Nodes in astrology
The Nodes in astrology are said to be significant in the the life of a soul, and are sensitive areas where eclipses appear. By normal definition, Lunar Nodes are diametrically opposite points created by the intersection of the path of the Moon with the plane of the ecliptic. When the Moon crosses from the southern latitudes to get into the northern latitudes, the point is called the North Node. Similarly, when the Moon changes from the northern latitudes to southern latitudes, that point becomes the Lunar South Node.

Since the Nodes as are not real points in the usual astronomical sense, and they are not visible or objective planets, their meaning takes on a enigmatic and mysterious vibe in the horoscope. Vedic astrology views the nodes as particularly malefic with the belief of a 'shadowy' nature cast over the individual, their significant use in a astrology has always followed a rather esoteric route and they are especially applicable to the sense of their being a karmic path to follow. In other words, the nodal axis acts as a straight line leading backwards into a previous existence and a repository of all previous wisdom (SN) and heading towards the future. It is also known as the 'line of fate' and the nodal axis is thought to shed considerable light on karmic destiny. Moreover, it takes in the whole mystique surrounding reincarnation and that life is one long continuous thread and life and death are only phases moving from one existence to another. The evolutionary path of the individual can be gleaned by analysing the nodes in the natal chart, and people that enter our life under a significant transiting planet to the nodal axis - enter the picture under extremely fated conditions.

The Astrology of the Nodes - Nodal Axis

From the point of view of psychology, astrologically speaking, mostly in terms of the unconscious and conscious. The South Node represents habits and routines without much consciousness, similar to sleepwalkers.The SN is what is already there in the personality, and the NN pulls the individual towards the creative spirit and asks us to exert the self into a particular direction with conscious and sustained effort and which will determine the direction of one's future. The North Node is where we need to become more conscious and 'switch on the light' by attending to its activities and being engaged. The South Node can be thought in terms of reading a whole paragraph of a book 'absent mindedly' without taking in a single word. When we know how to do something instinctively and we have complete knowledge. One professor of psychology said, “When I have to give a lecture I turn my mouth loose and go to sleep." With the nodal axis we need to switch from the automatic to the minding or 'mindful' behaviour and to make more conscious decision making.

Additionally, astrologers must never forget that the nodes form an axis and that their meanings are complementary, The main task of the nodes is to integrate both into the being. The interpretation of the actual cycle of the nodes and the continuing cycles of our lives as a process along a time-line and can also be viewed as particular points of reflection.

The year prior to each of these four nodal returns (19, 38, 57, and 76) is a sort of 12th House phase of the nodal cycle – a time in which one should attempt to sum up the meaning and activity of that entire cycle and prepare for the next. The age of 18 for example, is a time to sum up the experiences of one's youth so that an individual may develop an objective foundation for the new departure into adulthood at 19...At the second nodal cycle at age 37-38, one should try to assess the degree of success (or failure) in his attempts to realize his ideal life-purpose through concrete activities...When the third nodal cycle ends at age 56-57, each person should assess the degree of personality fulfilment he has achieved, and the measure to which his creative work as a social individual has been successful...and a time of change in spiritual direction...The fourth nodal return occurs at age 75-76. At that time there should be an assessment of the personality;s spiritual realizations, and of the success of one's efforts to conclude his life in a significant manner, leaving a seed to nourish future generations. Cycles of Becoming: The Planetary Pattern of Growth
Triplicities astrology
The twelve signs are divided into four groups containing three signs each. Each three-sign group is called a triplicity or trigon, and each of these triplicities denotes an element. The four elements are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. In astrology, an element symbolizes a fundamental characterization of the sign. Alan Leo refers to these elemental groupings as perfect triangles; they are never broken up like the qualities. The fiery, earthy, airy, watery triplicities are always harmonized. In philosophy the triangle is sacred and symbolizes within it a sense of harmony, flow and accordance.

The elements also reveal the different parts of nature in life and in various cultures and religions they refer to them as the Yin and Yang.  An element will tell us something of the temperament of the individual and how they interpret their surroundings as well as revealing a deep understanding of their internal drives and what motivates the person overall. In many ways, the elements can act like a filter for our experiences and they bring us special insights. Most of our reality can be mapped by the triplicities, and among the zodiacal groupings is the first broad outline of the personality. We can begin to read a chart by simply observing the dominating element in the horoscope. The leading group in the chart can also be interpreted as the foundation of the person and will point towards characterizations and behavior.

We can also follow Jung’s typology when grouping the elements and this is simply the division of the psyche into four ego functions and signifies a basic orientation. Jung likened these to the four points of a compass, which together describe a kind of totality. Jung understood that knowing one’s own psyche type was vital to each person’s individuation or self-realization. Typology was used as a tool to understand the self and others, while providing useful insights and leading individuals into the depths of psychology.

Fire Signs

Emphasis on fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius): corresponds to C.G. Jung's Intuitive Type - active, impulsive, and one of the most unpredictable and like any other element it has both positive and destructive qualities. Fire people are lively, enthusiastic, and symbolize an initiative force in life. On the whole, they are interested in the meaning of things and can be associated with creativity and embody the passion to live life to its fullest and search for new opportunities. One might also link the intuitive function to all great artists –writers or musicians which are inspired by this the fiery energy. In the traditional sense,  these signs are extrovert and have a long association with self-expression and sometimes with impulsivity, strong desires and need to be noticed and wanting the attention of others - which is important. In addition, the fiery energy is so strong and self-centred that they sometimes forget about the needs of others and then labelled selfish and self-centred, lacking consideration. The fiery spirits yearn to remain an eternal child and possess the greatest need to express the self freely with independence and without restriction. According to Jung’s typology the fiery types tend to perceive stimuli holistically and to concentrate on learning rather than details. They are always chasing after every possibility and constantly in search of the spiritual - drawn to the fuller universal picture. The fiery types express themselves through imagery and symbolism and love to read ‘signs’ of their true purpose, cause and destiny. They have a mysterious extrasensory perception and have a knack for intuitive hunches and a bit of luck along with divine revelation. It is thought that having intuition is like being gifted and it has been described as divine energy, or the divine spark.

Earth Signs

Emphasis on earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn): corresponds to the Jungian Sensation Type - practical, interested in realizing things, perceives with the senses. A sensing individual discerns information realistically and precisely the sensation function leads one to perceive the world through he senses and those dominated by this element tend to be straightforward and practical and tending to focus on what is observable and even obvious. Moreover, they scrutinize heavily everything that is in their visible world. The earthy type is grounded and firmly attached to the empirical world. In astrology, earth is the most hard and constant element and its most accessible to understanding as it is solid and is associated with the material, tangible forms and structures. The sensory type is highly focused upon security, comfort and stability, with a basic need for durability and reliability. The earth people have the strongest resistance to change and would prefer for everything to remain the same, even if this is impossible. They are the types that like to keep the status qua and this can often prohibit growth in their lives. Even when change brings crises into our life, it is always stirring something new, and breaking old patterns. However, earthy people tend to fear uncertainty and prefer what is known, and can be found planning and constantly stuck in routines.

Air Signs

Emphasis on air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius): corresponds to the Thinking Type - intellectual, objective, communicative, needs and provides mental stimulation. The airy signs tend to be logical, analytical and impersonal and scientific in their world view. They view the complexities of  life as problems to be solved and usually prefer some kind of explanation for any phenomenon. Thinking is a conscious element and it is associated with the thought processes as well as the mental function of man and although its element cannot be touched -air fills our space - and it builds the creation of new social contacts and new possibilities to acquire knowledge which they can transmit to others. Many of these folks have lots of acquaintances with new contacts created all the time. Airy types love to read the news, connect with information and generally communication is their driving force in life. In this sense, they seem to make the best advisors and consultants as they are also able to distance themselves from any situation. This is another element that hates to be restricted and needs personal space. The thinking element puts everything into a intellectual framework and responds to people from the “head” so to speak. The airy types usually arrive at a general understanding.

Water Signs

Emphasis on water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces): corresponds to the Feeling Type – it is the unconscious, sensitive, empathic, sympathetic, profound,  and the main motivation are emotions. The feeling types tend to be better at relating and understanding on the emotional level; they can weave their way into most areas, crossing many boundaries. The watery triplicity is seen as the symbol of psychic harmony and the “trigon of the soul” and symbolic of our deepest feelings and longings within. The element is associated with the unconscious and there is always a downward stream linking it to the deepest recesses of the human psyche. We are in the land of saviors, martyrs and mystics, and these people can transport themselves to another world through the use of their imagination. Sensitivity is a gift and they are empathetic, caring and always responsive. There is also an esoteric connection and they can be the most difficult to understand. Emotions are difficult to control but water also signifies depth and it represents the deeper more subtle aspect to life, and the aspect of the feminine energy that of the dark, the mysterious and hidden.
Mars in 4th House
An individual with Mars in the 4th house feels touchy, raw and sensitive emotions close to home. Intimate relationships are sometimes volatile as a result. This is position is a position commonly known to be a particular hothouse. In astrology, the red planet is aggressive, assertive, and dynamic with a host of desires and when placed in the domestic sphere of influence the individual feels all of this this power on an inner level and there is a constant undertone of highly volatile emotions with strikes and breaks in personal relationships. The emotions are powerful and express as intense rage and a fury of feeling. The anger may spill out uncontrollably surprising others within this war-zone.

On the positive side, the person will have a reservoir of energy underneath and it is at home where they may commonly feel the most energized and may be rather enterprising and this needs direction and controlling as it can be blessing and also a detriment for someone who immediately acts on a feeling. This kind of Mars can be used effectively to achieve one’s goals and there is courage to push through sitting right in the emotional hub of their being. Underneath there is this immense fighting spirit and a vibrancy of energy that will not allow the world to crush them. It gives a good deal of strength and an immense application of the drive, self-will and independence. The individual will strike out for what they want and what is believed in. The need to develop a sense of self-will and self-direction is a potent and breaking ways from anything restricting in the family line, towards a life where they call the shots at home, in a healthy manner, of course.

The early childhood can make the individual a strong survivalist and the individual could be exceptionally nice and polite, but if someone hits this raw-nerve, in the wrong way, they snap and might be unable to recognise themselves. A great deal of energy can be spent on home -projects and redecorating and improvement. Mars gives energy to proceeds with DIY projects. Often any physical activity helps tremendously and this is how they stay “sane“ and burning off this energy in a more constructive way. Of all the potential stressors for the individual with Mars in the fourth house, number one is that typically classic and emotive correlation: the family of origin. Anger can cripple here, for it is directed towards the past.

It’s often through, anger that we feel we are acting most authentically, honestly and openly. However, there could be confrontation with family-member and fights with the in-laws and everything can become a bit of a sore-point and they may view their parenting or in-laws demands as insensitive, selfish and purely self-indulgent and it infuriates the individual. Howard Sasportas states the individual may have to do battle with the father in order to reclaim autonomy and freedom of expression. Mars being submerged in the lowest part of the chart reveal strong feelings around the early part of life may create conflict in later relationships. It can imply a background where parents argued and there was domestic violence. Most definitely passionate feelings were expressed and personal security is often much to be desired and can be difficult to achieve, and it can be a placement of long-standing disputes. It is thought that where Mars lies stress tends to follow, and this may be case. Alternatively, family-life can be greeted with enthusiasm and parenthood is rushed and excitedly welcomed.

On a psychological level, the fourth house has to do with our home environment as well as our emotional development and it is here we feel strong psychic ties to family. Many feel their initiative and willpower to be hindered by the family. They are exceptionally sensitive and there is a lot of unconscious moodiness when this pure fiery planet is placed in a water house. As water houses relate to the emotional and soul level of a person and we are usually conditioned by things that we are completely unaware. The early life may have been filled with fighting, violence and arguments and, therefore, down within the cellar of the unconscious there is an anger that rises out of control. A parent may have been overtly sexual or aggressive and the personal realm may have always felt like it was a battlefield.

When Mars falls in the 4th house it can represent a parent that the child always felt they had to compete with and it suggests a domineering, selfish, and self-centred parent. Other expressions can show a parent that had a martial type of career: the military, armed services and the navy. Mars is the significactor of male, masculine and cardinal energy and one woman communicated that she grew up in a house full of men. The male driven side of the personality may show itself by running a competitive business from home. Mars here could show an energetic cleaner and someone who can get a lot of housework done in a short of amount of time.

Overall, the person feels strong emotional ties with their roots. This is often also the placement of someone that will fight for the home and is fiercely protective. Key Words for Astrology called this the watchdog placement:

The watchdog: It’s alert and ready to fight at any time when it comes to sheltering and protecting the home, the family or the parents against attack. Early and distinct striving for independence …The Centre of unrest. Rebellion, strife, and opposition in the parental home, particularly against the father. Humiliations, restriction of freedom, and experiences of helplessness usually lead to an early detachment from the parental home. Pent up aggression and deep seated, concealed, paralyzed rage leads to greater unrest with considerable emotional tensions that are difficult to bring to the surface and integrate. Frequent fights at home. 

 As the fourth house rules the ancestors and heritage the imprints leading to the past may show a family steeped in war, fighting for land and property and a warlike and clannish attitude. One’s local neighbourhood, may take on the image of Mars and there could be noisy and scary youth in the area; there could also be misfortune at home and fights with the landlord. One also has to be careful around fires or accidents at home with this placement as the energy in this area of the chart is intense and burning, but the damage one incurs may only be the odd chip pan fire.

Perhaps with Mars placed in this position the home-life was energetic, filled with activity which can be emotional or physical; and always robust and active. One of their deepest lessons is to reflect on this anger stirring within and it may involve an unravelling of the past, especially if it has begun to spill out of their life and one has commonly felt anger at a partner. They may have to go back to the source of the anger and see whether others deserve that amount of rage. Martian anger isn’t the quiet kind and it is not so easily buried. The individual in the outside world may not reveal this hot-bed of emotions and stormy passion at the seat of the soul, stirring underneath and it is only when they get home that they unleash their emotions, desires and passions. The venting of anger at home could become a problem in the household and one can confuse a partner with one’s parent and this is one of the central themes in psychology.

Otherwise, this can be an excellent placement for pouring energies into activities close to home and to always feel energized and ready for combat on an inner level.
Daily Horoscope: Aries

Aries Horoscope Meaning

The focus is on Aries in the daily horoscope and this brings with it the new and untried, its action is energizing, pushy and apt to do things single-handedly. The principle characterization of Aries is that of assertiveness, daring, love of enterprise and adventure. The fire element manifested in its cardinal (0) quality results in an inspirational trailblazer of the zodiac. We also have the knight in shining armour archetype of rescuing someone form an unhappy situation.

The personality is filled with flowers and spring, and being a springtime sign many ancient people consider this as the actual beginning of the year. The Ram (Aries) in mythology carried Odysseus strapped underneath to escape from a dark cave and into daylight. It became a powerful symbol of the vernal equinox, the time when the dark winter months ends and spring begins. In astrology the force of daylight is symbolized by the Sun – thus, we also find Aries is exalted here where it rules the ego and the formation of the personality.

Aries is related to the fiery element in the astrological symbolism, and as such refers to persons whose feelings are animated, colourful and bright and bestows vitality, optimism and hopefulness on our darkest days. Aries in the horoscope places a real importance on individuality and its prize distinctiveness and is characterized by dynamic creativity. A person born under Aries must feel deeply valued as an individual and all FIRE signs seek to be recognized. We also find the fiery trigon (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) dramatize situations through a need to be active in life and their energies are turned outward into the world.

Aries in the Horoscope: Myth

Jason and his Golden Fleece is a mythical tale associated with the constellation of Aries in the horoscope. According to Liz Greene the story is about rightfully reclaiming something that belongs to the individual. At core, it symbolizes a reclaiming of identity that has been taken from an external source and given back to the self and it’s all about regaining individual power, centering on the ability to direct one’s own life. In a greater sense, to rescue one’s own identity and to become the leading, and creative force in life, rather than let outside forces dominate life, destiny and calling. 

Jason demanded his crown and the hero is ready to do battle, with seemingly invincible warriors and a battled called the plains of Ares.” We are truly in the land of the heroic and valiant, bold and fearless. The Aries type is inspiring and inspires others to be more confident, assertive and venturesome. The origin of the term golden fleeces has also been associated with the Sun being exalted in the constellation of Aries.

In the metaphorical sense, Aries is concerned with births, new ideas and schemes and its symbol represents the horns of the Ram its image has changed over the years to its modern representation of the glyph.

Aries - Red
When we look up the definition of red, which is Aries’ colour, we find lots of interesting associations that are connected with the sign. First of all, it is described as radiant energy, and the colour of blood, and it is associated with a revolutionary activist. Being in the red is associated with danger, threat, hazard and some risk involved. Red flags go up as a signal that we should pay attention to something important and it is often seen as a warning sign. The red flag was also used by military forces to indicate that they were preparing for battle. Moreover, it is the shade we associate with everything bloody and violent and it is red we link with war and fighting for our individual rights. The red poppies of wartime and remembrance are another linkage as we think of those who have died in the line of fire.

 It is red that we feel when we are very angry, fumed, annoyed, irate and absolutely incensed. We turn red in the face after plenty of exercise and if we have been involved in intense sport. We see red when someone has wronged us, and we also feel it to be strong, vibrant and independent. We flush red with sexual desire and Aries in relationship is as passionate as a red rose in love and they feel the vibrancy of life rush through the body. We think of red hot fire and burning flames, quick and passionate affairs. For some Aries people they like a good fight and equally love to make fervent love again.

In astrology, Aries represents new life, birth and beginnings. It is an exceptionally mental sign with lots of novel ideas, and it is essentially individualistic. In psychology astrology, it represents the ego emerging from the ocean. In traditional study, it has always been equated with the explosive suns of spring, tough, reckless, and juvenile types. The higher and more evolved expressions of Aries are the pioneers, courageous folk and ambitious types. An Arian individual is usually at the forefront of activity and is the initial spark of any motivation. At times, the energy rushes (red is related to action and speed) in fast and its action is premature, but they often need to test their limits and become more aware of their power of initiative and leadership. The sign is never about bringing things to fruition, it is about creation and it represents the planting of seeds. Red is also related to the number 1 according to a mathematical study on colours and their numbers, revealing its qualities of influence over others. Another research of the colour red indicated that it increased our energy and the strength of our reactions.

Aries Red Picture Quotes

Aries Horoscope 2015

Aries 2015 Horoscope ~ Year Ahead

Aries has been at the forefront of movement and change and continues to do so in 2015 as we take a look at your horoscope. 

An Arian nature is filled with passion and zeal reveling in having a cause to champion, expressing a courageous nature with a constant need to test limits of the self-hood by taking the initiative whenever the opportunity arises. In general, all of these traits will have been powerfully emphasized as this has been a time filled with vitality and liveliness and the air has really been electrified. An immense amount of dramatic change has been happening for some Arians and for others - it is still all to come. At the heart of the enormous transiting Uranus-Pluto square that has been shaking and changing destiny is the personal feeling of something burning at the inner-core, and it is remaking you in massive ways. Uranus-Pluto has been challenging you right at the identity level and there is a need to break free from restrictions and to live life. Originality takes a strong hold over the personality and lots of new experiences may have been happening, and there is also a great need to experiment with a whole new wardrobe.

 A powerful sense of purpose takes hold in 2015 and everything takes on both an unexpected and also fated sensation. It is not uncommon for new beginnings and endings to intensely colour this period of life. However, there may have also been power-struggles to contend with and this could involve others, and sometimes a jealous and possessive partner.  The experience of being blocked, oppressed and restricted may have been pervading the atmosphere and a few tussles may have occurred with a company, boss, some kind of authority figure. In fact, you have often felt like going to war and fighting for freedom and individual rights. Perhaps there has been some kind of major crisis involving a male in your life, and it could mean something drastically altering within his sphere with some kind of huge personality shift taking place. Many Aries people can suffer a major loss or something disturbing at this point in life, each one of us will face a crisis: a serious accident, illness, or major breakdown of a marriage. The “I never thought it could happen to me,” event. It lays bare one’s vulnerability, ordinariness and a sense that we have no personal specialness that abstains us from life.

Metaphysical Subjects

More profoundly, this is also a period of growth, without being overly cliché. It’s a great time for metaphysical subjects as the outer planets ask us to raise our awareness (Uranus) and dig deeper underground for the answers to a problem. As an Aries, you possess a fighting spirit and will keep marching forth looking for a resolution. The events that have already appeared for Aries people, all circle around beginning new enterprises, starting a cause, a significant relationship that is transforming. Also, there have been new births and other major life events, all of which significantly transform the lifestyle. Life is certainly turned around and it often changes course completely. Being something of a warrior or pioneer and leader you enjoy a good challenge and lifting something off the ground.

The Arian spirit represents the life-force in the horoscope and there is always great vision inherent in any new adventure. Moreover, there is this powerful urge to begin anew, and also create and these are constant cycles felt within the soul. The urge for fresh starts is always powerful and an impulsive energy which really cannot wait. On the mental level, this means the mind is always receiving fresh new sparks of ideas and this is really the crux of your nature to give birth to a new notion. You are particularly drawn to anything untried and not attempted by anyone. Any form of direct action has your heart thunder clapping and you’re the outgoing power making things happen in the universe. In Aries, you represent the life urge and the future always feels at its brightest as the past falls away and you walk into a springtime world.

Aries Horoscope 2015  - Jupiter Boon

There are boons in your life and opportunities being presented through Jupiter trining your Sun and many people born under Aries should have already been receiving gifts. Sometimes there can be financial rewards and generally feeling optimistic, lucky and more expansive. It may result in a boost in popularity and an increased social life. Overall, there is some good fortune and a time to feel more humour and fun. All of this could entail taking a holiday, learning something new and totally expanding the mental horizons; it can be an inspiring time and a chance to feel more communal and take a few risks.

When Jupiter forms a trine aspect to the Sun there is a great desire to grow. Jupiter likes to give an abundance of openings; it's uplifting and brings the urge to stretch further. While Uranus and Pluto are more intense and life-changing - Jupiter can offer relief. Robert Hand writes that the archetypal Jupiter acts in two primary ways: by physical expansion of an entity (a growth in size) or by integration of an entity into the larger world (a growth in connection). The planet rules future movement towards progressive change. We can often see new job opportunities, breaks away and material prizes. The Lunar eclipse will fall in Aries in September and for some, there will be an increased intensity around this area and it is focused on the polarity of the self and relationships with a need to balance things out.
Moon Phases 2015
The Moon Phases or lunations, symbolize when new seeds are planted and eventually when everything comes to fruition. As the Moon transits around the zodiac, it produces a series of conjunctions and oppositions with the transiting Sun - these are, astronomically, the full and new Moons. If it happens that one of these phases hits the chart at an important point, events quickly develop, especially concerning existing planetary transits that can be activated into action. Most of all it can be particularly interesting to observe the houses of the lunations for they reveal what areas of life will be illuminated.

During the year, the most powerful lunations are the eclipses setting off powerfully critical issues in the natal chart. We generally experience two pairs of eclipses each year, two solar (new Moon) and two lunar (full Moon) and each pair falling around six months apart. It is believed that these form the more intense periods with the other lunations presenting a back-light. Mundane events also generally follow the lunar cycle and if we follow what is happening out-there we often spot a pattern relating to the lunar phases, its aspects and what is happening all around us.  Similar to beginnings and endings we read the cyclic phases they portend and predict when we are most likely to feel certain issues in our lives. The ancients believed we should start new projects under the light of the new Moon. Astronomers also know that our luminary influences the tides, but its ever-changing nature has also fascinated us as observers. The lunation cycle is another guide to the background influence of our life that can be subtle or sometimes reach great intensity.

Moon Phases 2015

  • Jan 4th, 2015: Full Moon at 14 degrees Cancer, 11:53 PM
  • Jan 20th, 2015: New Moon at 0 degrees Aquarius, 8:13 AM
  • Feb 3rd, 2015: Full Moon at 14 degrees Leo, 6:08 PM
  • Feb 18th, 2015: New Moon at 29 degrees Aquarius, 6:47 PM
  • Mar 5th, 2015: Full Moon at 14 degrees Virgo, 1:05 PM
  • Mar 20th, 2015: New Moon (Solar) eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces, 5:36 AM
  • Apr 4th, 2015: Full Moon (Lunar) eclipse at 14 degrees Libra, 8:05 AM
  • Apr 18th, 2015: New Moon at 28 degrees Aries, 2:56 PM
  • May 3rd, 2015: Full Moon at 13 degrees Scorpio, 11:42 PM
  • May 18th,2015: New Moon at 26 degrees Taurus, 12:13 AM
  • Jun 2nd, 2015: Full Moon at 11 degrees Sagittarius, 12:18 PM
  • Jun 16th, 2015: New Moon at 25 degrees Gemini, 10:05 AM
  • Jul 1st, 2015: Full Moon at 9 degrees Capricorn, 10:19 PM
  • Jul 15th, 2015: New Moon at 23 degrees Cancer, 9:24 PM
  • Jul 31st, 2015: Full Moon at 7 degrees Aquarius, 6:42 AM
  • Aug 14th, 2015: New Moon at 21 degrees Leo, 10:53 AM
  • Aug 29th, 2015: Full Moon at 6 degrees Pisces, 2:35 PM
  • Sept 13th, 2015: New Moon eclipse (Solar) at 20 degrees Virgo, 2:41 AM
  • Sept 27th, 2015: Full Moon eclipse (Lunar) at 4 degrees Aries, 10:50 PM
  • Oct 12th, 2015: New Moon at 19 degrees Libra, 8:08 PM
  • Oct 27th, 2015: Full Moon at 3 degrees Taurus, 8:05 AM
  • Nov 11th, 2015: New Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio, 12:47 PM
  • Nov 25th, 2015: Full Moon at 3 degrees Gemini, 5:44 PM
  • Dec 11th, 2015: New Moon at 19 degrees Sagittarius,  5:29 AM
  • Dec 25th, 2015: Full Moon at 3 degrees Cancer, 6:11 AM
Pisces Horoscope 2015

Pisces 2015 Horoscope ~ Year Ahead

Pisces it looks like things are getting more pronounced on the other-worldly level in 2015. We see the planet Neptune, your ruler, and feminine power enter into the house of the personality and it places a great emphasis on the watery element of life, particularly the oceanic realm of feelings. This is the major planet for all Pisceans and will result in many emotional stirrings and the loosening of boundaries. The keynote for the year (and much further) as Neptune makes its way around to all the fishes, circles around love, unity and insight. Psychic abilities will heighten and the inner-eye of your nature already present in the deep recesses of the soul will really begin to open. Many report prophetic dreams and visions and you are more likely to perceive the refined mystical qualities around in nature. However, all of this is not necessarily uncomfortable as the boundaries soften for you are a natural born swimmer.

This transit (Sun conjunct Neptune) in the horoscope could indicate feelings of weakness and vulnerability and, also, possibly a deep yearning for spirituality, even if it is something that has never interested you before. It is the numinous layers of reality that you will become more attuned with in time. All of this could mean the emotional waters being calm and serene or choppy and stormy. Pisceans have the ability to send ripples to everybody they meet and this is symbolic of an ever shifting and changing outlook. Great waves will be sent through all of Pisces lives over the next ten years, when Neptune crosses the Sun directly. Those born within the early degrees of Pisces will already be feeling this planetary force stirring up the unconscious waves underneath, beckoning the individual towards more spiritual, psychological and occult pursuits. The waves of thought entering into the personality is an attempt to uncover the transpersonal in the personal and learning that love is the deepest and greatest of emotions, there is something magically compelling about the way a Pisces spirit can dive into the mysteries of life.

Pisces Horoscope 2015 - The Next Few Months

Be prepared with Neptune around as there will be a flood of feelings and sometimes a difficulty with a nebulous partner as there can be a dissolving energy. Be on guard for brainwashing lovers and anyone that would seek to exploit you. The greatest strength for many a Piscean is to focus on their ideals and aspirations as these will anchor you in life. If Pisces blue tears and depression and more sorrowful forms of emotion threaten to overwhelm, try not to go to sea, focus on something that is grounding, as it is usually always about refocusing. Perhaps something uplifting will help the spirits by reading some Carl Jung in Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

 “My whole being was seeking for something still unknown which might confer meaning upon the banality of life.” ― C.G. Jung

Delve and probe into some Edgar Cayce as he fell asleep and channeled all sorts of communication. Whatever pearls of wisdom are discovered in all creative acts it will keep you enchanted and connected to the cosmic ocean of life. If psychic sensitivity is too much, you will need to find an outlet as Pisceans are prone to easily drifting off and they often show a kind of indifference to the material plane of existence. This aspect of the being could become even more powerful, meaning that you could seek more drama, storytelling, fiction, movies and anything that allows the self to escape. The emotional landscape is filled with wonderful colours, hues, and various shadings.  Pisces is living ART in a magical blending of water-colour and feeling making a glorious impression.

Jupiter Plans

The Pisces Solar Eclipse on March 20th 2015 is something to mark in the calendar. While everybody is feeling sensitively heightened and there is a feeling of universal love. It’s also a high time for surrendering and giving up and it is filled with a sense of acceptance. When the Solar Eclipse arrives on the date above, it will be at the 29th degree of Pisces. For most of the year, there is an expansion in work opportunities and especially growing through creating which is something for everyone to feel more enthused about. On the solar level, Jupiter’s placement needs to watch for weight gain and over-expansion for things tend to inflate, also overdoing it at work. Partners may also be going through a successful period, winning awards and there are more celebrations around this period than any other. Probably another reason for feeling that life is beginning to expand, feel more jubilant and a lot more rewarding. Much later in the year, Jupiter and Neptune, your ruling planets, come together and this enlarges everything completely, over-indulgence and great compassion and it can be a highly religious experience that happens - something filled with meaning.

The meaningful aspect of this Jupiter/Neptune may help somewhat, for early degree Pisceans you are also heading for a more sobering tone (Saturn square Sun) and developing more backbone. It can mean getting more serious, working harder, and trying to achieve some of those dreams. It will take more of a hold the following year, but some will already begin to feel the taskmaster. On the downside, grumpy Saturn can feel depressive and sucks the fun out of life. In some ways, this will help to ground many, but there can be excruciating times of self-doubt, and authority figures may be extra harsh. Older people and those in a permanent position may appear to assist and further your goals. Overall, there is a definite need for trimming the fat and doing only what is necessary. Since Saturn is in Sagittarius, we might also be looking for an older teacher, wise and serious guru, religious specialist, and this transit may test your moral fibres. It can also mean greater discipline in intellectual endeavours, higher education and seeking serious study within higher learning.
Full Moon March 2015
The Full Moon on March 2015 is at 14 Virgo and brings along a sense of thoughtful direction, as we are surveying the orderly realm and sorting the wheat from the chaff. We now enter a period of cleaning, thriftiness and rationality.

The Full Moon here can dance with the elements of life that involve order, and how things fit together with an emotional sense of questioning and exploration of the physical world. Being the most nit-picky, critical and analytic lunar placement we can wade ourselves in spotting flaws in the environment and pointing them out so that they can be corrected. The lunar body has a deeply subconscious pull on our inner being, in the exact same way it pulls on the tides. It also impacts us on every level of feeling imaginable, taking us into our inner-fantasies and deep within. The Moon in astrology governs those processes in the psyche, which are inaccessible and hidden from consciousness, so there will always be a darker element in its biological rhythms and the night luminary always dies every month and is reborn.

Full Moon times are useful for rounding things out to full completion. In a sense, something comes to an end, ready for a brand new phase to begin. A time for harvest and for crafting life into something workable is especially potent when the Moon is in the sign of Virgo as it is a great time for de-cluttering and re-organising our personal spaces. The seeds we planted when we were feeling an emotional tone and felt more spiritual begins to give way and we are now inclined to take on a brand new focus. The whole Virgo-Pisces axis swings between the little servant and the big servant. Pisces serves the larger collective and Virgo serves us our daily bread and sustains the individual at work. The Queen of the Night vacillating upon this opposition is between the sea and the land.

Full Moon in February 2015 Meaning 

This Moon will be a great time to prepare for a some cleaning, dieting and a new health routine to help cleanse the body - washing away all the accumulated dirt in our systems. The constant inner-nagging voice of reason is usually much more powerful at this time, enabling us to fix what is broken and to restore our emotional and mental well-being. It can bring in a more conscious focus to life and allow us to discriminate and use our more down-to-earth senses. A Virgo Moon brings with it the soul of the writer, editor and secretary allowing us to impart knowledge, but also to compartmentalize, and show us a style of doing things that is far more proficient. The Full Moon is ready to give birth and is at bursting point, and it has a similar feeling to pregnancy. On the one hand, we have had enough, but we are also in preparation and anticipation ready for new events to unfold.

Virgo is the measurer, clock-maker; accountant type of energy, but with it is also an automatic compulsion for self-criticism, judging, perfectionism and a worrying nature. The Full Moon seduces us and looms all of the above issues large into our life. Of course, we might also expect some lunacy around all of the Virgoan characteristics listed. People may react strongly to the mind-body and soul needing balance. However, earthy Moons also tend to maintain and aim to stabilize. One astrologer described the Moon when full as being as destructive as the atom bomb or it can be no more than a firecracker being set-off at a party. The emotional tides felt at the previous watery New Moon (Pisces) will look for grounding and a practical Full Moon (Virgo) will always bring things to fruition.

We are, of course, still in the feminine polarity and there is a necessary coolness and observation occurring, steady application, and some independent thought striking through. The self-help sign of Virgo can also turn us more introspective bringing the inner hermit, analysing our problems for long periods and working out how to solve a situation. The house of the Full Moon at Virgo 14 degrees will be important to understand where this Moon will illume itself intelligently in our life, and help us work out any bad habits, emotional problems, or basically help us to sort-it-out.
The journey for Cancer in life involves an exploration of the emotions and the nurturing side of life. It entails everything that falls under the mystical and shadowy Moon bringing depth wisdom and powerful intuition. A potent inclination towards the past means they find it had to break away from the black and white images of the unconscious, family and the mother and find their way into the colour of the present reality. This is due to the crabby nature of the sign, as in the crab’s backwards movement and profound immersion with the biological family and sentimental and nostalgic attachment there is a strong sense of self-preservation with powerful defence mechanisms and also being caught-up in their emotions by wallowing, feeling depressed, hysterical, pessimistic and gloomy.

Cancer is intensely emotional and psychically sensitive and is rather like a walking oracle. Being so deeply attuned to the profound mysteries of nature, there is a persistent need to withdraw from the world and reflect. The individual loves to play in a world of rich fantasy, creativity and dreaming and to immerse themselves into the feeling realm. Being overly possessive there is a lot of sensitivity and moodiness that reigns, and anything connected to the Moon looms large over our lives, but also illuminates a dark world and brings us closer to the emotional dimensions of our being. The ebb and flow of the emotions will always pull vulnerably at the soul of the Cancerian. The individual is ruled by the crab a water creature that is able to walk on land, but this is also a living being that is drawn back into the safety of its shell.

Sun in Cancer ~ Inner Workings

For the water signs, and especially Cancer, a sign that is abnormally absorbent - the waters can get treacherous. The unconscious watery realm is always threatening to overwhelm. The Moon is the container of deep emotions and rules over ships on sea journeys. Jung made the point that psychology is another such ship and one can find support when one is in danger of drowning in the unconscious, falling into possession of feelings and being overcome. Understanding the inner-workings of the personality is usually a powerful draw for the crab as they seek to understand the hidden side of life.

Family obligations may have delayed their own goals for a while, and sometimes there is deep reluctance and a terrible feeling of vulnerability that overtakes when Cancer is asked to try something new and unfamiliar, and to venture out in a different way, but the door must be opened to the creative life which will feed and nourish the soul. Of course, this is advisable only for those that are feeling lonely and stuck in a familiar routine by worry, insecurity and dread.

One thing that is highly noticeable about Cancer’s life is that it is highly cyclical and their moods are constantly changing reflecting such cyclic movement. A Cancerian is journeying towards trusting their deepest intuition rather than rely on their instincts, and this means not to react so powerfully out of habit, and it is a higher illumination of feeling and it is something which is said that angels possess. What Cancer needs is to follow what is most dear to their hearts. In this sense, when fear arises, re-centre the self by returning to the watery depths of the soul and follow their inner wisdom.The highest level of the lunar planet is the use of powerful intuition and magical gifts and consciously applying them to life.
Scorpio: Glow in the Dark
The Journey for Sun in Scorpio this lifetime will involve some heavy and intense motifs, as well as stirring all the unconscious, psychic, repressed material underneath. A Scorpio is a deadly creature that travels by night, and can sting with its poison tail. What is also deathly cool about these nocturnal Scorpions is that they can also glow in the dark when ultraviolent light or the Moon is shone upon them.

The insights that will be gained throughout turbulent experiences will enable such an individual to master the occult, hidden side of life and the darker undercurrents that flow underneath our world. The deeper dimensions of the self are explored, with all of its emotional desires and passions. Throughout many astrological readings Scorpio is always given the most intense lessons of the zodiac and in ancient times the sign was a symbol of evil and death; thus it contains some of the most difficult readings. A Scorpio has also been called the serpent in the Adam and Eve myth, but rather than tempting humans with sin, it is viewed as a symbol of wisdom and renewal of life. While it is also said to represent our animal impulses and often Scorpio longs to taste the forbidden fruit and is driven towards the shadowy side of life, and there is also a deep attraction towards this magical force that has the power to change, transform, and create new growth.

A Scorpion has always been a representation of the struggle to overcome the darkness. In the Alice Baily’s Hercules’s Myth “The light now shines on Gate the eighth,” and what must be fought is the Hydra in a stagnant swamp, with a stench polluting the air and within this lair the Hero/Hercules must confront the monstrous beast dwelling in the deep cavern of perpetual night.

The Hercules remembered that his Teacher had said, “We rise by kneeling.” Casting aside his club, Hercules knelt, grasped the hydra with his bare hands, and raised it aloft. Suspended in mid-air, its strength diminished. On his knees, then, he held the hydra high above him, that purifying air and light might have their due effect. The monster, strong in darkness and in sloughy mud, soon lost its power when the rays of the sun and the tough of wind fell on it. …The nine heads drooped, then with gasping mouths and glazing eyes fell limply forward. But only when they lifeless lay did Hercules perceive the mystic head that was immortal. Then Hercules cut off the hydra’s one immortal head and buried it, still fiercely hissing, beneath a rock. Returning, Hercules stood before his Teacher. “The victory is won”, the Teacher said. “The Light that shines at Gate the eighth is now blended with you own.” The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation

Often the worst to overcome is usually jealousy; it’s dark and defensive nature with subterranean drives. The person is challenged to meet with the Self and all the parts that have been pushed down into the darkness. Scorpio is profound and mysterious and there is enormous capacity for healing and self-destruction. Every individual must pass through a “dark night of the soul” and walk through the fires of hell - burning away all the things that have disempowered the spirit and to find the treasure hidden in the heart of darkness. In the process, they are confronted with a piece of their dark nature on the way towards a new resurrected life.

Many seek great mystical unions in relationships and a way to merge with others in a spiritually transforming way. We meet the dark feminine energy, something that has the ability to consume another soul. The individual is magnetic, charismatic and filled with intensity and in many ways; this is a sign which lives in the extremes, and the penetrating aspects of their being are painfully sharp. However, they are genuinely capable of the big transformation story, and describe the great journey of evolution; there will always be something magical and powerful about Scorpio, with its ability to tap into untold powers of reserve and strength.

As the sign of fate and tragedy those that make a comeback and walk towards the path of healing rather than inflicting harm others as a way to intimidate and gain force, always return with maximum power, renewed strength and showing us how a Scorpio can really glow in the dark.
The Thinking Types: Jungian Typology
I will actually get around to reading Marie-Louise von Franz's book on Jungian typology and read about all of the elements. I always feel slightly offended with the typing.  I am of the watery type (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) being psychologically opposite Air. Watery types are usually described as being really bad at politics (I am), and I really do agree with Liz Greene's types that water tends to have more insight and wisdom about people, whereas airy types (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) deal with the realm of ideas in general. According to Franz the Air signs cannot express feelings at the appropriate moment.

“Many people discover relatively soon in life that the realm of their inferior function is where they are emotional, touchy and unadapted, and they therefore acquire the habit of covering up this part of their personality with a surrogate pseudo-reaction. For instance, a thinking type often cannot express his feelings normally and in the appropriate manner at the right time. It can happen that when he hears that the husband of a friend has died he cries, but when he meets the widow not a word of pity will come out. They not only look very cold, but they really do not feel anything! They had all the feeling before, when at home, but now in the appropriate situation they cannot pull it out. Thinking types are very often looked on by other people as having no feeling; this is absolutely not true. It is not that they have no feeling, but that they cannot express it at the appropriate moment. They have the feeling somehow and somewhere, but not just when they ought to produce it.”
― Marie-Louise von Franz, Lectures on Jung's Typology
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