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Trauma: Moon-Pluto Aspects

Trauma: Moon-Pluto Aspects
The wounding of Moon-Pluto may have occurred when the roots have been threatened or there are challenging events around the lunar areas of life involving the mother, family of origin and the emotions. The individual is most deeply cut at the feeling level, the emotional plane of the heart. The lunar side of the personality rules the instincts and feelings and these forces shape psychological life. It must be remembered, there will inevitably be emotional pain growing up. However, the spiritualists have determined that ‘emotional wounds” create the deepest unhappiness and generate enormous pain.

A Moon-Pluto aspect can indicate a family being caught up in pain and hurt. Of course, something that has often been repeated is that old emotional wounding is also the main cause of physical dis-ease and it can be common with Moon-Pluto in those to suffer from common female problems. Pluto related to the emotional body is an energy that can create blockages and is poisonous to the body. As with every aspect - varying in level of intensity with each individual. The person expresses deeper layers of emotions and the more one is intimate with a Moon-Pluto soul there seems to be unending background information and deeper knowledge revealed, similar to peeling back the layers of an onion.

The onion is used metaphorically to describe sequentially removable layers that conceal an important something. That is, when we use a metaphor involving an onion - such as "peeling away another layer" - we visualize a central concept (a heart or core) that is buried beneath an organized series of increasingly central issues.... One progresses inward in understanding from surface issues to deeper truths. When we "get to the bottom" of something - finding its "root" or "kernel" of truth - we are finally exposing that which is most shielded from view. This differs from "opening one's eyes" or "letting some fresh air in...The difference in metaphorical tone between a "shell", and its singular breakable encapsulation, and "onion" and its many concentric strippable encapsulations, is one of simple fortification versus duplicity. Compare the "just under the surface" nature of a hidden truth behind such metaphors as "blanket", "cover", "veneer" or "shield" with the intrigue offered by the many layers of an onion, each layer a wee bit "closer to the truth". There is far more suspense to the Dance of the Seven Veils than there is to a towel falling off....The onion is the stripper of metaphors - layer upon layer of mystique with no certain end. The truth is, it is the journey to the core that makes the tease.  The Seven Veils of an Onion

Calling the individual “emotionally complex”, may be putting it lightly, as there is so much buried underneath that even minor stimulus can trigger an intense response. The early traumas of a Moon-Pluto could involve a deep loss, and something was overwhelming and extremely powerful. The relationship with the mother could have left a deep hole, and her influence could be far-reaching. It may have involved cruelty, control, and manipulation and fighting for space. It can be the kind of parent that ‘knows everything’, and invades the individual’s personal space. The invasion of the mother may have involved the unlocking of a personal diary, checking phone records and other controlling methods. It may be the case that the mother is extremely protective, and has suffered something traumatic in the past and vows to always keep her own child as safe as possible. If one learns it is an unsafe world through worldly experience it can be incredibly difficult to be light-hearted without a terrible darkness and black anxious feeling overtaking on the emotions.

Perhaps it was the mother’s death that has left a deep crater that no one can ever fill. The bond between mother and child could be incredibly close, and has left an indelible mark upon the individual’s life, and she means absolutely everything. In any case, there are difficult memories that need to surface and to be processed. The individual can often feel ‘bad’ emotions that intensify and struggles with jealousy, and it can be related to some form of emotional terrorizing and feelings of abandonment. Moon-Pluto possesses the most gut-level psychic awareness, and there is this knowing something on the deepest level that can sometimes frighten others, those unaware. This supernatural gift seems to have developed as a safety mechanism and the person instinctively knows if there is something really wrong.

The tearing apart of a family bond could be another Moon-Pluto manifestation, and that event could have left them emotionally devastated. Sue Tompkins Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope calls this a sponge aspect for soaking up a poisonous atmosphere. Interestingly, the author also states that sometimes Moon-Pluto is unconsciously chosen as the one to carry and heal the wound. The author is also referring to Moon-Pluto types as vultures feeding off the pickings of trauma. However, also stating that the person is deeply compassionate towards those shadowy areas and is often sought out for their deeply perceptive insights. Jeff Green Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library) believes this aspect to be an evolutionary lesson of internal security, a feeling that is often torn away at a young age. Also to change their feelings towards situations; due to early experiences being difficult on an emotional level, especially with female and mother-types. The Moon-Pluto type can possess and icy silence when it comes to revealing anything within their inner world. The wound that is blocking the individual will be confronted in an emotional rage filled “scene”  according to Jeff Green. Again, as in the previous article on Sun-Pluto, he feels that a parent figure could be totally emotionally supportive and the mother may be gifted at penetrating and understanding the individual deep inside and helps them to unravel the causes of their emotional mood-swings, stormy feelings and blackened spirits.

The individual with Moon-Pluto is shedding light on their emotions, and darker subconscious and is learning to be less consumed by their moods. They possess an obsessive nature to understand the emotional psychology of others. When the individual emotionally evolves, they learn a real inner security and are less demanding emotionally, spiteful, jealous and manipulative. Naturally, encouraging the same emotional growth in others, and hence we witness the amazing healing abilities that draw others towards the Moon-Pluto like moths to a flame. Steven Arroya notes on this aspect that the self-preservation instincts are powerful due to the Moon’s safety urge and Pluto’s extreme needs for survival (something akin to a hybrid creature of the crab and the Scorpion).

These people manifest qualities that are strikingly similar to those with Moon in Scorpio: intense, even explosive sensitivity; a deep dissatisfaction with themselves and urge to remould themselves in a new way; a strong psychic attunement and the need to probe the mysteries of life and other people’s motivation; and an urge to break through the taboos that were established by their particular kind of upbringing and parental influence…the person s not at all comfortable with the old patterns of emotional conditioning. In extreme case, this can manifest in suicidal feelings, the ultimate symbol of self-destruction. Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart

Trauma: Sun-Pluto Aspects

Trauma: Sun-Pluto Aspects
The wounding of Sun-Pluto in aspect occurs in relation to selfhood, light and the solar expression and the individual is challenged to integrate the darker Plutonic energies and themes involving power, death, sex, rebirth and renewal.

The individual may have a complex and painful relationship with the father. It is often believed that he has been exposed to the shadow side of life. Something domineering, dark and controlling about his presence, and thus the individual feels this energy intensely. The deep scar that Sun-Pluto bears could also occur through the death of the father, or some uncontrollable fate. Whatever the case, the father has had a powerful effect and the Sun-Pluto type is deeply affected by his presence or absence.

Everybody will lose their father at some point, but the individual is severely affected, and can feel the loss enormously. At times it may seem as if Sun-Pluto is forced to face deeper human issues, and confront the shadowy aspects of existence. It often feels as if the web of life spins, and coils and wraps around and brings external events that pressure the soul to consciously face buried feelings. Usually there are power-struggles with authority figures, self-sabotage and life-threatening issues.

Jeane Avery says, this aspect takes away the ego prop and forces the person to develop inner-strength, essentially becoming a stronger and more transformed person. Jeff Green’s Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library) basically states that the lesson involves teaching the individual about personal power. The wound impacts the identity and there can be a black hole feeling at the core, accompanied by self-hatred.  When Pluto is involved there is a usually a powerful, intense emotional bond to something and in some way the individuals’ life becomes attached to a person or event that holds terrible importance. A relationship or something else needs changing, so that there is a feeling of death, but also a new birth. The sense of destiny is powerfully felt and the need to express the self in a profound way. As fate seems to be a significant factor, it is thought that ‘mysterious events’, chance meetings and fateful encounters occur periodically. Astrologer, Stephen Arroya Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart, believes Sun-Pluto to be more difficult in a woman’s chart owing to experiencing great difficulties with the father, but also it leads out into their intimate relationships. 

“There is often a lack of attention and true communication from the father, which leads to resentment and a feeling of being deprived love…One more correlation between these aspects and the relationship with the father seems worthwhile. I have repeatedly found …Sun aspects with Pluto very often manifest as a separation from the father that leaves deep psychological scars. The separation may be either physical (where he is simply not present due to his having left, died, or - in an amazing number of cases - simply disappeared without a trace.) or it may be a psychological separation wherein the father is present but very distant and aloof from the child….The person is compulsively “Hung up” on the father and with subsequent difficulties in establishing a clear identity."  By Stephen Arroya

 If it is an overbearing father figure that attempts to shape the individual, in the process he extinguishes their inner light. Sue Tompkins Aspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope referred to this “father complex”  as a deep fear of usurping the jealous father. The picture forms of a dark shadow cast over the sense of self, of purpose, and identity. Also, an important point is that of the desire and power of a Sun-Pluto type, attended with a feeling of being heavily thwarted. It can ultimately lead to immense frustration and confrontation or “scene” as Jeff Green referred to it. Quite often, according to Pluto: The Evolutionary journey of the Soul the cards of fate involving the father/authority figure refers to a battle and the parent is either left far behind or changes dramatically. The individual then attains a metamorphosis and develops his own sense of purpose and destiny.

Jeff Green also offers positive circumstances of total parental support in the Sun-Pluto’s life from the father, and paints an image of an empowering influence. Another interesting point made is that one parent fulfills the first role (oppressive) and another - the second role (empowering). Whilst there may be a parent that appears to dominate the individual’s life and is controlling the other parental guide, places fate clearly in their son or daughter’s hands. Above all, it is stated that any limiting situation, person, condition must be removed and the personal 'core power' activated in the individuality.

One of the colossal wounds exists with self-image. A Sun-Pluto aspect is often found in those that feel a sense of powerful destiny and fate, and the individual is also learning to become conscious of power. The will may have been manipulated and dominated. As Sue Tompkins says in Aspects in Astrology, a Sun-Pluto individual can possess an intense self-awareness that gives rise to a sense of being paranoid. Also indicating a vast history and the wound centering around some form of social taboo involving sexual abuse, violence, criminality and madness. As with all Pluto wounds, there is a sense of being unprepared for facing the shadier sides of life. The identity can feel as if it is living under a dark rock and it takes an enormous amount of effort to shine.

Pluto's Trauma: Introduction

Pluto's Trauma: Introduction
“In every death, there is a mystery until the cause is known. A coroner has the job of deciding whether it was natural or unnatural, a homicide, a suicide, an accident? A medical detective is trained to solve that mystery." By Thomas T. Noguchi - Coroner (Sun opposite Pluto).

The above quote relates to Pluto and similarly the mystery of our trauma can be related to all of the above. The mystery of death is something that has always kept us in the dark, and sometimes our trauma is easy to pinpoint, and for others not as obvious or it has been deeply buried. In this way, our personal wounds can sometimes be difficult to interpret or understand. The coroner searches for areas of trauma on the body to determine what happened. In the case of the astrologer, we examine Pluto to understand an individual’s psychic wounding.

In the next few articles I will slice and dice inside and examine the personal planets to Pluto (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) and will delve into our own personal pain. Pluto involves incredibly soul-wrenching experiences and entails some kind of survivorship, and its aspects reveal what we need to bring to light and this can be obsessive impulses, uncontrollable unconscious processes and something buried deep, and in doing so, this energy can be transformed. Rather than overly repeat throughout each aspect interpretation I will state the most commonly wounding experiences of Pluto.

Pluto aspects are associated with violence, abuse and terror. Something that inflicted hurt, cut us deeply and left behind a psychological scar. Remember when mommy used to bestow a magic kiss on us when we hurt our knee. We would suddenly feel a whole lot better, and miraculously heal. The kind of cut Pluto brings, all the magic kisses in the world will never be able to take away the sting. Pluto wounding can be denigrating damage, demeaning put downs regarding appearance and behaviour. Humiliation is a feeling that is commonly stated, and it occurs through playground bullying and the coldness and cruelness of children and a feeling of being tormented. It could be teasing about clothes, or something much deeper. It’s the ugly taunts and making an individual feel as if he or she is nothing.

In my experience, I have found Pluto can be related to feelings of hate, hatred, revulsion, disgust and loathing. There is commonly a feeling of being the “black sheep of the family, and a feeling of alienation. Being ridiculed and made to feel small and helpless is alo something that occurs and has relation to the pwoer we hold over others, and feeling of powerlessness. Pluto rules the secrets buried, unclean feelings, a feeling of being tainted and a need to wash away the inner filth. The feelings, which are deeply felt, can range from different levels of extremity. Inevitably, it can take us down underground and to desperately low points in our life. We are often flung into a scary situation that we are usually not emotionally mature enough to handle.

Pluto is the volcano in our horoscope and it can lay dormant for long periods, but it also erupts and sends smoldering hot lava spewing over everything. The word “hate” often becomes a big part of our vocabulary aimed at the people, events and situations that have unquestionably hurt us. Growing up we don’t receive a course on Pluto 101 and we don’t know how to deal with it. Of course, in extreme cases, suicide and feelings of self-destruction creeps dangerously into the psyche and we can be left walking in a dark tunnel, trying to figure out where the light at the end will occur, if ever. Deep loss is also a major trauma, parental loss, and anything that gives us the feeling that life will never be the same again. It could entail emotional abandonment, spiteful behaviour, and venomous feelings. A parent may have engaged in threatening or dangerous behaviour, and there could have been domestic violence, sexual or physical abuse.

In Pluto’s realm there is often a feeling of spiralling downwards, with a long and powerful upward journey back to the surface. Our overt actions show us lashing out, and having no control over our feelings. Extreme turmoil exists in Pluto’s kingdom and we so often bury feelings and start over. But often events seem to be drawn to us that add fuel to the inner fire, all the pent up emotions explode. I studied Jeff Green’s Pluto: The Evoltionary Journey of the Soul for the final analysis of the interpretations and the theme always involves some sort of massive confrontation in our adult life with all of the limitations we have felt in expressing ourselves, and true feelings related to our earlier wounding. It could involve a major power-struggle with the mother or father. It could be in a relationship where the emotional battlefield is laid out. Perhaps some kind of intellectual confrontation occurs and so forth. The main point is that we unconsciously and consciously seek to heal and be free. It’s the release aspect of Pluto which impacts emotionally and obviously the Plutonic images of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Usually all of this involves the intensity of something incredible, about surviving and also forgiveness and the ability to fully let go.

I can’t imagine everyone’s Pluto profile is so intense, penetrating and extreme. We all have Pluto somewhere in the horoscope and we all have something shadowy to contend with in life. What Pluto can do is it can bury the individual under hurt and shame and it taints our individual expression and we must uncover the buried trust, love and light spirit. However, we acquire a depth throughout these experiences, wisdom and hopefully kill off the internal voices that continue to criticize us and we realize that we have become our own worst enemy. It’s the great internal battle that is acted out and a self with self intense meeting. In the next few articles, there will be a brief description of each Pluto aspect and what kind of things in life must be confronted. Each reading will also detail the general description of the likely explosions which will occur and a general sense of Pluto’s trauma.

Mercury-Pluto Aspects: Unearthing the Truth

Mercury-Pluto Aspects: Unearthing the Truth
Those with Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Pluto have a horror of tepid thinking and their way of searching for ‘truths’ is to examine concepts similar to the lifting up of a stone, and turning it around to see what may be lurking underneath. The interest is in what lays below, in the nether depth of each spoken or written ‘truth’ and that is interesting far more than the patent, superficial and deceptive surface. Mercury-Pluto is sufficient at connecting the dots and seeing significance even in the most tucked away correlations. Unearthing the truth, secrecy, deception, is all interwoven in this mental landscape. The aspect is related to  investigative reporting, and is agenda driven, deeply invested, and keeps powerful secrets.

A Mercury-Pluto aspect in the horoscope can also mean paranoid thinking to the extreme and it is associated with the blackest of thoughts. It can predispose a person to extremely dark thinking, and it can also poison relations with others and sour the outlook on the world. Of course, this is in its most negative state, and there is a positive side. Positively, it relates to a detective-like mentality, and a powerful need to know private knowledge. Anything studied and whatever is learned is usually painstakingly researched, it usually consumes the mind and they need resources, and will always question sources. When Pluto researches it digs through newspapers, magazines, journals, papers, archives, documents, manuscripts, photographs, drawings, letters, and records.

Mercury-Pluto is the deeply insightful and penetrating mind in order to reach the absolute core and essence of a topic. The attention is usually focused exclusively on something, and behind this is a driving emotional force that tends to lead to obsession and compels the thought processes. The mind as it pursues an idea tends to become more intense, and the attention completely engages with its subject. At the beginning of a thought process it usually needs to be carried along, all the way to resolution.

A Mercury-Pluto type can speak with conviction, passion and effectively. The mind loves to turn to the Plutonic realm and has an interest in the psychology and society.  It can become incredibly difficult to stop Mercury-Pluto’s train of thought, once a destination is set - it rarely changes course. Mercury-Pluto is also excellent at zeroing in on a particular problem. The perception is involved in a death-rebirth struggle that finds it difficult to rest. The mentality has incredible power and intensity and is filled with extreme thoughts. It must also be noted, that it can be one of the obscene aspects in language, with the use of ugly word, obscenities, disgusting, insulting comments, and the verbal output  is vulgar. However, to keep it balanced; the language used could also be profoundly moving, filled with depth, hidden unconscious insights. The insights can be so valuable that Mercury-Pluto offers something of immense value to others. If anything, they give us all a brand new perspective and we learn not take anything at face value.

The Sexual Life of Catherine M.

The Sexual Life of Catherine M.
The Sexual Life of Catherine M. by Catherine Mullet is about an art critic discussing her sexual life, an autobiography filled with explicit content about sex ever written by a woman.

 “...the most shocking thing about “The Sexual Life of Catherine M.,”... is that it isn’t particularly shocking at all. A good quarter of the time, it works as pornography (and I use the term in a descriptive sense, not a judgmental one); the rest of the time it’s a rumination on the nature of desire and pleasure and the experience of living a life that is specifically arranged to let desire and pleasure have their way with you. It’s titillating, explicit, dryly funny and sometimes exceedingly puzzling. The only truly shocking thing about it is that it was written by a straight woman and not a gay man.

In the book, Millet writes of orgies attended by up to 150 people, at which she would have sex with around a quarter of those in attendance. She also debates whether sex outdoors is better in country or urban settings, and why she could never be a prostitute. Millet writes that she has been in an open marriage with one man since the 1970s, who understands her love of sex with multiple partners.”

I read the opening of this book of this woman living a life of sexual gratification and it looks honestly at sexuality. Sex was described in a Scorpionic sense, using its totem snake metaphor and the author relating sex to sloughing off  “the mechanical body” and being reborn. Naturally, I was expecting something Scorpion in the sexual area. Indeed, a Mars conjunct Pluto aspect is found in the sign of the Leo. Truly, this woman could be described as something of a sexual predator, in the nicest possible way. Mars-Pluto is a potent aspect in the sexual sense; it carries the shadowy underworld of sex through rape, sexual abuse and sexual power. It also carries the immense transformative energy of catharsis and release.

 Mars and Pluto together are usually thought of as the significators of rape and one thinks of rape in the sexual sense, which could apply here as Mars-Pluto is a common contact in the charts of both the raped and the rapist, but the real meaning of the word is to ‘take by force’ and this can be viewed in a variety of contexts. Those with Mars-Pluto contacts know all about ‘taking by force’; that’s usually a quality of the environment in which they are raised. Succumbing to such behavior themselves is not the usual manifestation but it can happen and it is what one might expect to happen to any child who has continually felt thwarted and powerless and angryAspects in Astrology: A Guide to Understanding Planetary Relationships in the Horoscope

Also the author, Sue Tompkins, suggests that the individual confronts sexual taboos of one sort of another. "For Mars-Pluto there is an aspect of sexuality which is experienced as dark, savage, and bestial, and this can be viewed as deeply exciting or life-threatening. “

Catherine Millet felt most at home lying on a table at a club named Chez Aimé, being penetrated by lines of unknown men. Page 18: 'I was sometimes set upon so violently that I had to hold on to the ends of the table with both my hands and for a long time I bore the scar of a little gash above my coccyx, where my spine had rubbed against the rough wood.' She liked sex and she particularly liked an orgy. Why? She liked the anonymity, the abandonment, the 'delicious giddiness'. As a young woman she was shy - 'awkward', she says, at making relationships. Strangely, she felt more embarrassed with her clothes on than off; not so strangely, she disliked her body. To achieve transcendence through climax was to leave her self behind. 'I was carried by the conviction that I rejoiced in extraordinary freedom. To fuck above and beyond any sense of disgust was not just a way of lowering oneself, it was to raise yourself above all prejudice. There are those who break taboos as powerful as incest. I settled for not having to choose my partners.' 

Still, Millet hints at something that points squarely at the Mars/Saturn/Pluto conjunction that explains humiliating, shameful and sexually exploitative energy. The author subtly refers to sex as self-punishment, with guilt involved, and relating to self-esteem. As I delved through the articles for answers, a sad truth was revealed. Millet's mother, Simone, suffered from a mental illness (taboo) which erupted into wild ‘episodes’ of insanity and ended in suicide (another taboo). The past is extremely dark, and there is a lot of buried rage underneath. Such strong Pluto aspects always pull back the curtain and expose the shadowy side of life. Millet was forced to grow up and become an adult. The early tragedy sheds light on the compulsive nature of Mars-Pluto in aspect.

Highly Plutonic episodes in life, along with leaving us deeply scarred, can also create this massive complex about us meeting the exact, same fate. However, it must be said, there are other psychological ways we react to tragedy, trauma and loss of innocence in childhood. If we can still call it a childhood, since Pluto tends to bury it in layers of darkness. It can also involve mystery and intrigue and powerfully transforming and deeply memorable moments of true closeness that few people will ever experience, even if it comes at a heavy price. One may suggest, there would have had to have been something that happened in the childhood involving feeling powerless and humiliated at some stage. Even though, astrologers would head in this direction, looking at the Mars-Saturn-Pluto configuration we wouldn’t fully know the details.

Millet’s early life also involved her parent’s sleeping outside of the marriage. Furthermore, tragedy struck again.

“At the age of 23, after the death of her brother, she was subsumed by a feeling of ' mal de peau' ('feeling bad within her skin') and went into psychoanalysis.” 

One of the articles on Millet, discussed the thoughts some of us may share on her dark history, fueling the sexual compulsions of an adult Millet:

“There is a natural inclination to view misery as the psychic fuel of her promiscuity and thus condemn her enjoyment as an illness - even to see her as a sex addict in need of a programme… 

Further insights into Millet:

Near the end she reveals what one half-suspected: "I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that, until I was about 35, I had not imagined that my own pleasure could be the aim of a sexual encounter." She repeats this confession a few pages later: "For a large part of my life I fucked without regard to pleasure." So it was no picnic after all to have a posse of strangers hammering her pelvis in a car park. Quelle surprise!

Millet possess a Sun in Aries and it remained me of this acronym on Aries … Aries can use the acronym “IWWIWWWIWI” which stands for “I want what I want When and Where I want it.”Instant gratification, whatever desires he or she possesses, wants to be quickly fulfilled and on to the next conquest. What separates Millet from the wholly sexually driven woman is that she does have a brain, working on the high end of art critiquing, editing and publishing. A business that was self-launched, and credit must be given to such powerful assertive energy within her horoscope.

The emergence of a voracious woman unsentimentally pursuing her own sensual pleasure without recourse to protocol or pleasantry is particularly potent when accompanied by a high IQ and a talent for articulate communication.” 

We could look at other factors in the nativity, like the sexual wounding (Mars-Chiron), and the freedom loving, cultural diversity of Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius opposite Uranus in Gemini. We could also examine the exact Sun opposite Neptune aspect resulting in super-sensitivity, loose boundaries, and not knowing who she really is. Also, running away from reality, but there is the incredible artistic vision and sensitivity to art, with an intense appreciation for sound, colour, and the visual. A Mercury square Uranus contact is often seen in the charts of those that stir up controversial debate and who also love to shock others. Many factors come into play, making a whole personality. 

We can blindly assume a lot of things about Millet, but we have no direct access to her history and no doorway into the psyche. However, these astrological pointers are still exceptionally revealing and portray the woman behind all of the art critiquing, sexual desires and longing for transformation and transcendence. The urge to merge and to be penetrated and to transform something within on a deeper level of her being. Maybe I am being rather polite wrapping up this post. Obviously, there are strong opinions about Millet. I don’t feel the need to judge her lifestyle, I was mostly interested in what drives the sexual compulsion and some of those answers were found. An interesting woman, and a highly interesting life.
Quotes taken from : The Double Life of Catherine M and Pelvic Flaw

Virgo: The Right Job

Virgo: The Right Job
Louis McNeice says, “when we step over the border between this sign (Leo) and the next we perhaps hear a typewriter, or a vacuum cleaner, a secretarial voice drily reading the minutes, a whispered aside of criticism. We have entered the territory where everything must be “just so” - floors must be swept, files must be kept, I’s must be dotted and t's crossed, beds (in all senses) must be properly made." You know the stereotypical image of Virgo, and in the chapter that begins Virgo in Astrology For Lovers it states: “He may live with a mess on the living room carpet, but you can bet he is cleaning up his psyche.”

Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is an earth sign with a superb brain, and so he looks around the immediate earthly environment and is quick to see what can be improved to run more efficiently and he employs his deep analytic mind for ordering the mundane world. The Virgoan energy in the chart has been described by some astrologers as the feminine discovering the mind, and suggesting this is a female intelligence. Needless to say, Virgo is always developing techniques and picking weak spots and fussing endlessly over details. The servant is associated with Virgo and the need to serve others, humanity without thought of the self. The personality can sometimes be more shy and reserved, but what tends to fill up his soul is the development of some expertise, technical knowledge and competency in a specialized area. Also, the Virgoan craves to be good at something, that will serve others in some way, and this is how his greatest self-fulfillment in life is found. A Virgo must find the right work. Find his area of inventiveness, ingenuity, and skill-set. Sometimes the negative, shadowy side of Virgo and the nit-picking, carping and criticizing is due to feeling underutilized.

The concentration is on a particular area of knowledge and this is how the intellect is sharpened, and the apprentice masters a craft. In the Virgo house the individual is individualized and it is symbolic of the last phase in the sequence of the personal development. Virgo represents the process all human beings must pass through and is referred to as a critical stage. In fact, this urgency of Virgo to clean up’ the environment, and to order the intellect - probably arises through what Rudyahr terms as the pressure of impending crisis. The personality reaches a “critical state “and this knotty feeling inside is what drives him towards a life-work. The interior changes happening within and a constant feeling of a sense of dissatisfaction and nothing being good enough. A great tension in the psyche exists and he is always intellectually pruning, clipping, cutting away, and his need for change and self-transformation may rival Scorpio’s.

Virgo is always in a state of transition and sometimes it makes him come across as neurotic with the nervous system, taking a battering, anxious, and hung-up on all disorder. In Virgo, there is always more work to do and it can mean obsessing over the smallest detail. Nothing is ever finished, and he is productive, fruitful and hard working. A deep desire for purity, refinement and practical common sense are present. A lot of Virgo’s energy can be channelled through finding his true service to mankind, and honing those skills and it’s how he makes sense of life. The highly evolved Virgo can then be thought of as the noble helper, and a job where he feels useful and most of all used. Simply put, Virgo, has abilities that will improve life for everybody.

Capricorn: A Winter's Tale

Capricorn: A Winter's Tale
A Capricorn often displays an attitude as old as the world. In fact, the World is given to this zodiacal region in the Tarot. As Saturn, Capricorn’s primary ruler, governs over material life. The Cappy individual is always driven to prove themselves in the outer world in business, work and home. Capricorn reflects our station in the world and it is responsible, controlled, reserved, authorative and focused on being in control of its life. The Capricorn will always feel this heavy sense of doing what’s right and relinquishing power is incredibly difficult. Being born under the Saturnian energy can be immensely imprisoning at times, initially this may be felt as a brick-wall effect, and much of the life is spent getting through this wall. Many Capricorn people face obstacles, and limitation in everything. The individual is born into a world that deals with matter, into the earth element which is one of the heaviest elements in astrology.

A Capricorn is frequently advised to find something spiritual behind a dense reality. Life must include play, joyfulness and a lightness of spirit. Otherwise, what tends to happen is the shoulders begin to get heavy from all the burden and weight of responsibility, and the heaviness of the world slowly crushes the soul underneath. The bounds that appear - imprison, and hardness is set up and habit of not leaning on anything but the self. It’s worth escaping those walls, even for a brief time and to throw caution to the wind. One of the most amazing things about Capricorn is that they are capable of enormous effort. With its ruler, Saturn, it always brings with it the meaning that any success is won at the expense of much labour. Capricorn, ruled by the goat is described as a crazy climber taking it to the next level when scaling any mountain (respect!). The goat is described with feet well adapted to scaling those heights, and there is no finer way to describe Capricorn in the horoscope. Once they realize they have this talent for climbing, there really are no limits to their success in the world. The qualities of the sign are enduring, persisting and the individual climbs ever higher. It’s also thought that Capricorn has a mountain of Karma that holds down the struggling soul. However, when life feels tough, take inspiration from those climbing goats and remember that man and his mountain must eventually be climbed and surmounted, and this is what lives in the spirit of the Capricorn’s being.  The hard-working Capricorn that has achieved much in their life often inspires respect.

With the Sun in Capricorn the individual is born under the energy that begins winter. Much of the Capricornian's life is really a sign of preparing for the cold, and the beginning of winter has a long tradition representing the advent of a fearsome time. Winter has been called the time that “maketh old”. The month is a time we must discipline ourselves, and it is thought of as a white bleak season. Even a brief study on the winter season is revealing, for it is the time we think of personal sorrows, and it is also said that we are reminded of the death of loved ones and our own mortality. We are often faced with a cold and bleak reality at this time of year. Of course, all of this discussion of Capricorn’s constant struggle, wintry landscape, and karma can make us view Capricorn as the most depressing of the zodiac. However, Stephen Forrest paints a rather beautiful image of the stony backdrop of Capricorn, imagining it through the lens of black and white photography.

I want to imagine that you have gone to a photography exhibit in an art gallery and the title of the exhibit is “Winter.” The artist, a photographer working in black and white, has done a series of landscapes of winter images. Images like an empty park bench in Paris, half-covered in snow, or the twisted, leafless branches of trees against a grey sky in Minnesota. Poignant imagery. And the artist has brilliantly interpolated these white images with portraits of old people, none of them younger than eighty. Old people who are not posing for the camera exactly, but caught in candid moments with that serious look on their faces, with every line telling a story. They’ve seen loss and they’ve seen tragedy but they don’t look depressed. They look wise, they look old, they look tempered by life. They’re in the winter of life. …And as we step out of the gallery and into the lobby there’s a group of people who were also in there looking at the pictures and we don’t know them but we overhear them and one of them says, “My god, that was a depressing show!” Another one laughs and says, “Yes, they ought to give that lady Prozac!” And you and I are kind of jarred, kind of shocked, because we don’t feel that way. It wasn’t depressing to us. We were feeling poignant; there was melancholy, depth, wisdom, and beauty in it. These images invoke solitude and this monumental solitude is the essence of Capricorn. STEVEN FORREST'S SUN SIGNS

Air Signs: Rational Vs Emotional

Air Signs: Rational Vs Emotional
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius all express the element of air. However, they demonstrate it in different ways according to their mode (cardinal, fixed, and Mutable). In Gemini, we meet mutable and this reflects their style of always constantly being on the move, making connections, and distributing information. In Libra, we meet cardinal revealing itself in the way an individual directs their intelligence towards strategic relationships, diplomatically bridging opposites and smoothing out conflicts using logical arguments. In Aquarius, we meet fixed; it rules social ideas and connects groups of people together. Using Jungian astrology, the air signs are the ‘thinking type’ and focus on intellectual understanding. The difficulty represented with the air signs is integrating the emotional and watery side of life.

The air signs are said to favour rationality and reason and described in older astrology textbooks as detached, and interested in the world of ideas. Gemini is represented by the Twins; Libra is represented by the scales, and Aquarius by the water bearer. These are human forms/objects and represent the distinction between man and his bestial nature. Man has the gift of developing a civilised nature, and with the use of air we can ‘talk things through’ seek ‘counselling’ and see things from a detached perspective. We can gain objectivity in any situation. If we are feeling stressed, we often seek fresh air to clear our heads and sort out how we feel.

Now, if one has been following psychological astrology, then we should know that there is a major clash between water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) and air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) in the elemental grouping. In fact, it can be regarded as a major contention between the feeling and thinking parts of our nature. On the outside, there appears to be a wide margin that distances the sea and the sky. Water and air appear to stand in the other's way, especially when it comes to making a rational judgement and making a decision with some kind of major conflict between the head and heart. However, Lisa Cron, writing teacher, amazingly puts this is all into a broader perspective and it seems that air really does need water, after all:

Most of were brought up to believe that reason and emotion are polar opposites, with reason as the stalwart white hat and emotion as the sulky black hat. And let's us not even discuss which gender was said to wear which hat. Reason, it is thought, sees the world as it is, while the irrational scamp, emotion, tries to undermine it. Uh-huh. Turns out, as neuroscience writer Jonah Lehres says, "If it weren't for our emotion reason wouldn't exist at all." Take that, Plato.

The author illustrates that without emotions we would be free to make decisions, right?  Well, not exactly:

Without emotion, each option carried the exact same weight - everything was six of one, half a dozen of the other. There was no way to gauge what was important and wasn't, what mattered, and didn't. If we can't feel what matters and what doesn't, then nothing matters. By Lisa Cron

The air signs have high principles, a sense of fairness and are famous for being the less emotionally committed. Gemini hates to be pinned down to relationships; Libra is struggling with indecision and practices the fine art of balancing self with other. Aquarius is known for a dislike of heavy emotional displays and detaching from personal issues and extending the hand towards universal concerns.

As we have seen, the air principle is connected to the thinking function, while the water principle is connected to the feeling function. When air and water are in competition with each other they are not always easy to reconcile. The mind tells the emotions to control themselves, while the emotions have no parameters for control - they are responding to pure feeling. When the air principle is too strongly dominant and controls the water principle, the outward manifestation is often like the thunderstorm - a critical, caustic, overly judgmental response to a situation that hardly seemed worthy of such display. Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers

Gemini-Sagittarius - Map Reading

Gemini-Sagittarius - Map Reading
I found these wonderful street and geography maps that can be likened to the spirit of Gemini and Sagittarius. Both signs represent knowledge and journeys, ideas to follow and worlds to travel. Gemini ruling the street map, local area, knowing all the short cuts. Sagittarius is the broader perspective and is symbolic of the geography map giving us a larger view of life. In short, it is the local and the global.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury/Hermes and reminds of us that guy in traffic on his bike weaving in and out of the jammed streets, where cars, taxis and buses, and everyone converges, hoping not to collide. Hermes, on his bike/winged sandals is the death-defying messenger sailing through the narrows between traffic, almost shift-shaping to swerve in and out. Sometimes he skims metal, but continues at speed, hell-bent on his destination and the message arriving. To keep up with any air sign is like chasing the wind! Gemini is described as having a nimble intellect, jumping from one idea to another, they are the acrobats, highly attuned to the fleetingness and the pleasures of the newness. Once we peel back Gemini's linguistic layers that clothe his outer being, we find ourselves educated and entertained at the same time. Gemini has fun with ideas and draws fun from ideas. Gemini is packed with information, clear, witty, attractively written, and generally persuasive. Gemini is unfailingly engaging to read with amusing examples and often bracing, and sometimes naughty. Gemini is unstoppably curious, endlessly informative and diverting.

Gemini-Sagittarius - Map Reading
Sagittarius is the traveler of larger terrain, and usually before plans are put into place the horse has bolted and they are already somewhere new. Thinking about the future is important and taking full advantage of the myriad opportunities that lie ahead. To Sagittarius, it is a big wide world, and there is ample opportunity and growth and expansion. The Sagittarian zodiacal region represents the basis for greater and greater expression and evolvement. It is the opening of thoughts to the world and we find the boundless quest and questioning. Where we find Sagittarius and Jupiter is where we find meaning and trace God's fingerprints on the world. It is ruled by Jupiter, and this is often a world built for giants, and rules the mammoth, gargantuan scale. The largeness of their nature encompasses vast areas, and Sagittarius also represents the trips to the exotica, either vicarious or actual. The Sagittarius region leads us to a vast field of further lands. A larger cosmic whole. The awe. Ultimate sources, finitude and higher divinity.

Saturn in Vigo: Mind, Body and Feeling

Saturn in Vigo: Mind, Body and Feeling
According to Saturn in Virgo, which I have Rising, by Liz Greene there are a lot of these attitudes towards routine and service that I possess. Here are some of the insights into the challenges of Saturn in Virgo or 6th house:

"Saturn here provides an opportunity through frustration, disappointment, ill health, for a journey into the mysteries of the interconnection between mind and body. Frustration and limitation in one’s work. The fundamental psychological need for rhythm and ritual, the careful ordering of external life as a symbol of careful ordering of the inner life which should, and rarely does, parallel it, is often denied in childhood. A heavily structured routine in childhood is common, but the routine is lacking in fundamental meaning because there is no effort at inner alignment. Chaos threatens perpetually on the inner level for there is little integration, and an almost compulsive ordering of the outer environment frequently ensues. Saturn may exaggerate the natural love of work, routine and order until the love becomes fear of anything outside the known and well trod path. There is often a deep anxiety over physical or mental disintegration., this placement has been linked with mental and physical disorders. It is the outer form of order which Saturn clings to rather than the inner blending of the mind, the feelings, and the intuition through the medium of the body." Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

Saturn in Virgo appears to place this kind of heavy duty focus on the aspects of service, organization and ordering of the personal life. The focusing of this authority is directed towards specialization, narrowing down, and knowledge. The great task master, Saturn, is gearing the individual towards learning in the earthly sphere of existence, and a strong sense of duty is felt in this area. Mercury deposits Saturn in Virgo and this intuitively interprets to the individual that the mind needs attuning to the tasks presented and maintaining peace of mind is of deep importance.

In an individual sense, the person needs to feel a sense of being useful. An important aspect of individualism is forming in Virgo that prepares the individual for outer life. If this vitally important step is missed, it leaves something of the unformed self and a level of personal integration that has been neglected. A great deal of anxiety around functioning properly and general health and mental performance is a barometer to the general well-being. Major frustrations at work, within the daily life, and the running of day-to-day things will reveal how well this is being accomplished.  

Saturn in Virgo can be a drive of  counsel, good advice and sense of being of real service. Saturn here investigates the physical to see what works and involves a feeling of purity. The individual is learning how to be practical and learn the meticulous, methodical, and the development of the analytical. A competence must be studied in regards to handling the physical world. Furthermore, all of this provides the physical support that nature willingly gives to those that understand the necessities of living. The physical well-being is of paramount importance, and the capacity to discriminate and determine what is practical and healthy.  Virgo represents the mutable factor of consciousness and observes, details, classifies, and is often found sifting through everything. 

Many pages in Walter H. Sampson’s book - Zodiac: A Life Epitome - were given to diet for the Virgo, with the author considering this to be a primary aspect of the nature of this zodiacal region. Whether or not he means actual diet for every individual, but it can also mean in the larger sense of slimming down and prioritizing living conditions, everything running through a fine filter. In this respect, Virgo is exceptionally refining in nature, and is constantly weeding out the unnecessary parts of life. Virgo represents purity, intelligence and dissection. The mental health aspect and the healthy body and mind are all goals for a Saturn in Virgo to maintain effectiveness in their world.

Saturn in Virgo is calling for a practical common sense to be used and more awareness of the choices being made. The mind is a force to be utilized, it is a tool to be sharpened and it is what keeps us psychologically healthy. The habits and the decisions we make daily have a karmic impact and it is vitally important to cultivate the healthy and meet the practical matters of life. However, it is also common for this placement to become unduly obsessed and worried about chaos which is an extreme state of imbalance on the other end of the spectrum. The individual is then extreme over routine and order and an overly critical nature that is constantly focusing on disorders and it can reveal itself through the constant dieter, health addict, and hypochondriac. 

By taking care of the necessities like a job, routine, and diet - everything in life will flow in a wonderful rhythm. Saturn creates a heavy consciousness about making the right choices and finding solutions and fixing all. Moreover, it can be practical, exacting and hard-working and could be the excellent scientific investigator, health expert, and any job involving study, breakdown, constant revision, reading and learning. Ultimately, adherence to monotonous, repetitive, even wearisome work should not be shirked from and also not overly focused upon until it slays the soul. As much as possible, those with Saturn in Virgo need a keen, conscious and balanced devotion towards the necessary improvements and learn to be of service, purely because it’s something that needs to be done.

 Here is another helpful interpretation by Alan Leo below:

Saturn in Virgo corresponds to the harmonious aspect of the mutable-earth sign Virgo. This is one of the very critical signs for Saturn, since motive counts for so much with those who are under this influence. To the conventional or narrow types it is inimical, since it binds the Will or desire nature to physical conditions and inclines the mind to be too analytical, critical, and unfortunately very often fault-finding where it is quite unnecessary. It often produces much apprehension and dread of consequences and thus induces worry and anxiety, leading to nervous conditions. . In the purer types, or those who are more broad minded , it inclines to science, reason, and discrimination, and produces good literary critics, skilled proof readers, journalists and chemists. There is an intermediate class of persons that are very self-introspective and somewhat psychic. This influence is of the conserving, retiring, and negative type. It inclines to depression and a somewhat worm-like spirit of humility. It favours the chaste, the virtuous and the truth seeker, and usually helps those of the motive temperament more than the vital; in the mental it produces unhappy and sceptical tendencies. SATURN The Reaper by Alan Leo (1973 Softcover 5 x 8 inches, 108 pages Samuel Weiser, NY)

I have suffered harsh reviews and others being fault-finding regarding my writing, self-expression and communication. The Saturn area is often one where we suffer blows that flatten the spirit, it makes one incredibly self-critical of their work and it is always turned inwards. Even the cruelest critics cannot match the self-criticisms of Saturn in Virgo - we are all too self-aware of our faults. The integration of mind, body and feeling is a major emphasis of those born with Saturn in Virgo.

Aspects: A Multilayered Approach

A Multilayered Approach to the Aspects
One planet is said to be in aspect to another according to degree of separation in the curve of the zodiac as shown in the chart. A circle contains 360 degrees, and it is divided into 12 equal regions for the 12 signs each encompassing 30 degrees. The conjunction is two planets occupying the same degree. The sextile 60 degrees apart and thought to be favourable and often said to contain more potency than the trine due to the progressive nature. The square aspect at 90 degrees is said to be challenging due to the cross purposes of the nature of the signs involved. The trine aspect is the division of the circle by one-third resulting in a 120 degree separation and thought to be the most favourable of the all the aspects. The Opposition dividing the circle by one half, a 180 degree separation and called the reverse of the conjunction. Aspects, quite simply, are the angular relationships of the planets to one another.

The ancients termed them relationships between two rays which reach the Earth from two celestial bodies. The nature of the aspect is taken into consideration and the blending of the planets in harmonious (sextile and trine) and inharmonious groups (square and opposition) with the conjunction depending on the nature planets involved and has often been classed as a position rather than an aspect. How an aspect works depends largely upon the house or fields of activity involved.  Stephen Arroya offers illuminating insights into the workings of aspects in his book - Astrology, Karma and Transformation:

Many writers have spoken of aspects as relating to “lines of force” between various energy centers (planets) in the individual’s energy field. ..We should not underestimate the power of the mind and will; for our very thoughts, ideals, and desires can subtly alter the lines of force within our total energy field….My favourite law of interpreting aspects is: The planets in the signs represent the basic urges toward expression and needs for fulfillment, but the aspects reveal the actual state of the energy flow and how much personal effort is needed in order to express a particular urge or to fulfil a particular need. In other words, a particular aspect does not tell us: this person will or will not do such-and-such; nor does it tell us whether a person can experience or achieve something. But it does tell us how much effort will be required, in a relative sense, to achieve a given result. Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart

Also note, since this is a written work on the karmic implications as applied to the birth chart, the author believes that challenging aspects give us sharp insight into what sort of karma has to be dealt with in the lifetime. In his view, the hard aspects indicate our deepest attachments and most imbalanced mental-emotional patterns. The writer believes that a blockage is a way to realize what we are doing. The challenging aspects, viewed in this way, are the greatest aid to self-reflection and analysis and suggesting a misuse of this energy in a previous lifetime.

Another astrologer that offers revealing perceptions on the aspects is C.E.O Carter:

One of the things most noticeable about the good aspects is that they are comformative; they tend to make the subject swim with the tide, or, like Mr Pickwick, to shout with the larger crowd. On the other the “bad” ones make the native out of tune with his surroundings -shall we say incompliant? - which may enhance his moral reputation but not his comfort. The opposition and square are usually stronger that the trine and sextile and so lead to extremes. From this point of view temperate and excessive seem appropriate terms. Again, trines and sextiles may be called facilitative inasmuch as they tend to help our endeavours, and squares and oppositions are tensive or (in fixed signs or when Saturn in involved) obstructive….In this writer’s view…the essential raison d’etre of the so called bad aspects and the conditions of human life that they symbolise. The Creator has made the world infinitely beautiful and interesting beyond bounds, but He has not made it comfortable; that task has to be performed by man himself, to be earned, in fact. This seems indisputable whatever we may feel about it. Without the “bad aspects” we should merely vegetate or evolve very very slowly, as does the subhuman creation. A good, useful and enjoyable life does not, therefore, depend upon having a number of trines and sextiles…what is important is an integration of the factors in the map. Essays on the foundations of astrology,: By Charles E.O. Carter

A drive towards synthesis, towards growth, towards wholeness and self-perfection

According to the essence of dialectics all objects, people, the universe itself, go through a series of stages. Each stage is characterised by two opposing forces, and the nature of this conflict determines the nature of the stage. When the conflict is resolved, the object goes to a higher stage, called synthesis, where a new contradiction begins, and the process starts over again at a higher level. Often these tensions reach a breaking point, a phase or transition occurs. Intuitively, this way of viewing tension is highly relevant to the challenging aspects in our natal chart (conjunction, square and opposition). Maybe it’s a highly theoretical way of considering the aspects. However, as Carter points out, human beings are here to progress and not stagnate.

As astrologers, students, and learners we all develop our own methods of looking at the aspects. We are all in the same boat together and share similar conflicts and know that we are not alone in our experiences. Aristotle formulated the philosophical concept of potentiality. For Aristotle the motive force in the cosmos is the tendency of everything to become what it is meant to be. He posited that all things develop true to their form. The hard aspects, then, represent an active striving towards the optimal realization of our potential, and this is an innate drive that exists within everybody. In psychological terms, this is a drive towards synthesis, towards growth, towards wholeness and self-perfection.

The Water Signs: Psychotic Women

The Water Signs: The  Psychotic Women
The Water element (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) in astrology can sometimes be deceptively hidden in meaning to understand. At the beginning of learning astrology - we learn about such watery traits as kindness, sympathy and deep understanding. The watery types will suffer along with us we are told, and will be there resolutely in our times of trouble.

The sea-life babes will enter into our world psychically, and some would call this a kind of psychic invasion while others enjoy the bonding feeling of being so close. I have spent a long-time writing about the watery trigon and how psychically, supernaturally and paranormally wonderful it can it all feel. It’s all marvelous and we are all deep souls. However, dive further into the watery psychology and we are quickly met with morbid feelings, death, finality, torture and suffering. In the modern era of psychological astrology any planets found in the water houses, particularly the 8th and 12th houses (belonging to Scorpio and Pisces), and there is mental illness and some sort of tragic fate awaiting the individual. How do Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces maintain “psychic equilibrium” as their psychic make-up can border on the emotionally psychotic, unhinged, hysterical, and emotionally overwhelming?

It’s true; these are all the stereotypical traits of water women in relationships. When they sulk - they have heavy moods which are associated with the menstrual cycle, crazy time of the month - supposedly. You know, us water women get treated like leeches, blood-suckers, soul-eating, complaining, negative, jealous, crazy and neurotic creatures. The water babe can make any man feel as guilty as hell for neglectful behavior in any way; they possess these superpowers of entering the feelings and knowing all the vulnerable spots. It is all part and parcel of a wonderful psychic ability, but there is something of the Femme Fatale that comes out in the night time that scares the living daylights out of men. It’s obvious, water sign women can get sunk down into depression easily, put on the water-works, mopes and indulge in a profound sulk. How crazy is the water woman? It depends on the psychic equilibrium; anyone can act out the destructive element of their nature when they are having a breakdown, major crisis, or a bad day. A woman of feeling will be more dramatic in emotional expression as she is coloured with intensity, depth and profound emotions. The watery woman also knows how vulnerable it is to be in the world with so much emotion brimming inside, easily bruised and feeling everything more intensely.


As the astrological books dictate, Cancer eats when she feels unhappy, is hysterical, overreacts, and is the most needy, clinging vine of the lot. In a constant pre-menstrual mood, it would seem the nostalgic woman, can’t let go. Even her children are not allowed to leave home. Yep, she claws her way into a man's life and there really is no escape. All of this according to the watery psychopathic nature, of course, as it is supposed to read. Still, let’s be honest, there will be women that express this inability to let go of something in life, and will find it incredibly difficult to move on from the past. Like, every good, psychotic water woman knows -- smothering, suffocating and overwhelming a man with feeling is the only way to keep him close, as we must stop him from having an individual life that does not include us. The Cancer woman simply radiates an unconscious mastery and is the lunar lady with the moist eyes. A sublime watery soul, comfortable in the feminine realm, and instinctively knowing. A Cancerian is a ready security blanket, with immense caring; she will protect and preserve with great tenacity. Oh, and the defensive nature needs mentioning. Stephen Forrest covers this accurately in Sun Signs.

I find it entertaining that one of the most reliable ways to get a modern half-way educated human being really defensive is to suggest that that person has a defence mechanism. That often makes people really angry. The psychologists, God bless them, they’re taught to think of defence mechanisms as a psychiatric problem that we need to go into therapy for to see about having them removed, as if they were nose hairs or something like that! This is silly. Ask the crab. Sensitive creatures are vulnerable creatures and must defend themselves. And the volume of sensitivity was turned up to maximum in you at your birth…You have a shell around you that’s a really good thing. STEVEN FORREST'S SUN SIGNS


Scorpio is that emotive chain-reaction that shatters foundations. The secrets exposed, betrayals uncovered, and monsters revealed. Scorpio rules the spongy depths of the brain relating to instinct and passions. The Scorpio female possesses a sinister curiosity and paranoid element to her mental make-up. Any man that dares to enter into this woman’s apocalyptic landscape and its shadowy figures does so at his own risk. Most people think there is something about Scorpio that makes them unavoidably threatening to lawful society. To date the Scorpion woman, let’s be honest, you have to enjoy a provocative puzzle and probing detective work to understand her feelings. The woman is also dogged with a suspicious mind and is never truly alive unless she is questioning life’s depths. The Scorpio woman is always involved in this internal transformation and it’s often invisible and remains deeply mysterious.

Sure, the woman can cast spells and hexes on those that vex. Scorpio can get a little intoxicated by power. The woman is emotionally intense and finds it hard to be superficial about life. In Scorpio’s realm there is a layer of events covering a deeper reality. In this deeper reality her purpose is absolutely clear, but there is a whole of a lot of digging into the mystery of life to bring all of this to the surface. There is an enormous separation between deep reality and everyday existence. The Scorpion, loves to uncover the hidden dimensions of life. The mystery of changing from one state into another - as in death. The invisible intelligence, operating below the surface of the world. In this realm, life does not express itself in random accidents, but one of intelligence that exists everywhere. Lets' face it, the woman is drawn to FATE and this element is often found in her relationships.


Men out there need to realize that being in, on, under a Pisces is like being near the ocean and life feels better. Instead of spending time, typing into Google asking - is Pisces woman is crazy? Oh, yes, I have seen it! A Pisces woman is torn between two worlds, giving an immensely romantic feel to the personality. Such an Otherworldly woman, holds immense appeal, and she is creative and inspiring. Still, it also gives a sense of being in a strange world -  indifferent to logic, and not capable of exercising it.  However, she is also the kind to vanish and a man might be chasing this woman endlessly in his dreams. The Piscean is the escapist personality, epitomizing the type of female that is often found in need of some form of rescuing from addictions, bad choices, and difficult situations, especially when people have trampled all over those sensitive feelings. The martyr and deeply unhappy woman is also part of this complex nature. If her artistic, psychic, and mystical senses are not being fed, then there is a sense of always searching for the unknown.

The forgetfulness of the Piscean and inability to focus on reality and the need to withdraw from life are all powerful traits found in a deceivingly, and puzzling personality. As Walter H. Sampson wrote,  “It is the river of Lethe or forgetfulness over which the departed cross their way to the further land. It is a place of shadows, strange monsters, dreams of unearthly beauty and haunting poignancy.”  Pisces is the composite of all the women molded to each taste. The chameleon lady, most adaptable and with eyes brimming as if ready to burst into tears, or the woman with the ready tear. Admittedly, Walter’s words about Pisces did well-up my eyes. I am not sure if anyone has captured the spirit as powerfully.

 It is the dim, indefinite region, opalescently lighted, in which forms come and go, across which mists float, through veils of which nothing appears sure…It is the place of vanishing, where all things melt and merge into the universe, return to the maker. It is the beautiful, unearthly lights…colours of a bubble about to burst…the dying strains of a sympathy, the sweetness of things remembered across the abyss of time, the ravishing pathos of tragedy that is no longer tragedy, but a recollection, of suffering that is not our own, and yet becomes our own, entered and escaped at will, powerless yet compelling. It is all these and a thousand more besides; it is all that but trebly intensified. Zodiac: A Life Epitome
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