Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: Watercolours

cancer astrology
Cancer takes us into the hidden self, running below the personality, operating through the emotional instincts with enormous sensitivity and an extremely intuitive nature. 

Cancer is represented by the crab, and these are creatures that live in all the world's oceans, in fresh water, and on land, they are generally covered with a thick shell, protecting a soft center and possess a single pair of claws.

As a creature of the sea, gravitating towards where the tides are always shifting, they also pass through the ever changing emotional cycles of moods.

The inner life of the Cancerian is very important, and it is where they nurture ideas, stories and images that can truly captivate the public once released. One of the greatest tasks in life may involve revealing all of those hidden psychic, creative and poetic gifts in the soul. These gifts need not only to be used in writing, photography, or the visual arts and can be used in business.

Sometimes Cancer has a hard time leaving the past behind and moving forward, with so many fears and insecurities that often need to be overcome, along with a deep fear of being hurt or disappointed. The claws of Cancer reveal that there is incredible strength and tenacity, along with all of their depth and richness. Another thing about Cancer is they can grab hold of a mystery, just like the other waters signs, and find immense love for delving into the deep mysteriousness of the world. The cancer is a mystical female that operates on the unconscious level and can also can get highly attached to family, but before we attach too much mothering elements to the interpretation tying them to the kitchen sink, we must also realize that Cancer is filled to the brim with soul.

Lately, there are so many conflicting myths as to which sign began the zodiac that it tends to make one's head spin, but Cancer is another thought to be the true beginning of the zodiacal cycle. Much in the sense that the spirit enters through the fourth house associated with the end of life, and so it is also where the spirit takes its final bow. Cancer is the seed of life, the beginnings of water, thus making the type profoundly emotional with roots that go deep. At some point they may need to come to an understanding that the past tends to hold them in its grip, and they are the beginning of the chain in the family lineage and emotions will always ebb and flow in Cancer picking up the undercurrents , and this makes them incredibly perceptive, with excellent memory, and with great sympathy.

Scorpio is the sign that will bottle things up and buries them deep down into the part of the self they are trying to ignore or forget. It brings to mind pictures of unspeakable tragedy and the feeling that there is something horribly wrong with the world, with life and people too. Scorpio has learned from an early age not to trust what they see and not to take anything at face value.

However, what Scorpio also needs to learn is that there is a lighter side to the universe, something more uplifting, but it is easy to get bitter when they have so often been denied this reality. When they have learned to deal with their perceptions and face the darker aspects of life the sign often wonders why other people do not perceive the reality of the world in the way they do, and since it is so often in plain sight. Scorpio is born with powerful insights and has always clearly understood that fearing something and denying its existence does not make it go away and that one must acknowledge the uncomfortable aspects of life and to also understand the unseen forces within themselves.

Scorpio possesses amazing psychoanalytic ability, with razor sharp senses and does well in all healing capacities. When their power is constructively directed they can be a tremendous force in the world and they certainly don’t do things by halves and when they affect a person it can lead to massive changes in that individual’s life. With the Scorpion there has always been a stronger focus of restorative powers and regenerative powers, and they have a grasp of human nature that is unrivalled.  We could say, Scorpio is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but also with a blend of plot and conspiracy. Continually, they chase every mystery that interests them with the heart of a detective and using a mind that possesses the precision of a surgical knife with such a focused intensity that is unparalleled.

All love must pass through the fires of Scorpio, the 8th house and Pluto and through the extremes, grasping the other person’s reality, no matter how uncomfortable. However, the depths of Scorpio also have hidden wealth and resources that can generate transformation. Physical money has the power to transform and spiritual strength has the profound ability to make lasting changes from within, breathing life back into the soul. Once they learn to control the flame of the Scorpion energy they can transform and use that power for passion, healing, and take anything into a brand new phase of being. The Scorpion has something of the sexual and mystical aura about them and they bring love to a truly transformative level.

Pisces is closely in touch with the spiritual world, and will always feel a sense of homelessness, understanding they can never feel at home in reality. A powerful lesson for Pisces is in learning that the highest aspiration is to not to get away from life, otherwise why have all the bother of being born at all. Pisces needs to fully include both worlds into its reality. The mystic life is at the soul of Pisces some call it a mystery, something from the unseen, and invisible.

The sign of Pisces is thought to live in a mental mist, a sea of vagueness, a life of unpracticality. Pisces has the ability to unfasten the seams on the back of reality, unpinning the thread that holds heaven and earth and walking through the mists sensing that there are multitudes within one life. We touch this other realm when we fall asleep, and fall deep into the unconscious realm of the mind.

The hidden side, the secret self, the mysteriousness of Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house are really speaking about the inner life of the soul. We are so dissatisfied because nothing can compete with heaven or the divine. People make fun of Pisces dreams, confusion in the world, and general difficulty with the practical elements of life. In astrology, we know that people have different realities and we take our own reality for granted, does a fish notice the water? They don’t tend to sit and analyse these things and the imagination and the otherworld are as real to them as the forest is to the Earth. Pisces is in touch with the mysterious and numinous, and often the concentration can pay the price, but only when studying something that is not inspiring, and their mind wanders. The Piscean mind is wonderfully fertile and receptive, it’s just that everything is processed more internally and they often know more than they let on. Pisces is incredibly romantic, a little shy, with an otherworldly quality of magic and fantasy.
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Einstein’s 'Miracle Year' 1905

Einstein's miracle year 1905
A few individuals are born with remarkable intellect and possess human knowledge as profoundly as Einstein. Heralded as a great genius of our time he revealed the secrets of the Universe and brought a breadth of understanding that changed our whole perception of the world.

Though, even for all of his lifetime achievements, there was one particular year that stood out as being the miracle year of Einstein when most of his greatest works were published. 

1905 was called Einstein’s ‘Miracle Year ‘with dazzling discoveries he was said to have revolutionized science producing 4 papers that changed what we know about the world. The scientist was at the age of 26 and the results of his efforts achieved during this time called nothing less than spectacular.

“One explained how to measure the size of molecules in a liquid, a second posited how to determine their movement, and a third described how light comes in packets called photons—the foundation of quantum physics and the idea that eventually won him the Nobel Prize. A fourth paper introduced special relativity, leading physicists to reconsider notions of space and time that had sufficed since the dawn of civilization. Then, a few months later, almost as an afterthought, Einstein pointed out in a fifth paper that matter and energy can be interchangeable at the atomic level specifically, that E=MC^2, the scientific basis of nuclear energy and the most famous mathematical equation in history.”


As astrologers we are keen to observe what kind of planetary activity was occurring in this particular year for such a remarkable time of accomplishment in the life of the Physicist.  What has been observed is that in 1905 Einstein completed a thesis gaining a PHD and writing, completing and submitting his papers when transiting Saturn formed a conjunction to Jupiter in Aquarius in the 9th house.

The transit of Saturn aspected his natal Jupiter opposite Uranus aspect along the axis of knowledge (3rd/9th). To add, transiting Jupiter was also in the 11th house trine natal Uranus in the 3rd house, massively reemphasizing the Jupiter/Uranus aspect in his horoscope.

The Jupiter-Uranus aspect is such a significant planetary combination for scientific knowledge and the movement of Saturn across this aspect indicated the time was ripe for it to be harvested. I shall explain why, in Einstein’s astrology chart Jupiter-Uranus plays such an essential, significant and important part in his intellectual life.

Jupiter being placed in its own house can expand the boundaries of philosophy, knowledge, and it also broadens awareness and can signify the consciousness expanding. Furthermore, it offers a perception of life that is macroscopic and involving plenty of activities with teachers, mentors and gurus and obviously becoming oneself a teacher of knowledge.

Jupiter is placed in the sign of Aquarius and is opposite Uranus, a double whammy, highlighting the great teacher and philosopher (Jupiter) of the cosmos, scientist, and physicist (Uranus). A Jupiter-Uranus aspect asks the big cosmological questions, and is on a journey of illumination, searching for answers that go beyond the rational, analytical and reasonable explanations.

Jupiter being the biggest planet in the solar system massively expands knowledge about science, space, and even astrology. A powerful intuition is usually an inherent factor in the personality,  and the Jupiter-Uranus mind is restless on its journey across space and time. Jupiter-Uranus can have flashes of insight and truth and is always in search of knowledge; they can be a spiritual person who is light years ahead of their time.

The Jupiter-Uranus contact also increases the scientific ability, broadening the perspective and the mind perceives possibilities everywhere. Jupiter in astrology can also mean being famous and with Uranus ruling higher mathematics it equates with Einstein coming up with the most famous equation of all time - E =MC2 .

Uranus in the 3rd house, was probably why he was a great mental channel and attracted him towards progressive, revolutionary ideas that can lead the mind to new insights; he was an inventive, original and intuitive thinker. The Uranian mind grasps concepts whole, and sometimes their ideas are light years ahead. Uranus in the 3rd house is the light bulb over the head moment.

Some Uranians view old subjects from a unique perspective, and are often interested in intellectual systems - science, astrology, mathematics or astronomy. This placement of Uranus will usually attracts them into associations of like-minded people, and the mind is also gifted at synthesis and good at making intuitive leaps.

Transits and Progressions:1905

Transiting Saturn moving over Jupiter and Uranus represents the practical aspect of life and turning those forward thinking ideas and intuitive understanding into reality. Saturn is also the planet of commitment and it can be a materializing aspect, something concrete always forms.

The Saturn-Uranus transit according to one astrologer states that science should not be pursued at this time as it will be severely hindered, opposed and ridiculed. On the one hand, the astrologer is right for Saturn blocks, delays and will often stall progress. With all new ideas come their opponents and it can be difficult bringing something to the table that has not been seen before.

On the other hand, Saturn does not only rule barriers to life, but it can also fully test and prove and reveal a depth of worldly wisdom. Of course, hindsight is a great gift for astrologers, but Saturn can really make a solid contribution to life and the desire to see theories proven. Of course with Saturn comes a great deal of fear in presenting these ideas to society and the great need for approval.

The progressed Asc in Leo trined Mercury in Aries 10th indicating mental achievement and the progressed Mc (career) in Aries had been hovering over natal Saturn in the 10th house which is also another profession indicator. Those with Saturn in the 10th house often feel that they must achieve something in the world.

Progressed Mercury also meets up in conjunction with transiting Jupiter and both trine Uranus in the 3rd house forming a Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus configuration. Again, indicating a focus on mental knowledge and often schooling, writing, and an expansive period regarding understanding and awareness .

Also. to further compound this emphasis on learning there was also a transit of Uranus square Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aries in the 10th house and is a time of of enlightenment, shocking statements being made, and with the ability to revolutionize people’s minds signifying the radical insights into nature.
“Einstein anticipated the impact of his paper, In May 1905, before the paper appeared in print, he informed his friend Conrad Habicht that a forthcoming paper on the properties of light was "very revolutionary."

The chart is incredibly active in 1905 with more transits not listed here for wanting to keep focus.

Life Achievement/Death Chart

At the time of his death, there was a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer (his Ascendant) in 1955. Especially lucky contacts like this have been observed by astrologers to occur at the time great people pass.

Occultists believe the death chart shows what we have achieved in life showing our accomplishments (astrology considerations magazine).

If this is true or merely speculative, nobody can be certain, but Jupiter-Uranus is such a significant aspect for 'scientific knowledge' and the 'great scientist' and Einstein dying under this contact does make one think there could be something to the theory.

In Einstein’s chart, at the time of his passing, he had the progressed Asc and Moon (the luminary ruling the Asc) conjunct the I.C, often the house termed as the end of life by ancient astrologers.

Transiting Pluto was also conjuncting Uranus and touching his Jupiter-Uranus opposition and squaring Pluto forming a t-square - Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto. Also, transiting Saturn in Scorpio as trine his Sun in Pisces.

Further Research Notes:

Transiting Uranus conjunct I.C a year after his birth and the father founded an electrical company and moved the family. Uranus crossing the 4th house cusp is often a signification for sudden house moves.

In 1900 the transiting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius was conjunct Einstein’s Moon in the 6th house and trine his Mercury in the 10th house when he was published by a prestigious academic and the first of his scientific works to be printed.

Einstein took a holiday to New York in 1921, for the first time when transiting Jupiter was conjunct the I.C and square his natal Moon (both I.C and Moon relate to home) and it certainly puts an emphasis on the need to expand one’s roots as Jupiter rules by expansion and travel and teaching. Saturn was also transiting through the 4th house opposite Sun in Pisces and a lot of it involved business and there was three weeks of lectures and receptions. Uranus was also opposite Uranus, and he was around 42 and experiencing the midlife crisis and the urge to uproot in life

 He also published an essay, "My First Impression of the U.S.A.," in July 1921, in which he tried briefly to describe some characteristics of Americans, much as Alexis de Tocqueville did, who published his own impressions in Democracy in America (1835). For some of his observations, Einstein was clearly surprised: "What strikes a visitor is the joyous, positive attitude to life . . . The American is friendly, self-confident, optimistic, and without envy." Obviously describing Sagittarius rising in America's chart.

In 1930 he took another trip back to America when transiting Jupiter had swung all the way around to oppose the Moon in Sagittarius and this time squaring the I.C the same above mostly applies. Naturally, he seemed to have a fine time with many requests to speak and being cheered on arrival, perhaps superstar Jupiter in play here and being something of a celebrity, and Einstein was given keys to the city by the Mayor. Uranus in Aries 10th squared Moon in Sagittarius applying and ended up a resident there due to Nazi conflict at home Uranus to the Moon can upset roots.
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Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: The Fiery Watercolours

Aries has the celestial gift of pure energy and this dynamism has been described in various ways from the first bolt of lightning from heaven, to an energy that burst forth all at once, and there is this powerful, plus urgent need to give birth to something new. Being the first sign to emerge out of nothing, there will always be the essence of beginning, and the sense of awakening from a deep sleep, a cold winter, and that they were the initial spark that started the whole world turning. The Arian will carry this spirit throughout life and every activity undertaken is a reaffirmation of this powerful self, being the first to have made a mark. Aries rules the first house that symbolizes the individual that singular energy the first sense of there being a life-force.

Everybody raves about Aries anger, but there has to be a quality of violence in the sign, as it needs power and force to break through and be born and it is never a malevolently destructive anger. However, when needs are not being met anger plays an important role, it is the wakeup call. Aries is not a sign that can sit around and do nothing, they need a bold direction, and they need drama and to love impulsively leaping out into the unknown. Aries is often the first to walk new ground, and also being the first of the signs to make their presense known is the most direct and uncluttered, and has this clear unclouded vision of life that is pure fire. Aries revels in the promise of a new day, activity and new endeavour with a spirit that says, ‘I Am, I exist’. Also to be the first to arrive gives them such an amazing sense of being separate, and to discover what the ‘self’ truly is and also by taking in the first view of the world. The task for Aries in life is to simply do something that makes them an effective independent individual; they must find a cause to fight and to set the ball rolling.

Leo is the path though to self-expression, following from the birth of the identity and is noted for incredible charisma a fiery warm and golden glow that emanates from the centre of the being. We meet in the Leonian personality, and the brightest star in the sky, being ruled by the Sun. The Sun gives light, warmth, and life, along with all its radiant energy so that all seeds and abundant forms of life may grow and also have their individual expression of life. The vitality of Leo is vibrant with the consciousness of the self to create in the world, and is filled with childlike energy, along with a soul that has never forgotten how to play. Leo is the spiritual gold and feels a strong sense of destiny, where the creative power of fire is fixed and the intensity heightened giving tremendous strength and a personal style to be admired.

For Leo will strive to be noticed above the crowd, and it also teaches us the power of the human will and how creative energy can transform even the darkest surroundings into something of a palace, majestic and royal filled with the light of vision, originality and uniqueness. Or, to Paraphrase Mufasa (Lion King), “Everything the light touches is our kingdom.” Leo rules the heart and connects them with all the qualities associated with it such as courage, love, and generosity. Giving from the heart can unlock a powerful transformative energy that brings immeasurable delight to all that give and receive. Leo certainly understands this art of giving and every act of giving is a simultaneous act of receiving, and if you want to receive love you have to give love. Without a doubt, Leo is passionate about love and intensely romantic and jealous. Leo’s will build up the courage to shine regardless of likes or dislikes of others, allowing the inner movie-star to create its own dramatic story. The Leo needs to be great, set apart from others and the house Leo covers rules entertainment, pleasure and joy, but behind all these symbolic representations is the core act of self-discovery and the essential purpose is to be inextinguishable and all Leo really needs to do is shine.

The Sagittarius’ essential motivation is to discover purpose in life to grasp the whole meaning of any subject with ample enthusiasm. The Sagittarian sometimes gets bored with what is offered in school classes and has a strong feeling that there is more to life. A larger world of learning beckons out in the world. Universality, religion, philosophy and mind expanding subjects are taken in the pursuit of wisdom. All these subjects are an endless source of illumination, giving a broader perspective on life. Sagittarius sees opportunities others miss and are an incredibly positive sign filled with humour, laughter and knowledge that even when there are roadblocks there is still plenty of roads to travel along to get to one’s destination. The route taken is not all that matters, it’s the journey, baby. Plus, Sagittarian’s being a half horse half man can also jump over many hurdles with great enthusiasm, they really do hate to be hemmed in for the mind, spirit and body long to explore life and there is always a goal to chase, and dream to aspire to and a new faith to take up.

The ruling planet, Jupiter, is concerned with growth; sometimes this draws them to excess in eating, partying, drinking and there is always the need to get the most enjoyment out of life and to taste life’s bounty. Some may regard Sagittarius as a bit of a gypsy since they love to travel, and seem to possess their own magical charms bringing them luck, but often expecting the best is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Jupiter is also the greatest protector in the planetary system often bringing opportunities, lucky escapes, and chance meetings that can really take them places. Many times it can also bring financial benefits, windfalls, and gives them the greatest gift of all - a generous and deep wanderlust personality. As the final fire sign Sagittarius has come to a place of knowing, and it’s also born under thanksgiving a time to give thanks and so often reflects on one’s blessings. Sagittarius often throws out its arrows in all directions, but in the process is always learning, growing and attaining understanding along the way.
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Mercury in 3rd House

mercury in 3rd house
Those with Mercury in the 3rd house spend a lot of their time interested in the learning environment, short excursions, and involving lots of communication in the atmosphere. It can be an inventive placement and symbolize somebody that has an innate flair with words, reads constantly, and is the eternal student of the world. The mind loves to engage in knowledge, and to use the intellect, assimilating new concepts and learning something quickly often comes with ease.

Mercury here can show a witty, curious, fluent, and articulate manner, and the mind also has a youthful colouring, tending to easily move across information and the attention is tapped into the mutable flow of learning, assimilating, processing, with a constant studiousness and often dispensing information and mediating and exchanging ideas. The expression of thoughts is important and they have plenty of mental agility often alert with a strong need to know what is going on in the environment.

The 3rd house rules all manner of communications - speech writing to reporting information and it is an excellent position for the writer or communicator of any kind and also comedians. The 3rd house looks out into the environment and wants to learn the names of everything and is the facilitator - bridge of language; it is the first air sign house and also reflects our perceptions of life and the way we experience the world directly through the mind. The intellect has myriad abilities in the areas of perception, classification, and also with the skill of cataloging all the various information which the individual comes into contact with on its travels. The 3rd house has to do with the miraculous speed of all these networking abilities.

The need to acquire knowledge is also a means of understanding the world and this falls into the 3rd house domain. The first house of learning how to communicate and read social clues also offers a glimpse into how well we do with social interactions as we experience it first through school and siblings, and it is thought that these early social relationships and these interactions colour and shape all later and relevant relation skills which are learned here first. Often challenging aspects from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto may point to learning difficulties or often dyslexia, speaking and problems early on.

Mercury aspects and planets in the 3rd house and Gemini tell the story of how we experienced language, communication and socializing early in life. Researchers have greatly emphasized the importance of skills developed in early social interactions, as a foundation for later development and how easily we participate. The 3rd house can reveal whether we have confidence or if there were severe disruptions, trauma, deep and complex emotional problems in communication that are still hindering us today. The critical first steps in language and social integration leading up to all later social relationships begin in this realm.

The 3rd house is also where we learn to differentiate from each other it can be the labels we pin onto one another the classifying element of Mercury, which also rules imitation, and the essential ability for language development. Mercury is the messenger of the gods and a translator, our ability to connect one thing to another and the aspects to this planet will tell us how well we communicate.

A Strong Mercury in the chart gives a highly curious nature and thirst for knowledge. Many of the Mercurial gods and goddesses are portrayed as youthful seekers of new information and experiences. When we are in contact with the Mercurial part of ourselves we are youthful students, no matter what our actual age, because we are on the lookout for new horizons and are willing to move towards them. The problems emerge when it’s time to stop; Mercury keeps us going on, restless and speedy. It is the Mercurial function that brought us language, alphabets, academic learning and manual skills…The Mercurial part of the self keeps swift and adept at picking up new knowledge, skills and tricks. The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience

Those with Mercury in the 3rd house can become easily restless or bored, but it is also someone with great mobility and sometimes the daily happenings involve letters, phone calls, books and magazines, writing and talking. It may show a possibility of someone working in the media or work with telephones and computers. Mercury is in its own house in the 3rd, and so there is greater emphasis on needing environmental stimulus, and there is usually a natural flair for learning, and it can be the placement of early development in communication, or someone who is talkative and who delights in making contacts with others. Ideas and thinking quickly on their feet is another characteristic of Mercury in this position of the natal chart.

The perception of life may be curiously fascinating for these people. Those with Mercury here bring their concepts, thoughts, and ideas to all of the conversations happening. It is a placement that wants to gather knowledge, and can show excellent earning potential in trade, negotiations, transport, journalism and they can quickly speak the language of others. Usually the urge is to make contact with as many subjects as possible and others love to discuss with Mercury in the 3rd house because they are always interested and understand that language, talking, and reading are the most delightful aspects of life and the ease and speed at which words are formed reveal that the mind really does have wings.
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The Quirks of Being a Gemini

Gemini is witty, chatty, inquisitive, and are very social creatures with a strong urge to communicate - and like to talk a lot. Sometimes the sign can be involved in a bit of gossip here and there and will probably tell you all about it.

The urge for curiosity and wonder forms the roots of their intriguing mind and sometimes they have more than a need to pry into things that don't concern them.

The twins also love discovering new information for themselves, and finding something out; learning something not known.

A Gemini can't get enough of learning and wants to learn everything as fast as possible. The type is rarely judgmental, and are mentally stimulating to be around.

The airy nature often works great as the middle man making deals, sales, mediating and reporting the news; the intellectual sign is rarely judgy and state the facts.

 In Gemini we deal with mutable air which represents analysis, observation and collecting data.

The Gemini hates being bored and can become scatty and restless when the mind isn't occupied, and their moods can change quickly.

The type can be a little zany and unpredictable at times and when totally bored or feeling pinned down can break-out in a mass of nervous energy.

Easily bored doing one thing for any length of time there is a need for variety in their life. The third sign is often happiest in motion and needs sheer mental stimulation and lots of humor, interesting things and plenty of reading/discussion to be happening.

In the Geminian myth there were two brothers, Castor and Pollux and during a cattle stealing adventure Castor was killed. Zeus allowed the brothers to switch roles between the underworld and time with the gods.

Psychologically this twin is not forgotten, Gemini is not talking to himself, but to his other-self. The primary Gemini trait is having a dual personality or being two faced and usually facing a crossroads at some point in their life.

Famously the sign is always in two minds about everything and sometimes it is hard for them deciding on one path in life, and many happily have a couple of things on the go. The individual is also quite happily having several personalities on the go, and they're fantastic at forming bridges between two different things.

Gemini enjoys being on the go and are pretty speedy and intelligent and their ruling planet - Mercury- is the ruler of the roads.

The person can cleverly devise a plan to get out of any sticky situation and enjoy practical jokes and games and generally outwitting others.

It is the Gemini that can survive by their wits alone. The light and mischievous sense of humour of the type thrive on the unexpected.. Being quite good at little white lies and also big deceptions towards others and even to the self.

When it comes to intellectual games the sign can run rings around their opponents and at times they are a little hard to pin down. Gemini is a trickster, but is also the herald of important news/messages and so it's best to not try and stop him in his tracks as he can be pretty ingenious.

Mercury is an ability to communicate...our intellect, intelligence, mental and nervous processes are determined by the fluidity of this communication. As communication requires the acquisition of visual and audio languages, it is essentially imitative. We communicate as we observe and hear others around communicate. Our mind interweaves masculine-feminine by the connecting bridge  between the left brain hemisphere, which has a domain over logical, analytical, mathematical and verbal functions...Mercury is the guage of our breath of communication...Mercury ranges from quit wit and easy superficiality...changes of mind, perceptive insights, learning and teaching phases of life. The Divine Life: Astrology and Reincarnation

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Aries, Leo , Sagittarius: Femme Fatale

Aries is the face of the zodiac, the cover girl, leading the way, heralding the beginning of spring, in the Femme Fatale march. The initiation of any cycle falls under the Martian ruled sign piercing through life - as it rules birth, self-renewal, and fiery transformations. The Arian has great impatience with anything old, conventional and crystallized.

The Arien energy is about freedom from the past and social bondage revealing the fighting spirit, proving that she is alive and kicking and will not be chained, standing at the beginning of the cycle, breathing in the energy of every new birth.

Aries lives in the moment, and this competitive edge is really just about finding out what her best really is. The type loves to be involved and charge forward into life. The Mars ruled woman is ready to explode, and she often enjoys the chase and the hunt way more. They are on a mission, always on top and always in charge, the girl likes to shoot first and think later.

To Aries half the joy is in the pursuit….it’s the hunt in every possible form; the horns, the dogs, the wonderful horses, the ladies in their towering headdresses …but never the catch. …Once caught its eaten, or hung on the wall as trophy. The hunter is already, from the moment of success, contemplating the next hunt. Astrology for Lovers
The man eating Aries is a blazing type of woman who gets bored with routine and needs some adventure in life, a cause and something to fight for in the world. Aries inspired the Destiny Child’s song, Independent Women, taking charge of any situation and being a strong and bold force. The head and the brain falls under Aries rulership  - the battering ram usually rushes in head first, and head down when danger threatens. In Ancient times a large, heavy log carved out into the shape of a ram’s head was used as a medieval battering ram.
Rams proved effective weapons of war because old fashioned wall-building materials such as stone and brick were weak in tension, and therefore prone to cracking when impacted with sufficient force. With repeated blows, the cracks would grow steadily until a hole was created. Eventually, a breach would appear in the fabric of the wall—enabling armed attackers to force their way through the gap and engage the inhabitants of the citadel. The introduction in the later Middle Ages of siege cannons, which harnessed the explosive power of gunpowder to propel weighty stone or iron balls against fortified obstacles, spelled the end of battering rams and other traditional siege weapons. Much smaller, hand-held versions of battering rams are still used today, however, by law enforcement officers and military personnel to bash open locked doors.

As you can see, hiding behind a fortress will do no good - Aries will barge right through. Aries Femme Fatale teaches us to break down doors and when the world says no,  just keep on battering until there is an entrance. The Arian woman is the famous entrepreneur always starting new ventures and anybody would want her right by their side to get those doors firmly open. Sometimes Aries hasn’t the patience to always see something through to the end, but she is the spark that sets the whole thing in motion. Without Aries nothing would ever begin, and the fiery impulse relights anytime something new is waiting to be energised. The impregnation of new seeds are her forte and things just happen with Aries and there is always the exciting possibility of a fresh start.

“Aries impulsiveness often gets her into trouble because she seldom looks before she leaps, but when she lands in a mess, she dusts herself off, laughs and lives to leap again.” The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience

Aries is a forceful personality pushing her way to the front, and the fiery kind of personality living with passion and intensity, taking exactly what she wants, and treating her men like pieces of meat. The woman is all about the physical and is an extremely hot lover, often too hot to handle. Sometimes she can be selfish, a me first kind of personality, and there is competitiveness. The more evil and violent Femme Fatales of the Aries tribe that spill blood are usually the ones with massive amounts of subconscious frustration, so for the men out there watch out you might just get your fingers burned.


The Leo Femme Fatale sitting all regal on her throne, and will get catty if it’s required and especially when her fur is rubbed up the wrong way. An intense and jealous lover, our cat woman needs undivided attention, and is a total star, the centre of the solar system! It is said that Leo’s can be into themselves, hate to be ignored, and that any man has to be given the royal seal of approval. In ancient times the Lion (Leo) was held in total awe and admiration and given deep respect for its power and authority.

Leo is also a creator, artist and leader in the field. Usually Leo uses dramatic gestures, and is intensely animated, an actress that revels in the core of her being. The Leo woman also feels the aspect of the solar journey that involves creating the person we want to be and living authentically and it lies at the very heart of Leo. Everybody in her personal world needs to revolve around her, and when she is acting generous, passionate, fierce, loyal and devoted, it’s no wonder people gravitate towards such a sunny, uplifting and fabulous personality.

Being close to Leo is like reliving a sunshine day when the world feels bright and the colours are more intense. The woman is like the golden days of summer that make the sea sparkle like jewels warming and lighting the place up with the essence of the Sun. Leo really is the cats whiskers, and the undisputed queen; she also gives great presents, but they must be acknowledged and appreciated, or else. Also a lover must remain honourable as there is a moral excellence that sits lodged in the heart of Leo and a belief that others will always do their best. It is deeply wounding when they prove unworthy of love, and she can be demanding.

In the wild it is actually the lioness that does all the hunting, she is a strong female type.

Male and female lions live in a large group named a pride with their cubs. With every pride we know that there are a king or kings of the pride, but where would the pride be without resident queens - the female lion - the lioness. The number of lionesses in a pride can be from two to twenty. This number can vary on the availability of food in the territory. If food is scarse then some females will have to disperse and find another pride. All females within a pride are mostly related, e.g. sisters, aunts, nieces etc. There is no rank hierarchy among females and no two are likely to be found together more than half the time. All female residents know one another and when they meet, the lion greeting ceremony (rubbing and low purring) reaffirms their social ties. If a female shows no self-assurance to meet and greet, this sends a signal that it doesn't belong in the pride and is treated as an intruder…. Females are mainly the hunters of the pride, while males only hunt when a big kill is involved or the females have not given him a free lunch… Females remain playful when they are adults as males do not.

The Leo Femme Fatale can hunt, play and must be given self-importance amongst the tribe. Leo shows off her goddess given authority and powerful inner spirituality and she naturally begins the next fourfold scheme of elements - Fire, Earth, Air and Water, continue again in fiery Leo, a centralizing force, and some occultists believe that Leo was the true beginning of the zodiac to operate in our universe.

Leo is the will to self-expression so don’t stand in the way of her light, she is magnetic in every possible way. The type has a voracious appetite for adoration and respect and is profoundly individualistic, and needs to fulfill her creative potential. A dazzling glow emanates from this woman and she is meant to be adored and held in high esteem. A great lover of romance, and often showing a glorious display of vitality and a need to sing and dance and express inner joy, but don’t dare criticize. Leo can make herself vulnerable because she needs to express herself unabashedly, to tell her to stop being herself is like telling the Sun to stop shining. The Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the oracle, and is said that no one can stand before the statue known as Apollo/Sun, said to be the most important and complex and it is thought the powerful Leo individual has the same effect on others.


The Sagittarius is the eternal gambling gypsy who reads fortunes, and her own luck tends to swing wildly. The risk taking ways of this lady can put any man on the edge through her instability, reckless and wild side. Within the Sagittarian is the restless explorer, along with a great striving for knowledge geographically or in the spiritual and mental realms. The Femme Fatale of the Jupiter ruled kind, hates to feel trapped and loves to have the freedom to roam the universe.

Sagittarius always sees the big picture and pursues possibilities and it’s not always enough that a trip, a piece of art or event is simply what it is. It has to be meaningful, and Sagittarian’s joyously perceives the meaning of life, even its little moments, can take on a larger universal understanding. A fear of meaningless engulfs them and they much prefer to see that life has purpose.

The vixen is half horse half woman and sometimes when the urge hits, she hits the road for some new adventure.

This half-human and half-horse composition has led many writers to treat them as liminal beings, caught between the two natures, embodied in contrasted myths, both as the embodiment of untamed nature, as in their battle with the Lapiths (their kin), or conversely as teachers, like Chiron. 

The liminal nature attached to Sagittarius means that they are standing at the edge of something big, also called “threshold people” a dramatic tying together of thought and experience. The Centaurs were also alleged to hinder weddings, carrying the brides away. The best man of our modern time reportedly came about when the assisting male helped his friend abduct a woman from a neighbouring village. One can’t help but think of Sagittarius as more of a magical creature due to being represented by its hybrid nature - two species in one- they were thought to be savage, lustful and unrestrained, but also possessing a mysterious wisdom, perception and understanding of life far greater than ordinary men.  The Sagittarius mind loves to grapple with ideas and philosophies and to speculate aplenty.
The tradition of the wise woman as judge and teacher exists all over the world, and woman still takes on these roles in some tribal cities today. Like the wise woman who has the good of the community at heart, Sagittarius is always seeking a way to link each piece of knowledge she acquires into a larger pattern, moving towards ever broader contexts of wholeness…the philosophical and ethical perspective of Sagittarius can lead on to an international vision, and the widest context of wholeness.The Knot of Time: Astrology and Female Experience
Astrologer, Sue Tompkins,The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook (Astrology Now) calls the Sagittarians the Tiggers of the zodiac all bouncy and excited and exaggerated. The energy can burn with great passion and enthusiasm - full of eagerness for new experience. However, watch out, if Sagittarius is crossed they have a bow and arrow to use as a weapon. In honesty, the arrow is actually pointing up at the heavens, and it illuminates truth and is all about the global actuality as she considers the whole and the totality of life taking it all inside of her spirit in one giant breath. An inhaling of the endless wonder, theological speculation, and morality of life, all fascinate her infinitely.

The personality is often ardent and outspoken, especially about the things she believes in. The Sagittarian has countless affection for possibilities, opportunities, and openings and will naturally recoil when asked to give up all prospective avenues of potential for a mate. Not all Sagittarius' are bad choices for lovers or a marriage partner due to this insistent urge for freedom and the Zeus/Jupiter myth and his womanizing ways is only a portrait, sure some people live out a planet’s qualities quite literally with lovers around the clock, but some also live it out simply through the endless romping through future goals, travelling around the world, and studying a wide range of topics.

The Sagittarius Femme Fatale won't take to kindly to the jealous, critical, badgering type who cramps her style. With this Femme Fatale prepare for her temper which can be violent along with self-aggrandizement. In mythology, Zeus’ punishments were usually invoked by anyone challenging the god’s position as ruler of the universe. Usually the punishment was to strike the culprits with thunderbolts burning many offenders to ashes.  Sometimes Sagittarius, seems so positive, manically up, and can be prone to manic flights and these kinds of violent mood-swings can be difficult to live with, but one mustn't lose hope for the triumph of the spirit can overcome the darkness in life.

Zeus is the father of gods and men. We have already seen that his name, djeus, means ‘the light of heaven, ‘so that he is the daimon of lightning and enlightenment. When he emerges as the victorious kings of the gods, overthrowing the rule of the earthy Titans and establishing his own heavenly domain, he reflects the emergence into collective consciousness of a spiritual principle which is greater than Moira. It is therefore appropriate that Sagittarius should follow Scorpio, for Zeus embodies that which belongs to the eternal spirit rather than mortal flesh… He offers the light of spirit, in contrast to the doomed and fated life of the body, held is a vicelike grip by Necessity. This is, as I understand it, the primary vision of Sagittarius - the ceaseless quest for a spirit which will transcend fate and death. The Astrology of Fate
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Astrology Symbols

The evolution of the astrological symbols is a fascinating read it was published in the first edition of the magazine Astrology Considerations a publication that ran for years and all of the magazines are available digitally online for free and can be downloaded and uploaded to your favorite reader. I added them all to my Google Play (Android). In all, there are about 70 plus editions.

I never realized the symbols went through such significant changes and morphing over time. Thanks goes to the author of the articles for enlightening the mind. I have a tendency to over analyze the symbols and come up with literal interpretations. The Moon landing being in the year of 69 and also being the Cancer image is an example. We may get too straightforward at times: like the American writer that posed the Scorpio symbol is M for money, but god bless us literal thinkers.  The other week I was squiggling different variations of the Libra symbol trying to work out what it meant. The two horizontal lines I thought Libra should be given, being the sign of symmetry, was once used for Gemini.

I screen capped the articles, and they are also over at ISSUU and to download each one click on the share button.

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Virgo-Pisces: Intuitive Thinking

The Virgo-Pisces opposition shows the opposite natures of the artistic, intuitive, and musical Pisces envisioning the whole and is open to dream work opposed to Virgo’s critical eye. The Virgoan analyst discovers the deepest reaches of understanding how each part functions, always breaking up the whole to discover the nature and functioning of the interrelating parts with the sharpness of the mind. Pisces has an overall intuitive grasp on the meaning of life, and this could be challenged as simply intuitive grasping, a generally weak and vague perception of life, containing hazy generalizations. Virgo’s analytic, introspective, detailed, and logical approach to problem solving is unmatched, but they tend to not see the whole picture. The over-analytical method can sometimes kill the love we have for something creative, artistic, and inspired. It might be better to be accepting, intuitive, emotional and subjective than be disturbed by the intellect. Virgo rules the intense distillation, skill and technique, useful and applicable and the learned craft. Virgo really do involve themselves in a labour of love, evaluating the effectiveness of something and to get things just right and Virgoan needs lots of practice to achieve its aims.

Practical and Meaningful

The overly critical eats away at creativity and when its operating like this all of the time - art can lose all meaning, but the discriminating eye is a tool that can be used to effectively improve on something. The Virgo and Pisces axis have the ability to work systematically, mastering art, and bringing the joy of craft into the realm of the unconscious offering something to the collective that is both practical and meaningful.

The opposition in astrology doesn’t have to be a tug of war, or grossly lopsided, and it can be a collaborative and open exchange. Oppositions are not really about yin or yang we find that more with the adjacent signs as the cycle of the signs flow in and out of the positive and into the negative a kind of inhaling and exhaling of the 12 zodiacal signs. Oppositions share the same feminine or masculine quality, and they really are about embracing each other and equally understanding that two sides can co-exist.

Virgo is intelligent, ingenious and shows an aptitude for deeper subjects. Pisces understanding resides in a knowing that transcends the intellect alone, a knowing that stretches far beyond any one of us, and a knowing that cannot be put into words. Pisces is dominated by Neptune and it is the nature which is totally unknown, that which we need to find. The imagination beyond the known and mundane is where the fishes find its refuge. Pisces concepts are usually too large for the Virgoan to digest, and the intellect is incapable of deciphering something that is more understood by the unconscious. Whereas Pisces can never decide on one direction because there are so many paths, usually the Virgoan takes training in order to do something particular and is more focused, and less clouded and often more practical.

Virgo and Pisces - Sacred Connection

The Virgo-Pisces axis has also held a religious tone with the sacred connection of the fish and the bread and the Virgin Mary. According to Liz Greene during the astrological Age ruled by Pisces and Virgo, as they usually work in pairs, more than any of the other astrological pairings have been inimical to each other for the last two thousand years;

This enmity is very similar to that experienced by an individual at war with his own shadow. The qualities embodied by Virgo were forcibly repressed during the Piscean Age. In consequence the highest value - that absolute love for and forgiveness of mankind of which Christ is the most significant symbol - has not been given balance and form by the realistic earthy consciousness of Virgo. Relating: An Astrological Guide to Living with Others on a Small Planet

Virgo has more boundaries in place than Pisces and a self that can keep its longings in check, whilst Pisces is more of a mystifying creature and is more boundary-less sponging up the whole room of energy. It can leave Pisces water-logged, emotional heavy and very sad when the energy is negative. Where Virgo can cope well with separateness and has a filtering system keeping a sense of self at all times while also being helpful.

A Unification

A unified use of the axis can involve things like art and craft, film editing, immersing the self into something, but also keeping a critical check. It can include the type of people that have the ability to weave artistic expression with a critical mind. The Virgo-Pisces polarity rules the actualization of dreams and making them into a reality. We could meet the artist and the scientist, one that possesses the talent to apprehend the grand picture, and a real attempt is made to put their art, imagination and intuitive gifts to practical use.

The earth/water orientation of poles is a finely tuned vessel of service taking the imagining quality and applying the finer details in one breathtaking scope that is also ordered and intricate close up. A Virgoan meets a Piscean walking as a mystic with their feet firmly on the ground. They take the dreamy heights of the intuitive mind and implement this vision into practical service. Those with this axis powerful or with a sign emphasis of Virgo/Pisves in the chart often show a a deep kindness and helpfulness, sentimental, but also understanding.

Wholeness does not always mean perfection if one loses sight of the ground beneath their feet and is completely swept up in the Dreamscape, and cannot cope with the mechanics of living in the daily world, and it becomes meaningless. Equally only seeing practical results and using logic means nothing if one cannot see the inner spiritual side of life at work. Within opposite signs, there is an intrinsic wholeness and the opposite mate acts as an undertow and shadow side to the other and often peeks out of the personality. Pisces is the sign of disintegration and Virgo integration, and it is also the fusing of a revelation with mental clarity.
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Moon in 10th House

moon in 10th house
Those with the Moon in 10th house often needs some kind of recognition, public status and success. These individuals are intensely sensitive to the general population instinctively sensing the audience and the public may feel like one’s family. The Moon possesses an intuitive insight into how to cater to their needs. Inside there is this unconscious need to fulfill ambitions, sometimes there is a hunger for achievement, status and prestige.

Attainment of their goals comes naturally and it can also reflect something in the family background. The 10th house rules authoritative figures and there are many ways a person can be an authority. For example, the mother or father has parental authority and in older times the family background had a powerful influence over the station in life, even though this is not the case as much today. However, the family thread still has an influential effect upon the Moon in the 10th house. The 4th and 10th house axis form the “family status” partnership revealing the mediating quality of these houses over the life path.

The Moon in the 10th house and its aspects can show whether they were praised or criticized and the early parental messages received often have an impact on their chosen life-path, sometimes driving them to succeed despite negativity, and equally feeling fully supported by their parents. Often we meet planets in the 4th and 10th houses through our parents, and then with 10th house planets meet these figures ‘out there‘ maybe through a boss or the responses they receive back from the public. The background may reveal a parent who occupies a position of authority or craves recognition, which is felt to be lacking, and often early expectations play a pivotal role in the vocation. Women may be influential throughout one’s life having an important part in the achievement of their goals.

The Moon in the chart rules the things that can make us feel empty, insecure and unfulfilled unless we are getting those needs answered in the position of the Moon. The 10th house must reply to the needs of the Moon and it rules our aims in life and vocation which also means ‘calling ‘. The Moon in this sphere of life responds powerfully to the area of occupation and there is a deeply felt urge to contribute to social issues. The tenth is the last angular house, ruling the material goals and a sense of completion. Many people with Moon in 10th house feel an emotional bond with the collective, with “ordinary” people, and want to contribute in a way that nurtures, protects, fosters change in the world. They need to feel a part of society, to feel recognised and acknowledged by the people. If they don’t feel recognition than they can get upset or moody, and cranky or just feel incredibly hurt.

The inner self, the soul of the person is drawn to a career path that involves a public connection and can bring success using emotional insights, and they also like to have a very personal role in their vocation. There is an inherent feeling for the collective and a responsibility that is powerfully felt. In ancient astrology the Moon in such a high position also reflected the possibility of fame, understandable since the eyes of the world are always on the 10th house planets and in this position these people are often found high up. The 10th house represents the highest point of the chart representing the mountain we have to climb to fulfill our aims. The Moon in the 10th house has a good sense of timing and usually senses when the time is right to make a career move.

A deep need for emotional feedback and approval from the public and security is built upon an essential need to feel a part of society. They may mold themselves in the professional life and are overly concerned and sensitive to how the world views them and sensitive when it comes to public criticism and sincerely want to be helpful, but often often in roles of larger importance also come accountability. The Moon in the 10th house can have a compassionate response to public suffering and they feel devoted to providing a service, and there is usually a great sympathetic concern and perhaps playing a protective role. The person tries to accommodate the needs of others in every aspect.

The Moon in astrology can also play a fluctuating role and so there are many changes of mood, but these variations in feelings can reflect a public that is always changing and the Moon here can cater to those needs. The career is also prone to the changing phases and the person may change occupational goals more than most and it may have to do with the changing cyclical phases of the Moon, but also finding something they can really feel at home and comfortable with. They work hard and are good with people and always have this longing for personal acknowledgment. It may also show an attraction to powerful people, sometimes women.

The Moon in the 10th house wants to be known and feel significant in their role. Many start a career early in life because it comes so naturally and can be found in a full-time career using their skills of managing, organizing, and establishing One isn’t necessarily “famous” with a 10th house Moon, but is often seen or recognised at some point, and the Moon takes its place on a very public stage. The private needs and the public self can mix in a highly thoughtful and responsible way. All 10th house planets shape and influence the people in some important way. The career may involve the lunar qualities of being a caring, nurturing and providing adequate support for others, or it may involve domestic matters, food, catering, housing, nursing, or housekeeping skills. Other Moon expressions involve the imagination, memories, dreams and needs moving the public emotionally.

The Moon in the 10th house can mean that safety and security needs are projected out into the world, assessing the needs of another, but also the person’s emotional well-being often depends on how they are perceived professionally. The Moon can show public awards, honours and depending upon how it is aspected it can reveal the public reputation or social image. The Moon can be like a reflective mirror, unconsciously mirroring the needs of others and reflecting them back as well as understanding and showing a deep concern for society.
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Astrology: The 6th House

The 6th house in astrology rules things such as occupation, co-workers, health, small animals and servants. It is often thought as the "less" interesting house associated with duty, service and menial work. It appears small in comparison when compared to other houses that talk about grandiose themes such as religion, transcendence and transformation or the more exciting themes like love, sex, death and money.

Many find the 6th house quite limited in scope, but perhaps many have given it a insignificant serving on the astrological chart when it actually plays a large part in the daily rhythms of life. Astrologer Liz Greene calls this house - the interface between what is above and below.

On the wheel of life the 6th house symbolizes the intense synthesis showing self-integration of the previous five houses that have developed the individual self. According to Howard Sasportas as explores in depth the experiences and state of affairs associated with each of the houses, describing not only their physical associations but also the more intricate meanings of each of the different spheres of life:
We refine, perfect and purify ourselves and ultimately become a better “channel” for being who we are.” In this article we will tune into the 6th house and see what the fuss is all about and understand the depth of its earthy boundaries, confinements, and those obligations we meet in the house of "service". The Twelve Houses

Self Service

Ultimately the 6th house means self-service and the main task involves shaping the self through analysis, integrating the personality, and harvesting the individual ready for the outer world. It is part of a gestation period a kind of creative process, and it is a place of preparation in the single, possessive, virginal sense that it often requires.

When we think of the 6th house of service it brings to mind lowly paid jobs such as waitresses, shop assistants and attendants and we see them more as “jobs” rather than a career. The house is frequently labelled as inferior, the sub-standard or the mediocre life sphere, and we need to try and understand these definitions and also analyze the meaning of service.

Usually the sixth house of "service" means applying our resources, skills and training to benefit others. The house is ruled by Mercury and the changeable planet plays a significant role in understanding this sphere of life. Mercury/Hermes comes into play in the areas of study, guidance, and also exchange. Service is often through the meeting of some social need that improves the lives of others. Usually this involves a body of knowledge or trained expertise that is useful and the individual can make a significant social contribution. Work can also be a physical expression of who we are,  and sometimes it does not always serve others, but we channel our crafts and skills into a some kind of solid offering to the world.

Under-appreciated, Undervalued and Undercharged

A lot of people in the health field have 6th house planets, and some folk gaze more approvingly on these particular kinds of jobs. Nonetheless, it can be degrading to start labelling some jobs more dignified than others. In many astrological interpretations the reader has often come across terms such as feeling underappreciated, undervalued, and undercharged. It is an area that needs a whole new perspective, and the sixth house on the whole is understated so let’s put it into a larger context and reveal its underpinnings and essential meaning for development. Often the most authentic vocational calling can be glimpsed through the six house of “work.”

Even jobs seen as ‘lowly’ are often in training for something with more station. The assistant coffee maker in the back room of the film studies often longs to work in a bigger role of making pictures and directing and playing a powerful and creative aspect in the industry. The cleaner in the fashion shop will quietly hide ambitions of one day being a part of the stylistic world of designing. Nobody should turn up their nose at the lowly paid, and jobs that appear to thrust us into the role of the dogsbody. The big business leaders of massive companies often began as a young teenager working behind the scenes and learning the trade (Mercury).

I am not suggesting that the 6th house type of work involves being the next Good Will Hunting, self-taught, unrecognized genius working as a lowly janitor solving complex mathematical equations on the blackboard (anonymously) at night in a local high school waiting to be discovered. We might conceivably overdress the 6th house in this manner, and this sphere of life is not necessarily glamorous or showy, by all means, and we don’t always see its fruitfulness. In reality, the Virgoan house tends to limit the social life and time is spent studying, working a job, or taking part time work to support an education.

The importance of realizing that nearly every big success story starts off in a kind of apprentice role, with hardly any pay or volunteering to be the runner working as the tea boy that is chosen to be a member of the next big boy band shouldn't go unoticed. The story has been written so many times and the list of people starting from obscurity and climbing the ladder to great success is long. It has become a formulaic approach for those that wish to be successful and the number one lesson is to start small, learning all the necessary training in the process.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

One of the lessons that will be passed onto my own children if they are finding it hard to work in a chosen career is to point the finger solely at the 6th house. Younger people must understand that this is the route they must take, and it often involves more training,taking the lowest paid job, and the social life will be affected. It should never be underestimated that the 6th house in the chart plays a central role in the goals of the 10th house which we aspire towards. Virgo rules over the 6th house, and is the sign of harvest, but we must often wait for when the time is fully ripe and fruitful for the picking.

 Mercury also rules the 6th house and is the god of contacts, the middle man, the intermediary, the boundary, the trader, the negotiator and the ability to learn. Additionally Mercury rules schools and students and life’s highway and is the doorway from one world into the next. The story of how Abbot and Costello got together is also interesting for the partnership began when Costello’s regular straight man fell ill during a gig at The Empire Theatre. Abbot who was working at the box office offered to substitute and it went so well that he becomes Costello’s permanent partner. This a tale about those 6th houser’s getting a leg up through the backdoor and a lesson to be learned.
This is not a heartwarming story, it’s a cautionary tale. I’m never calling in sick again. I don’t want to come back after twenty four hour flu and find Robbie from the mail room volunteers to be chief editor. It’s a tough world. By The Know it All.
The Servants Doorway

Evidently it is no coincidence how these people made great strides in their career and the ‘servants doorway’ of the 6th house is an intermediary process (remember that Mercury rules the transitional and in-between states) towards greater goals and even if one aims in life are humble there is still training to be completed. The 6th house deserves more recognition as a whole, and the earth houses (2nd,6th, and 10th) as a trinity of income, work and career as a set of hierarchies and as a result, one must start at the bottom.

One is slowly gaining mastery over the physical world through the earthy houses, and it has its predictable rhythms of getting up in the morning, heading to work, and returning for dinner and going to bed at a reasonable hour so that one is well prepared for the next day. The 6th house functions from the mercurial student in education, to trade jobs, and being trained on basic wages,  eventually leading the individual to a professional level.

The service/learning house is a process, and offers a lesson in personal responsibility, developing the self into the most effective tool, and the attention is powerfully focused. It is a humble and also dignified house in the astrology chart. The right attitude to “service” helps tremendously with this area, and realizing that there is a spiritual element to daily chores, and of course there is the "new thing" or probably something that has always existed involving the Zen of cleaning and that one can really clear and centre the mind through chores and the ordering of the environment. The 6th house is one of serious study and should be more seriously studied beyond being the house being all about“duty,””service,” and “health”.
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