chocolate cake, it will do more harm than good, and we know it, but don’t care one bit. The Scorpio flirts by force of intensity and there is a sheer magnetism and there usually no hiding place where they will not find you. They always know exactly where they are going in life, but also once fixed on someone, they rarely give up until they have got what rightfully belongs to them. Scorpio won’t give out flattery unless they absolutely mean it. For the most part they keep to themselves, and in love prefer a dark palette something with depth, and they are drawn towards dangerous liaisons and can be completely overtaken by them. 

Love is never simple for the intriguing and complex, and all-consuming. They often have psychic connections with lovers, and break down walls between all relationships using their total force of character. Scorpio has the most intense energy that anyone will ever experience; they are a powerful source of sexual, mystical and transformational energy. As lovers, they love to penetrate deep and love to psychoanalyze a lover, and just like a psychologist reveal nothing of their own inner workings. They are loyal and enduring in love and their feelings must be engaged in a partnership and they are often labelled as “too heavy” on the emotional front, and jealous and possessive. Whilst it is true, and being paired with them may leave a few wounds, they will draw lovers into the unknown and unexplored. Wound them and they are likely to strike back viciously. In fact, as the sign of creation and destruction they don’t really care if they pull the whole thing down to the ground. Scorpio has the ability to rise from the ashes, and knows it.

 A relationship with these people is akin to the life, death and rebirth cycle and partners will be changed through their challenging confrontations, and willingness to look deeper into the motivations of human beings, and also to understand there is a deeper purpose at work. A deep curiosity has always been present since they were born. Scorpio sees what is behind life, and feels the painful extremes, and is always scaling the spiritual heights and depths. They plumb the nadirs; delve into the unconscious, and are aware of the dark undercurrents running through mankind.

The Anti-Flirt Club: Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer - Part 1

In the early 1920s a group of women tired of a continuous stream of harassment from men in automobiles on street corners, started an organization - The Anti-Flirt Club. The rules are super smart, these women really had their heads screwed on and the list is completely funny and reusable today. I have compiled the astrological sign love profiles to follow. It's probably more of a relationship style reading than how the each one flirts. However, the important thing is to save your flirting and love energy on people that are worth it. Here is the Anti-Flirt rules and love profile to ensure  that you make wiser choices. Although depending on age, you learned them all a long time ago, but they are pure gold.

1. Don't flirt: those who flirt in haste oft repent in leisure
2. Don't accept rides from flirting motorists - they don't all invite you in to save a walk.
3. Don't use your eyes for ogling - they were made for worthier purposes
4. Don't go out with men you don't know - they may be married, and you may be in for a hair-puling match.
5. Don't wink - a flutter of one eye may cause a tear in the other.
6. Don't smile at flirtatious strangers - save them for people you know.
7. Don't annex all the men you can get - by flirting with many you may lose out on the one.
8. Don't fall for slick, dandified cake eater - the unpolished gold of a real man is worth more than the gloss of a lounge lizard.
9. Don't let elderly men with an eye for flirtation pat you on the shoulder and take a fatherly interest in you. Those are usually the kind who want to forget they are fathers.
10. Don't ignore the man you are sure of while you flirt with another. When you return to the first one you may find him gone.

Now you know the rules, here are your love profiles strengths and weaknesses and read what you deadly assassins are like in love.


The Aries flirt has a playful enthusiasm, passion and innocence, but also an impulse to leap into the unknown. Hence, they will take a risk with their heart, and cannot fail to live life to the full. The Arian type is all about going beyond the frontiers. Most people are attracted to them like a moth to the flame. Moreover, they are in tune with the moment, and everything happens in the eternal present, and the first flush of infatuation has them falling headlong in love. Sometimes trouble follows with rash engagements, and a love duel in the relationship or they get easily bored. A good deal of sparring is necessary and they need someone who will offer a challenge and push back.

Another important part of their relating style is they have to be the first and only one in a partnership. The Aries lover needs exclusivity, but the hunt and the pursuit of a new lover sets the heart on fire; there is a good deal of competitiveness and this is often a strong feature in the love life. Usually a lover needs to shower them with gifts and surprises to prove to them their love comes first. There is no holding back, and they are ardent, warm hearted, frank, quickly aroused and can be very forceful in their approach. They find those flirtations irresistible and are driven to win. They also possess a great deal of magnetism and know how to make both love and war. A love story for Aries is filled with heroic acts and a potential partner must fight with honor to be in their arms. Aries is worth the battle, and the heart must be won and attracted by a show of strength and drive and ambition. Yes, they like the knight on the white charger rescuing a damsel in distress. It is a love that loves the adventure, danger and risk-taking. An incurable romantic, they are definite, bold and uncomplicated emotionally and can meet a problem dead on and face it.


The Taurus flirts in a slow and seductive and deliberate way by forming strong attachments. Once committed, they make a wonderfully loyal and romantic partner, and have an affectionate sensuality, enjoying the lavish and sumptuousness of their surroundings. They are very physical and have an easy grace, and like to be demonstrative in love. Moreover, they are the embodiment of beauty, and possess a deep, steady nature, and are relaxing to be around. The dependable Taurean does things in their own time, and in their own way, and can be exceptionally enduring in their affections. Furthermore, they will often become like a favourite sweater, with all their warmth and familiarity. However, fluffy is not in their character, as they are strong, intense and often enjoy good, quality sex, longing for deep satisfaction.

Taurus will often attract through a heady perfume and likes to be surrounded by many comforts and also loves to have quality and may marry into money. In fact, they prefer to see guarantees in love and so investments, joint bank accounts and purchases guaranteeing security are important because their love is worth the investment. They need a love that is real and tangible and is not easily moved. Security is a must, and solid rock foundations, and cash is really only one tangible show of affection, they need stability and a love that will last the test of time. For the individual love has to be true and deep and real and faithful. The Taurus often wants to settle down early, and they also want the old fashioned love story, but must know the outlines of the plot and what is already known. One must be forewarned that Taurus is one possessive lover, and ownership is everything. They can be physically violent if pushed too far, broken promises and straying lovers are enough to send the bull charging to attack and it can be upsetting for everybody concerned. Love has to be very present and touch is a powerful aphrodisiac as they are extremely sensitive, and It also is said that they have the lowest divorce rate and even if these statistics are perhaps thrown out randomly, there may be some truth. Taureans hate change under any circumstances, and variety is definitely not the spice of life, and usually once they mate; it’s for life.


The Gemini flirts by making connections and enabling communication to take place. A Gemini loves the breathless, heady first days of a relationship. The person charms with their language, and with their love of words and ideas. Even more so, they are so genuinely interested, bubbly and lively and are completely enchanting. The individual is always analyzing their surroundings, and the chief characteristic of a Gemini is an overplus of intellectual energy and a craving for diversity. They stimulate, refresh and revive others, and often like short, quick flights, possessing an eager curiosity and when there is nothing fresh to offer dart off again.

Generally, they refuse to grow older, and everything is a potentially new puzzle, and they are drawn to anything different, amusing, or interesting. The person also has an instinct for what is new. The light and breezy Gemini can fall into deep moods, but it never lasts for long and they are entwined in ever-changing emotional states, but mostly skim across feelings, and they try to understand things from an intellectual viewpoint. A Gemini has a lot to say for themselves, and are never short of an opinion, observation and remark. However, sometimes Gemini loves to play around with the truth, change things around, and make things more amusing. They love playing intellectual games, but that is all, they attach no emotional weight or intentional harm on these mischievous little games.

Gemini does well with someone who can love all their different sides, their humour, jokes and animated beauty. There is nothing still about this gorgeous creature. They will often be hard to catch as there is evasiveness and a childlike heart that will never be fully captured in a possessive sense, but given freedom of expression this lover knows how to fly. Sometimes they are plagued by besotted lovers due to their flirtatiousness, mischievousness and through their inability to be pinned down - it makes them all the more desirable. The Gemini often requires a communicative partner, that is responsive and loves to talk, read and discuss. They are a breath of life, stepping lightly, and even though attracted to the light, they also love mental complexity, and figuring things out keeps them mentally alive.


The Cancer flirts subtly, concealing their soft inner parts within a hard shell. Being drawn to the intuitive world of dreams and imagination, they are very romantic and dreamy in this sense. The individual can quickly identify the needs of others, with their great sensitivity.  A peek inside and we often find they have incredible inner strength, loving wholeheartedly and can be loyal and dependable. The person needs hugs, words of affection and frequent reminders of  being supported. This is a love needs to be based on a real sympathy and understanding.

It is easy to hurt their feelings, as they are tender. Cancer is also wonderful at perceiving the emotional depths within a person, and the gaze is always turned inwards, deep into the soul, and their insights are often incredibly accurate. The wisdom that is drawn from the unconscious can be channeled into art, writing, and poetry making them exceptionally creative. The Cancerian can suffer from mood swings and needs an emotional retreat, and is security orientated, self-preserving and a home-base is everything. They tend to more defensive than offensive in arguments and are quick to defend those they love and are extremely protective since they possess powerful maternal instincts.

In astrology, it is thought that Cancer generates emotions, Scorpio collects and Pisces absorbs and reflects them. As a lover they can become strongly attached, and when hurt in love there can be a tendency to brood over past hurts, and the past is a deep thread running through the entire life. However, they are completely caring, with plenty of kindness. Sometimes there can be a great deal of dependency in relationships when Cancer gets clingy, insecure, jealous and possessive. Most of all they like to nurture and be nurtured, others may call them “too sensitive” at times, but there is no other that cares as deeply about those they call family. There can be old-fashioned values and they feel good when there is a sense of continuity with the past. In fact, they love to keep mementos around to remind them of the things they cherish and it represents a psychological need to anchor themselves in the familiar.

Jupiter Conjunct, Square, Opposite Saturn

An individual with Jupiter conjunct, square or opposite Saturn will experience “the greater benific” and “the greater malefic” coming together in a way where opportunity and growth meet with hardwork and challenge - making the individual feel entirely pulled apart. It is commonly called the “see-saw aspect as hope and disappointment collide. The aspect exemplifies the glass half-full, half empty and embodies massive shifts in perspective with life’s ups and downs. It is commonplace to think of optimism and pessimism as a psychological view of life as it is written all over our faces in both the furrow and the laugh lines. Both tendencies exist in each individual, but more meaningfully in those born when Jupiter and Saturn formed an aspect in the birth chart. We can look at things on the “bright side” which is Jupiter’s tendency and we see things from a more realistic and darker perspective through Saturn.

The individual can feel the full swing of being down in the dumps, depressed and melancholy and then the spirit of optimism and hopefulness will lift the spirits again. In many ways, the Jupiterian hopeful nature must often break free of the prison of Saturn, shake off the coat of death, and to move beyond disappointment, but there is also a tendency to become overly concerned with the meaning of existence. C.E.O Carter, Liz Greene and Sue Tompkins have observed this contact in the charts of those who commit suicide along with Venus in Saturn’s sign and Venus-Saturn aspects.

Saturn is the part of us that must try, try again, only to be disappointed again and again. It is like the stone in our shoe and constant painful reminder of everything that hasn’t been realized. We all have things that we have been denied and the devil makes sure to frequently remind us of what we are lacking. While Jupiter is opened handed, we feel like Saturn is holding out on us. We also see things as “good” and “bad” experiences, and whether we are happy or unhappy. In Jupiter’s world, life can be overflowing, and there can be big plans for the future and through Saturn the realization is that it needs to be carefully planned. Moreover, there is a hopefulness and aspiration as well as a serious and realistic nature towards life.

Jupiter in astrology represents the “big blow out” party and the world is wonderful and life affirming and joyful and then the bottom falls (Saturn) through and it can alter the whole perspective on life dramatically. Jupiter will seek to enlarge the person’s world and Saturn will narrow it and is fearful, anxiety prone and behaves with extreme caution. It is therefore understandable that there are conflicting feelings over whether to risk or refuse opportunity and it can result in missed opportunities. However, there can also be an advantage and the person will use caution before rushing into some new venture and risking everything.

Jupiter-Saturn can often represent those with a rigid religion and upbringing and guilt for allowing success and happiness to enter the life. Also faith in life is often tested, and the definition of wealth and the meaning of existence. Often grandiose schemes come crashing down to earth and the gravity of life brings the individual back to reality. Whilst Jupiter wants to expand and go in search of new experiences, Saturn stays close to what is known and relies on wisdom from past experiences. Since the energy release of Saturn always feels heavy, when in the role of authority there is always an increased amount of responsibility that throws a wet blanket over affairs. Yet, there is also this great sense of duty and commitment to goals. They bring form and structure to expansive forms of hopes and visions for the future.

Saturn is usually more giving in the second half of life because it has to “mature” and the rewards are usually given to those that have put in the necessary work. Hence, we may find there is a career promotion, a steady rise in success which grows more apparent and witness the individual gaining wisdom and respect.

Jupiter-Saturn…believing at one moment that anything is possible and that they are capable of earth-shattering achievements and the next, that life is meaningless and they themselves are less than worthless and capable of only the most menial tasks. Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope

Marc Edmund Jones has referred to the Jupiter-Saturn square as a symbol of the “last chance lifetime. “. The contact between these two planets, which are neither wholly personal nor wholly transpersonal, may suggest an attitude of fatalism or, at the very least, a dark dichotomy between intuitive perception and practical observation which tends to muddle the issue of free choice for the individual. Saturn and Jupiter can be viewed as a pair of opposites which together form one unit of psychic experience, one archetype, one basic facet of human nature. Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

Other astrologers have also linked this aspect in with reincarnation cycles and according to Doris Hebel, those with the Jupiter- Saturn conjunction to the opening square are in the beginning of a new series of lives. Here the emphasis is on gathering as much experience as possible. The Jupiter-Saturn opening square to the opposition are still very involved in collecting experience, but they have become more structured, and more selective as to the type of experience. Those born with Jupiter-Saturn the opposition to the closing square are now shifting gears, becoming more concerned with working with the accumulated experience rather than gathering new experience. They are more concerned with trying to do the right thing in every area of life. The Jupiter-Saturn phase from the closing square to the next conjunction could be in the last of a series of lives, so consciousness is focused on correcting mistakes in very specific areas such as business, family, etc. If Saturn is angular in any of the phases there could be the sense of not having much time left. In the final phase this sense pervades the lifetime.

On the success level, Jupiter can bring large, sudden success through opportunity. Saturn’s benefits generally have to be worked for in life, but usually the payoff is something long-lasting. In general, it can bring success and then loss and it is often the material aspect of life which is affected. The individual needs to watch out for bad investments, speculations that go badly, and luck that goes wrong. The individual can be totally charitable with finances and then reining them. Another way of viewing a Jupiter-Saturn aspect is that it can carry intuition into the business life, and alternatively it makes practical use of the inherent and the purposeful nature of Jupiter.

Also being as both planets relate to the world at large, the individual tends to be heavy thinkers about society, philosophy, history and often economics and possess a powerful vision of the future combined with the great effort that is needed to see such magnificent results. Areas of interest may involve law, education, and religion, plus it can represent solid growth, making wise judgments, and this push-pull planetary aspect has a way of leading the individual to fortune and then slamming the door firmly shut. Some triumphs and successes in life may only come through sustained effort, persistence and the establishment of faith and severe tests. They need to find a balance between faith and reality and steady the open and receptive nature and the closed and secure side of the individual.

Whatever planet is aspected by Saturn, its mettle will always be tested, and in the case of Jupiter this means confidence, positivity, and assurance. Therefore, it can symbolize a person down on their luck, gathering the last of their resources together, but they are also optimistically hoping for a rainbow to appear. As opposites go, the two cannot exist without the other for hope doesn’t come into being until there has been disappointment. However, there are sometimes obstacles in work and things that impede the progress of the individual. Saturn rules our choices and consequences and the person may be excellent at making long-term career plans, and the stature in life can rise and it can represent a wisdom achieved through labour and can eventually wield greater authority.

Sagittarius: Songs of the Zodiac

Sagittarius signifies the endless journey towards understanding, and its mutable nature has been forever restless and on the move. Astrologers refer to the final fire sign as the eternal traveler, optimist and knowledge seeker. The spirit of Sagittarius is adventurous and they are always on the lookout for bigger and better possibilities. Everything takes on greater significance, with larger questions about life, faith, religion and all of the world feels more meaningful.  In the god-conscious mind of the Sagittarian the only acceptable concept is all-possibility.  Sagittarius is searching for its Temple of Truth and looking for a cosmic philosophy to live by.

The individual is impatient with time and limitations, and their expansive nature needs freedom. Sagittarius is traditionally associated with luck, but the fortuitous nature of this sign is really connected to their capacity to spot opportunities using extroverted intuition, and one that relies heavily on ‘hunches‘. Exploration, wandering and wide-ranging interests, draw them out into the big wide world. Sagittarius exudes belief and optimism, but they are sometimes careless and undisciplined in approach.

Honest, open and sincere, they are  drawn to the bigger picture, and take us into the realm of higher learning, and urges us to search for breadth of experience. Sagittarius is fun-loving and is the type of individual that not only sees the glass as half full, but filled to the rim.  Sagittarius is the cheerleader of the zodiac, with big wishes, and wished for outcomes. Those born under Jupiter find the wonderful and celebrate life's inspiring moments, and a strong pull exists to go out in the world and experience it.

Moreover, they have a deep appreciation for the epic, and the bigger story. The geography of Sagittarius will take being connected to something greater just one step further. They are utterly connected to searching for meaning in life.  Life can be like this giant canvas that can become whatever they want it to be. For Sagittarius they live beneath an endless sky, and are like one big book of knowledge.

A Sagittarian will always want what is pleasurable evident from its lower, animal nature - more food, wine and sex, and tries to avoid heavily committed relationships. The intellectual Sagittarius will seek a mentally stimulating and physically energetic companion, one that understands their free-spirit. Sagittarius asks the kinds of questions that stretch understanding to its limits - and beyond. They will come to know life more fully and like to broaden the margins. The more life enlightens it can create greater understanding and there is a vast field of knowledge to be explored.
A Sagittarius-dominated chart will seek to widen the scope of life expereinces...Life is always an adventure, and must be explored through self-initiated challenges...the emphasis in life is on the principle of expansion. This characteristic expansion can range from the inflation of one's ego, the fattening of one's waist, the opening of one's mind, or the growth and dimensions of one's spiritual aspirations. Rulers of the Horoscope: Finding Your Way Through the Labyrinth

God is a DJ (Pink)
When You Believe (Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston)
Jesus in a Camper Van (Robbie Williams)
Lucky Star (Madonna)
Eternal Flame (The Bangles)
More, More, More (Kylie Minogue)
Womanizer (Britney Spears)


Chiron was discovered by Charles T. Kowal on the 1st November 1977 at about 10.00am in Pasadena, California. Since its discovery astrologers have reclassified it several times from asteroid, comet and to planetoid. According to Sue Tompkins and Melanie Reinhart, “Astrologers and astronomers co-operated in the naming process of several of the centaurs and this was the first time in recorded history that the divide between astrology and astronomy had been bridged. This rapprochement reflects Centaur themes: the bridging together of the Scientific and the intuitive, the rational and inspirational, just as the half horse, half-human image of the Centaur brings together disparate opposites, and challenges us to integrate that which seems alien“.

The Greek story of Chiron is centered upon a Centaur who is half man, and half animal. He was born of an illicit union between Chronus (Saturn) and sea nymph Philyra. When Chiron was born, his mother was so disgusted by his appearance that she abandoned him. Sun God Apollo raised (music, art, and prophecy) the rejected Centaur. The wound of Chiron's perpetual suffering was accidentally inflicted by Hercules poisoned arrow. And because Chiron was immortal, he was trapped in a terrible dilemma, he could not heal from his wound and lived out each day in agony. However, Chiron's fate was not sealed, and Zeus (Jupiter) agreed that Chiron could exchange places with Prometheus (Uranus). The rebellious, God Prometheus had been chained to a rock, for stealing the God like power and giving it to mankind. Chiron took his place and chose death to end his suffering, and was honoured in the sky as the constellation of Sagittarius.

Chiron is linked to Saturn and Uranus, and follows the same orbital plane as these planets. Chiron is a fairly recent discovery and represents some new form of consciousness to our current world affairs. Astrologically, Chiron can be extremely frustrating in interpretation. Firstly, there has been no agreed rulership (if there should be one). Secondly, many astrologers will not include Chiron in a reading and do not acknowledge that it has any effect on the birth chart. The orbit of Chiron is erratic, the asteroid will spend more time in some signs than in others. The most interesting motif to describe Chiron is a “wandering” comet that is “caught” in our solar system. Astrologers use the term “wounded-healer” when discussing Chiron. And much emphasis in interpretation is often centred upon the education, healing and wisdom aspect of Chiron, and the wound itself is rarely elaborated. The final dilemma of interpreting this comet is deciding "how" to interpret Chiron in the natal chart, as a straightforward interpretation is difficult to obtain.

The word Chronic is very similar to Chiron and suggests a condition that is long lasting. The formal interpretation of something described as Chronic is, "Long lasting and recurrent or characterised by long suffering" for example, "chronic indigestion"; "chronic shortage of funds"; "chronic invalid". Or even chronic unemployment, which could be observed through Chiron in the 6th house. Therefore, Chiron in Taurus or in the 2nd house, which represents individual income, self-sufficiency and self-worth, may describe an individual in chronic debt, or suffers from recurrent low self-worth and insecurity. Chiron in the 1st house or in the 6th house of the natal chart may represent chronic illness, or an accident that has put some kind of limitation on the physical part of life. When we are in chronic pain we are stuck in a trapped situation with no way out. An unfair situation or ailment where there is no cure for our predicament. In this light, Chiron represents where we feel impotent and where we overcompensate and build defences. According to Myth, Chiron tried many new and different techniques,  healing methods and gained significant knowledge, trying to find the "cure" but he never did heal his own wound. Chiron may become highly skilled in the area of his wound, and this may be another defence system that guards the primal wound.

According to The Cotemporary Astrologer’s Handbook by Sue Tompkins - “The American astrologer Kim Rogers Gallagher noted how similar the glyph for Chiron is to the symbol for wheelchair access. She points out that the wheelchair disability symbol was adopted 1968 when Chiron was at 0 degrees Aries, a potent point which often signifies the birth of something.” I have noticed that the Chiron symbol has relation to those people who are often on the “fringe of society” and another group that uses the Chiron symbol is a group for gay, bisexual and progressive men whose main objective is focused upon enhancing the quality of life by determining their rights as individuals in society, with the aim for enlightenment and justice. There are numerous of other healing groups which have adopted the Chiron symbol as their emblem representing the education and healing element of their work.

Chiron's symbol resembles a Skeleton key, and if we take a symbolic look at the meaning of a key it acts as the opener of doorways and gateways to other dimensions. The Romans used skeleton keys as the symbol of Janus the god of doorways. The Greeks use the symbol of keys to unlock the mystery of magic, and in the tarot cards; the Hierophant key is associated with the symbolic meaning of Chiron; the card symbolizes enlightenment. The Hierophant is shown as the awakened one, the fulfilled, and enlightened, and is the true spiritual master

Chiron is classified as a trapped comet in the solar system and can symbolise where we ourselves feel “trapped”. The Chiron symbol is a way of unlocking the spiritual answers that we need. The key correlates to unlocking the primal wound, and discovering what lies at the root of chronic wounding. This is not an easy task, and it is a similar challenge that we face when confronting Saturn. We have built defences and barriers to protect ourselves from further hurt and wounding. Unlocking the wound can lead an individual towards dedicating themselves to the spiritual and healing practices. However, I don’t believe we are all “profound healers” in that sense. Yet, a sense of understanding other people in the same pain bridge the gap of isolation (Saturn) and learning objectively to have compassion towards humanity (Uranus) and this is a powerful healing tool. It can be difficult to access Chiron’s wounding, as it is often “hidden” (locked) in its natal position.

Since the discovery of Chiron, we collectively recognise that there is a “primal wound” to all human beings. Healing takes place in the many self-help groups and recovery movements and usually some form of commitment is made for practical and spiritual healing. We seek to understand the primal wound and attempt to grow beyond our wound. The wound itself may be visible through a crippling illness or it may be a spiritual or mental wound. The Primal wound is a dark rage lurking below conscious awareness. The wounded-healer archetype has been difficult to embrace in astrology. Yet, suffering in the wounded sense is not about wholly identifying with the pain, but to view it as part of human growth and development. The Centaur's name means “working with the hands” and through his own discomfort he helped to heal many others.

Chiron was released from his suffering into death and he entered Hades world in an act that signified transformation. To choose death is linked with Euthanasia. Animals too sick for treatment and in chronic pain are put down. Yet, human euthanasia and the "right" to die is a controversial issue. We humanly release an animal from its suffering, but there is strong debate over human beings having the right to end their suffering by “choosing” assisted suicide. And of course the difficult choice on another's behalf when they are physically or mentally unable to do so. Euthanasia is the final option after every option has failed and there appears to be no miracle cure to alleviate the pain. It is a hard and painful choice for all involved.

We may need to understand our limitations and the reality that we are not in fact “immortal” and are humanly flawed. Chiron wounds show us that we can be wounded by life, and it may be unjust and fill our bodies with toxic resentment over this predicament. It must be said that healers who survive trauma themselves, can go onto to become the greatest healers of our time, they open the door to healing power and the knowledge underlying it, and they do so with compassion and understanding. Chiron is the path to transformation and the wounded-healer archetype is only achieved through greater levels of consciousness. The first process is opening the wound and recognizing the pain, and a willingness to accept the wound. Many people may enter the healing professions intent on healing other people’s wounds, but they may be ineffective healers because they are not open to their own wound, and this is step we all need to take. The Chiron myth represents humanity and human limits. Chiron teaches us to have compassion for all, even if we too have been hurt by life.

Venus in 8th House

Those with Venus in the 8th demand a high level of commitment from both their personal and business partners. They attract money through inheritances, legacies and business transactions.The 8th house represents merging with others emotionally, sexually and financially. Planets in this house are concerned with the fundamental issues of life - birth, death and sex. Intimate relationships expose our hidden selves and close relationships require a high level of trust and honesty.

Venus here can indicate jealous, intense and magnetic attractions, and because Venus is placed in the house of the personal battlefield often this means that relationships may need balancing as there tends to be power, trust and psychological issues and often something hidden in the family background. Venus in the 8th house can penetrate into a deeper level of relating than most people.

In relating, there is a fascination with the darker aspects of the psyche, drawing them towards deep sexual partners. Venus here can move through the various highs and lows of emotions from ecstasy to feeling despairing, but what they don’t want to feel is a sense of mediocrity and sometimes they need to love in extremes to satisfy their essential love nature. A partner must have the emotional depth they crave, and there must be something irresistible below the surface that doesn’t always feel safe, and sometimes this means being pulled towards complicated lovers and relationships that plunge them into crises, and only then does it feel meaningful.

No other placement of Venus can understand the unconscious side of relationships, but Venus in this house is attracted to deeper and dangerous levels of engagement. They crave intense, deep, emotional relationships, and would even prefer a stormy, tumultuous relationship to one which is smooth but lacking in depth. The individual may also be fond of throwing the other into emotional turbulence, and will enjoy the powerful hypnotic influence they have over lovers. The person needs to know that they can bring about change in others.

Venus here may be drawn into power-struggles and destructive relationships, and they are prone to suspicion. They love with all consuming, total devotion and expect the same attention from a partner. Casual and light relationships hold no appeal for them. A crisis in a relationship serves to deepen the bond, but the more unconscious conflicts often threaten to tear them apart.

The individual has something of the mystique around their sexuality and attractiveness, and these seductive qualities that are not always obvious, represent a smoldering love nature at work underneath. The individual may also be gifted at regenerating finances, and finding profound depth and wisdom in their interactions. There will always be an aspect of the hidden forces at play that are not consciously visible in a relationship, as there is much that tends to get buried and the shadow side of relating are powerful themes. It will be in the area of love that will bring them to the area of the mysterious and the esoteric.

The experience of Venus in the 8th house can sometimes mean the death of a parent at an early age, or the loss of a lover or spouse. The experiences are not necessarily tragic, but the event will plunge Venus into the necessary intensity and depth. Many relationships bring a great test of loyalty, and perhaps even some loss or immense struggle. It has not always be certain what those challenges will be in the area of relating, and we only know that something will happen that will take Venus way below into the depths. Venus in the house of transformation will always bring an element of life-death and rebirth into the arena of intimate relationships, and all aspects of love have the potential for psychological change. Moreover, love can be the magical potion that will change their inner values forever.

Air Signs: The Realm of Humanity

The Air signs in astrology are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and they deal with ideology composing of ideas and often lofty ideals of how one should pursue life. The realm of the rational, balanced, and logical was viewed by the ancients as divine, because it differentiated man from the beasts. Most of the zodiac has animals with the exception of the air signs which are represented by human form. The use of impartial assessment, diplomacy and cleverness elevate humanity to the heights of the gods. Ethical principles and the art of civilized behaviour all belong in the airy landscape.

 The element of air is associated with birds and they take this high view of life and are able to detach themselves from reality. This ability also brings with it bright, clear thinking and impartiality. Lightness, grace, charm and elegance are all bestowed upon the airy types. However, possessing a flighty nature can also mean they tend to take flight when things get too messy and have the most difficulty with real intimacy. For all of their wonderful idealism, nothing in the real world is as clean as some of their ideals. Moreover, air signs are always very social and need to be in public relationships, parties and gatherings. At the same time they need to stay in circulation, exchanging ideas and to keep moving. The air element has a level of abstraction that takes us away from everyday reality. A high focus on aesthetics and also thought directed towards the well-being of citizens, and the rights of others.


In Gemini, we have positive, mutable, air with a powerful need to communicate, identify and perceive. The mind animates the world and it is in the sign of the twins where we first learn to talk and we mimic and copy adults. Gemini retains this ability into adulthood and can easily impersonate others, and many comedians possess a Geminian temperament and like making people laugh with their quick-one-liners. The individual’s perceptions of life are always extremely sharp, especially in their observations of the “little biosphere “.

Gemini loves to communicate; they are the masters of wordplay, and also represent the duality of light and dark. Gemini is light and breezy and the most light-footed and required it for Mercury/Hermes is associated with thieves. Apart from outrunning other people, it is also Gemini who likes to outsmart, outthink, and outwit others. Also known as the patron of alchemy, sorcery and magic, there are always many tricks up Gemini’s sleeves. Youth is always associated with this individual and this is portrayed through their humour and endless curiosity about life, as well as the ability to be versatile, adaptable, and with a mind that is quick and agile.

The individual is always in “two minds “ about their direction in life, and it is mainly due to their duality and what the Greeks called the Gates of Hercules, the gates to the world of opposites. The divided self in the personality often needs unification, and the individual is learning to gain a more holistic approach to life and understand there can be completeness. The mind usually likes to quickly grasp content and then move-on, they gather new thoughts and ideas and pass them on to others. Gemini deals will the fluid mind that prefers not to stay in one place for too long, in case one becomes rooted to it. The individual can also become bored quickly, and is at times accused of having the attention span of a gnat. In fact, Gemini is a channel hopper in conversations and can get restless on one subject for too long. Only because there is so much that interests in life and that is interesting, and they enjoy learning. The strongest talents are in speaking, writing, and communicating. However, Gemini is also extremely tolerant of others and they are non-judgmental; they have a “live and let live” philosophy, are lively, carefree, dazzling, sociable and entertaining.


Libra is congenial, good-natured and a perfectionist. Libra is ruled by Venus and as an air sign spends a lot of time thinking about love. The better types are sociable and companiable. In fact, they are a lovely company to keep for they wish to offend no-one and are always courteous, polite and obliging. The ideal vision of the perfect relationship, and they often enjoy the idea of the relationship rather than the actual person. Libra likes to picture a whole world of harmonious relationships where everybody comes together in sweet harmony.

Typical Librians are on the quest for the perfect union, and they also possess the style factor and a deep love of beauty. The guiding principle is to weigh and balance before coming to any kind of conclusion and they always aim to be fair and objective. The world of design, architecture and art also need to have symmetry, and harmony within its intention. The purely Librian possesses exceptional gifts of seeing the good in others, and will always find what is most flattering and likeable about an individual.

The sign of Libra is also commonly indecisive and can have trouble taking action pacing tormentedly before the door of decision. According to fellow Libra, C.E.O Carter, the evolved type born under Libra is where we find that there is much sweetness and spirituality and there is a marked longing to escape from worldly conditions. Also noting the liking for the opposite sex is usually noticeable. Weakness and an inability to say “No”, or to take a firm attitude in the face of hostility and will avoid all unpleasantness at all costs. Libra makes the world a nicer place to be. The strategist of the zodiac has excellent powers of negotiation and mediation. Libra will fit in it with other people’s wishes and preferences, and within the individual is always the overriding need to promote agreement and equilibrium. Everything in Libra’s world is weighed by the scales of justice of fairness and morality.


Aquarius possesses idealism and the commitment to bring about change, and is all about the spirit of the times; they are the fearless genius’ of any epoch. The Aquarian is pre-eminently a sign of Utopianism and it is in their DNA, this kind of perfection. Aquarius is often born of the brilliant, eccentric tribe that spark an explosion of innovation and tend to make waves in the world. Aquarius has also been noted as a sign of the accomplished socializer, but perhaps this is on the large scale level as this is where they sit comfortably, and are inclined to join groups that identify with their ideas and ideals.

Aquarius identifies with humanity at large, political power, and a certain order in the world. Thus, Aquarius can be found to be interested in social issues. Aquarius is the broader cultural matrix infused with the latest advances of science and technology. Aquarius can liberate, enlighten, and paint us a picture of how things should be. Aquarius can also paint a picture of the world very much at odds with the world of common sense. Aquarius believes that humanity should strive upwards, and the individual can make us look at things differently with a kind of awe, as they zoom us into the world of knowledge. In fact, they often lead us into other dimensions of thought, and many Aquarius types are into physics, astrology or astronomy and they help us gaze upward at the sky and understand that we are all connected to the greater cosmos.

Aquarius has a sparkling intelligence that twinkle in the eye; they are our guide and companion to the stars. Aquarius is about humanistic values and universalistic assumptions about human nature. They possess a persistence of vision and are a force for change and innovation. Aquarius is represented by the waves of electricity and are those bright sparks leaping from fabric. They are attracted to sociology, and this is the science of persons; the study of human beings, or any other observable human activity. Being born under this energy represents the power to do almost anything via their minds. Those with planets in Aquarius will plant the seeds of a new cool world.

Linda Darnell: Killed in House Fire

The gorgeous Linda Darnell was an American film actress, notorious for an unstable personal life, having a mother with an overbearing and possessive nature and for marrying a man twice her age. It was believed she may have had a strange premonition of her disastrous future. The star had a lifelong fear of fire, and when she was 41 years of age this great beauty was burned to death in a horrible inferno.

In Linda’s chart she has the planet Mars rising on the critical degree, conjunct the Ascendant. Traditional astrology would almost certainly view this as a malefic condition and one that may be dangerous to the physical body. Darnell suffered from three degree burns on her upper body. Mars rules both fire, accidents and burning and is placed in the house of our immediate approach to life, appearance and how we meet social situations.  The position of Mars rising on the Ascendant is placed in Virgo a sign of health and well-being.

The childhood home was said to be filled with domestic turmoil and the mother was thought to be mean and aggressive. The mother had always wanted to be famous and shoved her daughter into many different contests. Natally, Linda has the Moon opposite Pluto across the 4th and 10th house.

Moon-Pluto: The relationship with the mother will be filled with emotional depth and powerful feelings surrounding this parent. A Scorpionic mother may have been emotionally demanding, over possessive, obsessive and power-hungry. Through nurturing, bonding, comfort and protection, the feeling life (Moon) is coloured by intrusive and threatening forces. The parent may love to stir up trouble in the family and felt like she had to hold control over everyone. Mother-Moon-Astrology-Scorpio Themes
Moon-Pluto possesses a a powerful psychic sense and many Pluto people are interested in magic and the invisible realm and what this really refers to is the process of changing something. The ability to transform and they do well as artists, actors or writers, anywhere they can bring their depth of emotion and the magical art of bringing new life to any role. 
“There is no change from darkness to light or from inertia to movement without emotion. The woman whose fate it is to be a disturbing element is not solely destructive, except in pathological cases. Normally the disturber is herself caught in the disturbance; the worker of change is herself changed, and the glare of fire she ignites both illuminates and enlightens all the victims of the entanglement. What seemed a senseless upheaval becomes a process of purification.” Moon-Pluto Aspects

In March 1965, she visited a friend in Chicago. The early morning of April 9, Linda suggested to her friend, Jeanne, and her 16 year old daughter, Patricia, that they stay up late and watch one of Darnell’s old pictures. After the movie ended, about 2:30 AM, the three went upstairs to bed. About 3:30 AM., a still smouldering cigarette ignited on the downstairs sofa, and soon the living room was ablaze, the smoke and heat woke the three women upstairs. Jeanne and Patricia managed to escape. But Linda, afraid of jumping from a window, tried to make it down the stairs and out the front door.

The door handle was too hot and she was caught in the inferno in the living room. A neighbour tried to smash through a downstairs window, but the flames were too intense. When the fire brigade broke in, they found Darnell unconscious behind the sofa. She had second and three degree burns over 80 percent of her upper body. Linda underwent four hours of surgery. A tracheotomy was preformed to help her breathe. Darnell’s’ 16 year old daughter flew to be by her mother’s side. Linda was barely conscious during their half-hour together. At 3.25 pm she then whispered, “I love you, baby. I love you.” Darnell died.

The progression of the horoscope reveals the Moon progressed and forming a conjunction with natal Pluto.

If the progressed moon makes a conjunction…something will happen that will affect you personally. Usually change will be of your own doing. It’s in your hands. It’s something you do. …There is a fated quality to the events when the progressed Moon makes an aspect to Pluto. It’s a time when you could unleash deep psychological problems and rid yourself of issues blocking your life. ..It is a psychologically exhausting time. Skeleton’s come out of the closet. You are pushed to the limit. You could be brutalized or victimized. The Art of Predictive Astrology: Forecasting Your Life Events

When Pluto and the Moon are in aspect, the intent is to make you emotionally self-sufficient and to transform your instinctive emotional reactions to external circumstances and situations…. They completely alter your emotional, instinctive habit patterns. This is not achieved with “soap opera” incidents, but through substantial life events…There can be births, marriages, deaths, job losses and events affecting the women in your life. Any event that stimulates enormous emotional change to uncover complexes that have lain dormant…can occur. There can be intense soul-to-soul relationships with woman…Troubles in the home can reveal deep seated, lingering insecurities. Predictive Astrology: A Practical Guide

Progressed Mars the rising planet and powerful ruler in her horoscope had crossed Linda Darnell's natal Sun conjunct Saturn. The Mars-Saturn aspect is an indication of accidents, and difficult contacts connected to the Ascendant generally occur if anything serious is diagnosed. Mars-Saturn occurs when there are mishaps or major accidents; it rules deep frustration and obstructed efforts. According to Carter the aspect has a liability to burns and scalds. The ascendant has also progressed into Scorpio denoting significant change, intensity and transforming events.

Leo: The Sunflower

Leo sits as the central sign of the fiery trinity and is at the centre of the zodiac. It is also ruled by the Sun, an intense fiery orb. As the middle sign it symbolizes the drama and divinity of life and sits at the core of the human being. The ancients regarded the Sun as a God, and elevated it to the centre of their spiritual lives. It was the giver of life, holder of all power, and the greatest enigma. At its most elemental, the Sun is the sole source of our life energy and it is the heartbeat of the universe.

“You either bowed to it or just shut up and gawked.”

Leo, like the Sun, must shine, and they have faith of their importance in the cosmic scheme. Leo is comparable with the heat of the summer, and they radiate warmth and fun: wherever they are is the place to be. The essential essence of what makes us special is represented by the Sun, and it is also something strongly felt by Leo. Indeed, Leo is this fountain of life, and has often been described as possessing a sovereign spirit. Those born under Leo have a powerful sense of destiny, and a reigning need to stay faithful, authentic, and true to a deeply felt distinct purpose and life direction.

All fiery types are energetic and Leo is no different and the Sun is the chief source of energy. The Sun is the life-giving body; all the others glow by reflected glory. In this way, Leo, ruled by the Lion, also exudes a forceful and magnetic personality and possesses an abundance of vitality. The energy is immense, and most Leo types are generous, confident, warm, gregarious and good natured. Many of the female types can be playful, kittenish and highly desirable or they are the ferocious lionesses always ready to defend their lovers and children with their spirited and strong-willed nature. Of course, there are also the drama-queens of the group that love to be spoiled, and abhor the humdrum of life, and are not here to play wallflowers. Nobody puts Leo in a corner!

Leo is highly affectionate with a love of luxury and wants to be treated with importance. In romancing the Leo female many tips have been given from standing when she enters the room, giving her full attention and making sure that she is treated in a manner that is regal. Whilst much of this is exaggerated she does enjoy attention and needs to be wined and dined and treated as extraordinary. For both males and females of this sign, there is also a childlike spirit that emanates the same essence as children and they are ‘genuine’ open and honest and have pure hearts.

The will of Leo is not easy to bend, and they usually also have strong passions. Moreover, they are excellent at pursuing their hobbies with great enthusiasm. In fact, any area where they can use their creative vision, organizational abilities and ability to inspire others is pursued wholeheartedly. Many Leo’s often need approval from others, and they need to feel appreciated, and noticed, and there is a natural ‘star quality ‘expecting devotion and admiration from all. The Sunflower also known as Helianthus captures their vital being and during their growth these flowers move towards the Sun, but stop once they begin blooming. Much of Leo’s life is similar in its self-expression and unfolding of internal power. Being a fixed sign the desire nature is powerful, and tends to have great stability, and Leo has been distinguished as the only fire sign to quite often finish what they start.

According to Carter - Essays on the foundations of Astrology - the author states that as with all fixed signs, it seems that it is what Leo is rather than what it does that matters.

Nevertheless there is a real goodness in the true Leo, a warm kindness of heart and unselfish affection that is rare in other signs…It is the sign of Divine Splendour. Yet, it is symbolized by an animal, and in this sign man is not beyond the dangers of a relapse to the natural kingdom and irrational passions. Essays on the Foundations of Astrology

Within Leo there is an intensity of purpose and a strong sense of self-expression, and Supreme will. Those born under the fixed signs are described as having passion and intense wanting. In fact, desire is a great motivator, and here the desire to be noticed for how magnificent they are and the desire to be centre stage lead so many into the performance arts whether or not they pursue this career there is natural drama and theatrics in the personality. Moreover, there is a burning desire to be applauded for their efforts; they love to stand out from everybody else. Leos have a dread of being merely one amongst the dreary mass of human society and they want to be unique. Although it has been argued by astrologers that Leo possesses will and not desire, but whichever way we look at it, Leo is fuelled by a core desire and it is a true spiritual fire.

But in Leo, fiery activity manifests as the will to self-expression, the will to personal mastery, the will to immortality through physical, or artistic, or political progeny. It is indeed a fiery will, an emotional urge to go forth and to conquer, to multiply oneself through a multitude of creations stamped with one’s own image. The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix (The Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar Book 1)

All the fire signs want to stand out and to be special. The fire signs are full of that vital energy, dynamism, zest and exuberance. When we think of those born under the fire element we can imagine the uproarious laughter and delight, when we enter into the fire trilogy, we are at the doorways of life that lead us into a fuller existence. The need to be special and unique is central for Leo. In Leo the personality is more dramatic in an attempt to gain this recognition. Even so, all Leo types have to be careful about expressing this exaggerated self-importance and prideful arrogance. In many ways the force of their being is what directs them in life. The individual is often courageous in the world, and the word ‘courageous', derives from the Latin cor, meaning heart.

Leos are genuinely kind, warm-hearted and loving. They can be characterised by words such as magnanimous, magnificent, and brilliant. Leos are drawn to positions of authority, and want to be held in high-esteem, they are suitable in the role as the director or chairman and it gives them recognition. As might be expected, being ruled by the mighty Sun, there is also an element in Leo to be in front and centre as a divine right, and even before they have proven their gifts or created anything of value; they automatically expect to garner the attention and respect of others. In Short, they need an audience and to be the focus of attention and enjoy being in the spotlight. According to Carter the failing pride of the sign is not the emotional kind of Scorpio, but focused on vanity and so they can be easily flattered and even befooled. Leo is also surprisingly sensitive for a fire sign, and can be hurt very easily taking criticism very much to heart.

Leo is generous to a fault, and they are also romantic guided by the power of love, and in relationships, love to be the centre of attention and are not short of admirers. Leo is also thought to be a show-off, highly demonstrative and possesses a need to show the public its large sense of pride in what has been attained and what is truly loved:

In Leo everything which is owned must be put to use. It must help to make a show. Wife, child and home must be displayed. Everything must flow out; and obviously this feeling arises only in the person who knows himself to be inherently full of energy or riches – or at least pictures himself as rich and powerful. The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix (The Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar Book 1)
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